Friday, January 24th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite scent for a significant other to wear? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerI love when Shaun wears Arabian Oud Kalemat! It smells really nice on him.

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47 thoughts on “What’s your favorite scent for a significant other to wear?

  1. L’Occitane Verbena, partly because it’s his favorite scent to wear so I associate it with him. Being in a long-distance marriage, I guess I kind of stick to what he wears the most vs what I like, per se.

  2. Lauren

    Versace pour homme!

  3. Lacoste Blanc. I bought it as a present for my boyfriend, but I might wear it more than he does! He really likes the scent as well. I’m just obsessed! It’s clean, floral and woody all at the same time.
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  4. Drakkar Noir, which is what I buy for my husband :) Also classic Old Spice but he’s not a fan.

  5. Miss J

    I’m as single as single gets, but my two favorite fragrances for men would be Armani Code and Polo Black.

  6. I love his current cologne, YSL l’Homme – actually, the bottle says it’s an Eau de Toilette, but it has plenty of strength. :-)
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  7. Bianca

    I bought my boyfriend Vetiver Extraordinaire for his birthday, and it’s zoo good! Really fresh and sexy :)

  8. Katherine

    I don’t like any fragrance on him. I know it sounds weird but nothing smells as good to me as his skin.

  9. Malia

    No mall in the Middle East you will not find Oud… Any and all versions. Honestly I would never like to smell it. I’d like classic, any rl polo!

  10. zainab

    My husband just tends to indiscriminately borrow mine… And they all smell better on him (my skin tends to enhance the harsh notes).

  11. Amy

    Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb is amazing. Also Jean Paul Gaultier and Paco Rabanne Million.

  12. Ck shock and paco rabanne xs, both are soo sexy!

  13. Lizzi

    I love when my husband wears Geir Ness. It’s so manly and unique. Not to mention tough to find. I’ve only seen it on Nordstroms website (it’s not even carried in any of the three stores in Dallas) and the Norway pavilion at Disney’s Epcot.

  14. grlnxdor

    If my husband would wear fragrance, I would love it if he wore YSL Pour Homme. Someday I’m going to just buy him a bottle and see what happens! ; )

  15. Karen

    “Sultan” by Al-Rehab perfumes. It’s a super concentrated oil roll on. So so so so amazing.

  16. I love it when Andrew wears any of these: Chanel Allure (original), Chanel Blue or Burberry Brit Rhythm. They are all amazing!

  17. kellilee

    I got some samples of Arsene Lupin Voyou from Guerlain that smells amazing on my fiance.
    Also, I just wanted to say that I love Arabian Oud Kalemat! I love how it smells on me. Shout out to Kafka for introducing me to this scent!!

  18. Azzaro Chrome United. Every time he wears it, I want to follow him around just to keep smelling it!

  19. Intentionally hilarious name, but my husband smells amazing in BPAL’s Golden Priapus. It’s a warm ambery vanilla that is truly unisex. It smells soooooo good on him.

  20. Montblanc Individuel, my hubby has been wearing this for the last 12 years and I love it!

  21. Elizabeth K.

    I know it’s kind of tacky, but Cool Water makes me weak-kneed. Also Bulgari Aqua Marina is so gorgeous, sometime I wear it.

  22. Celine

    Mine wears Puma cologne, love it! And same as others have said, I associate it with him which I think is most important.

  23. I actually went shopping with my sister today, for her boyfriend. We choose Hugo Boss Bottled Night. I’m not going to drool over my sister’s bf, but that scent is great!

  24. I got my boyfriend Givenchy Pi for Christmas and it smells so nice on him. I also really love D&G The One, but it’s very similar, just not as sweet.
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  25. Nikki

    Josh has a Lacoste cologne that smells especially yummy on him. I can’t remember if it’s the green one or the white one, but the whole line smells pretty great on him, anyhow!

  26. Armani Cuir Amethyste or something like that)))
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  27. Sassa

    By Kilian Back to Black – is the most masculine, alluring scent ever produced. This is the scent of a man’s shirt when he’s taken off his tuxedo jacket and loosened his tie and rolled up his cuffs on the moonlight walk home after an elegant evening affair (lol, yeah, I know, my fantasy life is pretty pitiful).

  28. Angi Smith

    An oldy, but still yummy … Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. Newer and even yummier …. Burberry Brit. Newest and nowhere near as good as these two is Bvlgari Man Extreme. Considering Chanel Bleu for V-day!

  29. Chelsea

    Le Male Terrible by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Also love Burberry Touch on him. He also owns Diesel Only the Brave and Burberry Weekend.

  30. WildDove

    I like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, A-men, Pure Havane, Chanel Bleu on men

  31. Rosie in Brooklyn

    Well guys on my boo Mark I love a classic from the ’90s Cool Water by Davidoff it smells really clean and fresh on him. Because it has that Ocean Feel.

  32. kari

    black xs by paco rabanne, hands down. it’s so drool-worthy, i’m in love. i have the women’s version and they go so well together. there’s also an armani cologne that a friend of mine used to wear but i can’t remember the exact name, but it’s just as nice.

  33. Phoebe

    Dolce and Gabbana’s The One. I actually first smelled it on a gay man, and it smelled really really good even though it wasn’t serving as an aphrodisiac sort of scent. But I just love the smell, so my boyfriend bought it. It actually smells spicier on him.

  34. Aelita

    tom ford for men

  35. G

    Nasomatto Black Afgano! also, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb.

  36. Pink Provocateur

    Tom Ford Italian Cypress

  37. DKNY Men Original, mainly because my partner has always worn it and it just smells like him! I also like Armani Code Men, I convinced my brother to let me buy it for him for his birthday and he really likes it, smells really nice on him!

  38. Lily

    I love it when he wears Givenchy Gentlemen Only. It’s spicy, fashionable and utterly delicious. <3 :* love your website!!!

  39. Dany

    I love it when he wears Chanel Antaeus (in small doses)

  40. danza

    Aqua di Gio by Armani. That is so common but… so airy and it just hits something in me 😉

  41. Boss Baldessarini, it makes me want to eat my boyfriend lol
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  42. Guerlain’s Vetiver – it smells so amazing on him!

  43. Danielle

    Gucci Guilty Black…love love love that scent on my hubby!