Friday, April 12th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What lip color is your weakness? Share the color you just can’t get enough of!

Temptalia's AnswerCorals with a little pink and gold shimmer!

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110 thoughts on “What lip color is your weakness?

  1. k

    Oranges! Especially neon ones.

  2. Any berry lip color and of course reds!

  3. Coral-reds, strawberry-reds, pink-reds, orange-reds, red, red, red! 😀

    Throw in some gold and/or copper shimmer and you can bet I’d swoon.

  4. Amanda

    Nudes that are more beige and not too orange get me every time

  5. Alethea

    Matte reds. They give me Diva feelings.

  6. Cindy

    Red, neon pink, neon orange. Did I mention RED? Haha!

  7. kitten

    blue based pink and purples although they don’t go well with my olive skin

  8. Kate

    Berries! I always tell myself that I won’t gravitate towards those shades with a new product launch but every time, those are the ones that grab my eye. Something that blends red, purple and pink just draws me in.

  9. Katie

    Red, especially matte red!

  10. Precious

    Berries, plums, and reds. Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Gigolo to be exact, I’m so in love with it! :)

  11. Dominique

    Red lippies but I also love pink or plum ones !

  12. Laurel

    My lips but better shades! Pinky brown to roses I get weak in the knees for all lipsticks that barely do anything!

  13. Cool-toned purples and blues! UGH! Hard to find and I have a need to buy all of them.

    • Veronica

      Cool-toned anything can be a hard find. 😛 (Don’t even get me started on what it’s like to go foundation shopping!)

      • Xero

        Interestingly enough I have trouble finding warm-toned shades, especially in pinks.

        • Veronica

          Admittedly, lip shades are the probably the one product that range that I have the least trouble finding things. It’s usually face products that trouble me. 😛

          I think warm-toned pinks are easy to find if you’re going for something bold or dark. I agree that it’s far more difficult if you’re going for something MLBB or subtle. Those tend to lean cool or neutral.

    • Amy D.

      Ohhh! Me too! But unfortunately I don’t have many. Would LOVE to hear your recommendations/favorites! :) (Any good metallic or shimmery ones?)

      • Amanda

        One of the Wet n’ Wild Fergie Lipsticks (Fuschianista?) is a fuschia with blue shimmer and it’s amazing! Makes your teeth look super white.

  14. Vladimir

    the color is dark and poshy, it is kike clotted blood! it is my obsession

  15. Maggie

    pink… i have like 25 pink lippies

  16. ItsKeerstin

    MLBB shades!!! I can’t get enough of them… Mac’s Viva Glam V is my ULTIMATE.

  17. Nikki

    Definitely coral! I’ve yet to buy a coral lip color that I didn’t love at first application, and it’s the color I reach for when I want a make up look that pops against my dark skin without being too much!

  18. Alison

    My favourite lip colours are reds, wines and burgundies!

  19. blueraccoon

    all of them, lol.

    Seriously, it’s easier to say what I don’t gravitate toward: Oranges or orange-corals, neon colors, bright reds (although I own a few), and really pale colors or nudes. Everything else, I’ll buy and have bought. I love pinks, everything from lighter sheer pinks to dark pinks, I really like pink-browns, I love berries, I like corals if they’re more pink or red than orange, I like plums. I suppose I go for berries and pink-browns most, but I’ll buy almost anything if I think it’ll look good on me.

  20. Johanna

    NUDES. I am a nude addict.

  21. Kathrina

    Berry colors and purplish pinks.

  22. Jasmin

    Lip Colors like Mac Cut a Caper <3

  23. SarahKita

    Purples. I want to hoard all the purples.

  24. Cherry

    Mine has to be reds or brights! I have loads of red in all shades and tones

  25. Tigerlily

    Greyish pinks. Whether shimmery, matte or glossy…my heart rate goes up just the same when I see one!

  26. Tulie

    Colours like MAC Honeyflower and EL Apricot Sun. Shame that both are discontinued. Anyone knows a good dupe? :)

  27. Jessi

    Blue purples & deep magenta!

  28. Same for me! I am a total sucker for corals.

  29. tough question since i’m a HUGE lip color addict! i’d have to say brick reds and berry colors!

  30. Sabrina

    I adore red lipsticks, lipglosses , anything….i can never resist a red lip:)

  31. Plums! I just can’t resist them.

  32. Megan

    Blue based pinks. I like all of them, but I most often wear lighter shades.

  33. cec

    Plums and matte reds. frankly I love all lip colors so my collection i vast (100+ lipsticks). I don’t really like lipglossses though, my hair allways get cought in it, so my real lip color weakness is everything lipstick.

  34. Caroline

    Reds, definitely :)

  35. Babyshoes

    My favourite lip colours are peaches with more of a pink lean. I’m not a big fan of shimmers, I prefer creamy finishes.

  36. Laura

    Matte/satin mid to bright pinks and coral reds. Pretty much my whole lipstick collection is these types of colours. Guerlain Georgia and MAC viva Glam Cyndi are my favourites.

  37. Liz

    I’m into browns lately. Think early to mid 90s.

  38. red! Especially a dark vampy red

  39. Celine

    Pink for sure, I can’t get enough of them!

  40. Coral, especially coral pinks. My undertone has the tendency of pulling ALL the orange in a shade out, so many corals look much more orange on me. When I find one that doesn’t pull too orange, I get all starry-eyed :) That and blue-based reds, because my undertone has a way of making reds look warmer and less “bright.”

  41. Purples/violets & reds with an orange base

  42. Anu

    Warm brick red

  43. Lipstick in general is a weakness for me haha. But anything orange or coral makes me crazy! Although lately I’ve been loving hot pinks!

  44. Rebecca

    Bright pinky coral creme, or lavender.

  45. Erin

    my weakness are darker fuschia colors that are still bright, and purple pinks. mac syrup is a perfect ideal lip color for me, a neutral pink that looks like it is my natural lip color.

  46. Veronic

    Reds! Especially with a semi-matte texture. The bulk of my lipstick collection is shades of red or burgundies. :) I could wear them everyday if I wasn’t so often short on time.

    I also love mauve-y, grey-toned pinks. I own few pinks, but they’re almost all within this shade line. I find pretty most others pull too warm on me.

  47. Monica

    I love corals, also! But fuschia toned lipsticks have to be my favorite

  48. Angelina

    Purple, coral or hot pink I love these colors!

  49. Heather

    Peachy corals. <3

  50. This Nikki is a NC30

    I love MLBB colors. But…

    I’m 34 years old, and I recently came to the realization that I’ve only ever owned nudes, and nearly nude berry colors. Oh, and years ago I had one stinky smelling deep blue-red Chanel lipstick. Sad sad. I resolve to branch out. I’ll start with some Revlon Lip Butters because they’re cheap, and I’ll expand from there!

  51. Leenie

    Burgundy and deep wine colors are my favorites

  52. kastehelmi

    All reds–especially neutral and blue-reds (fav.: Zivoli by Bite Beauty, Scarlet by Bobbi Brown….) And corals! I prefer corals that have enough orange or red in them to not look Nicki Minaj pink against my cafe-au-lait complexion (favorites: Soft Coral by Bobbi Brown, MAC Hibiscus)

  53. Jennifer

    Vibrant pinks! Viva glam nicki 1, candy yum yum, occ nylon….I also love corals but pink is # 1!

  54. xamyx

    Pale nudes & greyish pinks, and blackened reds & purples.

  55. Saffron Spice

    Pinky mauves! All time favourite is Revlon’s Colorburst Lipstick in # 005 Mauve.

  56. Kailey

    Definitely peachy-pinks and corals.

  57. Lee

    Blue based dark hot pinks and fuchsias; I think I buy every single one MAC puts out. I also love pinky lavenders. Blue based lipsticks just look best on me; I keep trying yellow based pinks and pinky corals but they pull really orange on me.

  58. Jennifer Lee

    CORAL o__0

  59. dananabanana


  60. Deb

    Definitely pastel blue pinks. I have way too many but they get me every time!

  61. Jennisa

    Orange-corals with gold shimmer!

  62. lilly04

    dark peach,dark corals, malve and pink based nude beige.

  63. Irene

    Reds! I don’t wear them that often but I have a pretty big collection. Also, pinks and corals with gold shimmer.

  64. fekete lepke

    Every dark shades! <3

  65. Sarah

    Colors that mix coral pink and red like party parrot are my weakness. Also I love purples and bight pinks and oranges

  66. Little Red

    Reds and bright pinks!

  67. Polly

    1. Peachy pink with rich fiery, opalescent, gold pearl

    2. Rich shimmery berry red

  68. jo

    Light pink with shimmer

  69. Kristy

    Purples, from light to dark, pinkish or bluish, I must have my purples. A recent splurge was YSL Violet Incognito…

  70. Nesita

    Reds, berries and bright pinks!

  71. amanda

    nudes, preferably peach toned or neutral. And dark, vampy plums or reds. From one extreme to another haha 😛

  72. redshift87

    Cool-toned pinks / purplish pinks. Also, pinks with gold shimmer!

  73. Xero

    Same as Christine, pinky-corals with fine gold shimmer, and corals in general! Also, super bright coral-reds, of which I have entirely too many of.

  74. Jenny del Castillo

    Reds, no doubt lol I have lots and lots os reds in my collection: blue based reds, strawberry reds, orange reds, pinky reds… reds everywhere! But the one I adore most is MAC Ruby Woo :)

  75. abigailod

    Fuchsias, magentas and Reds (except yellow-based); plus make it in Matte finish, count me in!

  76. CC

    And anything loud! Bright pinks, oranges, purples, magenta… Gosh lipstick is an addiction of mine anyway! lol

  77. berries and plums every time!!!

  78. Deep, cool purples and reds. Blue. Anything with a pretty duochrome/iridescence!

  79. marion

    pink, pink, pink

  80. VickyM

    For me it´s all about pink 😀 , I have many different shades of pink lip colors aswell as different finishes on them. Most of my lipsticks are pink with few exceptions, I adore this color and feel I look my best while wearing it, I´m always trying new pink shades and still searching for the perfect pink. To me it is the most romantic, feminine, gorgeous and elegant color in the world :) .

  81. Brenda

    soft brownish pinks or nudes I guess. I dislike the amount of pink in my lips and I love the toned down but polished look of MAC Patisserie and Nars Cruisin. (also love Rimmel Naked, a long discontinued line) I can’t stop myself from thinking everytime I see another lippie in that shade that I want it!

  82. KEG

    fuchsia, bright pink, any purple and matte red

  83. Pamela

    Ugh! Those confounded corals get me every time! Red-ish corals, orange-y corals, pink-y corals, corals both with shimmer and without, sheer corals, amplified corals, matte corals…I can’t stop the compulsion!

  84. Elle

    Pale peaches like Nars Bolero, NYX Hippie Chic, and YSL Peche Cerra Cola. :)

  85. Vanessa

    Red-violet for sure!

  86. Meiya

    Red lipsticks, definitely. I probably have about 20.

  87. Jackie

    Without a doubt, brights…Vibrant oranges, deep corals, reddish-orange, pinky-reds…Lately, I’ve been exploring pinky-plum shades and liking those a lot too!

  88. adele

    Rusty oranges, berries, and dark reds. I’d like to venture into lighter colours for spring (pinks, corals) but it’s hard for me to find shades that work with my super pale skin.

  89. What am I not a sucker for? Anything that doesn’t pull orange or brown on me. Blech..washout city. Biggest weaknesses are anything rose and any weird grayed out colours.. not sure how to describe them exactly. OCC’s prix is a really good example.

  90. Tam

    ALL lip color is my weakness! I love them all, and it doesn’t matter what finish. I guess that’s why I have a large glass candy jar full of lipstick that I’m pretty sure I won’t use up in my lifetime.

  91. Ashley

    -Orange. I need another like I need another hole in my head. Both are inevitable. Sounds Like Noise will probably find its way into my makeup.
    -Blue. Dark blue is like a 21st century take on a classic vampy red lip.
    -Magic colors. I love the idea that a blue bullet can turnninto the most flattering pink.
    -Colors that match my hair. Right now, that means a very light salmon or creamsicle color.

  92. Erica

    Dark reds/burgundy, purples and the totally opposite end of the spectrum, nudes!

  93. Alicja

    Pink in all possible combinations! Dark, light, neon, matte, glossy. Love pink on my lips <3

  94. Sarah

    Corals, peaches, and warm bright pinks!

  95. Mónica

    No doubt: fucshias. And pinky-corals too, but fuchsias are my weekness.

  96. nina

    Blue based light pinks:)

  97. Laura

    Yellow-based light pink. Whether it’s creamy or shimmery, I want it!