Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your favorite part of your beauty routine? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerApplying eyeshadow or eyeliner! I love all the colors there are available! I also love exfoliating.

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51 thoughts on “What’s your favorite part of your beauty routine?

  1. I love doing my eyebrows! It takes me the most time out of my routine but it’s the focal point of the face it really polishes off a look…

  2. I love applying lipstick. Getting the lines perfect gives me great satisfaction 😛

  3. Jan

    Selecting my outfit and make-up for the day/evening/event.
    So much fun experimenting with what I’ll be wearing, especially if I think layered products will be a part of the fun (I like to layer colors).

  4. Liz

    Foundation! I love creating a flawless canvas! There are just so many possibilities!

  5. My eyes! I’m all about mascara & eyeliner ;D

  6. zainab

    Eyeshadow, but I also love applying highlighter and things like the Hourglass Light powders, because I like anything ‘shiny’.

  7. Taking my acne meds (antibiotics), because THEY WORK 😀
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  8. Putting on lipstick, definitely. I love pondering over which lip color to wear! Blush comes next, because I almost always make it a point to match my lips and cheeks. I also love doing my eyebrows cos it impacts my overall appearance the most!

    …the newest addition (and favorite) to my beauty routine is definitely finishing off my whole face with Guerlain Météorites Voyage in Mythic, though. Can’t wait to get loose pearls next!
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  9. Putting on mascara is my favorite part of my routine. :)

  10. Quinctia

    Picking out a new nail polish to try, or putting on a very beloved favorite, like BL Knackered.

  11. Miss J

    Creating eye shadow looks has always been my favorite part, but I also love moisturizing my face/body.

  12. Ooh – it’s a tie between lipstick and eyeliner. I love both, but at a pinch I’d have to say lipstick.

    Especially if it’s a really, wonderfully bright one. Bright and bold lipstick makes me feel so great :-)
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  13. I love plucking my eyebrows. I think it’s a holdout from when I had a bout of trichotillomania in middle school… Getting my foundation/concealer/powder just right is also really satisfying. It takes a while to make skin look flawless but it’s worth it!

  14. I think applying/layering lip colors might be my favorite part. I used to enjoy blending eyeshadows, but my eyes have gotten so sensitive and watery, making my eyeshadow patchy even before I finish applying it. It’s frustrating. :(

  15. Maggie

    Picking out the products I’m going to wear, especially when it’s part of an outfit. And then applying it, of course. =)

  16. Claire

    My night-time cleansing routine. I have found products that I love using, smell really good and make my skin velvet soft (Nubian Heritage’s African Black Soap, rosewater, Badger Damascus Rose Beauty Balm…).
    Also, picking and applying perfume!
    It all makes me feel like I’m worth a million 😀

  17. Ruca

    Lipstick!!! I’m such a lipstick addict. :O

    Sometimes, blush/highlighter because I am fascinated by those products and the whole process of contour/highlight etc., but generally, lipstick is my bag.

  18. KK

    Selecting and applying lippy. Generally my entire look revolves around what lippy i wanna wear that day!

  19. Tigerlily

    Buffing out my foundation, applying my evening serum & cream (as then I have time to massage them in) and applying lip gloss/balm (lipstick is a lot of work, lol).

  20. Doing my eyebrows and my lips!
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  21. It’s either eyeshadow (my big makeup love) or applying an amazing foundation and seeing my face go from splotchy to absolutely flawless (not all foundations do this, of course, though my new-ish IT Bye Bye Redness “treatment” does and it blows me away every single time I use it).

  22. Applying eye makeup!

  23. Barbie

    applying foundation! it’s very soothing for me

  24. Straightening my hair (so relaxing ans makes my hair slick and smooth :D), exfoliating my face and applying blush.

  25. Lizzi

    Face masks and filing down my nails.

  26. liz

    liquid liner!! I know a lot of people hate it but I’m an artist who works in ink a lot so it’s second nature to me. it’s a great challenge.

  27. Valentine

    oh if it is about makeup, then i love everything! but i answered the opposite question of you with opposite answer yesterday so for me, it’s pretty much about the same question but asked in a different way XD

  28. Applying blush! I always save it for last (just before the translucent powder on my T-zone). It’s so subtle but just transforms your face completely – both the colour you choose and the way you apply it. I also love moisturising my skin at night – applying a thick layer and massaging it into the driest areas.
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  29. Nikki

    Applying my lip gloss. Gloss is always the final step in my routine. It’s my way of saving the best for last. Once I put on my gloss, I instantly feel polished and sexy. I’d never go without it.

  30. patsyann

    Covering up my horrific purple dark circles and watching my face look more alive than dead as the circles disappear under my multilayer concealer routine.

  31. Nancy Dav

    Putting on lip products. The feeling after washing my face and putting on my creams and serums.

  32. Applying eyeshadows and then blending them :) !

  33. Base layers and eyebrows are the most gratifying for me.

  34. Sarah

    I love applying eye shadow and love putting on masks!

  35. CatG

    I love applying setting and finishing powders!

  36. I absolutely love doing my eyes. They’re different everyday since I love bright and fun colors. Plus I have so much makeup with being am artist myself and will get a lot of compliments. Makeup is my passion and I just have so much fun with it. The best feeling for me is knowing how pretty and confident my clients are when they look in that mirror when I am finished with their look. That puts a smile on my face everytime. :)

  37. doroffee

    I love putting on blush and lip products. Also, I love putting on lotion or body butter – I know it’s weird, some people hate it :).

  38. Merry Christmas! :) My favourite part will come into 5 hours: it comes when I arrive at home after the night shift and I start with my cleansing routine applying all my favourite product. Night cream, eye cream, serum. It gives to me a cocoon sensation!

  39. Applying and blending my eyeshadows and mascara. I also love making and using body exfoliators from natural products and oils, especially during the winter.

  40. AudreyNZ

    Just the thought of putting makeup in the morning gets me out of bed excited, especially now I have a few more colors to choose from:)

  41. Being done. ;P

    Exactly how I replied on FB. Hehehe!

  42. Mel Rose

    It used to be eyeliner but blush is slowly becoming a favorite!

  43. Anything with eyes like eyeshadow, liner and mascara are my top favorite, then lipstick, and then the rest.
    Kiara Recently Posted: Christmas Eve Outfit & Makeup!

  44. stef b

    Putting on toners, facial mists and moisturizers! after that, blush

  45. When I finish and I look at myself in the mirror, and my makeup is all fresh and pretty!

  46. Probably patting on and blending eyeshadow, everything else is quite monotonous by now! But there’s something satisfying about smoking out your eyes and finishing with mascara :)
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