Saturday, September 15th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What’s the brightest blush you own? How do you wear it?

Temptalia's AnswerTom Ford Narcissist, NARS Desire, and MUFE #75 all come to mind. I wear them lightly, LOL!

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67 thoughts on “What’s the brightest blush you own?

  1. Danielle

    Dollymix by Mac

  2. blueraccoon

    I prefer subtle blush, so I don’t own many really bright ones. I guess the closest I have is Tarte Achiote, from the Achiote set. It’s a bright coral pink that I haven’t figured out how to wear yet, so mostly it sits in my drawer.

  3. Anu

    Nars Exhibit A! Love it!!

  4. Lisa

    Kevyn Aucoin Liquifuschia (cream blush) – so bright it works as a lip stain too. Love it.

  5. NARS Desire or Sleek Pumpkin.

  6. Dominique

    Probably M.A.C Supernova, it’s really bright !

  7. Veronica

    It’s a tie between Revlon’s Flushed and NARS Angelika. The latter has less pigmentation, but Revlon’s blushes have a less impressive formula, which makes it easier to keep it toned down.

  8. xamyx

    L’Oreal Mauvelous is really the *only* blush I actually wear, so I would have to go with that. “Bright” blush has never appealed to me; perhaps it’s because I grew up in the 80s, which was a time of women wearing bright, neon stripes of blush across their cheeks. Also, I’ve found a great blush that has served me well for many, many years, so why mess with a good thing? That said, I do have some very bright ones that have come in palettes, but I don’t bother with them.

  9. NARS Taos. I’m so scared of it, but its beautiful.

  10. JQ

    MAC Her Blooming Cheek from Tartan Tale almost two years ago. It was so pretty I had to buy it.

  11. Meiya

    Ben Nye Soleil Red – always applied with a super-light hand

  12. francesca

    Dollymix by Mac, but it’s a bit too bright for me. I prefer Pink Swoon on my NW25 skin.

  13. Kafka

    If we’re talking about “bright” just as a pop of colour, then, first and foremost, it would be an old Bourjois called Grenade. (In the pot, it is an almost neon-looking, candy apple red.) Then:
    – Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow in Liquifuschia;
    – an old YSL #5 (screaming Magenta/Fuschia);
    – MUFE Aqua #6 (bright baby powder pink);
    – MUFE Aqua #7 (hot pink);
    – Chanel Turbulent; and
    – NARS Desire. (I consider Angelika tame in comparison to the rest. LOL)

    But if you meant “bright” in the sense of most “in your face” intense, boldest & scariest, then it would be a totally diff. list. (Which I shall spare you, as it would be very long. LOL.)(Yes, I have a blush problem!)

  14. Tom Ford Narcissist….Love Love Love this shade….very pigmented. I have a shade very similar to it by YSL when they had powder blushes like this 30 years ago. I hope you review Narcissist, Christine.

  15. Chiara

    MAC Frankly Scarlet

  16. Charmaine

    Sleek blush in Flamingo. So pigmented that my brush barely touches the product yet I have a load of pinkish red blush in my cheeks whenever I use it. I still love it though.

  17. Miss J

    I’d say NARS’ Desire, Exhibit A, Taos, and Taj Mahal are my most pigmented/brightest. Taj Mahal is the only one I have trouble pulling off, but I had to have it because it’s just so freaking gorgeous to look at. *sigh* I apply them all with a stippling brush lightly then building to whatever desired intensity I’m looking to achieve.

  18. Dinitchka

    Sleek – Santorini blush.

    I have NYX – Cream Blush in Hot Pink but I dislike cream blushes, so I use it as a lip stain.

  19. A loose mineral blush by ELF, it’s so incredibly pink!

  20. Mariela B

    What’s the brightest blush you own?

    1. Mac, Bite of an Apple (venomous villains oct)
    2. Tarte, Tipsy (amazonian clay)
    3. Mac, Supernova (heavenly creatures)
    4. Stila, Make me blush (sephora i think its’limited edition)

  21. Nicoco Chanel

    Art Deco 11. Or Models Own Cheeky Pink, but at least that one I can wear a lot easier than a bright orange.

  22. Definitely Tom Ford Flush and NARS Desire. The TF flush has a really pretty shimmery finish so there is a level of forgiveness and you can easily layer. NARS Desire requires such a soft hand, it will become a relic before I touch pan. I love both.

  23. Ivana

    Scandalous by Sleek, it is THE RED BLUSH 😀

  24. Mariella

    MAC Her Blooming Cheek for me too (I am so glad I bought it) and also MAC’s Frankly Scarlet. Both of these are absolute beauties.

  25. Vicky Carr

    desert rose by MAC
    I wear it really lighthanded. It is very pigmented

  26. Kathy

    Mac’s Frankly Scarlet. I rarely use it. It’s so super-pigmented it’s easy to overdue, and with a tan, it looks like a sunburn, but with the right makeup, it’s so pretty.

  27. Xero

    Probably a Covergirl Cheekers blush in Classic Pink. I have a hard enough time wearing blush as it is, so I don’t bother with bright blushes at all.

  28. Alyssa

    Probably Benefit Bella Bamba. Although I do love it, I tend to go for a more natural blush.

  29. Diana

    NYX “Red”, new version

  30. Kathleen

    Hmm… I’m going to have to go with Tarte Flush or Urban Decay Quickie! I wear Flush lightly or blend it into something like Benefit Dallas. Quickie, I just put it on and hope for the best!

  31. Monica

    Nars crazed….. it is beautiful but scary!
    I also own her blooming cheek, dollymix….if its bright, count me in!

  32. Ambi

    Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Frisky, it’s a nice bright pop of color when you don’t feel like doing too much to your face. Hoping it’ll be good for the winter months

  33. Sam

    NARS Mata Hari or Illamasqua Lover, I don’t really lean towards bright blush usually!

  34. Lee

    Heh, I have MUFE #75 but I only use it was an eye shadow (tho’ I used it once as a blush for an 80s look with that hard edge and it worked flawlessly). The brightest blush I actually use is probably MAC Dollymix from the Hello Kitty collection.

  35. Barbie

    my la femme blushes! those babies are pigmented

  36. Joni

    Tarina Tarantino Carved Rose. Hilarious because it’s not very bright at all. All of my blush is in the same family of very pale and cool-toned.

  37. eRiN

    Sleek Santorini blush!

  38. Mac Azalea. I also have Her Blooming Cheek and Overdyed, which are pretty bright, but Azalea takes the brightly pigmented cake. Although I have to be careful with application, I do love the “doll cheeks” effect I get from a bright blush on fair skin. I particularly love Azalea because, unlike a lot of bright blushes, it has a bit of a frost finish, so it gives a wonderful, unexpected sheen. Kinda disco but full of awesome.

  39. Paddychat

    Exhibit A and Desire !

  40. Lauren

    The brightest blush I own is Tarte Amused.

  41. Malia

    I have MUFE 75 but use it as an eyeshadow… the Sleek blushes from Santorini and Curacao are the only bright ones I have, and they are bright but beautiful with a light application!!

  42. theBalm Down Boy! It’s so pigmented – a little goes a loooong way!

  43. Nicole

    I would also say MAC Dollymix, everything else is more natural.

  44. Laurence

    My La Femme blushes, Pink, Red and Flamingo Pink are really intense

  45. Quinctia

    Probably just Benefit Bella Bamba, I don’t wear a lot of blush and don’t gravitate towards anything really bright.

  46. It is Motives…Shooting Star. Amazingly bright pink and beautiful with a light hand. I love it:) It still looks as though it hasn’t been touched. There is another more cantaloupe color that is super bright, but not as bright as shooting start, however, it is gorgeous also. I love their packaging. That color is Naughty and the website swatches don’t even touch their color power. Pursebuzz and I used to talk about our bright Motives cheeks. Love ’em:)

  47. Niki

    Cargo’s Blush Laguna and La Femme’s Blushes on Rouge in Orange and Coral.

  48. Carmen

    Nars Exhibit A and Mac Devil are the brightest ones I own.

  49. Terri

    Kevin Aucoin Powder Glow in “Myracle” and his Creamy Glow Liquifusia….love them!

  50. Jackie

    A tie between my Tarte Frisky blush, MAC Dollymix, and MAC Supernova. Can’t decide which one’s the brightest out of them all! Bright blushes can be really beautiful if applied lightly.

  51. Donna

    Nars Desire and Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, which is actually a very bright pink. I use these over Bronzer to help keep the Bronzer from looking muddy. I have fair skin in the winter/spring time and it gets a little darker in the summer/fall. Most bronzers usually end up looking muddy on my, especially towards the end of summer and these bright blushes (applied lightly) over the top seem to help.

  52. Carole Eisemann

    my brightest blush is Flirt by Bare Escentuals. My second brightest is Hot Shot by BE as well. Love both.

  53. Kia

    Nars Exhibit A, Mac devil, and Nars desire.

  54. Diana B

    Mac Frankly Scarlet…and I love it…it gives you the perfect winter cheeks

  55. Geneva

    It’s a Ben Nye powder in the shade Azalea. I use MAC’s 109 brusch, tap most of the color off on the back of my hand and blend, blend, blend. It’s very pigmented.

  56. Bobbi Brown Pale Pink

  57. Courtney

    Mac Magenta blush. I’m too pale to really wear it bright so a little bit goes a very long way.

  58. Em

    Benefit Bella Bamba

  59. akhan

    Tarte Flush and Nars Exhibit A

  60. Nikki

    It’s hard to say, I own so many bright blushes! I would say the following La Femme blushes are equally bright: Magenta, Fuchsia, Red, and Orange. One brush stroke too many of any of these, and I am sure to look like a clown! lol

  61. Abbi P.

    Tarte Amused, but I am LOVING the Tom Ford one you just reviewed and I want it BAD, I just don’t wanna cough up $55 for a single blush when I have soooo very many already, who knows though I’m feeling weak for it, LOL!!

  62. Mar

    I own a few professional blushes by Makeup Studio and they’re very VERY bright ;). But when applied lightly, they look gorgeous. MAC Fleur Power looks pretty bright on me too… Almost on the verge of too much.

  63. I think it’s Nars Desire and then Outlaw, I don’t tend to use much bright cheeks, but softer ones.