Monday, February 4th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Will you wear makeup that looks good on you but doesn’t match your personality? Like you’re bold and vibrant and maybe you just wear mascara?

Temptalia's AnswerOf course! I mean, I suppose you could try and argue that they’re just representing different facets of my personality, rather than a sum total.

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30 thoughts on “Will you wear makeup that looks good on you but doesn’t match your personality?

  1. Not usually. I’m the same with clothes: although nearly every shade of pink and purple works with my colouring, I normally feel too girly in those colours. I don’t feel confident/comfortable in styles of anything that don’t feel like ‘me’.

  2. blueraccoon

    Probably, yeah. I mean, it’d depend on what we mean by “Not matching my personality” – I’d be game to try glitter eyeshadows, or black lips, or blue lips or things like that if they looked decent on me. Just because my usual choice is for neutral/naturalistic makeup doesn’t mean I won’t try other things :)

  3. Sylvia

    No, I would not. I think that a make-up look is partially an extension of one’s personality. Plus if I am not feeling a color, I will honestly think it looks awful on me. On the other hand, if I like a color and it matches my semi-bubbly personality, then it will look fantastic. People will want to look more at someone who is feeling their make-up in comparison to those who are not feeling their make-up.

  4. Priscilla

    I love to wear bright lipsticks like, impassioned, girl about town etc… But working with youth i must tone it down and ofcourse it still looks good. But my personality is more bright and funcky.

  5. I think my make up responds more to what occasion I have to wear it, than what my personality is.

  6. Kamyll Blanco

    I used to be afraid of wearing bold colors because I thought that they wouldn’t match my personality, but then I found pink and red lipsticks that look good on me :-) I now wear them almost everyday :-)

  7. Dawn

    If a look doesn’t feel like ‘me’ I won’t wear it, even if others tell me it looks good on me. Same with clothes – I wear what I feel right in, and never follow fashion.

  8. Deb

    Definitely. I can’t think of any makeup that looks good on me but doesn’t match my personality at one time or another. It’s more about the occasion. If I need to look professional, then I’ll skip the neon pink lipstick but if I’m just going shopping I’ll wear whatever suits my mood that day!

  9. Danielle

    I guess it depends. My own personal taste is that I don’t love a lot of eye makeup on myself. But I do wear it sometimes because sometimes I think it looks better or I’m just in the mood to wear more.

  10. Sierra L.

    thats a really good question, i might because i dont necessarily think that the makeup has to exprss your personality. if your wearing some makeup that is kind of not in your comfort zone or not your flavor, one could always balance it with the outfit. like for example, red lipstick isnt really my personality as i give off this little girly vibe, but i could girl it up with like a white dress and cute boots or something. if it looks good, its good to try

  11. Isabell

    Tough question. I think my makeup corresponds to my mood (which I suppose could be viewed as a facet of my personality) to a higher degree than it corresponds to my personality or identity.

  12. Robin Manrique

    I always use makeup to express my mood rather than my personality.I usually wear jeans and t-shirts to work and total play with my makeup; Smokey eyes, bright colors,or natural – anything goes. And lately since I’ve had health issues and have had to take time off, I’ve used makeup to improve my mood. Might not be able to get out of the house but I can at least feel pretty laying around!

  13. This is going to sound really weird (coming from me), but… sometimes I don’t think ANY makeup matches my personality. I’m a far cry from a girly-girl, and apart from running a beauty blog, I keep a fairly minimalist/utilitarian profile — everything is always neutrals & solid colours, with me.

    So, I mean, I guess I wear a LOT of things that don’t match my personality! 😛

  14. Kathryn

    Like others have said, it often has to do with my mood. But sometimes I definitely want to go crazy dark and smokey or have a bright red lip and I don’t because I know people would point it out.

  15. LauraR.

    Not really. I have to feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve gotten makeovers that didn’t make me feel like “me”. I think now that if someone does my makeup they should take my personal tastes into account. I had someone do a deep burgundy lip on me, and I just didn’t feel like myself. It looked nice, but I prefer brighter colors (not so deep).

    • Pink Provocateur

      I like to experiment, but I entirely agree with you here. Over the summer, I went to a Chanel event, and the “featured artist” was way too into her own opinion. When I mentioned that the lip colours she chose for me weren’t really my style, she said, “Well, we’re gonna do it anyway.” Then she had what she thought was a brilliant idea for my brows… which was not-so-much. I didn’t buy anything, and went home to wash my face. :-\

  16. Pink Provocateur

    I’ll try anything once, but I do have to be in the mood for it. 😉

  17. ra

    Something I always wanted to do 😀
    Depending on the occasion I guess.

  18. L

    I wear cateye liner a lot but I don’t think it suits my personality, I just think it looks nice. It just makes me feel a little strange because I usually go more subtle. I’m a loud person, but i’d rather go for a loud lip than an eye look because sometimes i think i look too overdone and it makes me feel more comfortable and more wearable.

  19. rachel

    I look good in pink -I even bought a expensive estee lauder lipgloss” violet rain” because the swatches were so pretty , but it just doesn’t suit my personality. Super sparkly hot Pink to me is bubbly and happy…well lol thats not me, and the lipgloss is just sitting in my cabinet with other makeup i don’t use …haha. Guess I’m learning as my collection grows.

  20. Yes, and I do. My personality is very funky, colorful, and spunky. But I’m totally open to doing neutral eyes, or even a no makeup look some days when I just want something different. (:

  21. Brenda

    I do sometimes. It’s like playing a different role for a little while :) But sometimes I’m very conscious of it and need to wash it off before the day is over.

  22. Terri

    If it truly looks good on me then sure!! Who doesn’t want to look good? Of course, I have to be the one that thinks it looks good. I have worn things in the past that someone else liked but deep down I knew weren’t right for me and I always felt fake and never enjoyed it.
    Just like fashion, wear what makes YOU feel good and you’ll never go wrong. Listen to that inner voice and if you don’t love it, walk away!!

  23. Mimi

    No, I express myself with makeup so I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing something that isn’t “me”.

  24. Angelika

    I really can’t say that there is makeup that isn’t me. I love neutral colors but also crazy neons. I like anything that looks good and if it looks good then its totally me lol

  25. Of course! That’s what makeup is about – playing! I often try different looks and have a play around, I love it….but maybe that IS my personality haha
    Day to day I wear fairly natural makeup (just because it’s quick and easy) but every now and then I may have a vintage inspired look or a heavy smoky eye or a killer red lip…just because. Last weekend I did a look with heavily lined eyes, dark shadow, false lashes & contouring, not ‘me’ at all but it was SO much fun. It’s like playing dress ups :)

  26. Alley Cat

    It’s not that I won’t, it’s just that I think most make-up looks that don’t suit my personality also don’t look good on me. I’m talking about colorful eyeshadows and bright or neon lip colors. (I tried and looked like a clown.) My friends call me the “strong and silent” type, so to put bright colors on me is like…it’s like cognitive dissonance.

    • Alley Cat

      Well, I think I misunderstood the “makeup that looks good on you” part. Let’s see…I find that dark coral lipsticks look good on my tanned skin, but as I mentioned above, for me to wear something bright like corals is mind-boggling.