Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

Sheer is Not the New Opaque!

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer ($8.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue, and pink iridescent metallic sparkle.” It’s a cool-toned, purpled blue with a hint of steely gray skies, then coated with blue, green, and dark pink sparkle. I don’t have anything quite like it. Zoya Skylar has one or two similarities, but it is largely different. China Glaze Skyscraper is a similar blue, but the base color is darker, and it has mostly silver sparkle.

Unfortunately, like Daul, this is supposed to be fully opaque (Zoya lists it has having an intensity of five, which is the equivalent to opaque), and it’s not. After two coats, there is still sheerness; I suspect after three coats, you would be pretty close to opaque color coverage. ย The good news is the consistency isn’t thick, so three coats is doable without feeling like you have lots of polish on. ย I typically get a week of wear out of Zoya’s formula with no chipping and minor tip wear.

The Glossover



This one wasn't as sheer as Daul, but it's a lot sheerer than Zoya describes it, which was its biggest downfall! It's a shame--the color is very interesting and complex!











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Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer
Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer

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Zoya, $8.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

I don't have anything quite like it. Zoya Skylar has one or two similarities, but it is largely different. China Glaze Skyscraper is a similar blue, but the base color is darker, and it has mostly silver sparkle.

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32 thoughts on “Zoya FeiFei Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Buying two enamels to deal with the lack of opacity in one just defeats the purpose of buying inexpensive nail polish in my mind.. that is unless you are totally in love with it. Me, not so much on this one.

  2. Kafka


    *comes back to life, takes another look at that colour and faints again*

    Does Sally’s carry Zoya, do you think? I haven’t been there in ages but if it carries this, I am driving out THIS.VERY.MINUTE. Blue-grey… my absolute favorite colour shade for nails. And with a faint purple hue as well? Cherry on the cake. Oh my God, I can’t stop salivating over this colour. I feel light-headed with lust.

    • I don’t think it does, but you could try their locator to see if there is a store that does!

    • Zoya is available at Ulta and local beauty supply stores in my area. I hope there is one in your area!

      • Kafka

        Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t have luck with Sally’s, so tomorrow, Ulta it shall be. You have no idea how grateful I am, Tennyoceres. It seemed so silly to order just one thing from an online site, incurring silly shipping charges (which I hate), but I would have done it for this shade. Fingers crossed that Ulta carries this one as I’m a bit obsessed with it (in case you hadn’t noticed. LOL). Thank you again! :)

      • Kafka

        You’re a sweetheart, Miss J. Thank you for those links. One of them (Beauty Brands) is quite close to the Ulta that I’ll be checking out tomorrow, so if Ulta doesn’t have that specific shade, I’ll go there. I really appreciate the links. I’ve never heard of Beauty Brands, so I love having another place to explore.

        The odd thing is, I have about 5 or 6 Zoya polishes but I have zero memory where I bought them. None. It can’t be Ulta as I rarely go there. I haven’t had the best of luck with the Zoya polishes that I do have, since they’re all quite sheer and often streaky, but for this colour, I will “make it work” to quote the great Tim Gunn. By Jove, I will hunt it down and make it work! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Miss J

          No problem, Kafka! I hope you find it and make it work! Let us know how the hunt for it goes, and do tell how you feel about the shade once you’ve seen it in person/on!

          Also, I am so sorry to hear about Zola’s surgery getting canceled again. *hugs*

  3. Dinitchka

    Pretty but I’ll wait until it goes on sale.

  4. It’s really too bad that this isn’t more opaque! Still a nice color, though.

  5. I really love this shade, it makes me think of a clear, starry night! Very pretty, I would wear it in the winter mostly.

  6. Meep

    That’s weird… mine completely covers my nails in two coats and I’m not heavy handed.

  7. Wow–I am in LOVE with this color. Too bad it’s so sheer though :/ I just tried out my first Zoya polishes this past weekend and, though I am obsessed with the shades I chose (Zuza and Jo), I was really disappointed at the wear. About 35 hours into it, I already had tiny chips all over the tops of my nails, so I had to put a layer of Seche Vite over it

    • Carrie

      Just FYI – Zoya polishes seem to hate Seche Vite. The only way I get decent wear out of Zoya at all is to use their color system or other non-quick try top coat products; it’s one of my gripes about them.

      • TygerKitty

        I use inm Out the Door top coat and it plays nice with zoya but is super fast drying like seche!

  8. Diane

    Hah, I am wearing this colour right now. I love it. I keep checking out my nails in different lights to see which shimmer particles are most prevalent. Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes purple, sometimes gunmetal grey, and I’ve gotten hints of copper-gold in the sun. So gorgeous!

  9. Gia

    [link removed]

    This girl is copying all of your reviews and using your pics without permission thought you should know

  10. bj

    Hmm. I just received this color in the mail and haven’t yet tried it. If I’d seen this, I probably wouldn’t have ordered it. I hope I can make it work! Zoya has been so hit/miss for me, I actually only ordered the one color when they had free shipping – very restrained, but for good reason.

  11. Jenny

    Are you going to review the entire fall collection from Zoya?

  12. Quinctia

    I prefer thinner consistency in my nail polishes, I find it makes application easier to go for three sheerer coats as opposed to one blobby coat. I’ve also found this consistency more in shimmer polishes. I already liked the color, but it sounds like I’ll enjoy the application of it as well. As long as it does hit opacity and doesn’t act like a jelly, I’m fine with them claiming it’s opaque…but perhaps they should’ve rated it a 4 instead?

  13. TygerKitty

    I keep hearing about this shade being sheer but I’m wearing it now and it is completely opaque and I only used two thin coats. Mine is so dark it’s almost a charcoal base?

  14. Brenda

    FeiFei will not be joining my Zoya collection.

    I am somewhat cautious with them (zoya) now. I found the sheerness an issue with Tobey as well – I checked Zoya’s website for the rating and it’s a 4, but after 3 coats I still have visible nail lines. And the colour wasn’t nearly as bright on as it is in the bottle. I don’t have time for 4 coats of polish.

  15. blueraccoon

    I am so loving this, even with the sheerness. I kind of like it as is, but more opaque would be awesome, too. It’s a fantastic color with all the multicolored shimmer.

  16. Very cool color. When I get asked what I don’t want in a nail polish, my answer is always “too much glitter”. Yet I keep falling for all these glitter nail polish you blog about…! :-)

  17. Very pretty colour!

  18. Kafka

    So, I got this at Ulta today! A big Thank You to everyone who helped me out yesterday. (I also picked up a London Butter, so I’ve got all new toe and nail colours now thanks to you guys.) I love the colour of FeiFei. Really complex and with depth, though the undertone is a lighter steel blue than I had expected. But, as a whole, a simply stunning blue-grey with gold as well as silver shimmer. (No purple that I see.)

    I have to echo some of the others who found it totally opaque in 2 coats. Perhaps I use thicker coats? To be honest, I prefer the slightly sheerer look you have, so next time, I think I’ll just use one! God, this is pretty! Another gorgeous find due solely to Temptalia. :)

    • Monica

      It definitely is, I just went like two days ago gotta the Daul, and I did two coats on it, it looks petty opaque…I am so in love with it…my BF loves it too..he is like it’s such a cool colour, and it is so much more easier to remove compare to my other glittery polish ๐Ÿ˜€ and of course, thanks to Christine who introduced these polishes to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. This is such a unique and stunning color! This is definitely going on my (already too long) nail polish wish list!