Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Who would you love to have do your makeup? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerLauren, Queen of Blending!! She is a Queen for sure.

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139 thoughts on “Who would you love to have do your makeup?

  1. Betsy

    Lisa Eldridge or either of the Pixiwoo sisters!

  2. Glam Fairy 😀 She has done some fierce looks and makes airbrushing look amazing.

  3. Margaret

    Lisa Eldridge!!

  4. Nikkie of NikkieTutorials, hands down.
    She’s my girl.

  5. Danielle

    I would love to have Lisa Eldridge do my makeup. I love listening to her talk! :)

  6. Mar

    Illamasqua’s Alex Box!

  7. Fitrah

    Samantha Chapman, Nicola Chapman, or Lisa Eldridge.

  8. amy

    pat mcgrath, hands down. shes legendary

  9. Jessica

    Alex Box of Illamasqua for sure!

  10. Caroline

    Definitely Lisa Eldridge!!

  11. shelly

    Sam or Nic from Pixiwoo, Marlena from Makeup Geek, or Lisa Eldridge.

  12. Maureen

    Lady Gaga. I know she probably has makeup artists for videos and such, but I know she’s really into it herself. It’d be a fun afternoon, lol.

  13. Alyssa

    Sam from Pixiwoo! Her work is amazing and I can only imagine the fun conversation that is sure to take place

  14. jenni

    dustin hunter, everything about him screams awesome

  15. kevyn aucoin… joke……..he was able to transform someone’s look to whatever his imagination was…..more than a makeup artist…..I looked thru one of his books where the before and after were amazing…..

  16. Cora (VintageorTacky). She’s so creative and I love her style. Also she seems so fun!

  17. jenny

    I love her videos (she’s so fun), and her daughter is so cute :) Good choice!

  18. Zoe

    Lisa Eldridge, for sure!

  19. Meredith

    Lisa Eldridge!

  20. flyavsted

    Kay Montano or Lisa Eldridge! :)

  21. Krista

    Of course the ever so talented Lisa Eldridge!

  22. Jess

    Bobbi brown! Or laura mercier! Or pAt mcgrath!

  23. Jeanie

    Lisa Eldridge would be my #1 pick, but there are many others I would love to have do my makeup!

  24. Billy B or the late Kevin Aucoin

  25. Tracy

    Lisa Eldridge

  26. Oh, Lord. Kabuki. He’s SUCH an amazing artist (if you are not familiar with his work, the only reference you really need is Katy Perry’s “E.T.” video); his looks–it’s difficult to not call them “pieces”–are so intricate and beautiful. Oh, and if I were then photographed by Rankin? I WOULD DIE, just sayin’.

  27. SUMER

    Mario Dedivanovic

  28. Landy Koerner

    Lisa Eldridge!! Her work is beautiful and voice so soothing!!!

  29. SUMER

    + Bassam Fattouh ( famous Arabic make up artist )

  30. Lisa Eldridge or Wayne Goss (Gossmakeupartist) or Pixiwoo Sisters (Sam & Nic)

  31. MzLuc1

    You Christine, Ms.Temptalia!! No one else!

  32. CatherineM

    Lisa Eldridge, a makeup artist from the UK. I love her work…

  33. Sam

    Definitely Lauren!! I’ve always been a huge fan of hers, and I actually got to meet her once. She’s even more sweet and funny in person than she is in her videos; and her makeup looked FLAWLESS in person too! I was so starstruck hahah. I’d be so honored to have her do my makeup one day!

  34. Yazmin

    Sam & Nicola from Pixiwoo! Preferably Sam, she does the most fantastic smokey eyes! i think she resembles Rachel Weisz :)

  35. My girly, girly husband! He just needs to stop being so self-conscious and actually practice. XD

  36. Lisa

    Pat McGrath, cos she’s one of my favourite avant garde artists ever!

  37. dar

    Lisa Eldridge for tips and tricks. Xsparkage for an awesomely fun look.

  38. lisa eldridge – she is a make-up goddess!

  39. Dawn

    The Pixiwoo girls – Sam and Nicola. Not only do they have amazing makeup skills but they are such lovely ladies too.

  40. taj

    Francois Nars!

  41. Kristabelle

    The late Kevyn Aucoin (his before-and-afters are incredible), Megan Martinez (ChaosMakeupArtist) or Kandee Johnson.
    While I can do pretty much anything on my own face, it’d be a nice change to see someone else’s ideas.

  42. Jake Bailey or Pat MCGrath. Both are amazing, and have wildy different styles!

  43. Yasmine

    Gossmakeupartist, I really like his style.

  44. Shannon

    Kandee Johnson or Billy B :D!

  45. Excellent question!!

    Definitely Edward Bess! He seems like a genius!

    And Christine from Temptalia :))

  46. Leah

    I would have loved to have Kevyn Aucoin do my makeup. Now, the Pixiwoo girls or Lisa Eldridge would be lovely. Both of their channels are great.

  47. Kellie (a different Kellie)

    Littlekiva or Umapreve! Completely different makeup styles, however, they are both great!

  48. Tabi

    Lisa Eldridge or Sam Chapman!

  49. Mo

    Pat McGrath or Sam Fine.

  50. Marlena from :)

  51. Kevyn Aucoin (if he were still with us that is) If we’re only talking people alive, honestly anyone who has makeup experience (just don’t want to get jabbed in the eyeball repeatedly, lol). I never get to have someone else do my makeup

  52. Avital


  53. Pamela

    Any of the masters that do the fashion shows and magazines: Dick Page, Pat McGrath, Francois Nars, Bobbi Brown, Gucci Westman, etc, etc. Oh, and if I could only resurrect Kevyn Aucoin–his life was too short!

  54. Nicole

    Lisa Eldrige, because of her experience and talent.

  55. Nadia

    The one and only Lisa Eldridge.

  56. Lulee

    lisa eldridge, pat mcgrath.

  57. Peaches Choi

    The pixiwoo sisters! Or Lisa Eldridge. They are true professional MUAs and have the best tutorials on youtube.

  58. Sarah

    Leesha (xsparkage) So much talent and i would love for her to do my makeup and teach me some tips and tricks along the way :)

  59. Niki

    I would say, Sam Fine, I have loved his worked for years. And from YT fame, I would have to say Ebony, ColouredBeautiful, her makeup skills are fierce, she has a similar view of makeup as I do, and she is genuinely a nice and kind person.

  60. hema saklani

    wayne goss, not only he is a hottie, he is good at what he does, next choice is pixiwoo. if wayne wasn’t a cuteie pie, i would choose pixiwoo sisters first.

  61. Debra

    I’d give Francois (Nars) a try.

  62. Francois Nars, Alex Box, or spend an afternoon with Sam and Nicola :)

  63. Carla

    Definitely Tanya Burr (pixi2woo)
    Her looks are right up my street!

    I’m sure you’ll do a fabulous job!
    I’ve been always hoping to get it done by one of the Youtube/Blog gurus and you’re the most professional one (or so i think… someone i can actually trust when i purchase an item) out of a bunch that I can really trust!

  65. Samantha

    mario dedivanoic love how flawless his looks are

  66. Jenny

    Bobbi Brown! She makes make look so natural and effortless. I would love to know how she applies both the corrector and concealor and make them look natural and not cakey. I can’t do it, and girls at her counters can’t do it.

  67. Amy

    Eve Pesrl, hands down!

  68. 50spinuplover

    either lisa eldridge or kevyn aucoin

  69. bxboricua

    One of the Pixiwoo sisters or Lisa Eldridge or Nikkie (from NikkieTutorials)

  70. Hanne

    Lisa Eldrige or the Pixiwoo sisters! My fav for sure!

  71. Jazz

    Sam Fine , Pat McGrath, Francois Nars

  72. François Nars! I’d love to have such a great artist take a look at my face and give me advice on how to make it look better.

  73. Anita

    Dustin Hunter for sure lol.

  74. Anne-Sophie

    There are 3 :
    1) Lisa Eldridge
    2) Kandee Johnson
    3) Mario Dedivanovic (sorry if his name is spelled wrong.. so complicated 😉 !)

    They all are amazing! :) Love their work

  75. Orlane

    François Nars !!!!! or Ingrid ( MissGlamorazzi ) 😀

  76. Janna

    Whoa, too many to choose! I guess it depends on the occasion. First that comes to mind is Lisa Eldridge, but Pat McGrath would also be unbelievable. Plus there are so many artists that do incredible work who’s names we don’t really see very often.

  77. Andrea

    You! I love how you blend!

  78. Tracey

    Great question!!! I was watching wayne’s best products of 2011 and I was thinking to myself that he’d be great to do my makeup for my wedding.
    My list is
    Wayne (gossmakeupartist)
    Pixiwoo (Sam)
    Lisa Eldridge

    There are a lot of great girls that do makeup on YouTube but these to me are the ones that truly know their craft and could do makeup on a wide variety of people. This is compared to girls (like me) with a huge love of makeup that are really good at doing their own makeup but maybe not others.

  79. Victoria

    MakeupGeekTV…<3 But if we're talking famous like people…Megan Martinez (Pro artist) Or LadyGaga<3

  80. Lori

    Definitely Dustin Hunter. He’s so cute and funny, I just love his style.

  81. Tiffany

    Victoria (contributor). She’s done my makeup before, and it’s always looked great. In fact, she did my yesterday last night for my a cappella concert :D. Big plus: she knows my style and how to dezombify me.

  82. Mary

    Lisa Eldridge!

  83. Cathy Blanton

    My #1 choice would be…

    Peter Philips (Chanel)

    THAT would be a dream come true!

  84. Meiya

    Lisa Eldridge, Samantha Chapman, Nicola Chapman

  85. Aud W

    Samantha Schuerman, Cora from VintageorTacky, or Marlena from MUG

  86. Coco72

    Baltasar Gonzalez Pinel, MAC Senior Artist in Spain. I love him!

  87. Danielle


  88. oshin

    Wayne Goss or Lisa Eldrige.

  89. Debbie

    Dany Sanz.

  90. I would have to say Lauren too! QueenOfBlendingMUA is just incredibly talented! Or else Petrilude for sure. They are my idols in the makeup worldddd <3

  91. Carol

    Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist on YouTube)

  92. Lindsay

    Lisa Eldridge or one of the Pixiwoo ladies!

  93. Crystal

    Alexis Vogle or Scott Barnes

  94. Tara

    Pixiwoo sisiters and Lisa Eldridge

  95. Catherine

    Jillian Dempsey, Kayleen Adams, Troy Jensen. Seen some wonderful work from each