Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What movie would you love to see a makeup collection for? What brand would create it?

Temptalia's AnswerI’d love a Finding Nemo collection πŸ˜‰ As far as brand goes, theBalm or Urban Decay (because I envision lots of eyeshadows, so I’d want a top formula!).

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80 thoughts on “What movie would you love to see a makeup collection for?

  1. Quinctia

    The Princess Bride!

  2. A Sakuran or xxxHOLiC collection would be REALLY gorgeous!

  3. audash

    I would LOVE to see a Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection! Not too picky about the brand as long as they put out solid products in the collection.

  4. The Great Gatsby! Can you imagine the packaging of it, if ever? Mmm <3

  5. Lisa

    Defintely Labyrinth. Second choice would be The Dark Crystal. As far as what brand, I would also have to say Urban Decay. I think they would do a collection of either one of those movies really well. Ugh. Now I’m disappointed that it’s only wishful thinking.

  6. Harry Potter. Mac should make an individual collection with each house like when they did the Disney Villains collection.

    I would buy the entire Slytherin Collection and the eyeshadow for the other houses.

  7. Jen

    Oh I love this question. My sweet side says “The Sound of Music” could inspire a beautiful collection but my sinister side says “Sweeney Todd” could have been fun and interesting.

  8. Hunger Games! Star Trek! little Mermaid! Clueless!

  9. Meiya

    -The Fifth Element
    -Moulin Rouge

  10. Megan

    A better Alice In Wonderland set by a great brand, a Clueless set and a Pleasantville set (one of my favorite films ever!). Any Marilyn Monroe film too.

  11. Judy

    The Great Gatsby!

  12. Hunger Games. I’ve been fantasizing about a collection that’s based on the costumes of the tributes when they were being interviewed. As far as brand goes, my best bet would be Urban Decay because I’d like to see a lot of eyeshadows as well. :)

  13. I haven’t seen the film yet but I’d have to say The Great Gatsby. And I’d love to seem something based on either Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina (well, any Audrey Hepburn film but that’s because I love Audrey Hepburn and her amazing beauty and style).

  14. Monica

    Just saw The Great Gatsby…movie was ok, but the makeup and fashion were fierce!

    • The Great Gatsby didn’t do well on film the first time, either, but I thought and was hoping that the clothes, makeup, hair, etc. would be stunning this time ’round. Glad to know this is the case!

  15. Any of the Harry Potter films! Eyeshadow shades for all the Hogwarts house colors, and of course a brilliant bottle green, for the color of Harry’s eyes!

  16. I’d love the see a “The Great Gaspy” collection.

  17. erin

    the princess bride, lord of the rings, or young frankenstein.

    • Marina

      You should check out Geek Chic and Shiro! The former has a Princess Bride one, and the latter has a Hobbit collection :)

  18. I would love to see Urban Decay do The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. They could do an Isabelle and Magus palette.

  19. Crystal C

    I think Across the Universe would make for a stunning collection. c:

  20. Megan S

    A despicable me collection! I could see Sephora or Urban Decay creating one.

    • Jaz

      YESSS!!! Or Monsters University , The Incredibles , and the Princess and the Frog would be great options as well

  21. JGR

    A Slumdog Millionaire collection, by Sephora (for pretty packaging) or Urban Decay (for quality).

  22. Cherie

    Harry Potter! I’ve actually spent time thinking up colors, names, and so on that I’d like to see. I think Urban Decay or MAC would be good choices for the brand.

  23. I think mine will be a weird answer but maybe a Forrest Gump collection! By doing a Forrest Gump collection you can have mini sets within the collection dedicated to each decade of the movie. I picture a brand like Estee Lauder or maybe even Bobbi Brown doing something like this.

  24. Orlane

    a Harry Potter book of shadows by UD would be the bomb.

  25. demetrius

    Any David Lynch, neo-noir movie!

  26. Basema

    SATC, Gossip girl series, Keeping Up with the Kardashian..

  27. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Chicago”. For “Chicago” it would be great to see 1920s cosmetic packaging. :)

  28. Nicole

    Maybe a Sex and the City collection, because of different looks inspired by the 4 ladies. It should be released by a brand based in New York and should be available worldwide.

  29. Katie

    Omg, a Nemo collection would almost be too perfect. Imagine those bright colors! I’m going to follow up with an Avatar collection.

  30. Harry Potter, a better Alice In Wonderland, Mulan, or The Little Mermaid. ^.^

  31. Moulin Rouge, I think. The makeup and costumes in that movie were *so* cool. No idea on brand, though.

  32. VickyM

    I love this question πŸ˜€ , well itΒ΄s really hard for me to decide on this one, because there are quite a few nice movies for something like a makeup line but I will choose two: Elizabeth I queen of England, I would love a collection that featured or gave tribute to her time era from the lipstick to the nail polish to the blush, eye shadow, powders and perfumes with a packaging that resembled the expensive things that royals had back then. My second option would be Lord of the Rings, this one is more in the fantasy field so there would be so many options for the packaging and colors, with themes like human warriors, hobbits, elves, and even trolls lol, this would be very fun and have so much potential. The brand for the Elizabeth collection would be either Ysl, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy or Guerlain since I think these brands could easily capture the essence from the product to the packaging of Elizabeth’s time. As for the Lord of the Ring collection maybe a not so serious brand could make it, like Too faced, since they have fairy tale themes on their pallets sometimes, the balm, or Mac since Mac didnΒ΄t do too bad with the Archie’s girls collection or the Marilyn collection :) .


    the HANGOVER collection by Mac !!

  34. Avatar, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Grease.
    Urban Decay or TheBalm can do the honors.

  35. Pamela

    First thought is Gatsby! I’d love to see how the 20s are interpreted!

  36. Susie J

    If someone made a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection I would buy it ALL- probably ten times over :) I’m not sure who I’d like to make it- probably one of the older cosmetics houses and perhaps French.

    I’d also fancy a Gatsby line and maybe a ….. LOTR Collection. Theme it on locations in Middle Earth-They could have a mossy greens/browns/cosy neutrals for the Hobbiton products and some rich plums, blacks and greys for Mordor. Pretty highlighters and ethereal shades for Rivendell.

    • Marina

      Shiro has a lovely Hobbit collection. I have sample sizes of each, and they are all pretty nice!

  37. Ashley

    Harry Potter and Hunger Games by Urban Decay

  38. S

    I vote Casablanca. Classic and dramatic. Incredible.

  39. Jessa

    Gone with the Wind — Besame Cosmetics for their gorgeous old-fashioned products and textures, or Julie Hewett who started out with film makeup!

    Casablanca — Hourglass! So sophisticated and well-edited.

    The Wizard of Oz — definitely Make Up For Ever, who’s better at incredibly vivid colors?

  40. Liz

    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes would make wonderful 1950s inspired collection. It would be great since you have a blonde character and a brunette. I would love to have Estee Lauder do it. I personally don’t wear Estee Lauder, but I think they would do a great job with the packaging.

    I would also love to see Fashion Fair do a Foxy Brown collection (the movie starring Pam Grier). That would be awesome.

  41. Not a movie, but I would love to see Game of Thrones. I’m thinking Urban Decay and I also agree with a Harry Potter collection!

  42. Shelly

    Definitely Moulin Rouge! As for which brand, either Urban Decay or MUFE (I think the latter put out an inspired lipstick a little while back? I’d like to see what they’d do with a full collection).

  43. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch would be such a great Holiday collection! I feel like MAC could come up with such a cool collection with super extravagant lashes and packaging :)

  44. Anne-Laure

    A Harry Potter collection, by Urban Decay: four palettes, one per House, in nice pop up boxes like the Alice or New York City Books of Shadows: ooooh, I would go completely nerdie for these…

    My other guilty pleasure being the LOTR trilogy: a LOTR nail collection by OPI, or a LOTR whole collection based on the elements used by the different species: green/forest/woods/leaves for the Elves, grey/metal for the Orks, black/red/fire for Sauron, browns/rocks for the Dwarves, bright colours/flowers/fireworks for the Hobbits, etc… Would be fun to see this by Benefit or Chanel.

  45. Michelle Teixeira

    The Star Trek movies would be amazing. I could see MUFE or The Balm being able to set this up right.

  46. Jan

    The Great Gatsby. Not crazy about the movie but the fashion and make-up are pretty cool. In particular, Nick and Tom have a small party in NY. Attending is the cousin of Tom’s mistress, wearing a deep and somewhat bright peacock green/blue dress. Her eye make-up includes the most incredible smoky and yet bright blue green shadows. Usually those shades are dusty, ashy, never quite rich and bright at the same time – but in The Great Gatsy, it was perfect..

  47. Anne-Laure

    oh, I also thought Clockwork Orange. It would have to be by a very edgy brand, I’m thinking of Make Up for Ever, with very contrasted saturated eye shadow and lipstick colours (black/white/red and of course orange), black aqua liner and of course incredible false lashes….

    • xamyx

      I absolutely love the idea of A Clockwork Orange! However, I think a softer, more Mod set could accompany the vivid aspect of the collection. Of course MUFE would be my first choice, but if MAC could get it together in terms of quality, then I think they could pull it off, as well.

  48. Donna

    “Cleopatra”! The one with Elizabeth Taylor. And “Great Gatsby”

  49. Gaby

    The Devil Wears Prada…the eyeshadow on Emily Blunt looks so awesome! The makeup on Elizabeth Banks’ character in “The Hunger Games” is vibrant and different (would make for a good costume makeup).

  50. ChauDM

    Great Gasby !!!

  51. Eee! Can you imagine a Muppets-esque palette for Finding Dory? πŸ˜€ Someone needs to start prodding theBalm about this, clearly!

  52. Katie

    Pan’s Labyrinth!

  53. Bladerunner or The Matrix (by Illamasqua)
    Clockwork Orange (by Makeup Forever)
    House of Flying Daggers (by Urban Decay)

  54. Lizzi

    I agree with everyone saying a Harry Potter collection, with four mini-collections, one for each house. I was a big Harry Potter fan growing up and I would have to get every piece of the collection.

  55. Monibackincali

    Geez…. I have nothing to contribute other then Im glad these are not made because I would go broke!

  56. Caroline

    I think any Jean Harlow film could inspire a great collection …. all that art deco packaging and ruby red lipstick *sigh* As far as which brand would be a good bet to carry this off, I’d say either Guerlain or Laura Mercier – something classy and elegant.

  57. Harry Potter!!! and The Little Mermaid!

  58. Elise

    I think beauty and polish companies missed out BIG TIME on “The Great Gatsby.” That is some seriously high-glam inspiration.

  59. My first thought of an animated movie was Rio.

    Great Gatsby would be amazing too!

  60. Moulin Rouge, for sure! Other choices for me are . . . The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, The Fast and the Furious, and movies from the Marvel movieverse.

  61. “A Good Woman” with Scarlett Johansson and Helen Hunt. It’s a story set in the 1930’s, love it!