Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What was the last beauty product you bought a backup of? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerTarina Tarantino’s eyeliners!

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75 thoughts on “What was the last beauty product you bought a backup of?

  1. Just got a Maybelline Full n Soft mascara at a discount store for $3 today! Don’t need a new one yet, but for that price, I couldn’t pass it up.

    • Sagehen

      Rich Mahogany and Mossy Green Color Tattoos by Maybelline
      Charmed, I’m Sure and Love Goddess l/s from MAC

  2. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Powder

  3. xamyx

    I don’t know if it counts, but I just bought the UD Smoked palette, and I primarily wanted a backup of Rockstar & Mushroom, which I have in the “old” formula, and I wanted another Loaded, which *really* makes brown eyes pop. I find greens to be a bit tricky, but this I wear alot.

    I also just picked up L’Oreal Infallible in Smoldering Plum. It was on sale as a BOGO 50%, so I picked it up, although I have Burning Black. I wasnt’t sure they were *exactly* the same, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

    I usually only buy backups if there’s a BOGO Free deal, and usually only with foundation.

  4. Sara

    Tough as Taupe. It’s partially because it melted and separated in my car, but not really because I was able to fix it. It’s mostly because its a brilliant product that I’d hate for them to ever stop making.

  5. cat nguyen

    mac lingering brow pencil

  6. I bought two palette refills of the MAC Pro Sculpting Powder in Sculpt. I was at South Coast Plaza and took advantage of the physical MAC PRO store! :)

  7. Rosie you

    Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum.

  8. Sarah M

    MAC 35 Lash. These are my favourite lashes and I was really upset when MAC discontinued them so when they were repromoted with the Marilyn Monroe collection I had to stock up!!!

  9. Audrey

    Smashbox Illuminating Face Primer, and the Stila Amsterdam trio (: Love them both

  10. Audrey

    Oh craaaap read this wrong i thought you meant last beauty product bought in general ): Blonde moment and I’m not even blonde…

  11. Dawn

    I rarely backup a product, mainly due to money issues, but I did recently buy a backup of MAC’s Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder. It’s perfect for us pale folk, and with a name like that it’s unlikely it will be re-promoted any time soon.

  12. Sandra JT

    MAC’s Crew highlighting powder from the Hey Sailor! collection. I absolutely LOVE it & use the hell out of it. I don’t think I’ve bought a backup of anything else, ever, as I always wind up finding something I like better not long after. Most limited edition products don’t get me very excited, but this one is something I want to have around for a very long time.

    Oh, actually, I’m wrong. I always buy a backup of my L’oreal Double Extend waterproof mascara because I use it all the time – I know it’s not limited edition or anything but it’s one of the rare mascaras that I really love & would be very upset if they ever discontinued it. Most flake like crazy & have rubbish, clumpy formulas with ridiculously enormous brushes that I just hate. I’m talking to YOU MAC, CoverGirl & Makeup Forever! Even the more expensive brands I’ve tested out I’ve found the same problems with. I also bought two of theBalm’s Two-Timer mascaras when they were on sale for about $8 each. Love the formula, brushes, everything about that mascara and don’t want to run out of it anytime soon. The stuff is bulletproof!

  13. Jax

    Oddly I don’t really buy backups, I might buy two of an item so I can have one in my ‘go to’ handbag make-up and one in my main stash.

    The last actual backup must have been about 15 years and was a Max-Factor eye-shadow that was being discontinued. It was a great colour that I could use as a blush as well. Still trying to find a good dupe.

  14. Laura

    MAC Heroine lipstick from the Reel Sexy collection :)

  15. lilly04

    FUSION BEAUTY Balm Lip Conditioning Stick – in Butterscotch, my absolutly favorite Lip Balm and discontinued

  16. Mariella

    Not so much a backup but duplicates so I can carry one in my bag and keep one where I put on my makeup – it would be GOSH pencil liners in Black Ink and Metallic Brass.

  17. LJ

    The Marilyn Monroe MAC Beauty Powder ‘Forever Marilyn’ – I absolutely love the colour on my face as an all-over highlighting powder, it’s the absolute perfect shade for me so I had to buy two!

  18. Geneva

    MAC Real Posh lipglass from the Cosmetics Company Store because it’s limited edition, even though I’m on a no buy at this time.

  19. I try not to buy backups, since I rarely get through a full sized product. But, I did buy a couple of UD Smog eyeshadows when Sephora had them for $6 – it’s one of my top eyeshadows of all time, and I couldn’t resist the price.

  20. Vibbe

    Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon – even at half price :)

  21. I purchased backups of the Maybelline Color Tattoos in Rich Mahogany and the gold one, both from the limited edition fall collection. I won’t be surprised if all four colors are worked into the regular line.

  22. chris

    MAC Moxi LE lipsticks

  23. Carie

    The Diorling lipstick, Dior’s Xmas 2012 limited edition. Lovely!

  24. Yellowlantern

    So far none though I occasionally think about buying another OPI Teenage Dream while it’s still available. Rationally I know that I’ve never used up an entire bottle of polish so it’s probably a waste to get a backup.

    I’m try to be strict with myself about finishing/or nearly finishing until the product expires before I buy replacements. I share a studio apartment so I don’t have much free space to store makeup I’m not currently using. :)

  25. Cool, since this is so sparkly it may work well to finish off an Angel or Fairy makeup look for Halloween! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Miriam

    Wet n Wild Vanity, sadly they discontinued it but that’s my favorite out of all my palettes I’ve ever purchased because of the mattes and the one gold color. They’re easy to work with and look great on my dark brown eyes.

  27. Joanne

    MAC’s “Charmed, I’m Sure” lipstick from the MM Collection. Perfect red for my (NC 42-44) skin tone.

  28. Cat

    Nars Larger than Life mascara….I wear it every day!

  29. Lanew22

    I never buy backups because by the time I would get to the backup I’d probably be tired of the product

  30. MAC tendertones – i went to 4 different stores to find it and the last store i was in had 2 left so i bought what’s left

  31. Jillian

    Tarina Tarantino Neopolitan Lane blush! I bought it first when it went on sale, then loved it so much I had to buy a backup!!

    • Vanilla

      I am tempted to do the same. I bought one last week when it went on sale and have been using it every day since. But I’ve never hit pan on any product no matter how much I love it… so I’m afraid I’ll regret it if I buy another. Oh what to do!

  32. KaseyCannuck

    Same…Tarina Tarrantino eyeliners plus a Mac Naked Paris lipstick.

    • Vanilla

      Same here! Bought 3 in Tommy Jet and 1 of Broken Doll. Used a 10% off coupon and it’s even more of a steal.

  33. Telma

    I don’t ever buy the same beauty product twice, I like to try different things!

  34. blueraccoon

    Honestly? My first Rouge G (Garance). I misplaced it, thought it was gone forever, and immediately bought another one. Now I have two.

  35. Mo

    Revlon’s Lilac Pastelle lipgloss. Just wanted to be prepared in case they discontinued it. I love that gloss on top of a few of my purple lippies.

  36. Lauren

    Smashbox Halo powder and Smashbox BB cream. I really love Halo. It makes my face look so healthy and alive. I really loved the BB cream in the summer, but now that it’s fall, I’m back to heavier foundations. And the color match isn’t as good as it had been in the summer when I was darker. So, my backup is going to be put away until it gets warm again.

  37. stephanie

    All My Purple Life lipglass by MAC

  38. Angie

    The Caudalie Beauty Elixir and their Micellar Water solution :) love those two!

  39. Marian

    I just bought 10 Maybelline Full n Soft mascaras because I found them for $3. I gave 5 to my daughter.

    I bought 6 bottles of Latisse and 6 Retin-As because I get them from India and the shipping is expensive. I get enough for a year.

    • Rosangela Baraldi

      Voce poderia me orientar como e onde voce compra o Latisse e o Retin-Como, sou brasileira e gostaria muito de suas informações.Obrigada, se possivel responder no meu e mail, agradeço. Bjs.

  40. Bianca

    The last beauty backup I bought was my Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover.

  41. UD Primer Potion in the pro sized tube…only because it was on sale and my first thought was that with UD that’s a good sign that they are either getting rid of that size all together or they are changing the formula or packaging. Plus I needed to use up the last of my pro discount allotment before it reset in October. A girl can never have too much primer potion lol

  42. Michelle

    I bought like 8 Maybelline Lash Stylist waterproof mascaras when they discontinued it. I buy Maybelline Dream Matte Powder whenever they are on sale too. I go through powder fast. What else…cleansers and eye makeup removers. The only time I purchased a back up of any color products is when Poppy King had her partnership w J. Crew. Bought two of the lipsticks. I love the color, but I probably will never get to the back up. Plan foiled!

  43. Aida

    Actually, there are several back-ups I purchased at the same time: Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (my HG mascara; bought 2 for the price of 1 during Ulta’s 21 days of beauty), Rimmel nail polish in Hard Metal (one of my top 5 polishes of all time; also bought 2 of these, BOGO 50%off) and 1 Ulta nail polish in Moody Blues (my favorite dark blue/navy polish, also in my top 5).

  44. Jeanine

    I bought backups of Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Foundation in both my summer and winter shades when they were on sale buy 1 get 1 free at Ulta a while back. I use it every day – I should be good for a while.

  45. Courney K

    I very rarely buy a backup, but the last one I bought was Chanel Dragon. I actually bought two because I knew it was being discontinued.

  46. Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Barely Beige, because it’s LE and makes for a great shadow base or highlighter.

    • Emily

      Where did you get it? I can’t find it online and I have searched in every drugstore within a 50 mile radius, lol.

      • Mary

        i got mine from CVS and bought the last 2. This is LE and its sold out everywhere but i’m thinking about selling my back up.

  47. Monica

    The last one was the purple pearlglide eyeliner by Mac, released in the spring.
    I dont ususally buy backups, I just have the Pressed amber mineralized blush, one of those cool liquid powders released with the Venomous Villains and a stick bronzer from the Surf baby collection, all by Mac.

  48. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Cottage Cheese. I think I got 3 of each shade when Ulta was doing a crazy promotion (60% off or something) a few weeks ago. These shades are eyeshadow primer miracles when I am short on cash for Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

  49. Quinctia

    Sally Hansen DVD–it’s still probably my favorite nail polish, and it takes more coats than normal to reach true opacity, so I wanted a second.

    Aside from that, I rarely buy backups, though I might still nab a UD Midnight Cowboy lipstick if I see them somewhere, as I’ve used quite a bit of mine up. And I kind of wish I grabbed a backup of WnW’s Lust 6-pan palette because the pans are tiiiiny and I’ve used quite a bit of it up!

  50. Hessa

    Just today, I picked up another lipstick from MAC. The shade was Fire Sign. Best sheer red for my complexion. (Medium/Tan)

  51. Em

    MAC Cleans Off Oil–seriously, I can’t live without this stuff.

  52. Lee

    I found MAC Pink Burst lipstick (a pretty, sheer fuchsia) from Spring Colour Forecast in 2010 at a CC and bought all they had. Which was actually only one but it did replace the one I just used up anyway.

  53. Lana

    Chanel Rogue Allure Laque – Dragon R.I.P :(

  54. Z Green

    I CANNOT live without Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. I have sparse eyebrows and they are getting thinner as I get older… For me its not a optional purchase-its my life lol.

  55. Francesca

    Nars Yachiyo Brush and Chanel Brinze Universel.

  56. Leticia

    MAC eyebrow pencil in Spiked – it freaks me out that I’m never sure when it´s going to run out!

  57. Liz

    Cover Girl Lashblast 24hr mascara, I really don’t buy backups of anything else!

  58. VickyM

    I have never bougt a backup for anything, but I wish I had purchased one or two for Chanel Ruban Rose lipstick :( it was a gorgeous shade and I loved it and it was my first rouge Coco also…no one told me that it was being discontinued and when I went to repurchase it after I had almost finished my last tube the SA told me it was gone :( I bought Gardenia rouge Coco instead the closest shade to Ruban Rose but it´s just not the same… I have never found anything like that and it was my favorite lipstick :( :( :( .

  59. MsAnge

    Rarely buy backup of makeup items mostly skincare. Makeup prob. Only one: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus. It’s all about the Japanese mascara for me.

  60. Ana

    Also TT spark of envy eyeliners (got the last two that were at my Sephora store hehe)

  61. Wet n’ Wild’s Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie. It’s the best bargain product so there’s one for my purse, one for my office, one for home and one in the car!

  62. Tara

    I bought the Laura Mercier rose rendezvous highlighter from last Christmas… so beautiful! And Le Metier de Beaute Corinthian eyeshadow. It was so hard to find that I picked up two. Not cheap! :/

  63. Carriel2

    TT Eyeliners and Sephora Flashy eyeliner in taupe. I often times want to buy backups of nail polishes, but by the time I realize how much I like a polish, I can never find it it to buy a backup. :(

  64. Nikki

    I never but back ups because I feel like there’s always something new to try. So if I ever actually finish anything, I’ve decided to search feverishly for a dupe!