Saturday, May 14th, 2011

New & Shiny vs. Old & Done

With some of the recent launches from various brands, we have seen previously released shades (whether permanently or previously limited edition) launched again in the latest seasonal collection.  This is not a new concept–brands often rotate in permanent products to promote alongside new seasonal shades or bring back a shade from the past that matches the latest theme.  I’m curious to know what side you’re on, though, because there definitely seems to be a divide.

On one hand, when a brand brings back an old shade, it’s an opportunity for those who missed out on the shade originally to try it out.  It also is one less product to worry about fitting into the budget or figuring out if it’s something you really want–it’s old news!  But on the other hand, are repromotes a sign of a lapse in creativity?

Is the question whether a repromote is adored or loathed more about whether it was a big deal when it first came out?  Would you rather the brand tweak the shade imperceptibly and give it a new name instead?  With so many new products releasing each month, is it really a bad thing that we see a few shades come back?

This post was prompted by some of the comments on MAC’s “new” Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos being nearly identical to previously released Mineralize Eyeshadow Trios.  I imagine with the level of duplicability that it is not mere coincidence but intentional, and with that in mind, it seems like they would do so to fill gaps in the existing line by bringing these in or because they did so well initially that it made sense to make them permanent.

In general, I don’t mind repromotes, even if the shades weren’t coveted the first time they released.  I’d rather they re-release than take nearly the same color and give it a different name.   I like that it gives others the opportunity to try an old favorite, too.  I don’t like when a brand pretends like it’s new when it is from the past, though.  I also don’t want to see the same shade brought back as “limited edition” over and over and over again (MAC Showstopper, I’m talking to you!).

I can also see where readers are coming from re: Urban Decay palettes, which often re-use the same shades year after year.  I know I have more Half-Baked and Baked eyeshadows than I’ll ever need–for five lifetimes.  I actually kind of enjoy when a brand highlights great permanent shades within a seasonal launch, because sometimes we get caught up in all things limited edition that we forget brands even have permanent ranges!

How do you feel about repromotes?

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95 thoughts on “What’s the problem with repromotes?

  1. Angie

    I wish MAC would release a collection of all there sought after products. There were items I missed out on because I wasn’t using MAC and I’d rather not pay evilbay prices.

  2. I’ve never liked the fact that MAC recycles but they have always done that and that’s not new. They are full of stunts and when it comes to value I find it terribly overpriced. For me the whole brand and particularly recycling fails to impress me especially when they do it on such a large scale. UD is the same. I’ve seen their book of shadows and I swear I’ve seen just about every shade before. I wouldn’t want to buy them just for the packaging which is all it seems to be for.

    • Maureen

      Really? I hate their packaging. So much. It looks so trashy and juvenile. I have a tendency to be a MAC loyalist and I have two 88 palettes… so I never buy UD. Ever.

      • yajuwen

        Agree. I also feel like they are trying to sell something at somewhat high end price with a really cheap-looking packaging. While their pallets are always good value, the same thing again, the packaging stops me buying anything but the good karma brushes.

  3. In general I also like repromotes, it’s a chance for almost anyone to try some favorite products of the brand. But I think that instead of re-repromoting some shades over and over again, these brands should do some research and think about maybe putting a HUGE favorite in their permanent line, so that we don’t get tired of the repromotion. For example, Stereo Rose MSF by MAC will always be a favorite, and I’ve seen girls almost kill themselves for one of these, so why do that? OH, and I still don’t have one to call it my own! If it was on the permanent line, people would still by it because it will be forever a favorite!
    So, in conclusion, i think that if a product has been repromoted 2, 3 times and it’s successful, the brand should include it on their permanent line!!

    • Angie

      I completely agree! What annoys me though is when Stereo Rose came out the second time, most counters only had 3 in stock. If you know an item is popular either release a ton more or make it permanent.

      • Agreed! They would make more money and we would get what we want. I don’t understand the “logic” in doing it any other way. xP

    • This is a great idea. Last year, Rescue Beauty Lounge put up a survey asking fans to vote for a re-release of their fave discontinued nail polish. MAC should ask their customers which product they should make permanent. Let the buyers decide what they want in stores.

      • Jessica

        MAC doesn’t have to ask for input regarding fan favorites that we want re-promoted. Just perusing the internet will tell you that much.

        I don’t like that MAC re-promotes the same permanent shades at least once a year. Like Satin Taupe, Deep Truth, and Carbon, and I also don’t like these shades being re-promoted in quads.

        Generally I don’t mind a few re-promotes though. Less for me to buy.

      • Jemma

        I have read a few times on spectra they are planning on doing this next year, one of the links to this is below. Yey bring back Queen’s sin, & Sweet Sienna for me plz!:)

    • LH

      I don’t mind re promotes I have been out of the loop with makeup for a while and re promotes give me an opportunity to try things I have missed out on.

      Bell I completely agree if an item has been released a couple of times and each and every time its caused a frenzy it makes sense to put it in the perm line.

    • Mariella

      You are so right. And while Stereo Rose isn’t for me (Petticoat IS), I’m sure most of us could come up with a list of maybe 20 or so products (eyes, lips, cheeks) that “should” be permanent (not just in MAC – I’d love to see UD’s Mushroom and Suspect available on their own). Offering some of these famous LE favourites only in palettes is a way to rip us off, if you ask me.

  4. Dana

    I think reprobates make a new collection seem less special or unique.

  5. Emmaline

    Repromotes also give us who loves the product a chance to get another if we are getting low on a holy Grail product.

  6. Dayday

    Hmm I’m on the fence about that.
    Sometimes I think it’s great because like you said, you can try some shades that we missed a couple of months/years ago.
    But in the meantime I want to see some brand new stuff!!! I’m tired to see like Feline(or maybe another, I’m not sure..) in almost every new collection!
    Also what I don’t like is permanent colors being in new collections. According to me this is a important lack of creativity!!

    • Angie

      I HATE when they release permanent items in new collections. Either release less items or create new products.

  7. Chloe

    I think that they can be a good thing and provide second chances for those who missed out it is also better for the business if they repromote some favs as in means that they have products to fall back on in a collection personally i would like to see some best sellers from collections( individual shades) become main stream like the magically cool liquid powders did

  8. Kimmie T

    Wow! I could not have said it better myself Christine! Excellent point and I can’t agree with you more! It annoys me beyond belief when they just tweak a formula and give it a new name! Sometimes limited edition is just too limited!

  9. Irina

    I dont care much for limited edition items and repromotes. You can find dupes for almost all make up items now, so does it really matter? Permanent items are the way to go.

  10. Airisu

    I have to agree with you Christine. To me, it makes more sense for a brand to re-release a product from the past rather than give it a new name altogether. I feel it’s more honest that way. Besides, even when an item is re-released it can sometimes vary somewhat from what the original was like.
    I feel it’s a good idea for a brand to re-promote items that sell well or it knows are coveted (e.g.: MAC’s Tendertones/ Queen’s Sin Lipstick). From a marketing standpoint, it just makes sense, that item will sell well. But in addition to that, I think it’s a good idea to repromote an item that the brand knows is great, but for whatever reason didn’t sell well, to give its buyers a second chance to really check it out. Like you said, to fill in any gaps in the existing line.
    I think it’s also a good idea when a brand releases something limited edition at first, to see how it sells, and then brings it back in the permanent line like MAC did with their dazzleglass rather than, like you said, releasing something as limited edition numerous times (especially if it just isn’t selling well over and over).
    I also agree in terms of the UD palettes – it’s nice when a brand switches it up when it releases its limited edition palettes because some people collect them and it’s no fun having 5 of the same shadow.
    That said, I’m not sure how I feel about a brand highlighting a permanent item in a seasonal launch. Your point makes sense, it may make us realize about the hidden gems in a permanent collection that we hadn’t noticed or paid attention to. But on the other hand, if someone has a limited budget they may put the item on the back-burner because it’s permanent and then forget about it later.

  11. Jen

    I like repromotes, though it’s true that we get so caught up in limited editions that we focus less on the permanent range. Still, though, if a brand is going to release limited edition items, it should release them more than once — suppose you like a product but can never get it again, wouldn’t you be disappointed? And it’s definitely better than releasing pretty much the same shade under a new name.
    I feel it’s a lot nicer when the repromote is released like MAC’s, giving you the option of buying it or not, rather than like Urban Decay, in a palette.

  12. I feel like you. I like the idea of being able to catch something I missed previously… or to be able to buy a new one if I’m running out of the original one.
    I don’t like when the repromote is faked as a brand new product… different name, same stuff, because in that case I feel cheated and I think it’s lack of real creativity. There’s a Italian brand who uses to make two limited editions per season… the first one is usually fresh and innovative, the second one repromotes old stuff with new packages and names and this disappointes me every time U_____U

  13. Wendy

    I think that there’s nothing wrong with repromoting products that sold out really fast ( marine life ) but not products that sold okay . It also makes sense to bring back products that haven’t been seen in year’s!

  14. Lulee

    I think people are vein very hypocritical about all this… If they were repromoting stereo rose and marine life people would be jumping for joy. So if you look forward to big ticket item repromotes you gotta accept the smaller ones too. And if you don’t like it then don’t buy it!!

  15. Jill

    I’m conflicted. I get generally disgruntled over the fact that many lines (MAC especially) put out a LOT of limited-edition stuff. I hate when I buy something, LOVE it, and it gets discontinued. I’d almost rather not have it at all then fall in love with it, and not be able to buy it. Because of that, I tend not to buy limited edition shades in the first place. The only product that I absolutely adore and was happy to see it come back this past winter was Fresh’s Tobacco Caramel perfume. It’s my absolute favorite, it’s such a wonderful, distinct scent. I bought four bottles of it for fear that I wouldn’t be able to get it again. But, scent is also much more personal than say, a shade of eyeshadow.

    • Edelmc

      I used to be the same and not buy limited edition products incase I fell in love with them and couldn’t restock when it ran out. But after collecting mac for 10 years and only hitting the pan on one item (ccb in shell) I realised that I could buy limited products and prob never get to the end of the container. Repromoted products now help to pick up items I originally skipped

  16. I totally agree with you when you say it’s better to see some repromote with the same name than giving an old product a new name instead. Congrats on your marvelous post! I’m from Brazil. Brazilian girls come often to your blog to see what’s new! A big kiss.

  17. Edelmc

    I agree with you Christine. I like to see products come back that I have heard lots of good things about and that I hadn’t picked up the first time it was out. I would love if mac repromoted lightscape and perfect topping MSF, the old lip gellees without all the glitter, Pearlglide liners, Tendertones and some of the colourful paint pots/ fluid lines/ cream colour bases from a few years ago….

  18. darcel

    i dont mind repromotes atall…its def an opportunity for someone who missed out on an item to have a chance at it… but what i dont like is when the bring back the same products too soon…especially if its not really popular!

  19. Kris

    I definitely like repromotes because it is only recently that I got into make-up, so I missed out on all the great things that were LE and came out a few years ago and became iconic (I’m talking to you, MAC Stereo Rose!).

    I don’t mind the type of collection that is similar to MAC Fashion Flower, were they mix LE and permanent products: it highlights some of the shades in the permanent range that some people may forget about, or keep on putting off buying (Lucky Green, I’m definitely buying you next month!). They also made them individual, which is great! You can then either purchase them or not depending on whether you own them.

    This is in contrast to Urban Decay, where they release a palette and you either take it or leave it. If you do get it and you’re a UD fan, chances are you already own half the palette, which is a bit of a shame :( This is a brand where I wish they made more LE shades!

  20. I totally agree with you on the Urban Decay palettes! I often avoid picking one up because I already have so many of one particular color. As for companies like MAC, I like the repromotes. I’ve only recently started purchasing MAC and it’s nice that I get to try out products that were very popular when initially released. I just bought Ever Hip lipstick, and I LOVE IT! I wish I had gotten two because it is my absolute favorite.
    In a way, though, repromotes ruin that special feeling of having something that a lot of people want. It’s a wholly selfish reason, but still… it feels kinda good when you have a lipstick that no one can get their hands on!

  21. Carrie

    I don’t mind them – it gives me a chance to pick up something I missed the first time around, and if I already have it, I skip it. Just don’t see the point in getting frothing mad over it.

    The one area I will give in are the UD palettes because buying one means that you’ll almost automatically have dupe(s) if you buy a second, at least MAC have theirs as stand-alone products.

  22. Solid arguments – you got me when you said that you’d rather them repromote than pretend like its something totally new (& give a new name)…I like repromotes just because I just started collecting MAC about 2 years ago, so I want some of the older stuff!

    Christine, I really liked this post – you should do more posts like this where you just blog about your opinion on the makeup/beauty industry in general :) You know more than all of us!!

  23. Missy

    If the product was amazing, then by all means repromote it. I’d love for them to repromote Firespot eyeshadow, for example, or some of the LE MSF’s. What I have a problem with is if they are repromoting boring products. The eyeshadows MAC repromoted were boring and kind of ugly. The colours are ones you can get from any other makeup company in various forms. They also seem to have no rhyme or reason. It looked like they performed well, and I’m sure some people love them, but lately MAC has been pumping out a lot of boring stuff that I wouldn’t dare spend money on.

  24. AnGeLwInGz

    I don’t mind re-promotes as long as they are released along with new items. My biggest beef is when re-promotes are released as new items with different names (or with alleged variations that are invisible to most people). Going Bananas vs. Crest The Wave? Electric Eel vs. Clarity vs. Zingy? The UD re-promotes are annoying. That’s why I don’t buy the smaller palettes, just the Book of Shadows and single colors.

  25. Repromotes don’t bother me, for all the reasons you’ve listed. I had a chance to buy Feline Kohl Pencil when MAC released it with the Cham Pale collection. I am happy about that. However, I am a bigger Urban Decay fan than a MAC fan, so when UD recycles shades, it frustrates me. I own a lot of UD palettes, which means that I don’t need most of the newer palettes. From a hip brand like UD, I do expect more creativity.

  26. Lauryn

    I hate them. Especially when they (yoohoo! MAC!) slaps on some fancy packaging and calls it “Limited”. I guess its all about marketing. Companies get new fans every day, so i assume this is the way to reach those new people. However, I’d love it if they did a “throwback” collection once or twice a year and offer up the re-promotes that way. And flashy new fresh collections a few times a year. Personally, i’m bored with it all.

    • andi

      I’m behind the idea of a ‘throwback’ collection, it keeps fans happy and the new collections fresh.

  27. The last part about highlighting permanent shades as like “signatures” is an awesome concept in my opinion.

    I’ve never purchased anything from MAC so repromotes don’t capture me one way or another. If anything, I think there have been inconsistencies in repromotes, whether lipsticks are slightly more pigmented or eyeshadows lean a different color, which I find amusing xP

    I think the situation with the Mineralize duos are completely different because they’re an entire collection with almost exactly the same shades without the third. I think however a few shades like Ever Hip lipstick from Liberty of London and Fashion Flower are different–they’re loved shades just making a quick reappearance!

  28. I don’t have a problem with repromotes! There are so many products that I have missed out on in the past, so I’m always hoping that they’ll come back. Repromotes are definitely a good thing!

  29. I totally agree with you, Christine. Sometimes I enjoy a repromote of a permanent product because I do tend to get caught up in the LE madness and forget all about a company’s great permanent products. I love repromotes of LE items so we all can get a second shot at buying something we might have missed out on. But Urban Decay is getting a little out of hand with their palettes lately. I would love to see them do a palette of entirely new shades for those of us who are getting bored with Half-Baked. Perhaps a few of them? Each with a different finish? Then I could avoid UD’s glitter-bomb shadows that I detest so much *coughMIDNIGHTCOWBOYcough*

  30. Nichole

    I don’t mind repromotes of limited edition items. I came into makeup late and I missed out on a lot. I can’t stand a lot of permanent items in a LE collection.

  31. I like when things are repromoted generally, but I definitely do not like when poor products are repromoted. I would rather have good repromotes than crappy new products that don’t work well though. And I kind of like when they highlight permanent products, there are so many amazing ones that don’t get much credit! The new Mineralize eyeshadows didn’t interest me though, because they didn’t interest me the first time around, but at least it’s a good product!

    It does bother me though that amazing things that everybody wants to see again are never brought back. Parrot and Stereo Rose are exceptions obviously.

  32. Mariella

    Repromotes in palettes are annoying to me because, as you said Christine, you end up with a whole lot of shadows that you may already have in duplicate, triplicate, etc. but in my case, I cave and buy the palette because it’s got one or two exclusive colousr that I really want and which aren’t available on their own.

    I’m all for repromoting past popular shades ON THEIR OWN so people can buy backups or get in on something they missed earlier but what MAC did in that recent collection you just showed – basically renaming and changing the formatting (2 shades rather than 3) shadows that were previously released in the In the Groove collection – that smacks not just of a lack of creativity but even more of “let’s see how much we can gouge out of these women before they realize they’re being “had”.” And I don’t like companies treating loyal consumers like patsies!

  33. Em

    I like repromotes my self, I would absolutely hate to find something that I love, only to find that it was limited edition and I could never get it again. I understand that people think it lacks creativity but I think there are only so many shades of eyeshadow/lipstick/lipgloss that you can create (if you keep inside the realms of what is wearable and sellable) and if brands couldn’t repromote surely they would double up on shades eventually.
    I completely agree with the palette issue though but think that is more a problem with urban decay. They should really create a ‘best of urban decay’ palette with all the faves in (cos thats obviously what they are trying to include in their palettes – the staple shades) and then make sure all other palettes are unique.

  34. emmers

    One or two items being repromoted that where previously discontinued seems reasonable. As many people may jump to see an old favorite again.

    But it seems like a lot of companies really just lack effort and for the price you pay for something like MAC I’d want my makeup to be as unique as it gets.

    I generally stay away from high end makeup since I feel like I can find lower cost matches in the first place.

  35. snm

    Depends on what is being repromoted.I have recently started to collect Mac-although I wouldn’t call myself a “make up collector”.When I see some old cult products(queen’s sin,lightscapade etc),I really wish that they were is also nice to see some products that were sold well often come back after a short time (like pearlglides).
    today I bought the strange potion lipglass,which I skipped when it was launched with a highly appreciated product,I suppose so many people are happy to see it again.

    what bothers me is not the repromotes but the ones that make me feel like I am watching the same movie over and over.Mac is the one brand that releases not only seasonal/occasional collections,but something “new” nearly every month.still I sometimes feel overwhelmed by a 54856. variation of a beige eye shadow or such.I understand that some edgy products won’t appeal to everyone but still they need to put at least several different/original stuff to make the addicts like us happy.

    • snm

      when I was first introduced to mac,I couldn’t believe how many colors each line had,now every once in a while I can’t find a color I dream about:)

  36. CupK8

    I think MAC is doing it right with their repromotes. They don’t try and pretend it’s a new release, and when they package their permanent colors in a set, they have the chance to draw new customers in. Like me. :) If you don’t go hunting every single color on their website (DAUNTING for newbies), collections make it easy. Example: Lucky Green’s release in the Fashion Flower collection. If it hadn’t been included in that release, they wouldn’t have drawn me in. So, good for those marketing folks! The repromote gets the new people in the door, and the new colors keep the loyal fans interested. I think that’s a great way to work it.

  37. Jilliterate

    Repromotes feel cheap and uncreative to me, particularly when a company is pushing a permanent product as the second coming. But then I’ve been sitting around praying MAC is going to repromote “Thrills”, which I completely missed last time (I don’t live anywhere near a MAC store, and I don’t usually follow the collections too closely). So I guess I don’t find them so bad after all. :)

  38. Becky

    I think repromotes are are fine – as long as it’s a long since discontinued limited edition product and not one from last Autumn/Fall’s collection. (MAC I’m talking to you here.) Repromoting something in such quick succession defeats the object of it being limited edition and therefore eliminates the element of must-have desirability.
    I also agree with some of the previous comments suggesting that brands respond to demand by making their most successful limited edition releases part of the permanent line and removing slow or non-selling lines to make space. Consumers respond to brands which listen to demand.
    Re-releasing a product in new, limited edition packaging year-on-year is a shallow money-grabbing tactic which is simply capitalising on the consumerist desire of the ‘must have’ new thing on the market. It also displays a lack of original thought and creativity which is what make-up is all about, no?
    That’s my two cents :)

  39. coco72

    I wish MAC should repromote Starflash finish eyeshadows, or best-sellers like Petticoat o redhead MSFs, Mothbrown eyeshadow, Lollypop Loving lipstick

  40. Hannah

    I don’t mind repromotes, especially if it’s a product that people LOVE (like Ever Hip lipstick, for example). What really gets me is when they release permanent products in the collections. It’s ridiculous, because they could release something brand new or repromote something more sought after, thus making them more money. It’s like the companies don’t even think!

  41. In general i dont mind repromotes, in fact i love them! It gives me a chance to re stock up on a product i may not have gotten the previous time it came out.
    However, i find the exclusivity of some rare products extra apealling and can see why some brands only release a product once.

    I’d prefer brands use the same name though, not make up new ones. And it does get annoying (with urban decay too) when the same colors keep getting promoted.

  42. Sara

    I Love Repromotes, because sometime when a product comes around for a limited time you dont have the chance to get it!!!

  43. ak

    I say please, please, PLEASE repromote things all the time. If they can’t come to decision to make things permanent, any brand I mean but especially MAC, then please keep repromoting them three times a year! LOL

    There are about three different lipsticks that I have bought in twos or in threes and I can’t get enough of them and I also want to buy the MAC Saffron eyeshadow one more time in one of their collections that just came out because Saffron makes a beautiful blush.

  44. Carrie Ann

    Repromotes are a great way to get your hands on something you missed out on in a limited edition collection, but I hate when they keep putting the same shades in every palette. MAC does this a lot with Carbon and UD does it too often with Midnight Cowboy. I’d prefer it if they only repromoted ltd. ed. items.

  45. Kathy

    I don’t mind MAC bringing back things. I’d love to have another Fresco or Alibi lipstick again. What I mind is Urban Decay constantly adding the same colors into the palettes. Once a year, put them into a favorites box or something. Look at The Balm: Shady Lady 2 and 3 have similar shades, but with enough difference to make it interesting. The thing is that I know that UD listens, look at the UDPP tube change, so if we said something they’d probably work on it. We’re lucky if we don’t mind MAC repromotes, because I’ve never found them that responsive.

  46. andi

    For MAC, I understand why seasonal colours and brand new formulas would be limited edition. What I don’t understand is why staples like lip liners and formulas such as the pearlglide liners which have been released time and time again are not permanent.

  47. I don’t mind them, especially if I missed out on them the first time around.

    But with UD, they hardly ever have anything new. It was especially disappointing with the release of the Alice in Wonderland palette, NOT ONE new shade, and just re-named all the other ones to fit the theme; that was really lame – now they definately lack creativity in that sense and kind of makes me wonder why they keep coming out with new palettes at all. At least MAC comes out with new shades all the time.

  48. Ashley

    Being new to Mac, I love when they repromote products! This gives me a chance to buy really good old favorites. This might not relate to all repromotes, but it annoys me when Mac comes out with an awesome product (ex. Marine Life, Stereo Rose, Siahi fluiline)but then they sell out RIGHT away and a lot of people don’t even get a chance to buy it. Mac should restock limited edition items if they sell out quickly. They could make even a lot more money!

  49. Theresa

    I think repromotes are generally fine. If I have it already or didn’t want it the first time, it feels like money saved. Things repromoted every year or two are ok, but then you have items like Showstopper, Feline and Free to Be (which was released at least 3 times in the past year and I’m sure it’s permanent at stores) and you just get sick of seeing them in collections.

    What I don’t agree with in regards to MAC and their limited collections is when they release skincare products once, and then never again. I don’t really see the point.

    Great post!

  50. ViVi

    I think the idea of re-promoting is great. As mentioned above its a great opportunity for those who missed out on it the first time to get it but also it brings shades that people may overlook to the foreground. I’m all for it plus it saves $$$$ by not having to get certain products from a collection.

  51. jen

    One of the things I love and respect about Nars is that many of their new collection items are added to the permanent line. Also, because they tend to sell whatever they release forever, I think it forces them to think about quality a little more whenever they bring something out. Not to bash Mac or say Nars is perfect, of course.

  52. Charlene

    I found that some of the repromotes dont look or swatch like the originals

    • Mariella

      That is very true. I got MAC’s Dame blush at Xmas in the Hark the Heraldry kit from Tartan Tales and it is AWFUL. I’ve had to scrape the surface with a very rough brush – almost like an emery board – to get the blush to show up at all on my finger or on a brush. And Bows and Curtseys in the new Flower release is so much better and more pigmented than it was in that same Tartan Tales release. You’d think, in the interest of quality control and maintaining their “good name” that MAC would make sure that the repromotes are as good as the original (though in the case of Bows and Curtseys, the repromote is far better than the original). I can understand that their special brush sets wouldn’t be up to the quality of the original, individually sold bushes (I’m not saying it’s justified but I can understand that the entire assembly process affects the cost so the lower cost of these “value sets” is reflected in lower quality) but when it’s the actual cosmetic, why on earth can the quality not be the same? Take it from the same “vat” as the regular stuff and bung it into a special package!

  53. Lisa G

    I sort of have a love/hate relationship with repromotes. MAC Showstopper being one of them and UD palettes being a gross offender. However, I do appreciate the opportunity to pick up a product that I might have passed on before. However, it seems to me, especially in the case of MAC, that if some particular item is wildly popular instead of parading it out on occasion as repromote that they would just add the item to the permanent line.

  54. Mel

    I personally don’t mind repromotes because I’m new to MAC and I know there’s some awesome shades that I’ve missed out on and I would love a chance at them again. I also don’t mind LE’s because I have a short attention span when it comes to make up.

  55. Vanessa

    I REALLY like repromotes! REALLY. And if MAC Lavender Whip lipstick gets repromoted, I would be SO happy!!! Heck, they should make that thing permanent since there’s no colour like it in the permanent line anyway!

  56. Ms. Jimmi

    Smoke and Diamonds–I miss you so. Feline–I love you even though you can be a hot mess. I also miss you Tendertones–why they keep making those terrible Lip conditioners is beyond me. And Anti-Establishment–please, come back.

  57. aradhana

    i don’t mind repromotes most of the time – as others have mentioned, it gives people a chance to pick it up if they missed it before, or gives permanent items a little time in the spotlight.

    i don’t like when they release a previously released product with a different name…but i guess sometimes it isn’t physically possible to release the product 100% the same as the first time around for some technical reason…

  58. As long as they’re not done too often or too close together, LE repromotes are okay in my book… but companies should really pay more attention to consumers and perm things if they’re wildly popular. Instead of letting private sellers buy out stock and price gouge on ebay, the company should really regulate cost by making it permanent, and enjoy the profits *they* deserve.

  59. Steph

    I love the idea of repromotes- one of the things that I dislike about limited edition collections is the idea that I’ll find something I really love and never be able to buy it again. Maybe if it’s a brand that only does 4 limited collections a year I’d feel annoyed that the items aren’t new, but MAC in particular releases so many LE collections that even if they repromote old LEs or release permanent items in collections there are still so many completely new items out there for those who like novelty. I would actually prefer if MAC cut back on the LE collections and added more to the permanent line, but then again I rarely buy LE items anyway.

  60. I don’t mind repromotes because my make-up collection is so small right now that chances are, I don’t have something that’s already been around the block.

    That being said, I think for eyeshadow palettes there shouldn’t be more than 25% of the colours being repromoted. It should be like an album: A few greatest hits, but mostly new material!

    And if companies are running out of colours, they should experiment with finishes — matte, frost, baked, powder, cream, etc., and/or different delivery methods: pan, stick, pot… I guess MAC is already doing most of this! Which brings us back to the whole “MAC comes out with waaaay too many collections” issue :P.

  61. Maureen

    MAC needs to make QC’s Playtime into a permanent color. St. Germain does not need to be a permanent color, dear God.

  62. margot

    I don’t mind repromotes if they are of popular limited edition products! For example, I would LOVE to see MAC bring back Marine Life a second time around. And also a couple of others. But I get so annoyed when, as you say, the same products are re-released over and over again with new collections.

  63. Vivian

    I think they should do somethink like this:

    MAC Ever Hip was LE once and sold like crazy.

    Repromote AT MOST as LE one more time and if it sells like crazy make it permanenet. Or repromote again as permanent right away.

  64. Emily O.

    Could we make our own lists here of 5 things we would like to see repromoted?

  65. Lindsey D

    I think repromotes of MAC products wouldn’t be so bad if the collections they’re releasing around the same time weren’t also uncreative. And filled with permanent shades that they threw into the collection’s packaging and then act as though they’re special. They need to balance creativity with the lack thereof.

  66. Marjolijn

    I agree that repromoting is better than changing a shade imperceptibly and claiming it to be new. But shades should not be repromoted too often and it should only be done when they were popular enough when first launched because why relaunch a shade when you already know we don’t like it? I also don’t like it when a collection consists mostly of repromotes and/or permanent shades. Highlighting permanent shades that fit a collection really well by featuring it in the collection is fine, but again not too much please :)

  67. Saffy

    I’m a big fan of repromotes because, as a student, I don’t always have the spare cash to buy the LE item the first time around. It’s always reassuring to know I’ll have a second (or third!) chance to buy it later on. However, I agree with the suggestion by other commenters that companies should ask their customers more often what shades they want back and which shades they’d like permanently added to the collection. Companies have no excuse in the Internet Age to avoid interacting with consumers to give them what they want.

  68. Kris

    It would be nice if Mac would repromote as a collection. I would love to get another tippy. What is annoying is putting a new name on an old color.

  69. Sarah

    MAC gets it wrong with repromotes. Why do they promote items that aren’t that popular? I get grumpy with new collections now. I stopped collecting MAC about a year ago.

  70. summerblue

    Repromoting permanents is just plain stupid! However, being late to the MAC Party (only found them 3 years ago), there are a dozen e/s colors that I would very much like to have or have a backup for. Luckily, for most, I was able to purchase on ebay or swap for, but would much prefer to have just bought. What I’d love most is a backup for (Barbie) Magic Dust & Gold Dusk pigment.

  71. Natalie

    I do not mind repromtes, but I despise when they tweak it just a bit and rename it! I hate when I don’t initally realize it, then get it home & see. I don’t always mind it if it’s a color I’ve loved dearly, like sa, 3N, but other times it’s really frustrating.

    One thing I wish MAC specifically would do is make sure they make enough for certain repromotes. Let’s take Stereo Rose. I missed it the first time because honestly I wasn’t into MSFs. The second time around, there was so much hype & anticipation, and on the release day, it was the one day of the year I had no MAC access whatsoever! I was able to get one the next day. I of course understand why they do it this wa, but I think it’s really unfair as a lot of consumers would like it but so many still couldn’t get it. I personally think antics like that – releasing a lot of LE products that are very few in number, or constantly releasing LE stuff as MAC has been doing quite a bit lately, can lead to an angry, frustrated, disinterested customer base.

    But then again I do like repromotes sometimes, whether I need a back-up (like I did with the Naked & In Synch liners!) or just so I don’t have another thing I want! So generally I’m okay with it. And that ends my craycray thesis on repromotes haha!

  72. Chloe

    With all due respect, it seems that when Urban Decay re-releases items, it’s a good idea because they are great permanent shades but when MAC re-releases anything it’s translated into a lapse of creativity. Is that correct? I’m not trying to be confrontational but that’s the vibe I’ve gotten through reviews here. I’m just wondering…

    • I can’t speak for others, but the problem is two-fold – UD will put one exclusive shade in a palette with 3 shades that they’ve put out in palettes they’ve launched in the past year (so you can’t get that new shade unless you buy the old ones, too). Urban Decay has also put several of the same shades in multiple palettes over and over again – their range is huge and yet we’ve seen the same 10 or so get rotated in palettes quite often. MAC does this with their smoky eyes palette typically – you’ll usually see Carbon and Showstopper in those!

  73. Lakitha

    Too many repromotes becomes boring. I like new formulas and products.

  74. Leticia

    I definitely prefer to hope for a repromote of a cult product than place an order on a website and pay a lot more for a used or broken item.

    I agree with Christine that it´s best to repromote a product than alter the shade a tiny bit, re-name it and call it LE. I also agree with Bell that if a product is sooooo popular and beloved, why not make it permanent? I’d certainly love to see Femme Fi ES, pearlglides, slimshines and starflash finish ES in MAC’s permanent line. The LE thing just adds stress to my makeup addiction!

    Regarding the mineralized eyeshadow duos MAC is about to release, I’m OK with it and I don’t think they are doing this due to a lack of creativity; I believe it is rather because the formula and shades were well received and MAC considered it was worth to make them permanent.

    I find interesting that MAC decides to include some permanent items in their LE collections – I agree this is helpful to bring to our attention shades we have probably not noticed before, but I guess these products are even more attractive if the packaging is different; for example, Lucky Green with the flowery pattern.

    The UD case is so particular…I live in Mexico and UD is not available yet here. Therefore, in case I was able to get some products, everything would be new and fun to me. But I would definitely lose interest in UD palettes if only ONE new eyeshadow is launched in each release! In this case, I do not support repromotes at all, not if I am going to end up with six pans of the same color distributed in different palettes.

    Thanks Christine for such an interesting post!

  75. Pamela

    I love this conversation! But let’s take it to the next level. For those who are so inclined to tell MAC what you think–call them at 800-588-0070. Or email them. Or tell the manager at your local MAC store. I called them to say that I’d like to see more new colors, fewer repromotes but to make Stereo Rose permanent and they said they will “forward your feedback to our marketing team”. Whether or not that means they will consider our feedback remains to be seen. But if this many people are not 100% happy, then MAC needs to know!

  76. I agree. Sometimes it feels like they lack creativity, but it IS nice to have the opportunity to pick something up if you missed it the first time. That said, I definitely prefer brands being open about the fact that they’re re-promoting something instead of calling it something “new” and trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  77. Lori

    Good lord, I’d LOVE a repromote of the Barbie Loves MAC collection (obviously….I’m on Google searching for “repromote” 5 years later; so sad for me).

    Gimme same names, same products, I’ll kiss the person willing to push that project back through the pipeline!