Monday, November 4th, 2013

Michael Todd True Organics was founded by Lewis Hendler, who takes an approach that combines “organic ingredients with powerful anti-aging and blemish healing ingredients” to create effective products “without parabens or other potentially harmful additives.”

Now, Temptalia readers have a chance to try Michael Todd True Organics themselves with a three-winner giveaway! First place winner will receive a Clear Bilight ($195 value) that utilizes blue and red light energy (read about the science behind it), plus a complete acne regimen ($147 value). Second place winner will receive a complete acne regimen ($147 value). The third place winner will receive an Eye-o-Sonic Serum Infusion System ($107 value).

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To enter & read official rules… 

The approximate value of the grand prize is $342.00; runner-up prize is valued at $147; and third-place prize is value at $107. This prize is non-transferable. There are no cash or other substitutes of prizes by winner. Temptalia reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable for any reason. Individual, parent, or legal guardian of the winner is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes with respect to the grand prize. Prize will be mailed to the winner’s physical mailing address. Please allow six (6) to eight (8) weeks for delivery.

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No purchase necessary to enter or win. This contest runs from November 4th, 2013 through November 18th, 2013 at 12:00AM EST.


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360 thoughts on “Win It! Michael Todd Organics Skincare!

  1. gmonet

    conceal acne with a stick concealer rather than liquid concealer…it’s more drying and will help shrink the blemish

  2. Lillian Dougherty

    If it’s too bad, besides using foundation and then concealer I use a little chapstick or lip balm to give the skin a smoother appearance and then finish with powder.

  3. Amanda

    I’ve always wanted to try stuff from michael todd!!

  4. Bryanne

    Best tip on concealing acne is to use a good primer, yellow based concealer, and a good stippling brusg . The combination of those three will blend the acne into your foundation so its near invisible!

  5. elizabeth

    I would say with foundation and some powder that has coverage as well. and some spot corrector.

  6. Krystal

    When I get breakouts, I do my normal morning skincare routine (moisturize, prime, Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream) and then touch up any red spots with Makeup Forever’s HD concealer.. This stuff is amazing and completely gets rid of any trace of redness!

  7. Cynthia Chatham

    My best tip for concealing acne is to dab it on after applying liquid foundation and lightly blend with powder foundation to set.

  8. Dawn W.

    I like to use LM secret camouflage for concealing acne spots. I use a pointed concealer brush and dab some concealer on acne spot, then dab again with finger and finish with loose powder to set.

  9. Becca

    My best tip for acne is using a smoothing primer and then covering with a buildable foundation.

  10. Catherine Walker

    Make sure your concealer matches your foundation color!

  11. Stephanie

    To cover the red on a pimple I love to use green and yellow to help diffuse the pigmentation

  12. Stephenie Thomas

    I try to prevent my skin from breaking out at all. When it does I like to conceal redness by placing a cold brewed chamomile teabag on the affected areas for a few minutes. Then I use my regular concealer as usual to help cover the bumps by dabbing it on and blending the edges well.

  13. Best tip to conceal acne is use concealer the shade of your skin tone and make sure to blot some powder on top of it so it stays all day!

  14. My best Tip, is not to ‘over-conceal’ acne because I think the more you try to conceal the more you’ll see the acne

  15. Amber M

    My best tip for concealing acne is to moisturize the area before using concealer.

  16. Dila

    Omg I reallyy reallyy wanted to try Michael Todd products, I even went on their website just yesterday to look at their products but I just coudnt afford it.. That would be just awesome to win and get a chance to use their products. All the review I read was positive! This giveaway is right in time when I literally recently got into search for them wow maybe its a sign anyway good luck to everyone!! Please enter me!

  17. Ami M.

    I don’t have a tip. I need to know the best way to conceal acne though. 😉 I just can’t get the huge ones concealed.

  18. I really like the Vichy Dermablend range for when I have bad skin days with lots of spots.

  19. Valerie

    Moisturizing really helps conceal acne so that you don’t get the dry skin around the edges.

  20. sadia

    i think using a camoflauge is helpful

  21. I love MTTO! Thanks for the giveaway! I make sure to keep my face clean so I hopefully don’t have to worry about concealing acne. I remember to exfoliate, and if the pimple still comes, a little bit of concealer, blend the edges and I’m good to go!

  22. Norma Oliva

    I desperately need this.

  23. Aby

    Oh..I would love this gift set! ♥

  24. Kim

    I never been very good at covering my acne.

  25. Year

    Would love to try this!

  26. Jessica Lopez

    I like to use spot treatment on my acne with my myriad acne clay mask it reduces the redness and swelling for me then to conceal my acne I spot conceal ontop on my naked foundation with the same foundation for extra coverage :)

  27. Oh boy do I love Michael Todd!

  28. Melissa

    This is exciting! I’ve loved most of the products I’ve tried from them.

  29. Put acne cream on the zit and let it seep into the skin. Use a small brush to conceal the zit with concealer.

  30. Jena

    Best tip for consealing acne has to be making sure to exfoliate and moisturize first. Concealer does not work well over flaky skin.

  31. LOVE Michael Todd – Recently switched all of my skincare to this line

  32. A green concealer is good for relieving redness, then a full coverage conealer like MAC Studio Fix

  33. I actually avoid concealing my breakouts! I find that wearing makeup over my blemishes makes them look worse and they take longer to go away, haha.

  34. Kristin

    I would love to be entered into the Michael Todd contest!

  35. Milessa

    Try to drink a lot of water. This helps to flush your skin

  36. Emily

    My best tip for covering acne is making sure the area is moisturized (no flakes) and use a creamy concealer to cover (add coverage slowly – it’s always better to add more concealer than try to take it away)!

  37. Anita

    Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway! Looking forward for a chance to experience Michael Todd products!

    • Anita

      The best tip to conceal acne is to use acne treatment such as salicylic acid underneath than cover with a creamy medium coverage concealer.

  38. That eye-o sonic looks really good, just by itsself! =D

    • I guess I should put my best tip for concealing acne, heh. I honestly find that the less product you put on it, the better it looks. BUT if you’re needing multiple layers, make sure you “set” the product with powder after each layer.

  39. Ly

    I know this maybe contrary to what the question asked but I think it’s best to leave the pimple alone. The more stuff you put on it the longer it takes to heal.

  40. Jeremie

    I conceal with the MAC studio concealer. I like this concealer because it is thick to cover any blemishes or dark circles I have under my eyes. I have the concealer palette, which also includes correctors. I use the correctors first and then my concealer shade. I find that that is the best way for my to conceal! Finish with a powder for all day stay and you’re set!

  41. Kristin

    For concealing acne and blemishes I pin-point conceal using a small pointed eyeliner brush and a high-coverage concealer.

  42. Chloe

    My best tip for concealing acne, is to double cleanse (once to take off make-up, and again to cleanse the skin) and rinse with cool water.

  43. Dee

    wow! great giveaway! :) I would love to try MTTO products for the first time!

  44. Colleen

    I really do love Michael Todd skincare. It has drastically transformed my skin. The blue-green algae toner is my favorite.

  45. Dee

    I conceal acne with MAC pro long wear concealer! 😀 product sent from heaven! covers great and last really long!

  46. Karen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael Todd Products, they are not rough on the skin

  47. Alejandra

    I want it!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Kathy

    The best way to “conceal” is to use a skincare product that keeps acne at bay so you don’t have anything to conceal. Other than that, use a product (concealer, foundation, powder) that helps heal instead of clogging and making it worse.

  49. Kristen

    The best thing I’ve found for concealing acne is Vichy Dermablend. Much easier to use than regular Dermablend, and covers like nothing else.

  50. Kristie

    Always use a very mild exfoliator and good moisturizer over your skin to help stop it from becoming dry and flaky. That’s the hardest to cover up!

  51. Lisa

    This looks great!

  52. Maria

    This looks amazing!!

    • Maria

      My best tip on concealing acne is to find a thicker consistency concealer and to dab or pat it on, with a setting powder over it. I use concealer with acne medicine in it like Almay.

  53. Michela

    Love this giveaway !

  54. cui

    I use concealer and some powder to cover my acne.

  55. amalee

    I’ve tried using yellow concealer then my usual concealer… it covers it up but as usual makeup doesn’t conceal texture… lol.

  56. Sunisa

    After I clean my face, I tone and use salicylic Acid everyday. If I start to feel the pimple., I use 10% benzoyl peroxide before bed.

  57. sandy

    Best way to conceal acne is exfoliate, moisturize, use foundation, then dab concealer on blemish and set with powder. If you want it to last all day, set with setting spray :)

  58. My zits tend to get super red and a green color correcting concealer makes them disappear under even the thinnest concealer!

  59. Nicole Stanford

    I just started using the Charcoal Wash and it is great, I would love to try more.

  60. i heard that they have a great skin care range. and now some how i have lot’s of acne and i hope that i can win this..

  61. Vanessa C

    I need this!

  62. Kimberly Ji

    My routine for concealing acne is: making sure my skin is well moisturized first, applying a primer to smooth the skin, using my usual foundation followed by MUFE Full Coverage Concealer :)

  63. Hanna

    Best tip is to get a wet qtip and freeze it then put it on the inflamed area to help bring the inflamation down then use a salicylic acid based concealer on the acne spot :)

  64. Kelly

    This looks amazing!

  65. Gen M

    Use a small stippling brush to pat in concealer.

  66. Princess

    Urban decay’s concealer!

  67. Allison

    Smashbox concealer-it is AMAZING!

  68. You can use a cold spoon with visine on it and hold on the blemish. It will usually reduce the size and redness of the spot which is then easier to conceal.

  69. brenda

    I use a layer of loose translucent powder and concealer then setting spray. Hope I win! (:

  70. Michelle M

    I don’t necessarily have a tip, but the best concealer I’ve found based on a college friend’s recommendation was Mary Kay’s concealer. All it took to cover blemishes was a tiny amount patted on on the area and it was practically invisible. That was years ago and somewhere along the line I stopped using it. Recently I decided to give it a try again. The packaging has changed, maybe the formula too I’m not sure, but it still does a good job of concealing any issues I have.

  71. Brittany

    The best tip I have is to use a high coverage concealer and foundation, I sometimes will dab abit of toothpaste on a pimple for like 10 minutes to help dry it out.

  72. Hanna

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Hope I win!

  73. Shafeena khan

    Entering! Hope I win!

  74. Jackie B

    If I conceal I find my acne stands out more. The night before I put a good treatment and moisturizer so it won’t get dry. I put a little bit of a powder foundation lightly over it. Otherwise I just leave it alone :)

  75. Use a thick foundation; like a creme style foundation, and a stick concealer that is from the same line so it matches perfectly!

  76. Jacqueline

    I like to use a harder concealer, like a stick. The liquid ones always sink into the shape of the pimple too much

  77. Samantha

    LEave it alone…let it heal

  78. Jennet

    My skin loves the green algae toner already, so I’ve been eager to try more Michael Todd products. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  79. Regina Reed

    Kat Von D foundation is a great tool for covering up bad breakouts

  80. Best way to conceal acne for me is to use a yellowbased concealer, then some foundation and then my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer! Covers all and stays that way all day!

  81. Taylor

    I love to conceal with MACs prolongwear concealor and a 286 brush. It’s phenom and will give you perfect texture and blend ability with any coverage you desire.

  82. Caitlin

    The best way I’ve found to conceal acne is to either put concealer on first, then go over with foundation, and to pat the the area with the brush instead of rubbing or swiping. I also use the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush for all concealing and it works wonders!

  83. The way I conceal my pimples is simple, a layer of foundation, a layer of concealer then powder to set them, I use my Intense Classic Balm BB Cream, a Mary Kay concealer in a yellow shade and Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.

  84. Mayumi

    I find that trying too hard and adding too much to conceal acne actually accentuates it, so I say let it be and it will heal eventually.

  85. My Best tip for concealing acne is to use a full coverage foundation as your spot conceal with a beauty blender to avoid looking cakey.

  86. anissa (an) gooch

    use an oilfree concealer

  87. Tasnia

    I don’t really have a tip for covering up acne, other than just let it breathe so it will go away faster

  88. annie

    i usually use my kat von d foundation to conceal my acne it works wonders

  89. Maja

    I always wantet to try michael todd!!!

  90. Emma

    I’ve always wanted to try the Michael Todd Organics Skincare line, but just never new what to try. I’d love to win this. Thanks Christine!

  91. I always wanted to try new skin care product.
    and the red and blue light looks so freaking cool! 😀

  92. Jessica

    I like to use my regular foundation with stippling brush, then concealer in similar shade, followed by powder. This helps a bit :)
    I have used the Michael Todd exfoliating mask and I like it! Hope to win :)

  93. Isabel

    Moisturize with a good gel-based moisturizer first before anything else, the acne will only be more notizeable if it’s dry and flaky. Then a good oil-free primer, and then use a yellow-based concealer to hide the redness from the acne/spot. Something a little more “hard” in texture is better than a liquid concealer. A neutral/yellow-based foundation can really help with the redness from acne, on the face.

  94. Nayik

    My tips for covering acne would be not to over-conceal, best to use cream to powder concealer rather than liquid.

  95. michelle chalfant

    Dab some concealer (same color as skin tone) after putting foundation on

  96. LMM

    Use the very tiniest amount of a dry concealer and pat it in with a brush (love ELF’s precision concealer brush) so your hands don’t pull off product. Then spray it with setting spray and DO NOT TOUCH IT EVER.

  97. alison

    I love to use the Laura Mercier secret camouflage which is a dual pan concealer that is oil free, which is very important when covering up the blemish. You can use the two colors to make the perfect color to hide your blemish. it is awesome!

  98. I tend to just use some foundation and concealer to cover my acne (there’s no hope on days when it’s really bad though)

  99. Lori

    Concealer with mineral foundation to set.