Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What brushes do you use in your typical eye look? Share!

Temptalia's Answer.

MAC 239 for application of eyeshadows, MAC 249 for application of bases, MAC 219 for any intense crease or lower lash line color, MAC 226 for the crease… and maybe MAC 217 or 275 for a brow highlighter.

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43 thoughts on “What brushes do you use in your typical eye look?

  1. cherry

    the 226 for crease, 266 for eyebrows, and the 239 for eyeshadow

  2. toni

    I used to use at least 5, but I recently (finally!) was able to break it down to 3: MAC224 for crease work and sometimes highlight (browbone), MAC239 for packing shadow on lid and highlighting browbone, and MAC219 for lower lashline to set eyeliner.

  3. Amalee

    when i’m realllllly lazy, i’ll use my 224 or 226 for everything. 😛 but usually, 239 and 224 :)

  4. xoBellaCullenxo

    I love using the 239 and 224 :)

  5. MAC 239 & 252 for eyeshadow, 217 for crease, 224 usually clean to blend things out, a 227 dupe or 275 for highlight & sometimes the 219 for smudging colors in the lash lines (top & bottom)

  6. Danielle Sharkey

    For eyes I have many different types of brushes – especially from when I went to school but I still love my basic $1 store E.L.F. Brush! I just love it! Although I am a huge fan of the crease brush! The one that I have is from MUD and it’s awesome! I love that you can use it for blending eye shadow but also for blending under eye concealer!

  7. Melinda

    I Use SIGMA Brushes Every Day All The Time Mind You I have Real MAC Ones BUT I ADORE SIgma Brushes I Don’t Have Their Make Up YET I WISH I could Have Saved MY Self Alot Of Money if SIGMA was Out WAY Sooner Then My Mac SO Expensive Collection

  8. Do you use a different brush to blend though Christine?

    • Nope, I don’t. I find I really don’t do much blending – I just layer color on and it seems to blend itself in a way!

      • Rosie

        Do you think that the paint pots would work at keeping eyeshadow on for people with lids on the more oily side? I haven’t done more than basic looks in a while and the past two nights have been having a hard time blending with UDPP, (when I started practicing more bright looks) maybe cause I kept trying and my lids were actually getting dry but I hear UDPP is harder to blend with than say TFSS or paint pots.

  9. Rosie

    I use the 239 for lid but since mine is SE I tend to grab one of my Loew Cornell’s more often, the big one for just putting one color (like Ruthless) all over or the same sized one as a 239. I use the 219 SE for lower lash color or for the crease as well (learned from you :)) and then the 226 or 217 in my crease depending on what I want. Then I use my 217 SE for my highlight. And a Loew Cornell small brush for gel liner days. And an angled brow brush for my brows, if I remember to do my brows :(.

  10. Florence

    MAC 217 for everything. Placing colors, blending, paint pots, etc.

  11. Rita

    Usually MAC 239s for lid, MAC 217 (or sometimes 224) for crease & up, MAC 228 for inner corner, and MAC 227 for highlight.

  12. AlyxVeee

    Usually a eyeshadow brush from Sephora (which i really love) like a 239 but bigger.
    Either 187 or eco tools brush for foundation,
    Eco tools blush brush + eyeliner brush for brows,
    Sonia kashuk large crease brush,
    and a fluffy angled brush for highlight.

  13. Jazz

    sonia kashuk ( i forgot the name of it , but its short and fluffy) for everything

  14. Nic

    It varies, but I generally use a 239 for all over the lid, 217 for the crease, 208 for lining with shadow or 209 if I’m using gel liner, 266 for brows, and Essence of Beauty smoky wide brush for brow highlight.

  15. 239, 224, 217 for basic looks.

  16. Sarah M

    239 for application, 217 for blending, 266 for lining.

  17. lazeny

    I use the following:

    Japonesque Medium Pro Eye Shadow Fluff Brush to apply color from my lids to my brow bone.

    Japonesque Medium Eye Detailer Brush to apply color to my lids

    Japonesque Eye shadow Crease Brush as my blending brush, this is small enough to blend colors on my lids.

    Shu Uemura Natural Brush 2r to as my eyeliner brush

  18. A Sephora brush (shaped like the 239, but bigger) for allover wash and browbone. Mac 217 and/or Sigma 224 for blending and color. Mac 219 if I’m doing lower lashline color. Mac 266 if I’m doing eyeshadow, but I’m looking into switching to the Mac 208.

  19. Crystal

    Lowe-Cornell brushes that look like the 239 and 252, and the MAC 217.

  20. Amal

    239 for placing shadow, 219 for lower lid lining, 266 for fluidline, 217 and 222 for blending/highlighting creast

  21. daphne

    239 for general application, 226 or Sonia Kashuk crease brush for crease, 217 for blending if necessary and highlight. Sometimes the 219 comes into play for intense crease, lower lashline, or inner tear duct.

    • daphne

      Oh yeah, and I use my fingers to apply my Paint Pot base! I never felt the need to use a brush. The cheaper flat synthetic brushes I have are too poor quality to apply evenly, and while I’m sure the 242 would work great, I’m not going to spend that for it when my fingers work fine :)

  22. Ana

    I guess I use a lot of brushes.. O.o
    I use the 239 to pack on colors, then I use the 217 to blend the harsh edges (also for bases), the 223(LE) for outter V and 224 to blend everything, for highlighter I use a big brush (no brand)..and then finally I use the 266 for liner and 219 for lower lash..I know..I know!!! :)

  23. tremorviolet

    242 for paint pot, two different 239s for highlighter and lid color (including outer vee), 217 for everyday crease (and 226 in I’m trying to deepen it), 222 to blend out the crease, 219 for tear duct and lower lid, 266 for fluidline

  24. 239 for lid color, 224 & 217 for crease work, a 227 dupe for highlight & an angled liner brush for liner. sometimes i use my 219 as well, depending on the look :)

  25. sweets4uk

    239, 217, 227 and 266 to set feline on my waterline.

  26. abril

    For everyday make up I use mainly the 239 for eyeshadow on the lid, 217 for crease, 224 to blend & to highlight browbone, 219 to line the lower lash line and 209 to line with fluidline!

  27. rashmi

    i use 239 for packing and 217 for blending thats all
    i do have 226 by the grace of nordstrom but didnt used it …. coz m afraid i wont get the 2nd one anywhere ….
    christine would u recmnd. 219 brush or 224 which one should i buy first

  28. Vanessa

    239, ST crease brush, 217, & 224

  29. Marina

    I can do everything with MAC 239, i don’t know how i lived without it!
    I also use 217, 219 and 266.

  30. Angela

    239(lid), 217(blending out), 226 (crease), 210 (eye liner).

  31. 239 for lid, 217 for crease and most blending, SS219 (sigma 219, just fluffier than the MAC one) for outer V and the 227 for highlight. I love love love all those brushes.

  32. Kate

    MAC 208 or 212 for lining, 227 for all over color and blending and 224 and 239 for whatever!

  33. 217

    I love using those brushes. I normally use the ones I mention for like dramatic looks. But for everyday neutral eyeshadow looks, I use the 217, 239, and 224

  34. Christina

    252 – Highlight
    239 – Lid
    226 – Crease
    217 – Crease
    224 – Blend

  35. Andrea

    I use MAC 249 for bases, MAC 239 for eyeshadow on lid, MAC 272 for outer v, MAC 226 for crease, MAC 252 for highlight, and MAC 266 for eybrows :)

  36. emily

    MAC 239 – eyeshadow, MAC 219 – crease, Trish McEvoy Tapered Blending 29 – crease

  37. Michelle

    MAC 242,217, and 224. I dont use many