Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

What brand do you wish would go on sale? How crazy would you go?

Temptalia's AnswerMaybe Guerlain or Chanel – something really high end!

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79 thoughts on “What brand do you wish would go on sale?

  1. Mavis

    Probably MUFE or urban decay! it’s not actually that ‘high end’ but hey, it helps the wallet when it’s cheaper!

  2. Dawn

    Dior, NARS and MAC

  3. Opheliana

    Dior, givenchy, guerlain, mac, make up store. Illamasqua

  4. NARS or Chanel! My wallet would be in trouble if these brands went on sale!

  5. ericka

    NARS and MakeupForever…

  6. meghan

    MAC! Even though it is one of the lesser expensive brands in the high end realm it never goes on sale. At least high end things at Sephora go on sale. It would be nice to be able to stock up on my MAC essentials on a sale!

  7. Sam

    MAC! I personally don’t think they’re ridiculously priced (although I do think they are slightly expensive), but I find it quite arrogant that they never offer specials or ANY kind of sales EVER. Even when Macy’s has storewide sales, and all the other counters participate, their counters don’t. Personally, I don’t want them to do it for the prices, but more for the offering to their loyal customers.

    • Marcela

      I totally agree! MAC should do it for the loyal customers. Their 1 perk is the free shipping they offer every week if you’re on their email list.

      • At Nordstrom about two weeks ago they had this deal where you could get 3 Mascaras (from the same brand) and one would be free. I got 3 MAC mascaras – that’s not a bad deal for me at least. Felt like a sale :)

  8. Rosanna

    NARS, Shu Uemura, Guerlain!

  9. nicci

    Chanel & Natura Bisse

  10. vivian

    i agree with you about both chanel and guerlain! i want some chanel glossimers but i can’t justify paying $27 for them. i also want to try guerlain’s meteorites but again, it’s just too expensive. i regret not purchasing them with the sephora friends and family sale ):

  11. Ooh! Chanel, Dior and MAC. Number 1 choice would be MAC. I do like Chanel and Dior but they only have a few products I actually use. MAC has the massive selection where I can just go crazy!

  12. Chanel, hands down. I would totally go all out.

  13. venice

    ditto!=)… and if I may add, Nature’s Republic – a korean brand that is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. cle de peau!

    guerlain and chanel like you mentioned, definitely. I wouldn’t mind if Lancome goes on sale with their mascaras and eye make up remover too 😛 OOOOH. Make up for ever! A sale would be so good, I want to buy all the aqua eye creams 😀

  15. Abby

    NARS or Makeup Forever.

  16. Clarisonic or Alford and Hoff!

  17. Girb

    Chanel foundation/lipstick and YSL lipstick

  18. Ditto to what u just said: def chanel, guerlain, cle de peau

  19. Yes, Chanel would be fabulous!

  20. Marinella

    Definitely Chanel, Dior and Guerlain…but they go on sale… :(

  21. Samantha

    MAC, just because I buy so much of it and it’s my favorite brand!

  22. Yes guerlain they are ridiculous prices for such familiar makeup and nars i wish would go on sale lol and possibly ysl :-)

  23. Victoria

    Giogrio Armani beauty and Burberry beauty! :) Is it possible? Haha

  24. Paula

    sugarpill or MAC. I’d love to go on a loose pigment spree

  25. Evelyn

    I’m totally with you on that one – Chanel or Guerlain, maybe Burberry too!

  26. Madeleine

    Chanel and MUFE!

  27. kasiaj85

    MAC!!! and maybe Bobbi Brown, then I would finally try something out 😉
    High end brands are on sale every time there is a Sephora sale. :)

  28. Xiao

    Omg guerlain chanel chantecaille cle de peau Please!

  29. Kerstin

    CHANEL ♥♥♥

  30. Definitely Guerlain!

  31. shoppergirlmd

    Chanel Chanel Chanel!!!! And probably Guerlain as well….and Creed …. Wouldn’t a friends and family sale be great for these brands?

  32. Urban Decay for sure 😀

  33. Vanessa

    I wish MAC would go on sale so i can but everything i’ve ever wanted!

  34. Charlene

    Make Up For Ever!!!!!

  35. Mar

    I guess La Mer or La Prairie…
    Just to check out what all the fuzz is about and to see if these products really live up to their absurd price tags 😉

  36. Amanda

    Probably high end brands known for their great mascaras – Dior and Lancome, for example. I can never justify spending that amount of money on a product that has a shelf life of 3 months. ;(

  37. Amber

    Chanel for sure!

  38. stephanie

    NARS and MUFE

  39. sophia b

    All brands that usually dont go on sale!
    I would be in trouble!!

  40. Lulee

    What is everyone’s definition of a sale? Chanel goes for 10% off during the lord nd Taylor FF sale (happened in may) so look out for that. Anyway I’ll just be lazy and say the whole of bergdorf’s beauty section. Have you seen that place??????? Hoity toity heaven

  41. Michelle

    Hourglass…they also need more palettes and retail locations too!

  42. Danielle

    MAC for sure, since they NEVER go on sale. Atleast I can get my other fav brands like Bare Escentuals, Benefit, Urban Decay etc at a sale atleast a couple times a year at Sephora.

  43. Vicky

    Cle de Peau…

  44. Sass

    Could have sworn you asked this question before. My answer is MAC. I would have NARS, but it does go on sale at Sephora sometimes.

  45. Rengirl

    I really hope RBL has another sale now that I have tried it and they have won me completely over.

  46. Eleanor

    MAC, absolutely!

  47. Isheeta

    MAC, Makeup Forever, Nars!

  48. Ani_BEE

    MUFE and MAC they are never on sale and Mac seems to be boycotting IMTAS in Canada. XP

  49. Mulki

    Chanel or YSL omg I would go beyond crazy!

  50. Carrie Ann

    I wish MAC would go on sale, so I could buy the things that have been on my wish list for a while. They used to have a friends & family discount once a year and that’s when I’d stock up. I already took advantage of the Sephora and Beauty.com discounts.

  51. AnGeLwInGz

    Agree it would be great if Chanel would go on sale. What I learned in their training seminar is that it’s actually against their company philosophy to have sales/ free gifts. In their words “we want our customers to come back to us because of the quality of our products”. It’s highly unlikely they’ll ever have a sale :(

  52. Beaute, Burberry and Tom Ford. My credit card would weep though!

  53. Elizabeth

    I would say MAC just because that’s where I buy most of my make-up from.

  54. Camille


  55. Courtney

    All of them. ^_~

  56. Isabella


  57. divinem (Melissa)

    MAC!!! >8-(

  58. Brenda

    NARS and Laura Mercier. I love both brands and want to move out of MAC, but the price point is a drawback.

  59. MARGO

    mac-they never cut you a break..

  60. Mia

    MAC! That would be AMAZING :)

  61. Maude

    MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. TheMiaomi

    NARS!! Dior, Chanel and illamasqua

  63. Mita

    Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Shiseido

  64. Samara

    Chanel and Dior.

  65. melissa

    I get bummed that MAC doesn’t have their friends & fam sales anymore, a few other brands used to do that as well, but it always seems like its shortly after the high end products are out of stock…like UD, usually when they have their sales, most stuff is sold out long before the sale, or there is nothing I need…Sephora kills me when they have theres, because I buy things AS they come out and have no patience to wait till something goes on sale….by the time they have their sale, I cant find ANYTHING that I want or need… I force myself to find something though…cant pass up ANY discount!

  66. Lissa

    MAC (or GWP would be fine!), MUFE

  67. Torill

    Definetely MAC

  68. Isa

    MAC, Nars and Benefit!