Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite undereye concealer? Why do you love it?

Temptalia's Answer.

I like theBalm’s Time Balm and Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, because they conceal well, feel nice on, and don’t crease.

Thanks to Kapi for today’s question!

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104 thoughts on “What’s your favorite undereye concealer?

  1. My favoutite is Givenchy Mister Light!

  2. Mariela

    Nothing better than stay don’t stray under boi-ing from benefit for me!

  3. zha

    No favorites yet but I use Sheer Cover, ELF, or Maybelline’s Angel Fit.

    (I love your blog! I’m such a fan. :))

  4. Tiffany

    Bare Escentuals Well-Rested… love it so much!

  5. i LOVE mufe full cover, no creasing or caking and it’s extremely pigmented.

    • Shantastic

      I love MUFE full cover too! It’s great. At times, I will put that on and a little MAC MSFN and am good to go.

  6. Lane

    not really unique but i like the mac moisture cover & the studio fix. i bought the moisture cover in NW 20 because i my skin is an NC 20 but it’s like almost too dark? strange. so i put a little of my NC 20 concealer over top and it brightens me up :)

  7. AmyVA

    Ahhh – trying to find one that works! I will be eagerly watching these comments!

  8. I am always on the search for under eye concealer, because I have such annoying dark circles. The only thing that works for me is either Time Balm or Mac Paint Pot in Painterly set with Bare Escentuals foundation. But really, even Time Balm migrates like heck and never sets on me! Everyone in the world, even the Sephora guy suggested Time Balm.

    • Elena

      I can’t get Time Balm to stay on my skin either! I keep getting it recommended to me through blogs (I really trust) and Sephora SAs, too. I haven’t found primer to help, or the brush.

      But, I have the same problems with MAC, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, even Cinema Secrets. I’ve worn The Body Shop’s Lightening Touch a couple times this week and it seems to be working, but I need more time with it to know for sure. I’m wearing it in #1 and I’m an NC25, if you want to check it out, too. Benefit’s Erase Paste was also a better one for me. I also liked Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer (the double sided one.)

      For blemishes, I use Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencil (in FBI), but that’s too dry for under my eyes, although it does stay put.

      • bxboricua

        Time Balm never worked for me either..creased like crazy! Still looking for a good under-eye concealer :(

  9. xMissxAndristx

    i actually use Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden. it’s fantastic!! it stays perfectly, and the slight yellow tone gets rid of the blue-y circles without being too pale. loves it

  10. 53

    I have only tried loreal’s concealer (a long time ago) and Bobbi Brown’s. So obviously I like Bobbi Brown coz of the corrector!!, it neutralizes my dark circles, then I use the creamy concealer to blend it in. I just need to use a small amount. However, I wld love to try Cle De Peau’s one day.

  11. My absolute favorite is MAC select cover-up concealer – MAC can always give you the perfect shade, which is why I love and trust them the most with my concealers! :)

  12. Natalie

    I’ve gone through many products: MUFE camouflage palettes, Benefit Erase Paste, Koh Gen Do and Shu concealers to name a few… Now I love Dior Diorskin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer for myself and MAC Select Moisture for clients. I love Dior because it does the job and it is moisturizing.. Yon’t don’t want to end up with MORE fine lines from drying concealers!

  13. Anna


  14. Monica

    bobbi brown creamy concealer!

  15. WBWright Makeup Artist

    I’ve always been a big fan of Dior and MAC.

  16. Blair

    Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer. The best stuff in the world, I can’t live without it. :) You must try it if you haven’t!!!

  17. Jakara

    I love Kevyn Aucoin SSE. I love the texture and the consistence. it is nice and creamy and is not cakey. I am also in love with BB corrector. This is the ish with hiding my dark circles. It last all day and is not cakey. I also love the texture and consistency.

    This is off topic but Christine can you do an review on Rock and Republic Cosmetics? TIA

    • Hi Jakara,

      I don’t think I’ll be able to do any reviewing of Rock & Republic products for a few weeks at least, but I will definitely consider it for the future.

  18. mimi

    clinique all about eyes.. it’s the right shade and doesn’t disappear on me

  19. francesca

    MAC Select Moisturecover!!

  20. Miss Silver

    Maybelline’s Mineral Power is good for me; it conceals nicely, doesn’t look as though I have anything on. And it’s affordable, since I buy online. 😀

  21. Christina

    Definitely MAC Studio Sculpt concealer (NW20). I also do really like Benefit’s Erase Paste, but I find it kind of smudgy, so I add a translucent powder over it to set it

  22. Melanie

    I love stay don’t stray, when my skin is in good condition because it is a little drying and my absolute favourite is the Diorskin Nude Concealer. Great coverage and feel.

  23. bubbles

    Bobbi Brown’s Corrector – absolute favorite !!! woots !!!

  24. Marian

    Chanel Pro Lumiere Correcteur Professional Finish Concealer. Believe me, I’ve tried them all. The ones that hid my dark circles were thick and settled into fine lines. The thinner ones just didn’t conceal well enough…until I tried Chanel. It comes in a pen and is liquid but covers everything. It doesn’t settle into my fine lines or cause my eye makeup to smear. It’s absolutely perfect.

  25. julia

    maybelline mousse concealer. it really brightens up the under-eye area and i absolutely love the matte finish this concealer provides!

    • Breanna

      the mousse concealer doesn’t work for me. it creases way too much later in the day even after setting it with powder. I love how it goes on and covers well, but a few hours later, i look in the mirror and i’m like “where did all these lines come from?!”

      :( on the hunt for another affordable one….

  26. the favorite as of now is the Laura Mercier Undercover pot. It’s so smoothing and doesn’t crack! And if you touch it, it doesn’t fade or go away!

  27. konconsc

    I dont have super bad dark I use LUNASOL brightening undereye base to brighten up that dull works amazing!

  28. TheJoey

    In the winter I take any concealer I am trying to use up and put a very thin layer on then pack on my Marcelle powder. In the summer Benefit erase paste all the way. It is a pain to learn how to use but once you get the hang of it amazing.

  29. Tawny

    Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector & Concealor. Ultra creamy, great job getting rid of veins & dark shadow; Plus, it’s never cakey if you really blend it well.

    • Laura

      I totally agree, I have very bad dark circles it runs in my family. I love the bobbi brown corrector and concealor. I will never use anything else it works the best of anything i`ve tried.

  30. briss

    estee lauder double wear last station..for now :)

  31. I love Napoleon Perdis concealers because they are thick enough to be long-lasting but not too thick. Also the tones are true-to-life and not too orange as many other brands are. The tones match the range of foundations perfectly.

  32. MUFE Lift. It’s color correcting and is very light and moisturizing for under the eye.

  33. Charlene

    Benefit covers my circles but I still havent found one that doesnt settle in my fine lines.
    The best one is Bare essentials Well Rested but I cant put any moisturizer under it or it will settle too. SIGH

  34. Marisa Payne

    My favorite is Dior Skinflash. It blends well, hides everything, and doesn’t crease, cake, or fade. I just finished my third one!!

  35. VeroJo

    I really like the Mary Kay concealer. It’s smooth and not heavy at all. Doesn’t crease and very easy to apply. It is packaged in a tube and just called concealer in English, but in spanish it says ‘corrector para ojos’–corrector for eyes. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  36. DJ

    I use MUFE lift concealer under my eyes and MAC studio finish for blemishes.

  37. Tasha

    MAC select moisture cover because it is lightweight, covers up the darkness, moisturizes my under eye area, and is a perfect shade

  38. I love Time Balm! I bought it during the winter and haven’t even touched bottom yet. It’s very easy to work with and it doesn’t get cakey, yet it offers excellent coverage. Considering how long it actually lasts, I think the price is fair. About $18 USD, I think?

    • And to add to my own comment, I would LOVE to try the MUFE concealer palette, but being that it is expensive, I’d like to know if it’s really worth it!

  39. Taj

    I love MUFE HD. Gives you that 8hr sleep look =)

  40. My HG is Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. It conceals and brightens, really ‘waking’ my face up!

  41. Katie

    I just got Cle de Peau’s Correcteur Visage after reading all the hypye about it. Honestly, it kind of changed my life. It really hides any undereye circles, it is incredibly pigmented and it blends well. After you blend it, it looks incredibly natural. I am in love.

  42. rocky69

    Smashbox Pro concealer is my most recent HG. I have dark puffy circles on porcelain skin, and this is great when you use a primer first (currently using Sephora Smoothing Primer) and then set with LM secret brightener.
    The Dior sounds interesting. Thanks.

  43. Nikki

    Bobbi Brown Corrector- this stuff is Amazing!

  44. TrippyPixie

    It seems that nothing works for me so far, sadly. I’ve tried Time Balm and it barely covered any of it. I’ve been to multiple makeup artists and they couldn’t find a product to cover them up all the way, even with multiple layers and caking that ensued. :/

    I have horrendously dark and pigmented hereditary circles; and there’s a huge groove where my under-eye area ends. It always looks like I either haven’t slept in a month, got a black eye from being punched in the face, or like I just broke my nose (which I never have). -_-;

    I’m still on the ultimate quest to find a concealer, though. But at least I wear glasses, so at least they’re covered up a bit. I just hate when I have contacts on, though, because I look so exhausted.

  45. Julie

    I have two and they are both liquids: MAC Select Moisturecover and Dior Diorskin Sculpt Concealer.

  46. AnGeLwInGz

    Dior Skinflash. It was designed to be a sculpting highlighter for the face but the texture is so smooth and lightweight that it works perfectly to hide dark circles without caking and settling in creases.

  47. kasiaj85

    Clinique All About Eyes Concealer. I love it because it’s creamy, it hydrates the very gentle skin of the undereye area and it has a nice color that fits me :)
    Lately, I also like to put some EDM Color corrector in Sunlight on top of AAEC. It brightens up the look!

  48. Keener

    I use one from Lorac, I don’t use it often, I reserve it for “special outings” when I have the time and energy to go a little extra on my look. It’s in a stick form and has a roller ball to help with application, no fingers necessary. It’s been good for me, but it’s honestly the first concealer I’ve ever tried. It also has a highlighter on the other end. I haven’t tried it yet, because I’ve got enough highlighters out at the moment.

  49. Amy

    Amazing Cosmetics’ concealer is so good it’s ridiculous!

  50. Not high end at all, but actually Maybelline’s mineral power concealer is pretty good. I was shocked.

  51. Hannah

    Surprisingly, ELF’s highlighter-concealer covered my dark circles and sheer enough it doesn’t look fake and cakey. I set it with my MAC loose powder and it looks super okay! Another product that I like is Benefit’s Erase Paste. If done properly (little dots on a well moisturized undereye), it doesn’t cake and covers pretty well. BTW Christine, I go nuts without having to check your blog once a day. Hmm, what will Christine post today? I’ll go nuts!

  52. Abril

    MAC Studio Finish Concealer, MAC Select-Cover Up, MAC Select Moisture Cover… I’ve only tried MAC and I like to mix Studio Finish with Moisture Cover or with Select Cover-Up. I haven’t been wearing foundation, so I only cover dark under eye circles (really dark circles), I also mix shades (NC30 & NC35) and apply with the 224… I swear it works really really good! :)

  53. katy

    Benefit’s Erase Paste. I’ll probably never even bother trying anything else. It’s perfect.

  54. Shal

    Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse concealer with Benefit’s Powderflage on top!

  55. Blair

    Benefit’s Boi-ing!! <3 it

  56. GG

    What is the ideal thing to use for PUFFINESS not so much darkness?

  57. Jessi

    Puffiness is my big issue, so concealers never seem to help. I like MAC Fast Response eye cream, but I’m always looking for tips on minimizing the bags!

  58. nicci

    Chanel Correctuer Perfection – blends easily, coceals, doesn’t cake, and it’s light!

  59. Bianca

    bobbi brown creamy concealer or cle de peau! :)

  60. Aleia

    I searched over a year to find the perfect non crease concealer, I found happiness from a brand I would never expect. Armani, master corrector. It does the job and does not crease!!! Christine it would be great for you to review this product!

  61. Yumi

    Amazing Concealer! Would like to try Bobbi Brown’s corrector sometime though, hearing good things!

  62. Mariana

    I have horrible dark circles, so unfortunately not ONE product will work on it’s own for me. But so far, as for creamy concealers, I really like Exuviance Coverblend concealer. I saw some reviews on youtube & decided to give it a shot. It doesn’t really crease on me (everything else did- timebalm, all benefit concealers, mac concealers, & many others that I sampled over time). This has a lot of coverage, I just blend it out with a mac 227 and it blends flawlessly. I then put Bare Escentuals Well rested & Duo Light illuminator around my eyes & it definitely conceals my dark circles. I really like how bare escentuals products work well with almost any liquid/cream concealer.

  63. starr

    amazing cosmetics amazing concealer. it is really expensive but can cover anything!!

  64. Proenza

    YSL – Radiant Touch Concealer. Incredible coverage and so light weight. Tried everything from Mac to Chanel. YSL is the best for me.

  65. CeeBee

    I have never used an under eye concealer but my best friend has dark circles and she absolutely swears by DiorSkin Nude Perfecting Hydrating Concealer and Dior SkinFlash Radiance Booster pens.

  66. Cat

    YSL touche eclat, it’s a concealer/ eye brightener/highlighter.

  67. Sass

    I never tried anything else because I guess it works for me, but my fave is MAC Studio Finish.

  68. Marissa M

    I like Clinique’s all about eyes concealer.

  69. Mirna

    I’ve tried MAC Studio Sculpt SPF, Benefit Erase Paste, Maybelline Superstay, Benefit Boing, I feel like there is more that are not coming to mind….

    Right now I am really liking VS Pro concealer pallette. It has two shades that are wearable for undereye, a green one for redness, a brown one for ? (I use it for contouring), and a apricot colored one for ? (I don’t use it). It still settles into fine lines but I use Benefit powderflage setting powder and it does the trick!

  70. Chelsea

    I have very fair skin which needs a concealer with very little yellow base to it and I AM IN LOVE WITH Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer which I got at Sephora. It has the ultimate creamy coverage and doesn’t budge! I have been using mine every day for a year and I still have half a pot left. I’ve used MAC, Benefit’s Boing and Erase Paste but this is the best.

  71. Suzanne

    milani hd concealer pen. light consistancy, hi pigmentation to cover touble areas. Holds up like a dream. My HG concealer.

  72. marcia

    I have been using laura mercier #2 for years now and love it!!!

  73. Loquita

    I love Bobbi Brown’s Corrector topped with a little bit of Laura Mercier Secret Concealer…the best combo I have found so far. When I top it with a little bit of Laura Mercier translucent setting powder, it lasts all day with no creasing or fading, and the coverage is wonderful.

  74. Leenie

    My favorites are Studio sculpt and Eve Pearls concealer

  75. Milessa

    Mac studio finish concealer

  76. snoopysteph

    I love Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer for under eyes and for blemishes I love Prescriptives Camoflauge Concealer.

  77. Pearl

    L’Oreal true match super-blendable concealer. It is very easy to blend, doesn’t cake later on, and the shade I got matches perfectly to my yellow undertone skin.

  78. hellochristina

    NP set corrector in “set 2″ aka medium. it’s from target and it works wayyy better than my mac concealors and it actually stays put.

  79. I like MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer. I got mine in NW35, but my normal foundation shade is NC40. It cancels out most of the darkness that I get when I only sleep a few hours.

  80. Helena

    I don’t use under-eye concealer. It’s an added cost for something I neither want nor need: I don’t have serious dark circles or bags, and whatever’s there, I don’t mind.

  81. Shavonne

    MAC select cover up! i will never ever buy another concealer ever again. Its the end all be all

  82. Ms. Jimmi

    Bobbi Brown color corrector in Bisque

  83. CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT concealer ever and I’ve tried a lot!

  84. t_zwiggy

    Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer! Only one I’ve found that doesn’t cake or crease, and cover my extremely dark circles!

  85. Kourtni

    Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

  86. Ashley

    Amazing Cosmetics concealer & Benefit erase paste. Love them both!

  87. Lisa

    I wear Chanel Pro Lumiere in #40. Which shade Kevyn Aucoin SSE should I purchase? No one sells it where I live so I have to buy it online and there are so many shades to choose from.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  88. Catherine

    Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden! It stays matte and flawless allll day. I have little tiny wrinkles under my eyes that crease with other concealers, but not with Eden! It’s miraculous. Looks quite yellow when first applied, so ya gotta blend :)

  89. Martina

    I really can’t say that MAC Prolongwear concealer is my favourite – it creases LIKE HELL under my eyes! I tried applying it so many different ways, meaning: with fingers (while blending), with fingers (while tapping), 187 brush, concealer brush, sponge, setting with translucent powder, with MSFs, applying moisturiser or under eye serum before it – nothing works. Anyone else having the same problem? I hoped this would be an amazing concealer – not really.

    • Julia

      I do agree that it creases easily but I usually set it with the MUFE hd finishing powder and then MAC’s MSF on top of that and it works pretty good for me. I heard applying moisturizer underneath the concealer causes to crease more so you might want to skip that?