Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What discontinued beauty product would you bring back and make permanent? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerChanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque.

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112 thoughts on “What discontinued beauty product would you bring back and make permanent?

  1. becca

    The old formula of MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50. The reviews online of the new formula say it all. Bring it back, MAC!

  2. Meg

    I knew it! I knew you’d say that Christine. HAHA. :)

    I actually bought this online (it was slightly used) and I really really loved the color on me. We have the same skin color. However, it actually bleeds on me after 8-9 hours. But that’s quite a long time, no?

    Anyway, I am very new to beauty products but I’d say it’s Daddy’s Little Girl from MAC’s Archie’s Girl collection for me. I really really love how the pink/violet color brightens up my face!

    • Oh, yes, I would say that is still quite good wear but sorry to hear it bleeds at all on you!

    • Veronica Shields

      Aye, I had the same problem with bleeding – except it was within two hours of having it applied. I loved the color but wound up passing it up for that reason. But then, reds tend to feather on me unless I prep, despite the fact that I don’t have the same problem with other bold colors. (Something about the consistency of red pigment, maybe?)

    • Irene

      It’s my favorite lip product, but it bleeds on me too :( wish Chanel would bring it back though!

  3. Safyre

    MAC Queen’s Sin Lipstick

  4. stacey

    Agree. Chanel- Dragon. Urban Decay Honey 24/7 eyeliner. YSL #36 lipstick. Dior Addict Lipgloss in its original formula and color. Dior lipsticks…the original form. Estee Lauder Lucidity. And so many others that I cannot remember to name. All of Urban Decay glitter eyeshadows…yes, all of them.

  5. Chanel Irreelle Blush in Mystery

  6. Quinctia

    Urban Decay, what am I supposed to do when I run out of your lipstick? T___T

    • Amanda

      Ah, I’m dreading the day when I run out of Confession :( I really wish they’d bring back their lipstick, I’m not a fan of crayon style lip products

      • I’m sure they will bring them back with new packaging, like they’ve been doing with everything else. Hopefully with a longer lasting and better tasting formula.

  7. Caroline

    Haha, I knew you would say that, Christine! :)

    For me, I would bring back this rice face wash from BBW that they had way back a few years.

  8. MAC’s Pink Flurry Blush! I wore it for 4 years straight!!!! Great question!

  9. Kathryn

    BINGO! Plushglass

  10. Emma M

    Benefit She Laq

  11. Ashley

    MAC Lipglass in “Warning!” It’s perfection. I don’t even know what collection it came out with. I just know it’s really old. Lol! I still have the tiny bit that’s left in my tube, not to use on my lips, but I use it as a swatch comparison when shopping. Still haven’t found a satisfactory dupe. :( So sad.

  12. CeeBee

    Chanel Hydrabase lipstick in Rose Drop – love the formula, love the colour. Bought a backup, thankfully, because the Rouge Coco lines just do not interest me at all.

  13. ms

    i second that. although i have only used mine like thrice. and i have a backup. maybelline red revival in my opinion comes close.

  14. ms

    mac moxie. oh yeah, that! i’d like that in satin finish.

  15. Claudia272

    MAC Marquis’D Lipstick & MSF Stereo Rose & Chanel Nortorious Sculpting Powder

  16. Anaïs

    Mac Moth Brown !

  17. Jo

    I knew what your answer would be before I even looked! I would bring back all the Rouge Allure Laques- such a good formula to discontinue :(

  18. Orlane

    Mac So Scarlet lipstick !

  19. FKS

    MAC’s retro matte lippies in Moxie and Veruschka. Dior’s plastic shine lip color/gloss. Chanel’s double contraste palettes (especially the one named “palm beach”), Guerlain’s kiss kiss nailpolishes… If are going to go back further in time, then the Max Factor’s various eyeshadows from the 70s (a certain smokeshine blue springs to mind), and the clear lip gloss in mint. And then, there are the art deco cosmetics — the ox-blood red lippies, the raspberry red blushes — whose brand names I do not know, but whose sumptious packaging hints at a truly exotic product. I guess I am getting a bit carried away here (I was certainly not around to sample the art deco versions the first time around 😉 ), because modern day products certainly perform much better. Maybe just bring back the packaging for some products, then.

  20. Nicoco Chanel

    In which no one is surprised 😛

    Viva Glam Cyndi.

  21. Bobbi Brown Fawn Eyeshadow. It is like a red based violet taupe. It looks amazing on blue eyes and on its own with no crease shade needed.

  22. Amber

    I’m right there with you Christine! If Chanel made that permanent, I would wear it a lot more often.

  23. Anu

    Chanel rouge hydrabase lipstick

  24. Martha

    Mac’s “pretty Betty” and “Silly”

  25. Can I suggest 2??

    Mac viva glam Cyndi lipstick
    Estée Lauder Violet underground palette (totally in love with it after reading one of your old post!)

  26. VickyM

    I would bring back Chanel Rouge Coco Ruban Rose, I still don´t understand why they discontinued it, it was such a gorgeous shade :( .

  27. Iliana

    MAC fresh salmon lipstick, NARS etrusque eyeshadow, MAC Coral Crepe paint pot
    These have been discontinued in my country: NARS bronzer multiples (matte) as well as their cream blushes :( I know they are permanent elsewhere!

  28. ElKay

    Mac Stereo Rose Skinfinish

  29. MAC Romp eye shadow! But as for a limited edition product, I love MAC Gem of Roses lipstick. I wish they would at least bring it back in a collection.

  30. erin

    I wish that blitz from the UD vice palette was permanent, and that they would being back the aquarius shade.

  31. Dawn

    MAC Walnut lip liner – the perfect Terracotta shade! I’ve tried to find a dupe but nothing measures up.

  32. renu

    Olay Definity Intense Anti-ageing Cream SPF 15, it was a skin care plus highlighting product and really brought a glow to the face.

  33. Anna

    Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pink Raspberry!

  34. Lizzi

    UD’s Honey 24/7 eyeliner!!!

  35. I would bring back the Wet ‘n Wild 6-Pan Palettes that had mattes on one side and shimmers on the other side. The names were Lust, Pride, Greed, and Vanity. I’m lucky to have gotten the palettes and I use them all the time. I’m always mentioning them in my blogs, but I feel bad because no one can get them anymore.

    • Ellen

      They were great, I bought two!! At $4.99, why not?

    • Quinctia

      I totally forgot that Lust is one of the few palettes I have that I’ve made significant dents in! I totally need to stalk online for a backup.

  36. chris

    MAC Miss Dish Lipstick – mix of Runway Red meets Diva.
    MAC Roman Holiday Dazzleglass
    MAC Queen Sin Lipstick
    MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

  37. Veronica

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Whisper. :( My lost baby.

    I also think anything that’s a “routine” product should never be LE. Chanel’s Notorious and MAC’s LE brow gel collection come to mind. If it’s a product that’s going to be put to daily use and eventually need replaced, why wouldn’t you cash in on that?

  38. Kristy

    NARS Crazed and Outlaw blushes. I know they brought back Outlaw, but the new one is sheer and dry. I would love a pigmented, shimmery raspberry blush.

  39. Monica

    Bobbi Brown’s black plum ink gel eyeliner. It was my favorite!

  40. Geneva

    MAC Real Posh lipglass

  41. Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope Femme Fatale!! Chanel Joues Contraste in Caprice!!!.

  42. MAC Viva Glam Cyndi! And I don’t know if this counts as a beauty product exactly, but the 222 brush as well!


  44. Irene

    Chanel Rouge Hydrabase lipstick in New York Red, most perfect color and modern matte finish, and so moisturizing! It lasts forever on the lips, too. I bought it a few years ago and it makes me sad that I’m finishing my tube already.

  45. Gina K

    Paloma Picasso’s Mon Rouge Lipstick….

  46. Rad

    MAC’s Joyous Blush. I really hope they bring it back!!

  47. Meg

    Clinique’s lipstick in crystal quince. It reminds me of my wedding day!

  48. xamyx

    I’m going waaay back, but Max Factor HD Perfecting Makeup; it is hands-down the *best* foundation ever! It was lightweight, highly pigmented, and diffused pores like no other. I don’t remember how long it’s been, but I don’t recall any other foundations at the time being labelled HD, but given the fact so many brands are cashing in on this, it makes no sense that MF would stop making this… Actually, I’d be happy if MF foundations were brought back to the US, in general.

    It’d also be nice to see Revlon & CoverGirl go back to the eyeshadow formulas of 20 years ago; they tried to “improve”, and keep up with the HE brands, but quality has really suffered. The same goes for L’Oreal.

  49. Definitely Lancome’s Chris & Tell lipstick…from their Chris Benz collaboration. Most lovely coral ever made – gorgeous texture and pigmentation. Flawless.

  50. bxboricua

    Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick <3 and UD 24/7 eyeliner in Covet

  51. dmwolfy

    MAC Shitake lipstick! It was my all time favorite lipstick for years, always got asked about it when I wore it.

  52. Claudia

    Mac – spiced chocolate quad

  53. MAC’s 222 brush, MAC’s lipstick “Our Pick” .

  54. Meiya

    Urban Decay Stray Dog eyeliner

  55. Amber520

    MAC Innocence Beware Lipstick and UD Honey Eyeliner

  56. Lynne

    Any one of these three, please: MAC Warming Trend eyeshadow, MAC’s old formula lip Vitamin E-stick with the menthol our Stila’s little pots of eye concealer. I’ve got 2 back-ups on the shadow but my dark circles and dry lips still miss the other 2.

  57. Jan

    This goes back so far that most of you won’t know what I’m talking about. Years ago, Shisheido sold these little glycerin soaps that had the softest, most gentle scent. And the soap was so incredibly mild on my sensitive skin. There are many discontinued products I’ve missed over the years, but these little soaps are the only ones I dream about.

  58. Cat G

    Benefit’s Hollywood Glo!
    Prescriptives counters so I can have Custom Blend Foundation again (I don’t trust it just over the internet!)

  59. Claudia272

    I for got to add one more! Dior Palette in Beige Massai! ;(

  60. Chanel’s Notorious Sculpting Veil

    It may not be for everyone, but it’s the only contouring powder that works for me and there are essentially no dupes out there :(

  61. Urban Decay Clean & Sober makeup remover!

  62. TW

    the old lavendar whip. I dont know what happened with th repro

  63. Meredith

    MAC Hyper Real Foundation. Ughhhhh loved it. Still hanging on to the little bit that I have. Bring it back MAC! Revlon had a highlights collection that was really nice too with powders, foundations, luminizers. All discontinued. Now, I don’t like any of their new stuff.

  64. MAC Prince Noir lippie!!!!! Even just as a limited edition, I’d buy 20! Oh God please bring it back!!!!

  65. Ellen

    Bobbi Brown’s old brown lipsticks: Malted, walnut stain, mocha stain, golden brown, toasted pink, and Bahama brown and sandstone blush!

  66. Oh God, it’s the exact same for me.
    If you’re looking for a dupe, the closest I’ve found is the NYX Xtreme Lip Creme in Absolute Red. You should definitely check it out!

  67. Another thing would be the Urban Decay liner in the color Honey. I can’t find a color like that anywhere.

    • CeeBee

      I never had Honey but I’m pretty sure the Milani Liquid Like Pencil in Gold and the Nyx Slide On Eyeliner in Glitzy Gold are both pretty close dupes. You can get both of them online at Cherry Culture for about $7.

  68. Urban Decay Gash eyeshadow! I wore it like every day for 3 years straight because I was (And am still) obsessed with My Chemical Romance, and I wanted to wear the same makeup that the lead singer, Gerard Way, did. =P

  69. Catherine

    My favorite eyeshadows of all time: MAC Warming Trend and Femme Fi. I have two backups of Femme Fi! That’s how much I love that color, it’s seriously the best all over lid, inner corner, highlight color for me.

    Also, my favorite red lipstick from the Naughty Nauticals collection, Port Red!!!!

  70. Too many to count! Nowadays, I treat everything as LE, almost. :/

    On that note, Christine, do you know if Guerlain is discontinuing Parure Gold?

  71. Xero

    Revlon Pink About It and Strawberry Suede. Such great shades, I have no idea why they were discontinued.

  72. Ashley

    I’m with you on Dragon!

    Though if I had to make a single choice for a product to bring back and make permanent, it would probably be either Le Metier’s Red my Lips or Suqqu Kakitsubata – I’d also make it easily available!

  73. charlotte

    the original miss dior chérie parfum (the 2005 version)!!!!

  74. Lesleykc

    MAC Kid Kat lipstick and Club Monaco Fair Play lipstick! I’m still hoarding a tiny sliver of Kid Kat.

  75. MAC Pret a Papier Lipglass – I barely wear it to do not finish it; I just love it! I would also love to see Starflash Eyeshadows back as permanent products!

  76. Karen

    MAC Daddy’s Little Girl, Moxie, Viva Glam Cyndi & Moth Brown, Kat Von D’s True Romance Love & Fury palette, UD 24/7 Honey liner, UD glosses with semi naked men, Max Factor Pan Stick & Revlon Wine Not matte lipstick.

  77. Jennifer

    Mac Heroine lipstick (the purple one from The Reel Sexy collection)

  78. Tina B.

    The pink Mary Kay Lash curler or the Urban Decay Revolutionary Lash curler

  79. Soffie

    MAC limited edition Petticoat. Gorgeous color. Not sure if its a skin finish or not.

  80. kb

    Stila lipstick “Natalie”

  81. Amber

    Great question!
    Mac Crescent lipglass- A gorgeous bronzey-nude, my HG for a nice neutral lip.
    Mac Metal Rocks msf- I missed out and wanna see want all the hype is about.
    Mac Pink Popcorn l/s
    Maybelline Kissing Cooler/Kissing Potion- Sooo Old Skool :)
    Nars Mounia blush
    Revlon Gumdrop lip butter
    Rock and Republic ENTIRE COSMETIC LINE- I luv everything I was able to snag before it was discontinued.
    Tarte Tickled and Cloud 9 cheekstains
    The Balm Muppet aka the Balm and the Beautiful palette
    Urban Decay Lounge eyeshadow- One of the most gorgeous duochrome shadows ever.
    Urban Decay Deluxe Shadows- esp. Freakshow and Adore
    Urban Decay Stray Dog and Midnight Cowboy eyeliners
    …just to name a few and I’ll probably think of a million more once I hit post comment. lol

  82. Nikki

    MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass

  83. MAC Naked Honey perfume from the Naked Honey collection. I just ran out!

  84. MAC fresh salmon lipstick…. its my fallback favourite. It brightens me up without being too bold or too bland. Plus, mine broke… If it came back I would buy 3.

  85. Burberry Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact.

  86. Sara

    lancome bring back colour fever in honey I love you and hibis-kiss. Honey I love you is a pale peachy pink with fine gold sparkles. It has a lot of pigment so it lightens up my naturally rosy lips without making me look drained. I’ve tried a lot of similar colours but nothing else has enough pigment. I also love the way this brand feels on my lips smooth and not too gloopy. I ran out after 2 months I loved these colours so much!