Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

I’d Haul Daul If It was More Opaque

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer ($8.00 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “medium red-toned purple base with heavy purple and gold iridescent metallic sparkle.” It’s a medium violet purple with red undertones and plenty of pale gold sparkle. The sparkle particles are fairly large, bordering on micro-glitter but flatter and smoother. Zoya Tru has a similar base color but less shimmer and copper-red-colored shimmer at that. Zoya Dannii is lighter, more lavender.

It’s supposed to be fully opaque (Zoya lists it as intensity five, which is the equivalent of opaque). After two swatches, it’s semi-opaque but there is a lot of visible nail line and an underlying sheerness for the majority of the nail bed as well. It would take at least three coats for opaque color. I think it has a really cool reflective sheen, and it did dry to a naturally shiny finish with some metallic shimmer/sheen, though the texture isn’t completely smooth because of the larger-sized shimmers.

The formula wasn’t not too thick or too thin, and it applied fluidly and fairly evenly–definitely no streaking or pooling along the edges.  I typically get a week of wear out of Zoya’s formula with no chipping and minor tip wear.

The Glossover



If you don't mind using three or four coats, you might still like the finish and color enough to make it worth the effort. The lack of pigmentation is bothersome, and I'm surprised to see it as a problem, since Zoya's usually quite good about color payoff.











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Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer
Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Zoya, $8.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Zoya Tru has a similar base color but less shimmer and copper-red-colored shimmer at that. Zoya Dannii is lighter, more lavender.

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45 thoughts on “Zoya Daul Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Yellowlantern

    Oh my gawd, I love this color even with the sheerness.

  2. Another possible dupe is Orly’s Rococo A-Go-Go. I don’t have the bottle but it looks like Orly RA-G-G has less gold payoff and a darker shade of purple.

  3. Ooooooh! Pretty. I think I need this color in my life.

  4. Emily

    Pretty! But I have a color that looks pretty similar to it that I never wear, so I think I’ll pass.

  5. Caroline

    This is such a pretty color! I may have to buy this for myself.

    Also, you scared me for a second there because it said $28.00 for .10oz :)

  6. Claire

    I think you got the price wrong, isn’t it $8?

  7. That’s… totally not fully opaque. It’s pretty for a sheer-ish polish, but I don’t at all see why they’re calling it a 5. That sort of thing can put me off a product I would otherwise have liked!

  8. It’s a pity. I love the idea of the color, but the sheerness puts me off.

  9. Dinitchka

    I’m in LOVEEEEEE! Wowzer! I love the colour in the bottle but I am bothered with the opaqueness. I don’t mind a VNL as I would layer this over another base colour but I do have a problem with it looking pretty dense in the bottle, yet not on the nails. I think I have some Spoiled glitter purples that may be similar. I’ll have to compare when I get home.

    • Dinitchka

      Spoiled Battle of The Sexes is more purple glitter and Papa-Paparazzi has a more silver to the purpleness. These are defo quite sheer.

      For those not fimiliar with Spoiled it is by WnW and sold at CVS. Spoiled is the ‘twin’ to Sinful polishes. Exact dupes for each colour in each collection.

  10. It reminds my of Opi’s “Its my year’ except this is sheerer and less sparkly.

  11. candace

    My boyfriend surprised me with this polish yesterday! I think it might be nice over a darker polish.

  12. Helen

    So pretty, but since it’s so sheer, do you think it could be layered on top of another colour (purple one)?

  13. Wow–I actually really like this one despite it being so sheer. It’s gorgeous! And HOW do you keep your nails/cuticles looking so perfect ALL the time, Christine?!? It’s amazing! 😛

  14. vanessa

    You should try this polish over a white or black base (: i think it would look amazing (:

  15. This is a dupe of an LE Kiko nail polish from last year, the Hologram Nail Lacquer in Constellation Purple (354), except the one from Kiko is opaque in 2 layers!

  16. Such a pretty colour, too bad it’s not that pigmented.

  17. Kimberly

    Ehh pass. Seems kinda lackluster to me

  18. Really cool finish on this nail enamel, but too bad about the lack of pigmentation. :(

  19. 18thCenturyFox

    Sorry Zoya, you and I will never be. I’ll never talk to the press, but *you* know why :(

  20. Sasha

    Zoya Faye is so pretty I want to get the purple cousin in Daul. The sheer formula is a shame but my weakness for contrasting glitter is too strong…

  21. Paddychat

    It’s very similar to a limited edition Kiko polish (winter 2011 ?), but the Kiko’s is opaque in two coats, and coast less than 5 $ !

  22. Elysia

    beautiful!! i do wish it was more opaque though

  23. blueraccoon

    I absolutely love it. Even with the sheerness–I think it looks good as is, the translucency of it. I’m sure it would look spectacular opaque, though, but I think it’s gorg either way.

  24. Amanda Finlaw

    This is gorgeous! I think this might have been one of the first nail polishes to truly wow me online.

  25. Ace

    I like it but Orly Oui is a dupe, which I have

  26. Carrie

    I have such a love/hate relationship with Zoya. On the one hand, I think they make some of the prettiest, most unique colors around. On the other hand, I either find their formulas to be fantastic or a horrendous pain – either in terms of sheerness of darker colors, drying times or both.

    And this? Not really bringing my love back though I thought it might. Sad :(

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Zoya’s refuse to dry on me. Armor & Anchor, 20 minutes between thin coats… Doesn’t matter. They just.Won’t. Dry. I have 15 and they all do this.

      • Carrie

        Some of the foils and metallic dry down nice. Others, especially the cremes I’ll have done the waiting, did the quick dry drops and then it just all goes horribly wrong. I’ve had several occasions where after two botched attempts I end up reaching for some China Glaze instead!

  27. bettynova

    Orly’s Oui is the better version of this.

  28. Janie Leonard

    This is an exact dupe for a Lise Watier limited edition polish from their Christmas 2010 collection, although I believe it was slightly more pigmented. Suprisingly I think I like the Zoya one better BECAUSE of the sheerness, it looks less “heavy” and would be beautiful as a layering shade! :)

  29. Too bad about the pigmentation because I absolutely love the combination of the purple with the golden glitter!

  30. I bet it would look great layered on top of another purple. It’s weird to me that a color that’s supposed to be fully opaque is not.

  31. Clare

    This looks so similar to an OPI polish called It’s MY Year. It could probably be a dupe.

  32. Ann

    I actually just bought this, put it on my nails, and I only needed one coat. Weird. It dried fast too, which I’m really happy about.