Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Style Demon Mineralize Blush!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Style Demon Mineralize Blush, from the limited edition MAC Colour Craft Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us what your favorite type of post is on Temptalia.

All entries must be submitted by July 16th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Increase Your Chances to Win (For a total of three chances!)

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Congratulations Dani G.!Ā  Thank you for participating!

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465 thoughts on “Win MAC Style Demon Mineralize Blush!

  1. Aubree

    When you announce collections, even if that is detrimental to my bank account. Lol. I love looking at new pretty things. :]

    Twitter: chocoricebunny

    I’m subbed as well.

  2. Hi,I love the color crafts collections, cant afford it all tho and i love this blush *bats eyelashes* lol

  3. My favourite temptalia posts are the swatches of new collections, but of course I love them all!
    I follow you on Twitter : xxdwl
    and I am subscribed and get your daily feed to my email!


  4. Alex

    Favourite Temptalia Post: Collection Information
    Twitter: honeyluster


  5. i love the reviews … they help me decide if I really want to purchase a product or not, I would so love to win this item , i have to start somewhere to get my makeup collection back and show every one what a fierce makeup artist i am , I love to make faces beautiful

  6. My favorite posts are your neutral face of the day breakdowns and photos. I love to see the different makeup combinations and how they look on a real person!

  7. The reviews!!!! and giveaways lol!


  8. Fie

    My favourite posts on Temptalia would be the in-depth review of collections! It has helped me so many times in deciding what to buy and what to skip. :)

    Twitter: art_isfie

  9. kristen

    my favorite type of posts are definitely swatches!!! love what you do!

    twitter: fsukristen86

  10. Erica

    My favorite posts on Temptalia are the new collections. I love getting a sneak peak. šŸ˜€

    twitter: EricaLeigh777

  11. Melody

    My favorite temptalia posts are reviews and swatches

    Twitter: Melodycosmo

  12. My favorite posts are when you announce the new upcoming collections from the different lines. Second to that, would be the reviews that you run, almost immediately after picking up the items. I’m forever linking your url for others to check out! Thanks for all of your hard work :)

  13. my favorite posts are new collections and swatches! =)

  14. Vivian

    I absolutely love it when you do collection reviews. I don’t have nearly enough money to buy more than two or three things in every other collection, and even though you make it hard to abstain, you help me narrow down what I really need! It is so very helpful and without you I might end up with a few products that are simply “okay”
    Thanks a bunch! n__n

  15. HeatherLeigh

    My favorite posts are the reviews because for some reason when I’m thinking about buying a product, you always do a review on that one the same day! It’s weird but I love it! :]

  16. Veronica

    My favorite posts are basically when you announce new collections from MAC and you show the pictures/swatches/etc. It gets me all excited.

  17. Christina

    My favorite types of post are definitely swatches and reviews and eye looks. Thanks.
    Twitter: allinbee

  18. Rachael Jones

    I love your reviews of new collections! It totally helps me decide what to buy and what to skip!
    I follow you on twitter rachaeljones
    and I subscribe!

  19. Jenelle

    My favorite posts are the new products that are coming out! Gives me something to dsave for! lol Love this site christine!

  20. Brandi

    LOVE the swatch posts! I’ll admit to holding off on buying anything until I see it swatched here first :)

  21. i love when you announce collections and do swatches!! šŸ˜€

  22. I love review posts – it really helps when it comes to deciding which product or brand to choose.

    I’m following you on twitter, i’m @treslola

  23. pat

    My favorite posts are about new products or new collections. Great place to learn about what’s going on in the marketplace.

  24. OooOoOoOOOOooo I want I want!

    My favorite post is your swatches of new collections and FOTDS using products from new collections! Helps me decide what I want to buy =)

  25. Avery

    my favorite type is swatches of new collections, as well as old ones. I also love the mac basics post.

  26. Delia Lupan

    The reviews are my favourite

  27. I love your collection reviews. They are not too long, not too short just like the way I like.

  28. My favourites are the lip swatches. They really helps out when Im going to buy a lipstick or a gloss (glass).

    twitter: aspiesinnet (Rss subscriber)

  29. Michelle Le

    My favorite the swatches to new MAC collections
    twitter: themichellele
    RSS subscriber

  30. my favorite posts are new collection launches especially mac.
    twitter heygirlhey698
    i am email subbed.

  31. I love the swatches.

  32. Michelle

    my favourite posts are your reviews because they are honest and helpfull.

  33. Kella

    My fav posts are definitely the swatch posts! New collection swatches AND permanent product swatches. I’m subscribed to your RSS and TWITTER: Kella86 :)

  34. Cherie Mok

    My favorite Temptalia posts definitely are the upcoming collection announcement, so I can start choosing the products ahead of time together with saving money. LOL
    I am email subscribed.

  35. i love the pictures of the new collections from MAC! helps me decide on what to get šŸ˜€

  36. My fav’s are reviews and announcements of new collections
    twitter is makmipurfekt
    subb’d to rss too

  37. Anhchi Nguyen

    My favorite posts are the upcoming MAC collections and your reviews to help me decide which products and colors to get.

  38. Christina C

    My favourite type of posts are your reviews and swatches!

    Twitter: Candboys
    RSS subscribed

  39. Andrea

    My favorite posts are when you post new MAC collections coming out :) They make me so excited haha. MAC collections always surprise me!

    Twitter: andreaaa93
    RSS Subscribed

  40. Vicky

    My favorite post would definitely have to be the reviws and swatches. You have the best swatches and I really like your reviews. I usually base what I purchase from your review since you always review it on the day the collection comes out, I wont have to worry about products running out when i get there! ^^

  41. AlyxVeee

    My favorites the new collection announcements! You seem to get them before anyone else. Helps when I go to get something I know what I want to buy. I also love the beauty basics. They help for a newbie like me :)

  42. Lauren

    I absolutely love your collection reviews! Sometimes it takes me forever to get to my MAC counter so I end up having to order online or call ahead and buy certain items without really seeing them up close. Thanks a bunch :)

  43. milaxx

    I like them all; the collection post are helpful, as are the best of post. I don’t have time to post, but I like reading them all.

    also on twitter & RSS

  44. Miss_M

    My favorite type of posts are the color collections (=reviews, swatches, promo pics).

    Twitter: Miss_M73

  45. Rachel Marie

    I just spent 100+ at mac and now my mom won’t let me spend anymore of my money there D;;;;
    I would be oh so greatful

  46. Dani

    My favorites are definitely swatches!

  47. Ophelia

    My favorite posts are when there are collection reviews! Oh yes, and the swatches…oh and also the FOTD.. hahah

  48. i LOOOVE the MAC collection posts! This is the only place where I can find EVERYTHING. info, swatches, etc. =]

    twitter: sher0xx

  49. My favorite would definitely be sneak peaks on upcoming product launches! Then after, I love your personal reviews and descriptions! Helpful but hurts my wallet =)

  50. Amie

    I enjoy the seasonal collection previews. I also enjoy color swatches.

  51. Kristen

    My favorite posts are definitely sneak previews of new collections! But I love the reviews and swatches as well! I’m also subscribed and florring on twitter šŸ˜‰

  52. Mikki

    The posts I like the most are SWATCHESSSSS! You’re swatches are always of excellent quality and show the colors very well. AND it’s supersweet of you, all the work you put through it :)

    And I love the pictures of Mellan (which are more on Twitter than Temptalia, but that doesn’t matter lol), that dog is sooooo cute! I always have to laugh about Mellan lol!

    I’m RSS subscribed and twitter = MikkiPikki :)

  53. felicia

    my favorite posts are your swatch posts for new collections, they are definitely the best around and help me narrow down my choices

  54. shekinaah

    I love the hit list!

  55. I love the swatches!! the photo’s are great, pure eyecandy!!

    twittername : Loevi

  56. Christine

    My favorite type of post is when new collections are announced :)

    twitter: stine21x

  57. Ruby

    My favorite are the “Ask Temptalia” posts.

  58. Stacey

    I love reviews on new MAC collections! Especially the ‘must haves’ part :)

  59. I swear by mac and never at it. My favorite post is this post that we can win new Mac products.

  60. kimberly

    I love swatches, tutorials, previews, giveaways-I love all of it!


  61. My favorite type of post are the reviews, collections releases and swatches.

    subscribed to RSS

  62. aradna

    collection reviews…and swatches!

    twitter = aradna

  63. Paloma1220

    my favorite post is of course anything related to M.A.C . Especially the reviews and upcoming collections.

    I’m a subbie as well :)

  64. baybee415

    I enjoy reading all of your reviews, swatches, collections that are coming up, a product that is similar to one (to save more money!), your thoughts about a product, what do you like about one thing and don’t, and everything that you can give your follow to see!

    twitter: baybee415

  65. Cindy

    I love it when you have swatches from new collections, and i love your tutorials !

    twitter Cindyyyyyyyy

  66. Heather

    I love when you announce collections and I love your reveiws and swatches. Twitter rockerchick2719 RSS

  67. Wendy

    I especially love the reviews of new collections (this includes swatches of the new launches from MAC). With all the excitement of a new collection, these kinds of post help me narrowing down my shopping lists.

    Twitter: Dragonlily04

  68. marand313

    My fave is the reviews and the collections!
    twitter: marand313

  69. Stephanie

    My favorite is the collection info posts.

  70. Kitson

    My favorite post is definitly the lip swatches. It is always so hard to tell how a lipgloss or lipstick will look, but the swatches always save me from buying colors that would not work for my skin type. I also like the promo pictures of upcoming collections.

  71. Diabla

    What I enjoy most are swatches and reviews of products (because it’s useful) and the make-up feature (because it’s pleasant and inspiring).

    twitter: salemorveuse

  72. Katya

    personally my fave is annousment of new collections and later on – their swatches and reviews!!

  73. Lillian

    I love the MAC collection posts with the information and product pictures!

    I have also subscribed! =)

  74. I like the sneak peaks on upcoming product launches (especially with pictures) and the Must Have/Nice to Have/Skip reviews.

  75. I love the posts about upcoming collections!

    Twitter: mrs_sinatra

    Iā€™m subbed as well.


  76. Tee

    I love the reviews!!!
    Twitter: lipton_tee

  77. A

    Future MAC launches! :)

  78. Katey

    When temptalia post collection previews

  79. Katey

    Product reviews and swatches

  80. My favorite temptalia blogs are the ” whats your favorite’ blogs. i like reading about people’s favorite shadows, mascaras, etc so i will know what to try out.

  81. Tanya

    My favorite are the swatches. Thanks so much.

    twitter: tanyan1
    I am subscribed.

  82. Katey

    Makeup looks!!!!

  83. Denise

    My favorite are the ones with product swatches, because I live in Brazil and I like to shop through the internet, so the swatches help a lot!

  84. Erin

    Honestly, I love anything that has to do with MAC. Be it previews to up and coming collections to reviews and such. šŸ˜€

  85. claudia

    My favourite posts are the swatches, specially the lip ones. I think you should be MAC’s official model for lipsticks and lipglasses !

    twitter : miss_clarinet
    RSS subscriber.

  86. Brooke

    my fav type of post are swatches! esp lip swatches. I think you’re the only one who does that!

    RSS Subscribed
    soco210 @ Twitter

  87. nanakkii

    id love to win! my favorite type of post is the upcoming product launches and pictures.
    twitter: nanakkii

  88. Aryn

    Wow, this is such a bright blush, it’s so pretty.

    My faveorites have to be the contests and also the up and coming collections (thats when I know there’s going to be damage to my wallett.)

    RSS subscribed

  89. lucy

    new collection reviews

    twitter: singerfreek

  90. diskogal

    I love the LOTDs!! And I love that you always swatch on your lips, not just the back of your hands!

    subscriber + twitter follower! (sodisko)

  91. adrian

    I love to see the colors on you. That is such a big help when you post photos.

    adrianrny on twitter

  92. Jessica

    My favourite Temptalia posts are the swatch posts of course, but I love it when you give collection/product reviews too!

  93. Spiff

    I love the reviews and swatches best! Also the previews because I know what to save up for!

  94. Estefania

    Review posts!
    Twitter: estefafernandez
    rss sub

  95. May

    I love how you have swatches and pictures of the latest collections!!

  96. Estefania

    Review posts
    Twitter: estefafernandez
    rss sub

  97. I love how you are always reviewing everything new, esp. mac! And I love your swatches, esp the lip swatches :) also I look the looks you do, it gives me ideas :)

    following: lolitariot

  98. Esh

    My fav are the swatches and tutorials…I can’t choose :)
    RSS subscribed

  99. This was my favorite blush from the collection but even then thought it was too expensive to buy if it was too close to Intenso. :(

    Anyway, my fave type of post are color story information release information!! šŸ˜€

    Twitter: Kajitsu
    Subbed to RSS

  100. Amber

    My favorite type of post on Temptalia are reviews and swatches!

    Twitter: amorecouturexoo