Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette ($4.99 for 0.25 oz.) contains six eyeshadows–three with matte finishes and three with frost finishes. Vanity is a warm-toned palette with a mix of browns and golds. You can see a look I did with this palette here.

The three matte finished shades are: a soft, barely-there beige, dirtied light-medium tan brown, and deep, dark brown with burgundy-red undertones. These mattes were much better than the ones found in the recently launched spring palettes–much smoother, more pigmented, and applied better. I felt they swatched better than they applied, but they still applied decently. The beige shade is surprising, because for as light as it is, it wasn’t chalky at all.

The three frost finished shades are: a pale whitish-gold, bright yellow gold, and rich chocolate bronze. I found the pale gold to be rather sheer, and it easily disappeared when applied, so it did not apply evenly. The pigmentation and texture of the gold and bronze, though, is much nicer–both have good color pay off and are pretty soft, while the bronze is the best in the palette overall.

Vanity is housed in standard fare packaging for Wet ‘n’ Wild; a clear flip top with a black base. It’s sturdy enough for keeping at home, but it might not travel as well (if it’s tossed around a lot). It should stand up to some wear and tear. What I liked most was how well it secured closed. I didn’t find the included brushes to be worth using; they were scratchy and rather splayed.

The Glossover


Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

I think it's a nice palette, and for something that doesn't break the bank, it's definitely a good option for warmer neutrals. I found blending to be a little more time-consuming with these eyeshadows than is par for the course, which is in part due to the texture. These work best layered directly over a base but less so when layered on top of each other--that is when blending is more difficult.











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See more photos & swatches!

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette

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Where can I purchase Vanity? How much is it?

Local drugstores, $4.99.

Is it limited edition?


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40 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild Vanity Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Avatar of Cathy Angelcat47

    I’m so glad you reviewed this,Christine!! I was afraid to buy it,though I could really use it,but I hate wasting money;even a small amount.It all adds up…just think of your grocery store discount card!Thank you for a great review.

  2. Avatar of Angela angela

    looks nice for some neutrals. it reminds me of a covergirl quad; i think it was called “coffeeshop” or something.

  3. Avatar of Joanne Joanne

    FYI: Rite Aid currently has a 40% discount on ALL Wet N Wild till Saturday 4/9/11.

  4. I have it and love it, great value!

  5. I love mine well I did I actually used it all up. But each shadow is a MAC dupes here is the list the starting from the left and going down…the 3 mattes…Bisque/Malt/Brule,Cork/Wedge, and Embark. And now the right side…Nylon, Gorgeous Gold, and Mulch. Hope that helped someone…also the other 3 palettes Greed, Lust, and Pride all have MAC dupes as well.

  6. I would really like to get this one, I like golds a lot. I have the limited holiday one but that one is more bronzey shades, and all shimmers. I love my Wet n’ Wild palettes<3 Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Ana

    I really like some of these colors. I bought one of the three-color palettes (the green one) and the crease color did the same thing — didn’t blend easily and by the time you got it on, it kinda disappeared into the others. For being so cheap though, one or two really good shadows out of 3 or 6 isn’t bad. I’ve been eying this one, I am totally going to buy it now. That looks like a great, shimmery highlight.

  8. Devilcat

    These are my go-to eyeshadow palette, I love it! And so many MAC-dupes! I also have the Lust palette, it’s a good one aswell!

    • Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia

      I love the Lust palette almost too much. I’ve put it on a few times on days when the color scheme didn’t really go with what I was wearing, even. XD

  9. Avatar of Sass Sass

    I really like this quad. It should have gotten an A-.

  10. I own this, and I like it a lot. I haven’t had any problems with blending. I use it over UD Eden primer.

  11. I have the same one, and I find that I have a ton of fallout with the shadows, so I don’t really use it that much :(

  12. Avatar of Quinctia Quinctia

    I’ve found that in a pinch, the brushes are small enough to pack in color in the crease all right, if your fingers are small enough to keep a grip on the tiny thing, but that is about all they’re useful for.

  13. Avatar of gail Gail

    Isnt Wet n Wild made in China?

  14. There is exactly one color in this palette that I love, so I don’t think I’ll be buying the whole thing.

  15. MELIZA

    I have and love this palette & the CG coffee shop one and this one is my has a mix of mattes and shimmers & is way more pigmented than the coffee shop quad. I reach for this more than my naked palette for everyday use.

  16. Jagoda

    this palette is AMAZING!!! it should of gotten a A+++! i absolutley love this palette it has the perfect combination of light/dark and matte/shimmer! its just amazing, and i find the blending absolutely great, wayy better them mac.

  17. Jai

    I have this one and I love it. I will get another one at Rite Aid since they are having 40% off this week…

  18. I have a ton of makeup but I grab for this ALL the time. The matte beige shade is awesome. VERY comparable to Blanc Type from MAC, which is one of my favorite MAC shades.

  19. Wet n Wild is the cheapest drugstore brand, but they still make the best eye shadows there. Other brands need to step up their game!

  20. Cynthia M.

    i bought this and the Lust palette and they’re both my go-to options. i truly love them and the mattes are great. the only downside is the staying power even with a base but i still <3 them for what they're worth :)

  21. christy

    Hi Christine! Are you going to swatch these against the MAC current line shades you own? You seem to own a lot of mac eyeshadows. That would be so helpful for your readers that don’t get free stuff like you and have to buy every single thing, haha. :D Great swatches!!

  22. Fatim

    I purchased this 6+ months ago & I love it. It has all the right shades to compliment each other. I used them almost everyday before I got into MAC, and to be honest, sometimes I prefer it instead of MAC. Weird, right? But nevertheless, when used with primer, the colors are great. Recommended.

  23. beige1

    Thanks for giving the Mac dupes – I bought this while traveling the USA, and now I’m back home in Germany, and can’t get WnW here.

  24. ShockingBlue

    This kind of makes me disappointed to see how well pigmented these are – I’ve purchased a few MAC eyeshadows as of late that we so much less than these and didn’t even come close to this price. It’s really sad that MAC hasn’t been putting out the greatest quality product as of late and yet still has a hefty price tag.

  25. Jennifer

    I have this palette and I get the most compliments when I use this palette. This and Lust are amazing! (Greed was so-so, I might give that one away. Don’t have the Pride palette)

  26. Oooh. I love the left side. I adore matte neutrals.

  27. Oooh. I love the left side. I adore matte neutrals. The shimmery brown is delightful, too!

  28. MACcutie08

    Does anyone know who carries this palette? I have tried Walmart and Walgreens and can’t seem to find the Vanity Palette. Thanks in advance.

  29. Krista

    I just bought this a couple of days ago and I’m glad to announce that I’ve been wearing the colors for straight 16 hours without primer nor touchups and it remains pristine despite the humidity and scorching heat. I love, love, love this palette! :)