Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Balenciaga Giveaway

Win Balenciaga Paris!

I’ve been playing with this scent this past week, and it’s a sensual, sophisticated scent for spring. It’s a soft violet tempered by a woodier, muskier base. It’s a lighter scent that wears well throughout the day, but it’s not overwhelming. Definitely feminine but not girly or candy-sweet–grown-up without being totally on the edge.   And now, Temptalia is giving one away!

One (1) lucky Temptalia reader will win a bottle of Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum! (Retail value $130.)

Immediately, the demure violet note makes us think that BALENCIAGA PARIS is a light fragrance, as pleasant as sunshine. In BALENCIAGA PARIS, we find the first moments of April, floral breezes and blossoms from milder days. A spring-like feel: airy dresses and fleeting glances. A bouquet of violets also has an old-fashioned tone, the antique charm of a few dried petals that we find between the pages of a book by Colette, traces of memories, the work of art so fine that is the past

But soon, a peppery note reveals itself and swells over calm, mossy wood. Foliage that breathes in the secret hours of night. Then, another more nocturnal facet of nature expresses itself. A sensuality becomes clearer. The shadowy color of the liquid within already says something of its mystery.
It is a fragrance full of light with a few dark apertures. BALENCIAGA PARIS is a lovely paradox. It is a fragrance that becomes life, that melds with living. BALENCIAGA PARIS offers itself and guards itself…

How to win: Leave a comment sharing with me why you love to wear perfume!

All entries must be submitted by April 12th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

Congratulations to Steph Z.!

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510 thoughts on “Win Balenciaga Paris!

  1. monica

    Because perfume is the perfect finishing touch to any look.

  2. I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel extra pretty and every time I catch a whiff of the fragrance I’m wearing during the day it puts a smile on my face. =)

  3. Darci

    I love wareing perfume because there is something out there for every mood,season and it adds a great touch to any look.

  4. Cathy

    Because it makes me feel confident that I’m clean and I smell good.

  5. Jen

    It makes me feel confident and put together.

  6. Kay

    I love wearing perfume because its the one thing people remember you by, your scent. It’s lovely to recall some one’s smell and reminisce.. and I love the new Balenciaga.

  7. Megan

    I love catching sniffs through the day… it brightens my mood :)

  8. I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel very pretty and I like to smell good and I want guys to notice haha :]

  9. Erin

    i love wearing perfume because it lifts my spirits whenever i catch a whiff of it during the day. :]

  10. Kelly

    I love wearing perfume because it’s the most sensual thing you can put on- every time I smell my own perfume throughout the day it just puts that little extra swing in my step!

  11. Anna

    I love perfume because I get compliments of “you always smell so good.” Who doesn’t want to hear that?

  12. i love wearing perfume to compliment my mood. added benefit is when a guy says “mmm, u smell good”.

  13. Kendra Yuki

    I’m a pretty quiet person, so when I wear perfume I feel it kinda amplifies my presence in the room. You know what I mean? It’s also a fun way to play “dress-up”–depending on my perfume, I can feel like Jane Birkin, Debbie Harry, or Marlene Dietrich on any given day!

  14. Alma

    I love wearing perfume, because it makes me feel extra girly and sexy and you walk by someone and you leave that lovely scent!!!!!

  15. Torrie Mckeague

    Personally, perfume is what finishes my outfit. It’s the same as misting your face with fix plus or a finishing spray after all your makeup is done. It’s a MUST no matter where your going!

  16. Lesley

    Perfume is amazing because it can truly create a mood and an attitude. The ability to be sexy, playful, sweet or proper through perfume is part of the fun of being a woman!!

  17. Ada

    i think a perfume helps people get who you are. you should never judge a book by its cover but lets admit it, first appearances are everything. a perfume helps show the world what kind of personality you have; fun&flirty, simplistic, sophisticated, etc… it also helps people remember you.

  18. I love wearing perfume because the perfumes I love always bring back lovely memories from the past.

  19. Instantly makes you feminine and sassy-on mornings when I don’t have time to “get ready” I love that a splash of perfume makes me feel a bit more put together:)

  20. michelle

    i like perfumes because i stink!

  21. i love wearing perfume bcuz im a girly girl & i love smelling pretty lol i love diff. scents for diff. moods & its like after you choose your outfit & do your makeup the perfume of your choice is the PERFECT way to finish! i also love wearing perfume bcuz i love when ppl tell me OMG you smell so wonderful what are you wearing? i love to share so they can feel Beautiful as i do*

  22. Lauren

    I wear perfume because it makes me feel more confident and almost special. lol It makes me walk with my head held higher knowing I smell delicious. hahah :p

  23. Christina

    I love wearing perfume because I enjoy that luxurious ritual of dabbing it on the pulse points before I walk out the door, after putting on lipstick and accessorizing. It definitely makes me feel sexier!

  24. helen

    i would love to have this perfume b/c it would make me feel glamorous every time I put it on

  25. Emily

    I love wearing perfume because I feel like it’s the finishing touch that pulls everything together and tells me I’m ready to go! =)

  26. Perfume is kind of like a wig. With one little spritz, you can completely change the emotion and personna that you’re feeling that way. It’s like the master of the “quick change”.

  27. Kristine

    because knowing that I smell good gives me an extra boost of confidence :)

  28. Jen

    I love to wear perfume because it helps express your personality through different scents and styles.

  29. Jeannie Brault

    I love to wear it because I love the look on people’s face when you walk by and they get a whiff of something that smells great!

  30. Odbery

    Because it makes me feel more girly. Added bonus, the boyfriend loves it

  31. Becky

    It always puts me in a good mood :)

  32. Liz

    i love wearing because it’s something that give me more confident and makes me feel pretty and beautiful even when my physical appearance does not. It’s something that set you apart from other as well, just like makeup I think..

  33. Renee Harper

    Because every time I smell I think of how I would feel if I could only wear it. Like a woman. Sexy, worthy, proud.
    I can’t afford this perform so I can’t say how I feel when I wear it but I sure want to.

  34. I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel sexy and I like knwoing that I smell good!

  35. Lori

    I like wearing perfume because it makes me feel confident, sexy, and put together! :)

  36. sooji

    i’m actually really picky about my perfumes bc i feel like it’s an extension of who i am and i want it to reflect my personality. i tend to remember people by what scents they wear, so i feel like it should be vice versa!

  37. rose

    i used to wear it to cover up the smell of smoke that i was always self conscious about. now that i quit 2 months ago today, i’m proud to say i wear it just because i want to smell pretty! :-)

  38. Liz G.

    I have worn perfume everyday since I was 13 years old and got my first Avon scent (Honeysuckle, I think). I love the different moods a perfume can make you feel and convey to the world. Sometimes I am fun and flirty (a light citrus) and sometimes I want to be dark and mysterious (an oriental). Nothing beats perfume!

  39. KIKI

    simply because it makes me happy, which is the most important thing!

  40. Sara

    It can make your whole outfit complete. Add confidence. Or help you to feel a certain feeling.

  41. I love wearing perfume because I like it when people get close to me just cause I smell good.

  42. Erica

    I love wearing perfume because it can totally help cheer me up when I’m down. I just dab on a little uplifting scent and things seem a bit rosier!

  43. Alexis

    Perfume and scents in general can create a powerful memory. There are certain scents I smell and I am immediately back in time to when I’m 5yrs old and I am watching my mom getting ready for work or going out with her friends. I am wondering if that will happen to my daughter when she either she smells coconut lotions or some type of green or floral perfumes that she’ll think of mommy.

  44. Ashley

    Perfume can lift my spirits and with a single spray transform the way I feel about myself that day. Depending on which perfume I wear, I can feel girly, or sexy, or capable, or free-spirited and at ease – or so many other moods! It is about so much more than just smelling good. I like to bring something pleasant and unexpected to the day – for myself or anyone who smells it. I love the complexity of perfumes – the way the scent changes different notes emerge the longer it stays on. In addition, we simply all would love to feel lovely, fun, sexy, or feminine, and perfume does it in a subtle way that clothes and makeup cannot.

  45. Jenni

    I love wearing perfume bc it makes me feel sexy and feminine ;P

  46. Sofia

    I really love wearing perfume cause it feels liks it’s the last touch to make you perfect. I love the feeling of when you walk around and suddenly smell the perfume you wear, and it makes me feel fresh.

  47. i love their purses already! need to try it

  48. Melina

    I love wearing perfume because it sets my mood of the day!!!

  49. Dia

    I love how perfume can take you to different places and times- it can remind you of places you’ve traveled, spark memories or even help make them. 😉

  50. Ramlah

    I like wearing perfume because it makes me feel polished and refined. It’s something that you can change every day if you wish, and because it’s something that is smelt, in a way allows you to be more adventurus with the fragances. I think my favorite part is that i can change my perfume according to my mood, and time of year also: during spring/summer something fruity or floral, and in winter somthing with vanilla is really comforting, and something exotic during the evening

  51. Diana

    I love wearing perfume because my boyfriend loves my “natural” scent

  52. jen

    Perfume makes me feel sexy even when I don’t look sexy.I think certain smells just make you feel good.

  53. Anna

    I like to wear perfume because it makes me feel good about myself, also I pick scents that either make me feel warm and comfortable or upbeat and fruity.

  54. moniquer

    I love to wear perfume because it is personal. First of all, it’s all chemistry from how we are able to smell to how the actual fragrance is made and not only is this fascinating to me but ALSO, how the fragrance interacts with our own personal chemistry. Fragrances tend to smell different on different people and that is what makes a favorite perfume personal!

  55. Hayley

    I love wearing perfume because it makes you feel pretty and put together even without make up :)

  56. Mirna

    I love to wear perfume because it’s the ultimate way to showcase my femininity.

  57. Nicole

    I love perfume! I have several bottles and I love matching my perfume scent to my mood, the season, or even my outfit and makeup! It’s just the perfect way to compliment and complete your look!

  58. Nayeli

    I love to wear perfume because it makes u smell delicious and people can know you by your scent!!!

  59. Sarah

    Perfume is the ultimate accessory. Image is everything, and who doesn’t like to smell good? Perfume can control our emotions and affect how we feel. When I wear my signature scent, I am brought back to the familiar and the memories associated with it. It lifts my mood!

  60. Proximity

    I love perfume because of its power to help shape and even change how I’m feeling, and how I’m feeling about myself. More than anything else, I find it comforting, a touch-stone, and a way to always have something beautiful to focus on and experience, that I can bring with me.

  61. Natalia

    perfume far and away my favorite part of my routine!

  62. Chi

    Perfume is the essence of being a woman, I wear perfume like my second skin. Very necessary, very me.

  63. Roya

    it makes me feel confident.

  64. paulina

    because you NEVER forget the scent of someone… :-)

  65. Tammy

    Scent is the closest sense tied to memory and I like to associate happy things with scents I can smell everyday.

  66. Perfume makes me smile. Whenever I choose a perfume for the day – it’s the last thing I do in my routine, it makes me feel like I am complete now and nothing can go wrong. It’s a great feeling. :)

  67. Cathy

    I love wearing perfume…it makes me feel more put together and more confident…and I know I smell good!

  68. Megan

    I love feeling sophisticated and girly when I put perfume on.. I’d love this!!

  69. Andrea

    whoooo nice funny bottle

  70. Kelly

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel feminine and confident. I love that there are endless possibilites with perfume!

  71. perfume for me is like the cherry on top. I feel like a scent pulls together an outfit, or makeup style, and if chosen wrong, can take away from it. (i’m also a fiend for cute packaging)

  72. Christina

    I feel pretty with perfume.

  73. Neena

    Why I love to wear perfume is because I want people to notice the scent on me and say, “wow, she smells good!”

  74. Veronica

    I love wearing perfume because it makes me feel pretty and the scent puts me in a bright mood :)

  75. Alabee

    I love wearing perfume Because it alters my mood, as well as he moods of those around me.. I love that scent memory is so string, and that having a lovely scent leaves a mark on people.

  76. DJ

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel good knowing that I smell fabulous! And also, certain scents that I have bring me back to memories I have and people I loved.

  77. Sun

    It makes me feel feminine and, of course, I want to smell good!

  78. Sandy

    More than anything else, my choice of perfume defines who I am. I absolutely love it when complete strangers say “who smells so good?” I never leave home without a scent, even if I’m going to the gym and just wearing a light body mist.

  79. HC

    Because it’ll match my balenciaga purse, haha!

  80. alex

    I love wearing perfume because I believe it can trigger a good memory later on. Like my husband wears the same one he wore on our first date and I swear it can sometimes stop us from getting into a huge fight because I smell it on him and instantly I am taken back to that great moment! sorry so cheesy but its true!

  81. Megan Anderson

    I love wearing perfume as it makes me feel more feminine and attractive. I know it is silly to think a smell makes me more attractive, but I love when it is subtle and someone special catches a whiff and loves the fragrance.

  82. Tatyana

    I love wearing perfumes because it makes me feel like a real woman. At times when I am really tired and don’t have time to put makeup on, one spritz of the right perfume can change my whole attitude, can give me energey, can make me feel sexy and beautiful. Perfumes have been used for thousands of years before us, and they are surely not going anywhere.
    Any woman must find that special scent that makes her feel happy and beautiful. I hope that mine will be the Balenciaga Paris. :)

  83. AZ

    I’ve always loved perfume ever since I was really young.. I started wearing perfume before I even started wearing makeup haha. I just think the concept of mixing scents together is very appealing.. I’m also a chemical engineer haha. I think finding the perfect scent to match your personality and having people remember you by a scent is such a great feeling

  84. Steph

    Perfume makes me feel sexy, or whatever mood I feel like being in! The perfect touch for finishing an outfit before going out.

  85. Tia

    I love to wear perfume b/c it smells great and i love to smell great! Esp since I work in a hospital around a lot of funky people,smelling my wonderful fragrance throughout the day helps to bring a pleasant scent to my nose other than the sick,(sometimes) smelly ppl I’m nursing to health.

  86. Leenie

    It’s something calming about wearing certain scented perfumes, I just love smelling good.

  87. Tracy

    Perfume is a reflection of how I am feeling. Certain scents can immediately boost my mood.

  88. Lisa

    I think wearing perfume makes me feel more sophisticated and polished.

  89. Sarah

    I love to smell something nice and relaxing during the day :)

  90. Mel

    I love wearing perfume because that’s something I’ve always done growing up. I can remember always wearing my mom’s perfumes. I think it’s by seeing her getting all pampered up that I grew up doing the same thing :p. Nowadays, it’s pleasant to have my own signature scent :)

  91. Jennifer P.

    Perfume just makes me feel beautiful and sexy. Period. I don’t wear it for anyone but myself.

  92. K

    I love that certain scents can bring you back to a memory of a place, event, or a person :o)

  93. Lauren

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel pretty. I also especially like it when my boyfriend nuzzles into me. I know full well that he’s enjoying my fragrance. :)

  94. Cindy

    Perfume is a perfect way to express my mood.
    Depending on how i feel, or what i want to feel, i choose my perfume.

  95. Amber

    Because it makes me feel sexier x

  96. JoElla

    I wear perfume for me.

  97. Lulee

    I love to wear perfume because it makes me feel sexy!

  98. Myra

    Because it can create an ambience for oneself. Depending on what you choose it can be sophisticated, flirty, sporty, soft and romantic etc. and I love wearing my perfume based on how I feel that day!

  99. androgynes

    perfume makes me feel confident and sexy, I love it to spray it on for everyday so people compliment me that I smell good. it is my upgrade for outfits to look more dimensional.

  100. Evelyn

    I love to wear it because it makes me feel like I’m walking in a garden all day (yes, I favor the rosey florals!). I also love to wear it because it can distract me from the very foul odors that sometimes come up during trips through the NYC subway. Lastly, I wear enough rosey perfumes that whenever my boyfriend catches a hint of rose anywhere he thinks of me. :-)

    • ashley

      i love wearing perfume because i love to smell good LOL, and when i find one i really like which is currently viva la juicy, i feel good cuz its my signature scent. its nice when i hug people and they always say “aww u smell so good!”