Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What nail and hand do you start your manicure with? Any rhyme or reason?

Temptalia's AnswerI always start with my left thumb and work my way to my left pinky finger, and then I move to the right thumb and move outwards to my right pinky.

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40 thoughts on “What nail and hand do you start your manicure with?

  1. Carrie

    I generally start at the left thumb to left pinky, than right pinky to right thumb. Occasionally I’ll do my right hand first, but habits are hard to break!

  2. Same as Christine, and my mom does it that way, too. I had a manicure that started with the left middle and she did thumbs last. Got me all confused about life 😉

    • Rachel

      The nail artist at my local hair/beauty salon does the same thing! It’s weird, and makes no sense. If it was from the outsides in, I could understand, because you’re more likely to bump the longer fingers if they’re done first.

      • so glad it’s not just me that got confused by that, lol. I asked her why she did it that way and she said she didn’t really know, that she just always had done it in that order. Hmmm. :/

  3. xamyx

    I’m the complete opposite; I start with my right pinky, working my way in, then to the left pinky, and toward the thumb.

  4. Miss J

    I always paint my left hand first, and I always start with middle fingers then go to the ring finger then pinky then thumb then pointer. LOL. No rhyme or reason to that part, but I’m right handed, so I think it’s just natural to start using that hand to paint the left first. Then I’m like oh, shit, now I have to figure out how to paint with my left hand and not incredibly mess this up.

    • jessica

      hahaha I do that too!! except I start at my left pointer, then work to the pinky, and then the thumb. but half way through that left hand I’m like CRAP!! just once I’d like to remember to do my right hand first! lol

  5. Christina

    I always paint my nails straight across (starting with my left pinky to my right pinky) unless I am doing “accent nails” in which I will paint them first so that I don’t accidentally paint the wrong color!!

  6. To the left, to the left

  7. Vilma

    I always start with my left hand, start at the thumb and finish that hand. Then, I start that process again with my right hand.

  8. TygerKitty

    I start with my right pinky and work towards the thumb, then left pinky to left thumb. I’m right handed and it’s easier to paint with my good hand while those nails are wet than the other way around!

  9. Audrey

    Same, exactly.

  10. LOL–I’m the complete opposite as you 😛 I start with my right hand pinkie and move inward towards the thumb then start on my right hand pinkie and do the same thing

  11. Malia

    Left thumb to left pinky, but then right pinky to right thumb!

  12. Audrey

    Begin on the left hand (being a right-handed) and on the pinky, because usually most of my fingers require only one brushstroke, but my thumb two full ones, hence needs more precision.

  13. LMM

    Right pinky first across to right thumb, then left pinky to left thumb. I do it this way so that I can’t smear a freshly polished nail getting to another. And I am right-handed so I start on my right hand to make the next one easier!

  14. Raquel

    i always start with my right hand and .. middle or anelar finger. i always double coat before i do my thumbs, which are the last ones always because i use them do clean the edges of the other nails :)

  15. Since I am left handed, I always start with my thumb right hand and work clockwise to pinky and then over to left thumb and counter-clockwise to pinky. I used to seriously suck at doing my left hand, but I have to say, my nail painting skills have become much better with steady practice. I have very little clean up to contend with.

  16. t_zwiggy

    I always start with my left pinky going towards left thumb, and then right pinky to right thumb.

  17. Tigerlily

    I am right-handed and I start painting my right hand’s nails first, so I can use my not-manicured-yet left fingers to clean up any mess I’ve made 😉 I usually start by the thumb and move towards the pinky.

  18. Leigh

    Left pinky across finishing with the right pinky. But I do my thumbs very last because I use them to clean up any mistakes I make along the way.

  19. Chrissy

    I go right pinky to right thumb, then left pinky to left thumb. sometimes I start with the left though. I kind of just switch back and forth, but i always start with pinkies.

  20. Alexis J.

    I start with my left hand, thumb to pinkie. I’m left handed, so I prefer to paint my right hand second. That way, my dominant hand is already painted and I’m less likely to smudge.

  21. Kimberly

    I always start on my left pinky and work in, and the same with my right hand, so I don’t smudge a nail by accident

  22. Vivian

    That’s funny, I always start with my left pinky to the left index then right pinky to right index. I leave my thumbs last because I never know if I need my thumbnails to clean up edges (like how the manucurists would do when they give you a manicure).

  23. Aida

    I always start my left pinky to

  24. I always start with my left hand because I’m right handed so the left is always easier, of course. But for some reason I always start with the middle finger, and no rhyme or reason, it just seems to be where the brush wants to land first!

  25. Jen

    I do it just like you do, Christine, and I have no idea why. Looks like a majority of us in the comments do it that way (but that may change as more comments show up).

  26. Same as you Christine. I’m surprised not everyone else does, it just feels like the only way to me, lol.

  27. I always start with my left hand, index to pinky, then thumb. Repeat on the right hand.

  28. Sedem

    I start with my left hand and middle finger.Then I go on with my ring and pinkiy finger, than index finger and finally my thumb. And same order with my right hand. It’s kind of strange I know :D, but I don’t have any particular reason for it. It’s just how I do it. :)

  29. Kara

    I start at the pinky of my right (dominant) hand and work towards the thumb, and then I go from the left pinky to the left thumb.

  30. Amber

    I always work from my left pinkie to left thumb then right pinkie to right thumb.

  31. I usually start with my left middle finger!

  32. I start with my index nail on my left hand, do each nail until my pinky, then do my left thumb. I then do my right index nail, work my way to the pinky nail, then do my right thumb. Funny, I’ve never thought about it before!

  33. Safyre

    Left pinky to left thumb, then right pinky to right thumb. Sometimes I do thumbs first and then work to the pinkies but thumbs first usually makes more of a mess :/

  34. Becca

    left pinkie :3

  35. Geneva

    I start painting my pinkie on my dominant hand (right) and paint my thumbs last.

  36. Kathleen

    I always start with the pinky–working my way in keeps me from smudging any of the wet polish.