Friday, February 25th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

What makeup brushes do you have multiples of? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerMAC 208, 226, 239, 266, 182, 129, 194.

Thanks to Jesselyn for today’s question!

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48 thoughts on “What makeup brushes do you have multiples of?

  1. The most frequently used are:

    Crown Deluxe Crease
    ELF Studio (flat) Powder
    MAC 109, 165, 209, 217, 226, 272

  2. MAC’s 129, 275, 252 and 239.

  3. Georgina

    I hope MAC rereleases the 226. I really want it, and I cannot for the life of me find an EXACT dupe.

    • StellarStace

      A friend of mine is a mac trainer, and she said the Laura Mercier eye crease brush is just alike, if not a bit better. I really love the results I get when I use it.

      • Georgina

        Thanks! I’ll be sure to check it out next time I go to Target. (:

        • I don’t think you will find Laura Mercier at Target lol. Don’t you have to get that at like a department store? It’s like a high-quality department store. Target has Sonia Kashuk though!

  4. Well I do love brushes and totally guilty of dupes
    MAC 217, 224, 129, 219
    Sigma F180
    Costal Scents Flat Top Buffer Brush
    Cornell Paint Brushes

  5. shelly

    Two EcoTools angle brushes and two Sigma E25s (one is a short-handled/travel sized version, though…does that count?).

  6. I’ve just started building up a set of brushes. I got a Sephora brush set for xmas, it’s a good start! The only brush I have duplicates of is a face powder brush, but they’re different sizes anyway so I suppose it doesn’t count.

  7. just the 217 and the 239.

  8. dani

    Mac 150 and 239
    Also afew e.lf ones

  9. Katya

    MAC 217, 261, 239, 116, 182

  10. the eco tools new eyeshadow brush, its great.

  11. Nunuiviet

    Mac 129, 187,182,209,239,224

  12. MAC 239 and 217, Make Up Forever 14S.

  13. Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki and ELF Eyeshadow Brush.

  14. Jess

    You can never have enough MAC 217’s 😉 I have 4 now I think…

  15. Ana Krum

    elf Powder Brush, elf Small Angled Brush and MAC 217.

  16. StellarStace

    The 239, 217, 242, and 188.

  17. heidi

    Just my stippling(drugstore) and concealer brushes(bareminerals)

  18. Hannah

    I try not to get any dupes, there are so many brushes out there and there might be an ‘even better one’
    And people keep mentioning dupes of their favourite or most popular brushes, slight variations on the same brush probably wont do anything

  19. Laurina

    None. I spent a lot of money and thinking picking out my brushes, and I made sure not to get brushes I already have. Brushes are expensive!

  20. Charlene

    Hands down eye shadow. Mostly loew cornell maxines mop 3/8th in. But I have many Mary Kay and NYX brushes too.

  21. Elsa

    mac 217, ss224 (old numbering sorry :)), ss 239, ss222

  22. Tina

    I do not have any brushes as yet…gonna buy sum nw….

  23. Mars

    Eyes-MAC 242,252,239,217,224,222,263,210,219 (I have 2-5 of each of these)
    Face-MAC 187,129, 150, 168, 138 (I have 2-3 of each of these)

    I have 1 full set that is just for freelance work & my personal brushes that I like to have duplicates of since I change the colors I use every day & with extra brushes I’ve always got a clean brush ready.

  24. Mariella

    Pur Minerals chisel brushes and powder brushes(because they comes in so many of their “showstoppers” on the CDN Shopping channel; Quo retractable lipstick brush (I have 3.
    Ones I’d LOVE to have multiples of (but they’re too darned pricey): MAC 130, 217, 239 and 224.

  25. pinksoda

    Elf blending brush and flat top powder brush
    Sigma ss217

  26. I freaking love Ms Makeup brushes, so I buy whatever I can find when I find it. I have three of their angled eyeshadow brushes now XD

  27. MACcutie08

    MAC: 239, 217, 224, 209

  28. Emily

    I was just thinking about this the other day: I’m saving up for another MAC 187 for foundations cuz I use my current one for blush.

  29. amanda

    mac 217, 266, 182

  30. I have a lot of double brushes because I work at MAC and I bring my own brushes. This way I don’t have to clean them as often because I have extra clean ones. lol

    But these are the ones I have duplicates of:
    209 x2
    217 x 10
    224 x 4
    239 x 5
    242 x 2
    190 x 3
    188 x 2
    187 x 2
    150 x 2
    109 x 2

  31. Leah

    MAC 217 and 239…ELF Studio Powder brush….Raw Natural Beauty blush brush.

  32. Debbie

    I have 3 of MAC #217. One for lighter colors, one for darker, and one that I use with the black greasestick! I need to get more of other brushes.

  33. Andie

    219, 217, 224, 239, 129, 165, 168, 190, Sonia Kashuk Highlighter and flat top brushes.

  34. Liz

    272, 187, 168
    Studio tools crease brush
    Quo angled liner brush

  35. PJ

    Laura mercier tightliner!

  36. Suzanne

    I have 2 224s and 4 flat eyeshadow brushes from a cheap no-name brand.

  37. Studio Tools Smudge Brush
    Sonia Kashuk Large Crease Brush
    Sonia Kashuk Small Pencil Brush

  38. Natalie

    MAC 139, 187, 188, 224, & the kabuki one which is escaping me right now

  39. I am wondering what foundation brush people like the best and why.

  40. Denise F.

    I have collections from Sigma,Estee Lauder,Lancome,Guerlain,Sephora,and Clinique. I think that about covers it. These are full collections, with 2-4 of some, in the same collections. Too many, I know, I always have extras.

  41. Niki

    5 Revlon Professional All-Over Color Eyeshadow Brushes;
    2 Revlon Professional Contour Color Eyeshadow Brushes;
    2 Smashbox 15 Contour Brushes;
    2 Lancome Blending Brushes;
    2 Estee Lauder 11E Blending Brushes; and
    3 elf Powder Brushes (from their Studio Line).
    There are more duplicates in my MU brush collection but these are brushes I reach for the most often.

  42. MAC 219, 239, 129, 182, 181se, 224 and 226 :)