Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

YSL Eye Event

YSL Eye Event for Spring/Summer 2010

Ombre Solo Lasting Radiance Eyeshadow ($30.00)

Easy to apply, with a silky soft and rich texture, the colour remains vibrant and pure for hours. Blending is effortless; colour and intensity are easy to adjust to your desired concentration. Set in a luxurious gold compact, this eye shadow allows for easy application with both a sponge tip and a brush applicator. A soft and long-lasting eye colour for a truly professional result.

  • #01 Midnight Black
  • #02 Cashmere Brown
  • #03 Persian Blue
  • #04 Midnight Purple
  • #05 Slate Green
  • #06 Pink Nude
  • #07 Smoky Grey
  • #08 Fawn
  • #09 Mogador Blue
  • #10 Lunar Purple
  • #11 Garden of Eden
  • #12 Parisienne Pink

Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil ($28.00)

YSL’s EYE PENCIL has been updated with a new formula, with highly pigmented colour for a deep impact and long-lasting finish. The texture glides onto the skin effortlessly, and Jojoba Oil makes the finish on the skin smooth and comfortable. A wax adhesive acts as a fixing agent to reinforce the intensity of the pigment for hours. With its blending tip and soft, silky texture, the pencil allows you to achieve multiple effects: from precise lines to blurred shadow, or a kohl effect. Each pencil is equipped with an applicator-blender and a sharpener.

  • #01 Velvet Black
  • #02 Leather Brown
  • #03 Oriental Blue
  • #04 Smoky Purple
  • #05 Deepest Green
  • #06 Hazelnut Brown
  • #07 Charcoal Grey
  • #08 Amber Brown
  • #09 Turquoise
  • #10 Purple Silk
  • #11 Stellar Green
  • #12 Silky Pink

Availability: Nordstrom

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YSL Eye Event

YSL Eye Event

YSL Eye Event

YSL Eye Event

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16 thoughts on “YSL Eye Event for Spring/Summer 2010

  1. Sexy Sadie

    Those eye shadows looks great.

  2. very nice! YSL always has the classiest ads

  3. LOVE the way the eyeshadows looks. Especially pink nude and cashmere brown!

  4. Angela

    Loving Cashmere Brown e/s, but $30. Are you kidding me? I guess I will be passing on this.

    • stunt-girl

      Spare a thought for us poor girls downunder. MAC shadows are $32 each (around $29 USD)… so, $30, even after the dollar conversion looks great!

  5. Dee

    It’s a gorgeous picture but it’s bad. It makes me think eyelashes, not eyeshadow/liner

  6. silvia

    what about the ysl faux cils in noir radical? i am super excited about it. i hope they make the singulier mascara in that color too! please please ysl

  7. Janora

    I love the eye pencils! Stellar Green especially!

  8. That is a bad-ass promo shot! Love the ad!

    Sigh… I miss Tom Ford.

  9. Shannon

    Lovely lashes!!!!! :)

  10. Aysegul

    I want the Charcoal Grey and the Stellar Green eye pencils! The swatches look wonderful.

  11. SparkleAndSmile16

    It all looks lovely, but too expensive for my budget!

  12. CeeBee

    That is an amazing promo shot. I love the bracelet the model is wearing!

    I know EVERYBODY does it but it always, ALWAYS annoys me when mascara adverts have models wearing blatantly obvious false eyelashes… though I guess since this collection is only eyeshadows and pencils, YSL gets away with it!

    Still looks like an ad for mascara though, LOL.

  13. Brittany

    I look forward to anything new from YSL. I recently went on this YSL-kick and bought tons of their products. Their prices are high-end, but honestly, they are amazing quality. One of the items I bought is this sheer, finishing powder that is in a circular container and you twist the top part to grind of the amount of powder you need. For a while I was like omg, this doesn’t even make a difference! Then, comparing it to various other brands of powder(mac, bareminerals, philosophy, etc..) it really is incomparable. It has like a porcelaine finish!
    Anyways, my point is, do not let YSL’s price tag scare you, girls!!! Their products are sooooo worth it!!!

  14. Helena

    Applying mascara with the aid of the reflection on a butter knife…how novel. Ha ha ha. Oh man, those greens look good!