Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

What is/was your all-time favorite makeup collection/launch? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerMAC Moonbathe. The packaging, the colors, the quality. Everything was a hit for me!

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101 thoughts on “What is/was your all-time favorite makeup collection/launch?

  1. Liz

    MAC hello kitty takes the place for me…

  2. Alexandra

    I loved MAC in Lillyland collection. So gorgeous!

  3. Rosanna

    MAC Spring Colour Forecast! (I wanted half of the collection at least)

    • Maria

      me too!! I loved that collection!!

    • elise

      I second that! I think that i got the entire collection. The blushes ombres wore gorgeous, all lipsticks wore beautifull( and that never happens for me), as wore the lipglosses. Even the shadows wore a hit.

  4. leah

    Mac Naughty Nauticals, it was one of this first that I fell in love with the products, promos, colors.

  5. nicci

    I have only been really following make-up for almost 2 yrs and paying attention to collections for almost a year now….I mainly pay attention what Chanel comes out with. So far, I have really liked the Soho Collection. I never bought so many items from a collection before and I loved everything I purchased, I was worried since I purchased all online (first for me – for makeup)…I am gonna grab the blush/highlight compact this month, can’t wait!

    • Amber

      I have to agree – I just adore Chanel and the Soho collection is just amazing – I plan to get the highlighter too!

  6. Peggy M

    I can’t choose!
    I just really really love the annual mineralized collection MAC comes out with every year!
    That’s the one I look forward to all year.
    I’ll make sure i’m there the day it get’s released and usually buy everything! (that i don’t have yet of course ;P)

  7. ToniaI

    Cult of Cherry

  8. Jen

    The one that got me addicted to MAC was HEATHERETTE! Then I fell in love with Naughty Nauticals and Cult of Cherry.

  9. Prolly Bombshells, and maybe Heutopia.

  10. The Hello Kitty! Was very exciting!

  11. Reese

    The MAC Hello Kitty collection was heaven for me! My two favorite things in one :)

  12. Stephanie

    Style Black

  13. liberty of london & hello kitty!!

    but i wasn’t into make up when hello kitty came out =( i just started collecting when the pret-a-papier came out and i didn’t get anything from that line or the back to beach (i bought then i returned)

  14. Nikki C

    mac hello kitty
    the packaging wasn’t that great and neither were the products, but it’s hello kitty!

  15. courtneyseaa

    MACs To The Beach collection. All the colors, the packaging, even the beach tote was wonderful :)

  16. Meredith

    Old school Maybelline Cosmic Edge. Those were the first loose eyeshadows I ever owned. I still have a bunch of stuff from that collection, all these years later.

  17. Hez

    It used to be Style Black, but Venomous Villains recently took its place. VV was a major haul!

    • Amy P

      Same here, Style Black was my biggest haul until VV crushed my record, and I’m loving all the stuff I got! So gorgeous, and I actually love the packaging b/c it’s true to how the characters appear in the movies, and isn’t that where we fell in love with them in the first place? :) My only complaints about VV are the size (I wanted everything but obviously couldn’t afford it, boo) and the fact they didn’t include Ursula. Hey Christine, how about an Ursula look?? 😀

  18. Annette

    MAC Liberty of London. I have only been buying MAC for a year or two, and this collection caught my eye and I just had to have most of the items!

  19. amelia

    les popup de chanel, summer 2010. the lipsticks, bronzers, nail polishes… I WANTED EVERYTHING, I TELL YOU, EVERYTHING.

  20. Isa

    Mac Give me liberty of London, so easy to wear

  21. Cool Heat. I loved all of the coloured eyeshadows..
    I would of said C-Shock if I had been into MAC Cosmetics at the time it launched.

  22. Kathy

    The Barbie Loves Stila Fall 2009 collection takes the cake for me! The eyeshadow palette and the smudgepots were nothing short of amazing. So many colors to play with!

  23. monika-luiza

    I’m not that much of a sucker for LEs but I love mac’s high-end collection they release once a year(like stylistics,baroque boudoir). the sheer mistery powder is just plain amazing the packaging is nice and most lipcolors/glosses suit me quite well

  24. MAC Style Black. I love any black eyeshadow or lipstick. And with different colors of reflects? Amazing!! I wish they’d re-promote everything or have Style Black 2!!!!

  25. For me it was Guerlain’s Mysterious Butterfly (holiday 2008). Everything was so gorgeous and that was the first time I actually paid attention to holiday collections (didn’t even know of Guerlain the year before to be honest).

  26. Jen

    The Smokey Eyes Collection from Mac

  27. Katharine

    Mac Pret-a-Papier was really the first collection I took notice of. Instant Chic is my fave blush, and I love the chromagraphic eye pencils! I wish I had become Mac obsessed earlier & taken notice of some of the earlier collections now!

  28. Jennifer

    MAC Hello Kitty!

  29. MAC Spring Colour Forecast. I have a feeling the Cham-Pale collection for winter will soon take that place!

  30. It will be Chanels Holiday collection! Can’t wait!

  31. lindsay

    mac venomous villians..im really feeling!

  32. HovercatMittens

    I think maybe MAC Neo Sci Fi. I only got an Expensive Pink but I LOVED the bright orange on the box and on the stuff itself. I wish I saw how the Barbie collection was boxed. I have 2 singles there and love them, but I got them after it was released and hard to find.

  33. ledonatella

    Mac Snowgirl was so pretty, and my favorite LE MAC lipstick ever, Flamboyance. There have been pinks that look close to it but they are always not quite right.

  34. Marisa

    Hands down MAC Tan Ray from summer 2003

  35. Leenie

    MAC to the beach collection

  36. Cori


  37. Marta M.

    absolutely Alexander McQueen 4 Mac. Love the p/ps, the eyeliner, MASQUE lipstick and Nile and Haunting. My favourite collection ever.

  38. Tina

    Lure and Barbie!

  39. I’m with Liz – MAC’s Hello Kitty line was just perfect for me.

  40. MAC Diana Ross Icon collection. The pink packaging was too cute!

  41. margo

    MAC_____hello kitty for the packaging. maybe villans for some of the colors and packaging. most of the other collections i missed–

  42. Sally

    I really loved Lure from way back when, Smoking, and A Rose Romance. I don’t think I can pick just one!

  43. Ashley D.

    MAC Barbie Collection and Hello Kitty & Kitty Couture for me.

  44. Laura

    For now it the VV collection. I just started collecting MAC, though, I have been a makeup addict for some time.

  45. Brenda

    MAC Neo Sci Fi. The first limited edition collection I ever bought from (I came to the game really late!!). I loved the packaging even though I only bought two items I think and I’m always on the hunt for the rest. Loved the bright warm colours and the creative charts.

  46. Lara

    mac style black! loved the products if only the packaging were cooler :(

  47. Charlene

    Mac Style Black. I was never b4 or since so excited about a MAC launch. I LOVE the colors. :)

  48. selva

    Fafi for MAC cosmetics

  49. Jess

    MAC Neo Sci-Fi…All the colors look awesome and the orange packaging makes it easy to spot in the makeup bag!

  50. Shana

    MAC: Strange Hybrid. This collection just worked for me.

    Non-MAC: The launch of BE’s Buxom brand — I’m addicted to the lip glosses.

  51. Denise

    A few weeks ago i would have said Hello Kitty…but i have gone absolutely bonkers over Venomous Villains..i have almost everything from that collection and love it all!

  52. Lo

    Probably To the Beach, closely followed by Sugarsweet.

  53. s a b l e

    Hello Kitty! The marketing, packaging, colors, range of products.. I tihnk it really all came together and MAC really delivered on that one.
    I also loved the range of colors in Rose Romance but missed out on that one, so Hello Kitty for me!

  54. Marcela

    Definitely MAC’s Venomous Villains! 2 of my loves, Mac and Disney, joining forces to destroy my wallet!

  55. Salsabelle, Diana, and there was a summer bronze one that came out like 2004 or 2005 with a gorgeous dark skin model. I believe Rose D’or Bronzing Sticks came out with that collection but for the life of me I cannot remember the name! Ahhh—the shadows came in gold packaging, too. hmm….

    Anyway, Christine do you know if MAC will ever do another Icon collection? I usually really dig those. And see if you can whisper to them that they should do a Grace Jones Icon collection….lol.

  56. Trish

    Until MAC Venomous Villains came along the MAC Hello Kitty launch was the most awesome.

  57. B

    MAC’s To The Beach was cute! I loved the packaging and since I’m a total beach bum, the whole collection really appealed to me. In terms of range, I also liked the Spring Color Forecast collection.

  58. Courtney

    MAC Style Black! I always liked makeup fine, but that’s the launch that really turned me on to the stuff.

  59. MAC Dare to WEAR Collection. Loving the bright colors

  60. MAC Dare to Wear.. Love the brights

  61. MAC Dare to wear.. Lovin the brights

  62. Carrie Ann

    Either the Hello Kitty or To The Beach collections from MAC. I love Hello Kitty, but I also love anything having to do with the ocean, especially seahorses. I was also excited about the Liberty of London and Venomous Villains collections.

  63. Lauren

    As a MAC makeup artist one of my favs was “CoolHeat” — Love the blues, greens, aquas purples and such. Was a fav of mine.

  64. natalia

    blonde, brunette, redhead <3

    • cmferrets

      yeah i loved the blonde brunette and redhead for the spring 2009 collection ( all of the msf, e/s lipglosses and lipsticks). for this years collection- i have to say spring colour forcast (the blush ompres, e/s, lipsticks, crushed metal pigments)- it was so huge that i wanted everything and nearly got it all. i just wish they would have spread it out to one collection a week, it was just too big. w/ that collection comming out , on top of lillyland and pret a papier- it was overwhelming at the time.

  65. MAC Venomous Villaons :)

  66. I would have said Hello Kitty or Heatherette but I am so in love with my VV collection

  67. bayli

    Mac venomous villains! I got soo much stuff from that collection and I love everything! The packaging is great too!

  68. Eileen

    Venomous Villains by far!

  69. Liz

    There’s no way I could pick just one! I love the packaging of Baroque Boudoir, my fave e/s came from Lure (Mancatcher), the Sugarsweet MSF’s are amazing. Some of my fave lipsticks and e/s came from Naughty Nauticals. I think that the collections where I loved many of the items are Brunette Blonde Redhead, Venomous Villains, Spring Colour Forecast.

    Oh, wait, I have it! The two starflash e/s releases! That would probably be my top pick.

  70. Valerie

    For it was Guerlain Imperiale Holiday Collection (2009)
    from that collection I purchase the meteorites, the ombre eclat bal de nuit, le 2 mascara et the two Rouge G lipstick Gems and Grace !!! Loved every thing!

  71. Suzanne

    By far, Loreal’s Romeo and Juliet Fall 1988. I was in high school at that time and begged and borrowed to get every piece. The eyeshadow quad had colors that would be current even by today’s standard’s: a matte black, a matte white, a metallic grey, and a deep rose. I find that if I use Lovechild Lipglass over Nars’s Rouge Basque lipstick I get a fairly close dupe of the lipstick that was called Velvet Rose. The ad copy was gorgeous as well.

    • cmferrets

      dont u mean 1998- when the remake of romeo and juliet came out? =)

      • Suzanne

        No, it was 1988. It was not to promote that movie. It was when color stories used to be done and specifically advertised each season(in conjuction with fashion collections) by almost every major cosmetics line.

  72. Gaga4Gaga

    Maybelline Shine Free in the late 80’s….remember the light pink/pale lavender packaging? That’s when I first became a true makeup junkie!

  73. Gia

    For MAC Barbie or Sugarsweet collection. One it was barbie and the second had things named after cupcakes! Anything with that is fav in my book.
    Overall collection Streetwear by Revlon! I was like 13 looking at the models in the ads and how edgy they looked with their glitter eyes and crazy nails. I soo wanted to be that.

  74. jerilyn

    my favorite collection thus far was liberty of london and vv….awesome looks and color combos.. magical just like disneyland. but im sure this will change because mac always coming out with something better and exciting.

  75. Jaime

    MAC Femme Noir, hands down. I still have the postcard!

  76. Michelle

    Cult of Cherry & To The Beach!

  77. Jen

    Wow I almost forgot CoolHeat! I love the slimshines! I also loved the Starflsh collection…best MAC e/s hands down!

  78. ak

    So many of them though. MAC’s A Muse collection which was inspired by Edie Sedgwick, Smoke Signals, Cult of Cherry, Mattene lipsticks, and even better when the Retro Matte lipsticks came out in 1998(?). The Diana Ross Icon one did look good but I blinked and it was all gone! I didn’t even get to try any of it!

    I SO want MAC to bring back all of the Retro Matte lipsticks!

  79. Annie

    MAC Villains: Maleficent Set. Love every piece in the collection!

  80. Gise

    disney villans for sure is the beeessstt!!!!!!

  81. Jennifer S

    MAC Smoke Signals

  82. Tiffany S.

    I loved the Madame B. collection from MAC, the colors were amazing! My new favorite collection is MAC Disney Villains of course!

  83. Leanna

    MAC Hello Kitty. That’s the one that drag me into MACaholic

  84. Jennifer S

    Colour Craft. I loved all the lipglasses, I bought them all plus back ups and I am just now getting to the BU. I just wish MAC would have put the lipglass in the regular packaging and not the square tubing, too much product waste!

  85. Lakitha

    MAC’s C Shock Collection is my all time favorite

    2)MAC’s Style Black

    3)MAC’s Dare to Wear

  86. Stephanie

    I really loved last year’s MAC Red She Said collection & Red #5 Lipstick from 2006’s MAC Couture Collection was divine!

  87. gaye

    of course guerlain