Friday, September 24th, 2010

What are your go-to makeup brushes? Share the ones you can’t live without!

Temptalia's AnswerFor eyes, MAC 239, 226. For face, MAC 109, 116, 134!

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51 thoughts on “What are your go-to makeup brushes?

  1. B

    For eyes, I always use my MAC 239, 217 and 224. For the face I use my MAC 129 for blush and a Laura Mercier stippling brush for foundation application :)

  2. Lauren

    For eyes: Mac 239, 217 and 222
    For face: Mac 109 and 129, Posh powder brush


  3. Sonia Kashuk: Small eyeshadow brush, crease brush, and bent eyeliner brush.

    I need a good blending brush.

  4. My go-to eye brushes are my eco tools brushes. I love them! My face brushes are my Studio 35 Brushes. They work really well to be drug store brand

  5. Amanda

    Eyes: MAC 239/217/224
    Face: Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush, MAC 150/187/168

  6. Carrie Ann

    I have almost all of the Ecotools brushes, which seem to do the job. They’re very soft and the quality is very good.

  7. Mary

    (Sigma/MAC) F60/190 for foundation, E40/224 for concealer, F30/134 for setting powder, and F40/168 for bronzer or blush.

  8. Chiara

    For face : MAC’s 109 and 187 and TBS’s blush brush
    For eyes, i tend to alternate between using only the 239 (when i’m in a hurry) or a 239/224 combo. I love the 214 for smudging my eyeliner!

  9. Shontay

    Eyes: Mac 239, 217 and 224

    Face: Mac 109, 150 and 187

  10. for eyes MAC 217, 242 and for face MAC 116, 150, 187

  11. Janet

    eyes: MAC 239, 226, 217, 219
    face: MAC 187, 130, 165, and Bobbi Brown blush brush

  12. Jazmine

    Do you know of a dupe for the MAC 226?? Because I really want that brush, but since it was limited edition, I can’t get it anymore!

    My go to brushes: MAC 217, EcoTools powder brush, MAC 239, Essence of beauty crease brush duos and my Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush.

  13. Eyes: MAC 249, 239, 219, 210, 224 and 252.
    Face: MAC 187 for foundation, 168 for blush and 150 for loose powder.

  14. Rosanna

    For Eyes: MAC 239, 219, 224 & 266

    For Face: Quo’s Blush Brush

  15. MAC 182 kabuki
    Estee Lauder blush brush
    Estee Lauder blending brush
    MAC 239

  16. Christine – You’re converting me into a 239 lover BTW. I still love my 242’s but I think I use the 239 more now!

    The 217 is also a favorite of mine (it’s my go-to blending brush, if you have a light hand like I do, the 224 is just worthless – I’d have better luck just blowing on someone’s face to blend the eyeshadow!) I also love my 219’s… Love love love!

    For face… Used to be the 109 for foundation but I haven’t actually used the 109 since I got the 130! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been loving the 165 for liquid foundation though… I don’t know why… Just something different I suppose :) It works well! The 138 is my FAVORITE powder brush. I use just about any brush for blush, I’m not too picky there :)

  17. Bree

    Face: EcoTools;Sonia Kashuk;Sephora;MAC 109


  18. kasiaj85

    If I were to choose only, say, 2 brushes that I can’t imagine my makup without it would be 217 for eyes and 116 for face (blush).
    If I could then add two it would be 239 and 219 for eyes. :)

  19. natalia

    109, 116, 182, 217, 239, and sonia kashuk bent eyeliner brush

  20. Fore the eyes I can’t live without the “precision eye” brush with two sides by Bare Escentuals and for the foundation I use the “flawless face” brush by Bare Minerals, love them <3

  21. Ashley

    For the eyes Sigma 239, MAC 217 and MAC 224. For the face MAC 129 and 182.

  22. Rita

    If I had to use only one for eyes, it would be 227. For face 168.

  23. julie

    I also rely on Sonia Kashuk’s small e/s brush, crease brush and bent eyeliner brush. They’re great!

    For eyes, I also like e.l.f.’s smudge brush and sephora’s cream e/s brush which I use with powder e/s actually for applying to outer corner and up into crease.

    For face, I’m still looking for a blush brush that works for me. MAC 109 works for now.

  24. For the face, I always use the 190, 187, and 168 (oh, and 109 for contouring!). For the eyes, I ALWAYS reach for the 224. I definitely can’t live without it, but I also use the 266 and 239.

  25. happybadfish

    Mac 217, I have 4 of them and I think I need one more! I have a hoof looking brush from Quo that I use everyday. My Sigma 224 for blending and 266 for eyeliner. Mac 266 for my eyebrows and 168 for blush. For foundation I use the sonja kashiuk blending sponge, loves it!

  26. Miss Silver

    And some 217 and 224 MAC brushes as well. I use the 224 for applying concealer if anything because it distributes the product very nicely.

    For my main kabuki brush, I use the one from Body Shop; synthetic bristles, densly packed, it performs beautifully. Blush brush is from Eco Tools, and I bought a couple of brushes from a wholesale trader who sold me a generic brush that is shaped very much like the MAC 217 (albeit slightly longer and looking very ordinary) but it performs just like the MACs.

    I also use some ELF brushes to blend my crease shadows, along with my MAC 217. ….I use too many brushes, and I think that’s just the OCD talking.

  27. Nadia

    I use loads! Eyes: 239, 217, 224, 227, 219, 263. There are a few more but I use them less frequently than the ones listed here.

    Face: MUFE 55N stippling brush (foundation), MAC 188 (for concealer), 165 (highlight and/or blush), 109 (blush) and 150 (powder).

  28. Charlene

    Sonia Kashuk , NYX, Loew Cornell Maxine mops goat hair 3/8 inch.

  29. Sugarfree

    MAC 239 & 217 for the eyes, always! And for the brows, MAC’s angle brush, whose number I’ve forgotten.

  30. MAC 239, 222, 224 for eyes and 116 for face!

  31. Michelle

    Eyes: MAC’s 239, 217 & 224
    Face: 109 & 169

  32. lawli

    eyes; 252, 217, 224
    face; 150, 109, 168

  33. leesie

    So, I am IN LOVE with the 239. I just…GET IT now. Wow.
    I also have a fluffy Revlon brush I found at Big Lots (I know, right?) that I like to use for blending.
    I use a Sephora smudge brush for the lower lash line, inner corner, and precise crease work.
    But I expect I’ll be expanding my MAC brush collection before too long…

  34. nikki c.

    mac 239 217 224
    mac 129 187

  35. Marina

    For eyes, MAC 239 and 217. For face, MAC 129, 182 and Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush.

  36. For sure the brushed I go to are my mac 219 pencil brush, my mac 217 blending brush, and my mac 187 face brush! They make my life so much easier!

  37. Abril

    For eyes 239 & 224. For face 224 (to blend concealer, 109(to contour) & 129 (for powder & blush).

  38. Michelle

    For eyes:MAC 272, 249 and shu uemura retractable eyeliner brush
    For face: Essence of Beauty for foundation and concealer, Shu uemura #20 for setting powder, and Make up show 16B03 for bronzer.
    I am still looking for a good blush brush

  39. solly

    I absolutely cant live without my sigma complete kit, it comes in a great brush roll holder so its perfect to take with me anywere!

  40. sam

    for eyes: MUFE 14S, stila 7s and MUFE 5S

  41. Yumi

    Face: MAC 187 or 131.
    Blush: MAC 138.
    Highlight: MAC 165.
    Eyes: MAC 226, 217, 239.
    Gee I didn’t even realize I had that many MAC brushes o.o

  42. Rosamaria

    Eyes: MAC 239,217, and 224

    Face: MAC 187

    Christine, I see that you use the MAC 226 in almost all your looks. Can you recommend a tapered crease brush that is comparable to this? I really wish that MAC would bring this brush back. TIA!

  43. kurisu

    MAC 239, 217, and ecotools eyeliner brush for my eyes!

    MAC 165 and Sonia Kashuk flat top blusher brush for my face!

  44. Courtney

    MAC 168 and 187 (what would I ever do without my 187?!)

    Everything else…I have Sephora and body Shop and Victoria’s Secret brands. I just grab whatever tool I need for my look.

  45. Danette

    For Eyes: Mac 239,217,224,219,266
    For Face: Mac 116

  46. allison

    Face: Sonia Kashuk “skunk” brush, MAC 150, Chubby Blender, BE Flawless Face

    Eyes: BE Tapered e/s brush, MAC 224, BE Eyeliner brush