Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

What’s your favorite drugstore beauty brand? Why?

Temptalia's AnswerStill looking for my favorite!

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113 thoughts on “What is your favorite drugstore beauty brand?

  1. Ani_BEE

    GOSH but thats because Shoppers Drugmart carries it. ^_^

  2. Evie

    I’m pretty broke, BUT I still invest in good high end make up.I stay away from drugstore, since buying 1 good solid lipstick(that I can actually try on) seems like a better deal than buy 5 cheepo lipsticks that are not poor quality (or stink or tested on animals). I do, however, buy drugstore brushes, since I find many to free of any animal cruelty…so I choose ecotools… not makeup but still a drugstore winner!

  3. Sandy

    Marcelle, their eyeshadows are great and I like their Hydra-C Skincare products. Reasonably priced and good quality.

  4. Janet

    Yeah, I don’t have a favorite either… but I do like Almay’s eyeliners.

  5. Svetlana

    I don’t like nor use any drugstore brand products except for Max Factor 2000 calories mascara . So I can’t really say that I have a favorite drugstore brand.

  6. Rosie

    NYX wins with their awesome glitter liners, eyeshadows, JEPS and glosses and also their lipsticks!

  7. Iliana

    Revlon lipsticks and Maybelline mascara only. I have yet to find other products by drugstore brands with good quality on my super oily skin. :)

    • ak

      Yeah my skin is far too oily too. I only use powder foundations or a tinted moisturizer.

      • Iliana

        It’s also hard to find a foundation shade for me, since I’m yellow toned and bases turn orange when they oxidize on me. I’m now using Laura Mercier’s oil free tinted moisturizer but even that discolors when I start to get oily. I have yet to find the 100% perfect base.

        • Jessica

          Before I knew of anything besides drugstore makeup I had this problem too! I never understood why. I thought maybe I was getting foundation too dark until I went to the MAC counter for the first time and they explained to me what you just said…. I tried the Prolong wear and it didn’t turn me orange.

  8. Not brand Conscious at all. If I see something I like, test it, and it works for me, I buy it. Be it Maybelline or Estee Lauder or MAC – or some unknown local brand.

  9. Mel

    Agreed! NYX! I like their glitter liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, and pencils.

  10. Quinctia

    Physician’s Formula–though I will say there’s a lot of things of theirs I haven’t tried, because they seem blah. I really like the shimmer strips eyeshadows, and I love the gel liners. I also use their mineral foundation and have a couple of their concealer products for specialized areas (have a green cream-to-powder stick, a small cream concealer palette, and a green corrective powder compact–mainly because I can’t settle on a medium I want my concealer to be in).

    • Liz

      That was my answer – PF for the shimmer strips e/s and the mineral wear powder. I hate their liquid products though.

      I also love a few mascaras by Maybelline and Rimmel.

  11. Mayra

    Love Revlon! They have so many great lipsticks!!

  12. Carrie Ann

    Revlon. Their Colorstay foundations are the best I’ve ever tried and I love the Super Lustrous glosses. A lot of their products are department store quality.

  13. I’m a big fan of Revlon. I’ve got super sensitive skin on my face, and nothing of Revlon has ever hurt it. They’re one of the few pressed eyeshadows I can wear, because there’s no talc in most of them =)

    I also like Milani, but that’s getting hard to find around here.

  14. monika-luiza

    I like manhattan (german drugstore brand) for their shimmery/satin e/s, rimmel for their eyeliner pencils and L’oreal for many things like mascara, lipliners, concealer. . . still none of the above is a go-to brand for me, it’s more that I just own something and like the quality. PLUS: l’oreal is at least here not that much cheaper than mac. it’s still drugstore but together with mac factor something like the luxury-brand of drugstores

  15. Krysta

    I have jumped around a lot over the years but recently I’ve settled on Hard Candy. It got a bad rep from most of the people I’ve talked to, but I find it works well for my price range. I’ve got this small scar just at the corner of my right eye and so far Hard Candy is the only one I’ve found that diminishes it without making the area look like a bad air brushing.

    • I have been wanting to try hard candy I guess I will have to venture out to walmart sometime :)

      • Krysta

        I work in a bar, so I like to go for a dramatic smokey eye look or a flashy glittery look when I work (depending on my mood and the season), I’ve found Hard Candy works for both looks.
        I’ve been rushing out to the store almost every pay day to make sure I’ve not missed anything. I’ve definitely got a sweet tooth for Hard Candy.

  16. essence – I’m from Germany.

  17. Revlon overall (but NOT their mascaras), and Sonia Kashuk (Target) for brushes. I like Maybelline’s Falsies mascara, but Lancome Hypnose Drama is better. In general, I’d rather pay more for department store/high-end brand products that I looove than pay little for something that’s just “okay.”

  18. Connie

    ELF’s Mineral line, Wet N Wild and NYX, love them all! :)

  19. NYX! But I pretty much have all their products that I like, so I don’t shop much in the drugstore these days. For mascara I like L’Oreal Voluminous.

  20. Liz

    Revlon! love their lipsticks

  21. gizem

    Golden rose and Flormar but I dont know whether they ship internationally

  22. Brigette

    Loreal & Maybelline :)

  23. Melanie

    I don’t have one! I was let down once too often, so I just buy high-end makeup now :) But I’m not a junkie, who has to buy every Mac collection, so my bank account isn’t too angry with me :)

  24. ak

    When I was a kid, and I didn’t even know what a MAC was it was Revlon and then later on it was between Black Opal and Revlon. In my early teens Revlon came out for a brief period with a line of make up for black skin and the colors were great for foundations and these items were packaged in blue instead of black like the original Revlon line, and I bought one of their foundations. But even in the original Revlon line my mother and I liked a few of their lipsticks. I liked a few of L’Oreal’s lipsticks for a little while around the same time.

    Then Black Opal came along and they have great quality, high pigmented colors in all or most of their make up items but their lipsticks tasted horrible like bitter chemicals and metal, much like how Nars lipsticks used to taste, as I discovered much later on.

  25. Sexy Sadie

    Gosh Cosmetics.

  26. Tie between NYX and Revlon. Maybelline comes in second place ;P

  27. courtneyseaa

    I really like Maybelline, especially for their foundations & mascaras :)

  28. Bourjois. It is a french brand. The products smell so good and the packaing is really beautifull!

  29. Elisabeth

    loreal has great mascaras… and their liquid eye liner looks more vibrant than the $20 benefit ‘magic eye’ liquid liner i bought last week at sephora.

  30. Alina

    revlon, nyx, maybelline

  31. bettynova

    essence by a mile
    doesnt test on animals, its cheap, always comes out with something fun and pretty, good quality too, the limited edition stuff is always something unique
    so its essence by a mile

    • Amy

      i love essence. its sooo cheap and the quality really isn’t that bad. it’s especially fun for younger girls that are just starting out with makeup because they have fun colors and cute packaging. i work at ulta, and a customer seriously said that essences’ whipped mousse foundations felt the same as her chanel foundation. now, i havent tried chanel’s, so i dont know if this woman just didnt know what she was talking about or if it is that decent, lol.

  32. I really love MaxFactor Mascaras, also NYX(but we canĀ“t buy it in Germany :() and Revlon

  33. cmferrets

    revlon, maybelline, milani, nyx and hard candy.

  34. Misato-san

    NYX and Essence!

  35. Ter aka bobbysgeel

    Milani…I love everything the sell…nailpolish,e/s,liners,bronzers,blush….

  36. If I had to choose, I guess I’d go with NYX. I really like their jumbo eye pencils and some of their eyeshadow trios.

  37. Jenni

    I would have to say neutrogena for my skin. For some reason when I wear any of their face stuff, tinted moisturizers or foundations, my skin becomes clearer, more radiant and even toned when I take it off at the end of the day. And this builds up over time and multiplies for me

  38. NYX without a doubt!

  39. S

    Wet n wild for color icon single shadows, Milani for pressed mineral foundation, Jane blushing blush line is pretty good too!

  40. Vanessa

    Maybelline/Cover Girl

  41. Kajsa/Monticka

    And Cover girl for my HG Lash blast and Revlon for my HG Colorstay active foundation :>

  42. JayJay

    I really don’t use drugstore brands that much, but when I do, I would say Gosh, though they’re expensive for drugstore.. Physician’s Formula has some good products as well.

  43. Tracie

    These are the best drugstore products in my opinion:

    * Revlon foundations
    * Maybelline mascaras
    * L’Oreal HIP eyeshadows and L’Oreal Lineur Intense eyeliner
    * Wet N Wild ColorIcon eyeshadow palettes

  44. Tasha

    NYX and Loreal HIP

  45. Rachael

    Revlon for lipsticks
    Maybelline for mascara

    • Rachael

      current favourites:
      Revlon matte collection lipstick in cocoa craving
      Maybelline the Colossal mascara in glam brown

  46. Megan

    It depends on what I’m buying. But I love Revlon’s Lipsticks.

  47. Sara

    Revlon, because I think they have quality makeup and fantastic lipsticks :D. They seem to try to branch out with up-to-date makeup like high-end products do (some unexpected colors, matte lipsticks/nailpolishes, etc).

    • Sara

      Oh, also Sally Hansen Xtreme nail polishes! They are awesome.

    • ak

      Revlon’s shadows and the matte lipstick range is good but they should make the matte lipstick range of colors as large as they can in my opinion. The only thing for me is when they discontinue shades of their lipsticks that they’ve had going for years or they keep the name of a lipstick’s color but change the actual shade of it somehow. Revlon needs to bring back the original shade of Blackberry from the 80s or 90s, Coffee Bean, and a limited edition gorgeous color called Honey Bare.

  48. I like Revlon for their Photo Ready Foundation and their lipsticks, and I like L’Oreal for some of their mascaras; a lot of their HIP eyeshadows and liners; and their Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliners. Oh, and L’Oreal’s new Secret No. 1 Face Primer.
    Between the two brands I can get a full face’s worth of decent to excellent (especially those liners from L’Oreal!) quality basic makeup.

  49. vikaki

    maybelline’s mascara!!!!

  50. Dre

    Strangely enough, I have strayed away from drugstore brands but occasionally have those little impulses to see what I can find… I really like Revlon because I feel like they are the brand that offers the best range of products, surpassing what most drugstore brands typically have. I also really like L’Oreal for their mascaras; something about their volume mascaras that grabs me like no other.

  51. Anna

    L’oreal eyeshadows and visible lift foundation, Revlon foundations, Maybelline mascaras

  52. Rae

    Annabelle! Ah-mazing prices, and a lot of their products put even mid-range pigmentation to shame. <3

  53. Shana

    Cover Girl, but ONLY because of the Mink eyeshadow. A true staple.

    I wish we had Annabelle in the USA

  54. Marcela

    L’Oreal’s HIP line has some products with great pigmentation at a decent price. but really, there is NO COMPARING drugstore brands to MAC, my first and only love.

  55. Vanessa Marie

    Revlon or Neutrogena

    • Vanessa Marie

      Oops forgot to add the why…

      Revlon because its just such a classic brand and they really do try and keep up with the trends…

      Neutrogena because if you want skin conscious natural look you have it all there…

  56. Nadia

    Don’t have a favourite DS brand really. Apart from L’Oreal mascaras, I never buy DS makeup.

  57. Annabelle, its a Canadian drugstore brand. Also love Lakme which is full of hits and misses, its from India.

  58. Tiffany S.

    Covergirl is my fave! I love their mascaras and lip stains and they are very good to my wallet. My second fave is revlon because I love the lash stiletto mascara and their nail polishes.

  59. Tatum

    My favorite Drug store brands for;
    Foundations: Neutrogena
    Concealers: N/A
    Eyeshadows: N/A
    Eyeliner: L’Oreal
    Mascara: Maybelline
    Lipsticks: Revlon
    Lipgloss: N/A
    Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: N/a

    So basically I don’t have one specific drugstore brand that I am loyal to. I am more fond of high end makeup.

  60. Courtney

    Oooh…that’s a tough one! I find that I like different brands for different things. I like Cover Girl for Mascara, L’Oreal for lipstick, Maybeline for both, Revlon for stains, etc.

  61. Samantha

    Sonia Kashuk hands down. I like a few things from Hard Candy also.

  62. Alisha in WI

    I like Milani & NYX but both are hard to find here. So I’m going to say Revlon.

  63. Nat

    Either NYX or L’oreal. Nyx for their blush, and L’Oreal for their mascara and liners. Love them!

  64. Brandi

    If it works I like it. Some Drug store brands that I find work often include Maybelline, Wet N Wild, and Revlon. (:

  65. Voly

    L’Oreal for lipsticks and their tube mascara (can’t use anything else anymore); and Maybelline for their new eyeshadow.

    I wonder why L’Oreal lipsticks aren’t getting much love? They smell a little plasticky, but they are very smooth, creamy, moisturizing, and fairly long lasting.

  66. Laura F

    REVLON! <3

  67. Sam

    Rimmel London (it has my HG mascara), Loreal and Neutrogena!

  68. Rengirl

    I really love NYX and Sonia Kashuk.

  69. Deb

    NYX and Annabelle.

  70. AnGeLwInGz

    I don’t buy much drug store cosmetics anymore, but I’ve always been able to trust L’Oreal. Their HIP line is good, especially the pigments and metallic eyeliners.

  71. The miaomi

    NYX shadows
    Loreal HIP
    Maybelline gel liners

  72. Ivy

    I don’t have a favorite. I take a little from most brands. “Drugstore” somehow becomes its own brand to me.

  73. Mamavalveeta03

    L’oreal for mascara!

  74. happybadfish

    Revlon, and only for the Colorstay foundation for dry skin.

  75. MARGO

    sonja kashiuk brushes at target…………….

  76. I love Revlon. They don’t test on animals. I love their PhotoReady foundation and lip products.

  77. Air

    Neutrogena moisterizer is waaay better than clinique. Also vaseline cocoa butter lotion is the best

  78. starr

    revlon! because they have good products and they dont test on animals :)

  79. I forgot to say essence! Super afordable, spunky and fun.

  80. Not a single brand as whole, but I love some products from Revlon, Loreal, Cover girl lash blast, Milani Liquifique….I do like drugstore products, but cannot point on brand as awhole…Still I would say, Revlon…

  81. Glamarmywife

    NYX they have infinite color choices even to just experiment with to asee if its worth its higher end counterpart.

  82. TonTeezy

    I will continue to buy LOreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara.

  83. Emmers1983

    It depends on the product for me(eyeshadow, mascara, etc.)…I like certain things from each brand. I like the most things from LA Splash and Maybelline. And I wish we could more easily get GOSH and Barry M here in the states.

  84. Perilla

    NYX and Rimmel! They have adorable packaging too. Rimmel’s eyeshadow leaves a lot to be desired, but everything else is splendid.

    Essie is the BEST when it comes to nail polishes. It used to be exclusive to nail parlors, but it has recently opened it’s doors and is currently stocked in drugstores and department stores. They have an amazing color range and the quality is excellent. It doesn’t jump on fad wagons like OPI, so if you’re a trend follower OPI is the way to go. But Essie has classy colors that don’t look too gaudy (coughcough super sparkly polishes with tacky glitter). They are also user friendly because they smooth over and gives a clean application :)