Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What was your first high-end beauty purchase? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerBenefit Show-Offs!  My first makeup purchase was $300 of Benefit.  It was so hard to toss it all a few years ago (because it was wayyy old), just ’cause ~memories~.

Thanks to Odessa for today’s question!

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145 thoughts on “What was your first high-end beauty purchase?

  1. chanel….all chanel and loved it

  2. Liz

    it was a pink MAC lipstick for me! in hindsight, it’s totally unsuited for my skintone, but I loved it anyway.

  3. Rosanna

    I jumped right on to MAC first but not including them (as they are mid-high end), my first high-end item that I purchased myself is NARS Orgasm Blush. :)

  4. Shelby

    Urban Decay Ammo Palette!

  5. Lauren

    Diorshow Mascara

  6. lena

    Other than MAC, I bought Chanel Dragon, and the clouds parted to reveal a thousand cherubs singing with bright Dragon red lips to celebrate my first step into true luxury… LOL

  7. Christine

    I bought a huge haul of MAC 3 yrs ago; from then I have really only bought high end; I think my first outside of MAC was Nars Orgasm blush and recentky I bought two meteorites as well as a few pallettes from Lancome which were ridiculously priced :)

  8. shontay07108

    A Becca foundation. It sucked because it broke me out so I had to return it, but that’s the first thing I can remember paying an absurd amount of money on. Up to that point, Mac was all I had known.

  9. My dad took me to Aveda when I was like 14 because I was hell-bent on wearing makeup, but he wanted to make sure it was somewhat natural and good for my skin. I remember it was well over $200 worth, but I loved it all so much…
    The first things I bought with my own money were NARS Orgasm blush, an eyeshadow trio from Smashbox, a bright red NARS lip gloss, and a YSL mascara.

  10. Crystal

    It was a Mac Studio Fix Powder and Nars’ Orgasm blush!

  11. Amanda

    Mine was a Mac makeup pallet from a CEO. It was from the Graphic Gardens collection and I was in love with the frosty orange eyeshadow ahaha.

  12. Susan

    I remember buying a Chanel nail polish and some MAC products (lipstick & eyeshadow)
    it was my first big purchase when I got my first job… That was about 12+ years ago and I haven’t looked back since then! 😉

  13. Urban Decay AC/DC eyeshadow, when I was 15 or so. But I didn’t know it was high end at the time, just very expensive, haha!

  14. Carrie Ann

    I really don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure it was something from Clinique. I was trying to remember what my first MAC purchase was and I think it was a peach colored gloss that they don’t make anymore and the clear Lipglass. I also got Bronze Sugar, which I loved and could never find again, and Oh Baby. Back then, the people at my MAC counter were so obnoxious and rude, so I rarely went there. Now, they have really sweet and helpful people, thank goodness.

  15. I consider high end to be Guerlain, Chanel, Armani, Dior, YSL, and Burberry…etc. I still haven’t bought any of those brands,lol. I’m more of a mid range kind of girl when it comes to make up.

    • Same here! 😀 i thought i was one of the few/only.

      My first non drugstore – at that time ‘expensive’ purchase was a Mac technakohl liner. I havent found any better yet.
      Since then i have still just bought mid range like korres, benefit, mac, too faced and stila.

      Thinking about going high end soon. :) but maybe for an eyeshadow quad.

  16. bong

    Chanel compact!!!~

  17. Rachelle

    benefit’s benetint lipbalm. lol, ohhh those were the days. :)

  18. FC

    MAC Studio Moisture Cream.

  19. Jasmine

    MAC dazzleglass in smile or urban decay stuff off hautelook for $2 a pop, but I don’t think that counts.

  20. Pawsha

    My mom bought me Chanel when I started wearing makeup…….I continued the story…..

  21. my first high end makeup purchase was chanel rouge coco lipstick in mademoiselle (yes, i’m that new to high-end makeup :p), which i purchased as a birthday present to myself a year ago. i felt very grown up :).

    as for the lower spectrum of high-end, it would be a style blush by MAC.

  22. Omg what a nostalgia-inducing post! Hmm let’s see…Philosophy shower gel in Classic Fudge Cake! If that counts xP

    Urban Decay Naked palette soon after that. I’ve only just began buying “high-end” products and luxury is only a few paychecks away :))

    But thank God for HauteLook! I wouldn’t have anything Rock & Republic without it!

  23. Stephanie

    I’ve had Bare Escentuals since before I can remember wearing makeup, but my first “big” high-end beauty purchase was a Dior eyeshadow palette and lipstick.

  24. Linh

    Rock and Republic shadows! Ugh, they’re so lovely…

  25. A week ago I just spent $55 on a guerlain lippie, that’s my first super high end/luxury purchase!

  26. A Lancome concealer, wich i still repurchase again and again!!!

  27. MAC’s Nymphette populace when I was 13. I still have it just because, but of course I don’t use it. It’s mostly full because I have never liked Nymphette. :-/

  28. Rose

    Urban Decay Covet eyeliner. My very first colored eyeliner, and visit to Sephora. We didn’t have a Sephora where I live. We do now.

    That said, I rarely buy high-end makeup/beauty products. The only things I own are Primer Potion & a Stila compact/Clinique lipstick, which I actually won.

  29. A lipstick from Christian Dior…hmmm memories :)

  30. CJ

    My first foundation! It was Chanel.

  31. Rachael

    A loose pink and gold eyeshadow by Make Up For Ever and some crazy blue/teal color from Make Up For Ever. Not sure what they were called as it was at least 10 years ago. I’m assuming Avon doesn’t count?

  32. CeeBee

    Dior Mystic Jade e/s quint – I fell in love with the dark green/bown duochrome and HAD to buy it.

    I still have it.

  33. Jan

    Urban Decay Urban Essentials, a holiday 2008 kit containing a jumbo primer potion, Midnight Cowboy Eyeshadow, and Goddess eyeshadow.

  34. Dior rouge transparant nr oo6 on holiday in italy when i was 12
    it was so hot there that the lipstick broke on the 2nd day….

  35. Jade

    MAC well dressed blusher! Loved it then & still love it now!

  36. Mary

    It was MAC Hug Me lipstick. A little too dark for my skintone, but I loved it lol I even repurchased it once! xD

  37. roza

    nars orgasm blush….addicted to high end makeup ever since. I figure real dupes don’t really exist, and for as long as it lasts, it’s worth the price.

  38. I actually started wearing mu when I was 13/14 and it was Clinique so since then its been dept store all the way. After Clinique it was EL, MAC, Chanel and now its a little bit of everything, including drugstore.

    • To fully answer the question my first ever mu purchase was Clinique’s liquid lipstick in Raspberry Sorbet. I used some of my xmas money when my dad finally let me wear mu starting with a lip product. 😀

  39. Evelyne Vicca

    A Lancome juicy tube :)

  40. minek

    I don’t entirely remember, but I suspect it was a Lancome moisturizer.

  41. Martina

    an estee lauder blush which i still love

  42. John

    Mine was the Clinique 3-step, which I no longer use. Yeah… now I know so much about good skincare, I won’t use it again. :]

  43. Bella

    MAC Honesty + Pink Venus eyeshadows. We were on vacation in St. Thomas and there was a MAC store… There’s not a single store in my state, but one on a Caribbean island! Wow!

  44. Gala

    It was a Guerlain lipstick from the Divinora collection.. still own and love it!

  45. Jennifer

    Benefit Dallas box powder which I still love and use today. :)

  46. Michelle

    Chanel eye palette and lipstick

  47. amelia

    hm… i think it was a MAC item? actually, BeneFit’s dandelion blush.

  48. Bethany

    Urban Decay Primer potion (I have a feeling this may have been a lot of people’s).

  49. Harleigh

    Dior Earth Reflection quint. This was literally my first makeup purchase.

  50. Alicia

    Mine was Urban Decay eyeshadow in SWF. It started a fifteen year love affair that’s still going strong (although I secretly think that, packaging-wise, they’ve let themselves go – quite bulky and out of shape compared to the former sleek and svelte).

  51. Lisa

    High end will got to be Chanel blushers.

  52. Jo

    Benefit Smokin’ Eyes palette as a present to myself for getting into uni. And then I starting buying to treat myself when I got a good mark and now….It is just when I ‘need’ it >.<

  53. Celine

    i cant remember which came first! but it was either a dior addict lipgloss, or ‘the gloss’ lipgloss from benefit.

    i remember that the dior lipgloss was 14 pounds! now they are around 20!


  54. Rebekka

    I bought the Chanel Rouge Noir nail varnish, loved it to the last drop, on my second bottle now, lasts years

  55. Monika-Luiza

    Lancome Défincils mascara (I believe it was défincils) with 14 know I’m 29 till today I swear by Lancome mascara. My first mac item was zone e/s when I was probaly 16/17 as mac was introduced to the German marked around that time

  56. Lupis

    Chanel Glossimer in Bubble. Loved it!!

  57. Leah

    Diorshow Mascara!

    Ironically, mascara is now the only thing I use that isn’t high end!!

  58. Luisa

    A Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick, wasn’t thaaat long ago, so I still have it and still love it!

  59. A bronzer from Nouba! :)
    It set me back about 63 usd, but i had a giftcard for half of it so it felt like it was ok 😛

  60. francesca

    shiseido sun protection lotion

  61. My first “high-end” purchase was Anna Sui makeup. I think I spent $80 on 3 items? Two eyeshadow duos and a lipstick, I use them all the time though so it was definitely worth it~ :)

  62. MAC Brush Cleanser and MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner. Not that expensive, but I wanted to play save and I bought two basic products!

  63. I remember as a teenager I spent what felt like a fortune on an
    Estee Lauder Illusionist Maximum Curling Mascara =)
    The first time I really loved a product!

  64. Anna

    Givenchy Prisme Libre!

  65. Val

    Bobbi Brown…I went in and told the MUA that I have very puffy eyes and I want to find a way to cover them. She said I could do that with a brown eye shadow for my eye lids and a highlight color for under my brows. I love the result so I bought the 2 eye shadows and 2 brushes. To me at that time Bobbi Brown was really high end….

  66. Manny

    Dior eyeshadow quint in sunset cafe

  67. tehteh

    apart from MAC, a Dior Addict gloss last year…funny enough I havent worn it…

  68. Valerie

    It was a Lancome lipstick and foundation, the lipstick is now discontinued but I purchase years ago a backup which is now lost in a drawer somewhere. The second purchase (which really hooked me on high-end makeup) was guerlain product my friend new a Guerlain representative who was selling all Guerlain product 50% off the was the beginning of a beautiful addiction LOL!!!

  69. Mariella

    I’m really not sure because I’m in my 50’s and have loved makeup and skin care since I was a teen so it’s a loooong way to think back but it was probably either Charles of the Ritz skin care products (how’s that for a blast from the past?) or Estee Lauder skin care – I remember purchasing a “set” that came in a large turquoise box – a cleanser, an “after-cleanser”, a toner, moisturizer, etc. And I think my first “expensive” eye makeup was an Estee Lauder eyeshadow.

    • Angelcat47

      OMG…that EL skincare set in the turquoise box was my first HE purchase,too!!(and yes,I remember C of the R,too).

  70. Alicia

    Urban Decay eyeshadows!

  71. Laurel

    Mid high end was a hard candy lip gloss back when it was good and still sold at sephora. High end was a chanel ombre shadow that I always forget about now

  72. Karen

    Clinique Lynx eyeshadow

  73. sarah jane

    I’m 33 and my first purchase was just a few months ago. It was Dior lip addict in Tokyo.

  74. NARS Orgasm and Laguna duo!! I was fighting with my boyfriend at the time, went to sephora, and splurged…. best decision I ever made :)

  75. Yumi

    LM’s oil free foundation primer! It was the most expensive thing I’d purchased in makeup at that point (a little over a year ago)…$42 CAD. I don’t use it anymore, having found better, though. I did buy other stuff that day, but it was mostly crap cuz I didn’t know anything about makeup. It was the one thing I did get right that day. :)

  76. Lee

    It was either Nars Orgasm blush or Benefit Dandelion. Before I really started learning how to apply make-up, I would just randomly buy things I saw raved about with not much idea what to so with them. I still have (and use) them both tho’.

  77. Yazmin

    At the time it was mac products, and i think it was mac foundation, concealer and 2 limited edition mineralise skinfinishes. But now mac is more affodable than a lot of the other high end brands i would say my first was smashbox halo powder!! cost me 45.00 pounds! and it so wasnt worth it…msf naturals are better and are less messy and i could get two and some change back for the price of one halo powder.

  78. Lucy

    Chanel Rouge Noir nail
    Varnish and I’ve loved them ever since

  79. Vivian

    Chanel! It’s still my favorite brand because no matter what lipstick you choose, it seems to wear well across slin tones, so lovely.

  80. Mel

    Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ was mine. Well, I wore MAC before, but I dont consider that super high end. :)

  81. Nymph

    Dior! One of the dior quints, petal pink, I don’t really use it much anymore, but its good memories.

  82. Kacee

    MAC gold stroke pigment, lovvvvee!

  83. aradhana

    i think an estee lauder foundation or powder, can’t remember….wasn’t a big fan! i don’t think it was the right shade for me…

  84. Monika

    My first real highend purchase was the naked palette

  85. Aleeya

    My first high end make-up purchase was actually my first make-up purchase too. I bought Mac lipstick in Pink Friday and lipglass in Viva Glam VI. I purchased both items online and I absolutely fell in love with those colors. Now I’m a make-up junkie and this website helps me a lot with making decisions on products worth spending my money on. Thanks Christine!

  86. ann

    Chanel Glossimer in Sideral. :)

  87. Adee

    MAC Parfait Amour!

  88. Lily

    Well, I don’t want to say MAC because I didn’t buy it, it was gifted to me, so my first purchase was an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil.

  89. Niki

    A large haul of Dior. 😀

  90. brighton

    Mac Ladyblush cream blush, rubenesque paint pot and viva glam cyndi!

  91. Grace Chin

    MAC Blue Brown pigment!!

  92. Gabrielle

    I remember buying a MAC empty 15 e/s pallet and filling it all on that first trip to the store.Blanc type, Naked Lunch, Wedge, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Mulch, Amber Lights, Antiqued, Humid, Club Silver Ring, Scene, Contrast, Stars n Rockets, and Beauty Marked. Of all the full MAC pallets I own, I still reach for this one, hard to go wrong :]

  93. Lyss

    From the mid-high brand Faces, when I got my make up done for prom. It was foundation, powder, concealer, a peach lipstick and a matte black eyeshadow. They were the crown jewels of my make up collection until a few years ago when I was introduced to Sephora and bought a blush from Cargo in Catalina.

    Now nearly my entire collection is at the very least mid-high end, and it’s just going to get worse now that I’ve started buying from MAC, haha.

  94. Mine was Chanel concealer and I loved it!

  95. Nora

    Mine was Benefit, too! When I was about 12/13. My mom had always been a Clinique/Estee girl and when I started getting into makeup I would come looking around the counters with her, I discovered Benefit and the rest was history.

  96. Jill

    My first REAL high end purchase (not including MAC which I already had tons of) would be YSL rouge volupte lipstick….the only lipstick to date I’ve spent $30 on. I still have it too and wear it for special occasions.