Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Temptalia Gives Away MAC Crazy Haute Lipglass!

We’re giving away one (1) MAC Crazy Haute Lipglass, from the limited edition MAC Colour Craft Collection. Submit your entry by leaving a comment in this post and telling us your best beauty tip.

All entries must be submitted by July 13th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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336 thoughts on “Win MAC Crazy Haute Lipglass!

  1. Karen

    Mix a dot of foundation and a dot of an illumniator (Strobe cream or lustre drops) with your daily moisturizer – brilliant glow and minimal summer coverage using a lot less product!

  2. Alisa

    My best beauty tip is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Nothing else will make your skin look better!

    (Already following you on Twitter – @poppysmum and subscribed to RSS))

  3. bluematilda

    i never leave the house without mascara! otherwise it seems like there are no lashes…sad..but with, my eyes look very large and bright!
    twitter: bluematilda

  4. Sharon

    SLeep at least 8 hours a night and drink like a camel…

    Twitter: Neshumke

  5. wear blush it makes you look happy!

  6. mich

    drink alot a water
    twitter/ teasecake

  7. Estefania

    Moisturize!!! and take your make up off every night ๐Ÿ˜€
    Twitter: estefafernandez
    RSS sub

  8. Jenn

    if you only have a couple of minuets to leave the house, the best thing to do is put mascara on. It really helps bring my small eyes out.

    twitter: genabee6 and rss subbed! :)

  9. I think smiling and confidence is a great beauty tip.
    twitter heygirlhey698 i also am subscribed to emails

  10. Aspirin and Honey face mask and drink plenty of water, or hot water with lemon.

    missglamtan on twitter :) xxx

  11. Rebecca

    exude confidence

    rss sub

  12. my best Beauty tip..? NEVER overdo anything!

  13. If you’re confident, you can pull off any colour you like. I’m cerrently sporting bright turquoise/blue eyes and feel great! :)

  14. ani

    get ur eyelashes permed!! gorgeous effect wivout d hassles


    My best beauty tip is to hydrate yourself and moisturize.

    littleone617 on twitter

  16. Heyyy hun, I just have one beauty tip I think I don’t think I could remove from my daily routine. And that is…. PRIME!!! Noone wants their makeup to fade, cake or crease. It really prepares your skin for everything by making it smooth and velvety, it keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day, it helps further protect skin from harsh environmental factors, it makes everything easier to blend, and helps keep you matte. If you have the right face primer, you can sometimes even just skip foundation altogether and just wrap things up with a sheer translucent powder… Goshhhh I just loooove primer!!!! I would seriously look like a greasy, washed out mess at the end of the day if I didn’t slather on a tiny bit of prep n prime face primer on before i put my studio fix on… And my eyeshadow and eyeliner would crease so bad I’d look like a panda if I didn’t use a little UDPP before packing, blending and smudging. Yeah, PRIME!!!!!! Hahahaha<33333

  17. Nina

    I make it a habit to exfoliate! Makeup looks best on smooth skin, don’t let people see the flakies!

    twitter: nina0205
    email subscriber

  18. Hahaha i overdid it with the priming… I’m subscribed to u on twitter tho lol my name on there’s niknasty

  19. Teressa

    Beauty tip- to spray Fix + onto powder foundation to create a more natural look :)



  20. claudia

    My best beauty tip: Drink a lot of water, smile and self esteem are great beauty tips :)

    Twitter : miss_clarinet
    RSS subscriber

  21. Heather

    always wear mascara!! twitter – rockerchick2719 RSS

  22. Natalie

    My best beauty tip : cleanse well. No matter how expensive beauty products you use, it won’t work if your skin is not cleaned properly.

  23. Holly

    My best beauty tips are:

    1)Get atleast 8 hours of sleep
    2)Drink lots of water
    3)Take your makeup off every night
    4)Never try a new, complicated look when you have a very short amount of time

    twitter: hollykristineby

  24. Cindy

    O it would be great if i win :-)


  25. Cindy

    I forgot my beauty tip….
    Always wear mascara, even if you’re tired, this will give you a open look.


  26. JennXOXO

    Please enter me!
    Drink lots of water & get lots of rest.

    Twitter: JennXOXO

  27. Paulien

    Best beauty tip is wear blush and have goodshaped brows!

    Following you by google reader

  28. Katia

    Drink a lot of water and have a good attitude towards life!

  29. Spray cold termal water before moisturizer SPF30 and make-up :)

  30. Luv J

    My best beauty tip: LESS IS MORE :)

    Twitter: LuvJ

  31. Halifax

    Water, sunscreen and tinted moisturizer for summer :-)

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    Twitter follower (juan_hurrican)

  32. Wear sunscreen every day, even if itโ€™s cloudy out : )

    Twitter = Musthavemakeup

  33. Michelle

    The best beautytip I once got was to warm your eyelash curler with your blowdryer before use … it works!

  34. Drink plenty of water, never leave without mascara and blush, plenty of rest, cleanse face and brushes, set foundation, groom eyebrows, Women of color can wear bronzer, blush or red lipstick, practice makes perfect and contour eyebrows with concealer.


  35. mLacey464

    Lots of water and CONFIDENCE!!

    Twitter: mlacey464

  36. sana

    Vaseline ! i love the stuff whether is lips or lids it works wonders i swear …:) i remember getting that tip when i was 8 years old watching my mom get ready for a nite out.

    still works.

  37. Ali

    Getting plenty of sleep is probably the best beauty tip I can think of!

  38. Sara

    Best beauty tip is to use a spritz of Fix + on a brush and brush all over face after using mineral (powder) makeup….takes that “chalky” look away and gives a dewy finish. RSS follower and Twitter: sbrn78

    Thanks Christine!!!

  39. Christina C

    My best beauty tip would be to take care of your skin, sleep and eat well.

    Twitter: Candboys
    RSS subscribed

  40. For longer, healthier lashes, dip in Q-tip in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and apply on like your mascara every night before you sleep.

  41. Jen

    Spray fix+ on your makeup brush to better pick up a creme blush to apply.
    Twitter: Jenny53072

  42. Marissa

    Beauty tip – Drink plenty of water! Your lips and skin take best to makeup when you’re properly hydrated. Hydration keeps your skin and lips from peeling and flaking.

    Twitter – Marissa0687

  43. sweetmama

    Don’t smoke,use sunscreen everyday, wash and moisturize your face every night. I’ve been doing these things since I was I was 13 and everyone thinks I’m 10 years younger.

  44. Star109

    Drink ร  lot of water !

  45. dani

    i like applying my eye makeup first to avoid the fallout going on my foundation.

    i wanna win!

    twitter: 23dani

    i’m a RSS subscriber

  46. My best beauty tip: to SLEEP! It’s the better way to look good and fresh, all the time! :)

    Twitter follower (Sapphire_Ayleen)

  47. Claire

    exfoliate and moisturize!!!

  48. Zahra

    My best beauty tip is always use sunscreen, the sun is your worst enemy and #1 cause of wrinkles. Also, do not smoke or you will get hideous lines around your mouth. Drink lots of water and moisturize as some have mentioned!!

  49. nanakkii

    my best beauty tip is to change my pillow case as OFTEN as possible. it helps your skin and keeps your hair from getting oily aswell!
    twitter: nanakkii

  50. Mari

    Please enter me! Drink lots and lots of water!

  51. Mari

    Moisterize! Please enter me!

  52. Mari

    White eye liner in lower lash line for bigger and brighter eyez!

  53. hilary

    just a little mascara can totally change the look of your face
    twitter: hil90

  54. Originality and Personality. Never be a copycat. Take the things you love and adapt to your style and especially to your face structure and features to enhance YOUR beauty. “Uniqueness” comes with self-awareness. Love your website x x

    tsteinberger on twitter
    kindagorgeous on youtube

  55. justred

    Navy mascara or navy eyeliner close to the lash line will make your eyes appear brighter and whiter.

  56. Alessa Ngo

    I don’t have many cosmetics or skincare products so my beauty tips is very simple: Sleep enough, drink water and always have tissues wherever you go.
    Twitter: AlessaNgo

  57. Gail

    Sunscreen & lots of water

  58. Tracy

    Don’t EVER forget to wash your face at night!

    twitter = krazymom91
    rss = subscribed!

  59. Nars

    Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more! RSS subscribed and following you on twitter – narifertiti

  60. Alannah

    Use an eyelash curler!

    Twitter: alannahrose

  61. maclove1 colors you will use

    2.wash your face every day and night with water

  62. maclove1

    twitter name is : dee3yint

  63. KyaLyn

    Wash your face everyday and wear sunscreen!
    Twitter: KyaLyn

  64. lesleykat

    mix foundation and moisturizer together to make custom tinted moisturizer.

    twitter: lesleykat

  65. Giorgia

    My best beauty tips are: perfect base and eyebrows are the key for a perfect make up!
    Twitter: Confugio

  66. Jennifer

    twitter: lilyily

    my best beauty tip is that you can be beautiful without breaking your wallet! bargain hunting and going for the drugstore brands can prove useful and you can always find dupes of high end products!

    love your blog by the way :)

  67. Desirae

    Don’t over do it. If you’re going for vibrant eyes, tone down your mouth so you can draw attention to where you spent so much time. Not to mention, the double hit of bright color will just be too much to take in for the normal eye. A nice nude or light pink with bright eyes is the best way to go.

  68. CG

    Using tretinoin – both for treating acne and for its anti-aging benefits. My skin has never looked better!

  69. My best beauty tip is definitly to drink water as much as possible. I always have a water bottle with me, no matter what. it makes my skin clar and my whole body just look and feel healthier.

  70. Ming

    My best beauty tip is when when you don’t like your mascara any more or is not good then you can use it as a eyeliner. It works amazing for that! :) <3

    twitter: fabulositybebe

  71. Marta

    Be yourself! :)

  72. Ming

    My best beauty tip is if you don’t want mascara on your eyelids then put a business card on top then apply the mascara.!:) <3

    Twitter: fabulositybebe

  73. cate ul

    cleanse, exfoliate, tone, rehydrate and use skin masks to rejuvinate skin when its looking dull. It will help you feel revitalized and energized and have amazing soft, dewy, glowing skin free of imperfections and flaws.

    real beauty shows from the inside out :) so flaunt it!

  74. Alexis

    My best beauty tip is always wash your face at night- no matter how lazy you may feel, you will regret it in the morning!

    twitter= missangelalexis

  75. cate ul

    twitter name : xcate

  76. Veronica

    My best beauty tip is to always smile and stay confident.

  77. My best beauty tip is to use coconut oil as a deep conditioner for hair. Apply the oil all over, wear a shower cap or hair cover, leave in for 30 min to 1 hour, then wash. You will have to shampoo twice, then use conditioner, but this treatment really does make your hair silky soft, shiny, and smooth.

  78. May

    Do not over cleanse your face – my pimples are gone.

  79. Annika

    Get Lush stuff! ๐Ÿ˜€

  80. Vanessa

    Concealer concealer concealer…haha
    Twitter: mvqiao

  81. Dominique

    White liner on the waterline!

  82. Even if you’re as deathly pale as me, don’t be afraid of color. Just wear it with confidence and everyone will envy you :)
    Twitter: Makeupzombie

  83. My best beauty tip … hmm.

    I think it would have to be investing in NYX Jumbo Pencils. They have the best colors, great pigmentation & go on so, so smooth. And are crazy cheap! My first purchase was a pencil in Milk and it was such a great eye brightner! I use it daily. :) I haven’t gotten eyeshadows yet, but their lip glosses are great, too! NYX all the way!

    Twitter – cupidgirl21483
    RSS subscribed! :)

  84. Sarahnade

    Always start your face with a clean palette. Dont try to pile makeup on top of old makeup cus it will never look right.
    Dont CAKE it up Make it up :)

  85. Stephanie

    Best beauty tip I have learned would be using eye shadow primer. I can’t live without it.

    Twitter follower (stephanie_mae)

  86. Mary Ann

    Take care of your skin… I believe that spending on skin products is more important than makeup. ‘Cause if you have beautiful skin, the less makeup you have to wear and your skin will age slower.

  87. crlsweetie912

    Put moisturizer on your hands at night and put on gloves or any cotton socks over your hands before you go to bed! This will make your hands baby soft and smooth and keep your cuticles from being rough and ragged!

  88. Cheyenne

    Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest!
    Cuppincake: twitter

  89. Eunice

    my best beauty tip is perhaps…to wear sunscreen even if you’re not going to the beach. i can really see the difference and boy am i glad :)

  90. Tasha

    I recommend paying close attention to base make up. A good foundation and a little highlighting on the cheekbones, nose bridge and eyes can really make a huge difference. :)

  91. Ana

    drink plenty of water and moisturizer your face before bed and when waking up.

    twitter: analovescouture

  92. catrirnna

    drink water and avoid all other drinks if you can.

  93. my best beauty tip is to do your eye makeup before anything else, foundation and concealer included. This makes it easier to “erase” any mistakes you make, and clean up your eye area without messing up your face makeup!

    My runner up beauty tip is to use eye primer under your eye as well, for it helps keep your under eye concealer from creasing :)

    (i put my twitter as my website)

  94. My best beauty tip is: using concealer on your lips to nude it out, follow with a pink lipgloss on the inner parts of the lips. This will help to achieve pretty nude lips :) I’m also followin u on twitter! My id: kiitzyy.

  95. use sunscreen :)
    twitter: maggsmakeup
    rss subscriber

  96. Anne

    My best beauty tip is to drink water and to take a break from cosmetics at least once a week.
    Twitter: anne2112

  97. get a goodnight sleep! :) i notice my FOTD’s look a lot better when i’ve had a proper sleep. not only the 8hour req but reallly sleeping early. :)

  98. Joelle

    PRIME!! Use eyeshadow, eyelashes, and lip primers. It always makes the colors pop, makes the look long-lasting, and decreases creases and fading.
    Twitter: LovelyGoogly

  99. Always use mascara. It brightens your eyes and if you only wear that alone it makes you look young, attentive and a natural beauty!