Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

When do you remove your makeup? Right before bed? When you get home?

Temptalia's Answer.

I try to remove it when I’m not leaving the house any more, so if it’s when I get back from school or errands or whatever, that’s usually when I take my makeup off!

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69 thoughts on “When do you remove your makeup?

  1. Sheena F

    I try to take it off right when I get home and I know I’m going to be home for the rest of the day. If I wanna relax for a bit, I’ll take it off before I go to bed

  2. I usually remove before bed but if I have to stay up late (studying, etc) then I try to take it off before it gets too late because if I leave it on I get really oily and break out around 4am without fail.

  3. Marianna

    Right before bed, I like to keep it on as long as possible :)

  4. Az

    Same here, as soon as I get home and don’t have to go out anymore 😀

  5. Right before I go to bed

  6. I take it off right before bed.

  7. nikki

    i wish i could do that! but i’m soooo lazy about it. its such a pain and i’m so tired when i get home that i’ll just put it off

  8. As soon as I know I won’t leave the house anymore… but usually I never know so I usually take it off right before going to bed.

  9. diana

    right before bed and sometimes when i wake up lol i know pretty gross but there are those days where i am way too lazy to remove my makeup

  10. Keren

    Depends… most of the time I take it off right before bed, but sometimes I get home and I can’t wait to take it off :0

  11. Leenie

    I usually take my makeup off before I go to bed, just in case I have to go out at the last minute or friends or family stops by.

  12. Nic

    Usually right before bed. Unless I applied it very early – in which case I might remove it late in the afternoon even if I’m going out to the store or wherever later. I hate the feeling of makeup on my face when it gets all oily and starts sliding around.

  13. lina

    whenever i know i’m not going out anymore (unless it’s to a close friend’s house), or right before bed :)

  14. Pinar

    right before i go to bed, taking it off right when i come home is a lot better but i feel so tired to do so.

  15. You’re supposed to REMOVE it??!?! 😉

  16. Christina

    What do you go to school for? I take it off then i am done for the day too. or at least my eyes

  17. Angela

    right when I get home from school & don’t have anywhere else to go. I like to wear makeup for the least amount of time possible; my skin needs to relax and renew!

  18. carmen

    I usually remove it right before I go to bed, while watching some show in bed with my hubby :). I used to hate doing it, but now I almost don’t notice it, since usually I’m into whatever show I’m watching on TV :).

  19. Before I go to bed. I’m known to be home for 5 hours and at 9 in the evening I remember I forgot to buy milk and I have to buy it immediately because I don’t have time for grocery shopppng the next day.

  20. Same here, I usually take it off as soon as I get home. Sometimes even before :)

  21. Kathy

    I use makeup remover wipes to remove the foundation and concealer once I get home, but I leave the eye makeup on until bedtime. The eye makeup looks pretty, so I like to enjoy it for as long as possible!

  22. jae

    before I showerrr~~~~

  23. Always right before bed!

  24. nicci

    As soon as I get home, if I won’t be going out for the rest of the evening. If I do go out after I get home, before I sleep.

  25. Kim L

    Since I don’t wear it much I always forget until my eyes are barely open and then remove with cotton. I’ll try to remember to do like you from now on!

  26. Leea

    I take it off before I go to bed, usually right before I brush my teeth.

  27. Sarah M

    I guess it kind of depends on why I’m wearing the makeup. In agreement with most, if I know I’m just going to be at home and not expecting company then I either wont put on makeup at all or will take it off as soon as I get home from wherever. Having said that I kind of like making a special effort for my husband so I’ll try to look as nice as possible for as long as possible. Lol. I never sleep with my makeup on though. Never, ever, ever. Also I feel that the heavier the makeup I am wearing, the more uncomfortable it is (e.g. party makeup with glitter and lashes, etc.) so I really don’t want to be sitting around unnecessarily in that.

  28. margot

    Just before going to bed, most of the time before I brush my teeth haha

  29. Sabrina

    Lol honestly… It’s usually when I have a shower which is about every other day. I know I should take it off before I go to bed, but I don’t unless I’m really in the mood to wash my face lol.

  30. Pam

    as soon as i get home, i take it off. If i go out again, i reapply again… i try not to wear make-up for more than 8 hours straight.

  31. Jordan

    I remove it before I take a shower at night so that my face wash can actually wash my face instead of just taking off my makeup

  32. AnaA

    Since I never know if I’m going to leave the house after I’ve arrived, I only remove my makeup before I go to my pijamas (sometimes it isn’t right before I go to bed)

  33. condesa

    I take it off before going to bed; I know it should be taken off earlier… but I like it and I love my face made up… so I almost never stay bare faced , even in the house…. Make up is mostly for me, and not just forlooking good outside..:o)

  34. DonnaN

    Between 10pm and 11:30pm, depending on when I’m going to bed. I like to keep my “face” on for as long as possible.

  35. At the end of the day.

  36. Christine, I try to do what you do… but more often than not it’s the end of the day and I’m like, “Oh crap, I still have makeup on!” I guess I just get distracted by things. You know what… today I’m going to make an effort to take my makeup off right when I get home from work 😀

  37. daphne

    Before bed! I wear it for me and I have fun when I’m lazing around at home but catch a nicely done eye or something in the mirror. Plus I try not to wash my face excessively and I’m going to do it right before bed either way, so why not just wait.

  38. Diana B

    If it’s a work day I take it off as soon as I get home then jump in the shower. If it’s not a work I take it off before I go to bed or if I know I’m not going anywhere.

  39. Charlene

    Usually when I get home if I dont have to go out again, Otherwise right before I take a shower and go to bed.

  40. Soly

    If I don’t have to go out, right when I get home. If not, right before bed. But I NEVER sleep with makeup on.

  41. Amber

    I usually take it off about 2 hours before i go to bed – i like to leave it on a long time.

  42. raquel

    Oh wow, I’m feeling a little lazy after reading some comments. I always take my makeup off right before I go to bed… And the problem with this is that, like yesterday, I went to bed way too late and just used a mac wipe to take my face off, brushed my teeth and straight to bed I went. I think I need to change my habits and start taking my makeup off when I get home from work… This was a great “Temptalia asks you” session, Christine!! 😀

  43. LNU

    I take it off before bed!

  44. tremorviolet

    Right before bed when I also wash my face and put on my night creams. I don’t see the point in taking it off too early because then I’d feel like I’d have to wash my face again before bed.

  45. Diane

    I almost never do unless I’m wearing heavy eye makeup. My skin is really dry so I don’t like to wash it more than I have to.

  46. right before bed and no sooner

  47. I prefer to not let it stay on my skin longer than it must. So when I get home from errands, or after I’m done showing it off, whatever. My skins sensitive enough that I can always tell how long I waited to remove the makeup by how many swollen pores I have the next day.

  48. Ada

    before i go to bed ^^ I tend to shower twice a day so makeup comes off, hop in the shower and all that jazz then it’s beddie bye bye

  49. Sass

    I remove my makeup just before I go to bed or after I workout. Yes, I workout in my makeup…so what.

  50. Holly

    Right before bed!

  51. audrey

    I like to do it right when I get home! Then I can get into my PJ’s and get some R&R!!!

  52. Mirna

    I remove my makeup right before I go to bed. I start my makeup removal/skin prep regimen before sleepytime.

  53. Ashley

    I am so thorough when I take my makeup off X). I use a Josie Maran makeup wipe, use q-tips to take off my mascara, then use a cleanser. I take my makeup off right when I get home, I can’t stand having it on for so long. Then I do whatever I do at home, cook, clean, get stuff done, take a long shower, etc.

  54. Michele

    Just before I go to bed or around that time.

  55. I usually try to take it off as soon as I get home. I don’t want anything sitting on my face longer than it has to! And, besides, taking off my makeup, taking my hair down, taking off my shoes, changing from jeans to basketball shorts… It’s all a relaxing winding down process for me :) And, honestly, if I wait much longer, I’d just end up leaving it all on until it was time to shower lol!

  56. just before bed,but sometimes i sleep a bit and then remove my make up at last

  57. Some time between getting home and going to bed. It depends on if I’m going out after I get home.

  58. Kat

    I take mine off right before I shower at night.

  59. Right before I go to bed or when I am going to be up late studying.

  60. Helena

    After I take pictures of it!

  61. karen

    when i get home, which is always when i sleep too.
    if im getting sleepy ill take my lashes off while my bf drives me home lol

  62. in the morning after i wake up lol