Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Single Eyeshadows:  Fawn, Mogador Blue, Slate Green

YSL Ombre Solo Lasting Radiance Eyeshadows ($30.00 for 0.06 oz.) are a new, recent release from YSL. Accordingt o YSL, they are to deliver “vibrant” and “pure” color for “hours.” Each palette contains both a sponge-tipped and brush applicator.

These single eyeshadows are available in twelve shades: #01 Midnight Black (black), #02 Cashmere Brown (brown), #03 Perian Blue (gray blue), #04 Midnight Purple (dark purple), #05 Slate Green (forest green), #06 Pink Nude (soft pink), #07 Smokey Grey (gray), #08 Fawn (soft brown), #09 Mogador Blue (blue), #10 Lunar Purple (purple), #11 Garden of Eden (light green), and #12 Parisienne Pink (pink).

I’ve tried three shades, and I think now would be the best time to review them, given that I was so disappointed with the spring palette–because I don’t think it’s representative of the entire YSL line. (Their eyeshadow palettes have never wowed me, but they have never entirely disappointed me, either.) The new single eyeshadows are much, much better.

  • #08 Fawn is a softened, peach-toned brown with soft peach-gold sheen. It’s not too warm, so I think it would work on both cooler and warmer skin tones. It would make a good all-over lid color on medium skin tones, too.
  • #09 Mogador Blue is a silver-shimmered sky blue. This shade had the frostiest finish out of the three I tried, but it’s not an over-the-top frost. It was surprisingly pigmented (I feared for the worst on this pastel-ish shade!), and it went on very smoothly.
  • #05 Slate Green is a darkened forest green. This shade of dark forest green is one of my favorite shades, and I didn’t have any eyeshadow in this shade until now, so I’m really enthused over this one on a personal level.

I’m so, so pleased to say that these are soft, smooth, and pigmented. They actually feel a bit different than YSL’s palettes and duos–a little thicker in a sense, not at all powdery, and seem more pigmented. The packaging is traditional YSL with the “gold” case. The two applicators included in the eyeshadow are so-so — nothing ground-breaking, and I’d only use them in an emergency situation, but I like that they had a bristle-based one, too.

I’m not particularly keen on the price/quantity situation here — it’s closer to luxury brands like Cle de Peau than high-end, designer brands like Chanel and Dior. The quality is fantastic, but I could see these better priced at aroun $26 or $27.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: Based on the three shades I tried, the new single eyeshadows are silky smooth and richly pigmented. They apply evenly and easily. The price tag is a bit steep, so it may not be for everyone.

Availability: Nordstrom

See more photos & swatches!

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

YSL Eyeshadow

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30 thoughts on “YSL Ombre Solo Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Roxanne

    I’m happy these worked out better for you than the quad did. Soooo, when can we expect Shaun’s next “bright sunset look tutorial”? 😉

  2. Amy

    Slate Green looks interesting. I think I may have to check it out.

  3. Annalisa

    The forest green is gorgeous!! I never bought anything from YSL, but I’ll check these e/s out :) I have no idea about the price here in denmark… usually here cosmetics are more pricey compared to the US. For example, a MAC lipstick costs the equivalent of 24.5 US dollars (!) and a Give Me Liberty of London lipstick was the equivalent of 27 USD!!!! we go bankrupt here… HELP!!!!).
    Maybe I can put the YSL on an early birthday wishlist 😉 are these e/s limited editions?
    Thanks for posting Christine!

  4. Laura

    I am in love with Slate Green! Any idea if there are any dupes of this out there or if it will be carried by Sephora online any time soon?

  5. These look so much better than the palette. And like Roxanne, I am looking forward to Shaun’s next post. I bet he is too, especially if you withhold food until he finishes! 😉

  6. chibu74

    love the packaging…great shades

  7. Kim

    cute packaging…but seriously, what’s up with ysl’s prices?? i’ve only ever been disappointed with anything i bought from them, makeup-wise

  8. Lena

    That green is to die for! I have never seen anything like it! Must resist…

  9. nicole

    slate green looks GORGEOUS!
    any dupe suggestions?

  10. Milessa

    Pretty Colors!

  11. LNU

    Ahhh! Really dislike the packaging!!!!

  12. Helena

    Slate Green rmeinds me of a crayon! ha ha.

  13. I like the Emerald green color, but the packaging is not to my liking. It is huge and for a pallette using makeup artist, this is just a space eater :(

  14. Rosie

    I really like that green color.

  15. Hend

    I dont get it why cant they make great quads like they do in the duos and solos ..
    and ysl should hire a new industrial designer for their packages .. that lil gold grandma packaging is getting really old.. they have some really great ideas in packaging like in rouge vouplte .. but they should see other brands like Dior and Guerlan and how they keep on creating great luxurious packaging

  16. Josi

    I really like the colours but i don’t like the package …

  17. irisalonso

    The blue and the green ones are gorgeous!!

  18. MissDeeCanada

    I cannot believe how much packaging they use for ONE shadow! When I saw the gold boxes. I figured there were at least two in there. Such a waste!

  19. lauraaaaaaaaaa

    that green is very nice!

  20. sofia

    perfect packaging! green and blue are great!!

  21. Ryan

    I need the green… I NEED it!!!! It is so fabulous!!!

  22. Kerry

    woah the packaging is gorgeous.. and the colours. $30 though? ill pass lol

  23. Huge packaging, huge price, nothing inside. C’mmon.

  24. Ferarri

    I love the packaging…provided they add another 2 colors to fill up the void! What is the point of carrying such a big box for 1 tiny eyeshadow color? The brushes in a holder on the top cover is a great idea…but the solo eyeshadow is really a waste of space. At least a trio?