Monday, February 28th, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio: Silent Treatment

Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio ($2.99 for 0.12 oz.) is a neutral-themed eyeshadow trio that performs nicely and lasts all day (I included some photos of the look I used to test this trio about six hours after application).  It’s a little cool-toned, but the soft peach highlighter adds a touch of warmth. The crease shade is a dark, neutral-cool brown with gold shimmer–I was surprised at how it didn’t come off as a warmer brown from all of the gold shimmer.  I did feel that the gold flecks did not really come across when applied, but they didn’t land all over my under eye, either.    The eyelid shade is a mauve-tinted silvered brown; it’s a surprisingly complex shade.

my thoughts on the formula: Color Icon Eyeshadows are definitely some of the best eyeshadows you’ll find in the drugstore, and this trio is well-pigmented, smooth to the touch, and the colors themselves performed well in a wear test–easy to apply and blend while lasting the eight hours I wore it for (without any fading that I could see).  However, these seem to work best directly over a base, rather than layered on top of each other–like I layered the eyelid shade over the crease shade, and I felt like I had to pack more of it on to get it to really show.

P.S. – I used this trio to do a drop test – I dropped it from 4 feet above tile floor, and it survived completely intact. The packaging did not break or crack, and the eyeshadow themselves were unharmed.

The Glossover


Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Review, Photos, Swatches

The Silent Treatment trio worked out really well, and I think these are some nice neutrals, not just because of color pay off, but the shades themselves--interesting and not too warm or cool.











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See more photos & swatches!

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio used over NARS Smudgeproof

Wet 'n' Wild Silent Treatment Eyeshadow Trio
Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio (6 hours after application)

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Where can I purchase Silent Treatment? How much is it?

Local drugstores, $2.99.

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90 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild Silent Treatment Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Heidi S.

    Oh, that’s very pretty! I’m in need of some nice neutrals to wear for work. How do you find their longevity used with an eye shadow primer?

  2. Helu

    Wantt! So pretty AND cheap, gahhh 😀

  3. I LOVE this trio! I use it at least 3 times a week which says a lot considering how much eyeshadow I have! :) love it!

  4. Karina

    Hi Christine, wich MAC eyeshadow would a good dupe for the mauve color? In my country we don’t have Wet’n’wild. I love your blog!!

  5. amelia

    Is the eyelid shade at all like Nars Ondine? It looks similar in the pictures. Thanks!

  6. Yay I have this trio, and I love the fact you included a look that you did with using these eyeshadows!! :)

  7. I snatched the last two up at CVS last week :) perfect for my purse!

  8. Darlene

    I have two of the other color trios and they’re really nice — I like these colors too, so I may pick it up as well.

  9. this is my first and FAV wet n wild palette!!! I only paid $1.50 too haha half off at walgreens! :) love it on your eyes!

  10. Nina

    i really love these trios. I bought walking on eggshells and I’m in love, no creasing or fading.

  11. Wow, Christine! These Wet N’ Wild shades are quite a find! Usually you get what you pay for with cheap makeup, but this one looks pretty decent. The mauve shade is beautiful. Thank you for the review!!

  12. Ashley Sarah

    Beautiful color, great wear. Totally want this.

  13. diana

    dear christine, i don’t expect you to answer this but…why did you turn off comments for all the oscar posts?

    • Because too many people do not know how to be respectful. There’s no need for me to spend 6 hours having to deal with people’s nastiness, complete disregard for our comment policy, and otherwise have to moderate what amounts to mudslinging. I gave it plenty of chances, included a warning, but still, too many failed to adhere to our comment policy.

      • Alison

        thats such a shame

      • tg

        Tell me about it. I read a well-moderated beauty forum and it astonished me at the hateful things a few members said about the celebs’ looks, hair, makeup and dresses. I do have some opinions on them, but some of these people have zero restraint whatsoever.

  14. Brandon

    I think Wet And Wild are doing amazing things for drugstore makeup. Not only are these colors high quality, but they look very unique among the other drugstore brands out there IMO.

  15. Angelcat47

    I love it when you do drugstore product reviews as most of mine come from the drugstore.

  16. We must be on the same wavelength as I just posted a review of the trio called Walking on Eggshells! I couldn’t find Silent Treatment which was the one I was looking for. Overall I was impressed, esp. given its price!

  17. Kat

    You purposefully dropped eyeshadow just to test it for us!? 😮 Christine, you are a goddess amongst mortals.

  18. Kat

    Ooh, I think I may need to try this out, it looks really pretty!

  19. Mariella

    Looks so beautiful on you, Christine. I am really amazed by the quality of the Wet’n’Wild shadows I’ve bought – great quality at any price and yet the prices are so affordable. I may pass on this one though just because the colours seem so similar to several I have from other palettes.

  20. Vick

    so glad you’re reviewing Wet N Wild stuff! I love their new releases so much. If you haven’t the Spoiled Brat trio is great.

  21. Eleanor

    Wow! That’s really great for only 3-bucks. I really appreciate you showing us what it looks like after 6-hours. I am always concerned about how long these less expensive products will last. Looks like this one is a keeper.

  22. Eleanor

    Could you please do a look with the i dream of genie palette, so that we can see how it looked after 6-hours. I really loved the colors of that palette, but if it doesn’t hold up, I don’t want to get it.

    • I believe I already stated in the review that it wore all day for me – which means no less than 8 hours. If it did not, then I would have mentioned that and it wouldn’t have gotten such a good review :) I often test products but do not do complete looks, or I wear them with things that do not match, so it does not make sense to post them.

  23. Brittany

    I have this trio and I really love it. I get so many compliments when I wear it, and the women who know anything about makeup are floored when I tell them it’s a Wet-N-Wild product. I want to get all of the trios now.

  24. Such a pretty palette. I’m not a neutrals-wearer, though.

  25. chelsea

    the eyelid shade looks wonderful on you! im surprised and how well the look came out given the colors, great job! your eye looks with reviews are always gorgeous.

  26. I have the Eggshells palette, and 2 of the 3 8pan’s. I think I need this too! :p

    • Mariella

      I got Walking on Eggshells too and it is great. I’ve got 2 of the 6 pan palettes but the 8 pan ones aren’t in Canada yet (not that I’ve seen anyway). I can’t wait til they’re available here. What are the names of them? I’ve only seen one of the 8 pans on Makeupalley.

  27. cloudburst

    Wow! I’m definitely picking these up next time I’m at the drugstore…are they permanent?

  28. Tess

    I do like it, but I have a lot of similar shades so I’ll skip this one. (:

  29. Julia

    Wow! What gorgeous colors. That purpley-taupe is calling my name!! I can’t wait to try this out and see what it looks like paired w/ satin taupe in the crease!!

    I also like that the highlight color is actually suitable as a highlight. Some of the other color icon trios have left me scratching my head as to why WW chose a mid-tone color as a highlight shade.

    Right now I am on a pan project (I’m not buying a single makeup item until I hit pan on 10 products – or until Surf Baby is released – lol!) But this will be one of my purchases when I lift my self-imposed buying restriction.

    And, Christine, I LOVE that you did a drop test and put photos of a look with this palette! As always, your thoughtfulness in going “above and beyond” for your readers is incredibly appreciated!!!

  30. Ellie

    Gah! I love Wet n’ Wild. I have this palette and Walking on Eggshells. I use the Walking on Eggshells lid color almost daily, and their single in Brule is my go-to browbone highlight.

  31. Rosie

    I saw this at Walgreens last week and was gonna get it cause the bottom color really caught my eye but I only had $5 on me so it was this or my Diet A&W and I went with the soda! But seeing it swatched now I want it!

  32. Caitlin

    How is the crease color compared to Urban Decay’s “Twice Baked”? Do they seem pretty similar? The golden flecks of WnW reminded me of the UD shade :)

  33. Rae

    Okay, I am SO breaking my no-buy for this. (Erm, if I can find it – WnW is quite sparse in my area.) I keep hearing such great things about these, and your photos make this one look absolutely gorgeous!

  34. Shannon

    Oooh so excited you chose this to review for us! Rumor going around is that the eyelid shade is a dupe (color wise) for MAC’s Style Snob (LE). I realize texture dupability may be impossible for a starflash shadow, but if you have both, what do you think about their comparison? For those of us who missed out on Style Snob, do you think we could get our fix with Wet n Wild?

  35. Carrie Ann

    This is pretty and certainly worth a try for the price. I especially like the lid shade. For some reason, it annoys me a little that it says right on the eye shadow which one is meant for the lid, etc. I don’t think I would actually use the brow bone shade on my brow bones. I’m pretty light and it looks very peachy, so I think it might look a little off on me. I don’t know. That’s a color I’d probably use on the lid.

    • Vick

      ignore those. I wish everyone would. If you haven’t seen the Spoiled Brat trio it is a silver, a glittery black, and a hot pink. It states that the silver is for the browbone (eeeeek!) I have seen girls on youtube seriously putting silver shadow as a highlight!

  36. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this review and look! I love finding bargain brands that work well, and since I’m not the most creative person ever, your looks really help me decide what to buy :)

  37. Traci

    I’m on a no buy, but at $2.99 I’m totally going to pick this up! Hopefully it will satisfy my makeup-buying-cravings!

    • DarkGlamour17

      ugh I hate having no buy periods :( they are depressing.

    • Traci

      Update: I scoured a Target and a Walmart today looking for this eyeshadow compact. Neither of them had any Wet N Wild anywhere! I was so bummed and I had to be really really good to not buy any other makeup that I did not go for. Sure I looked, and I was good only because I was about to be late for class lol.

    • Traci

      Update 2: Went to Rite Aid, and while they had these WetNWild eyeshadow trios, they didn’t have this one!!! :(****
      I’m surprised at how much I have to search for this product. Gonna try a CVS in the next couple of days…

  38. Sophie

    Oh, wow, those are some pretty colors!! I’ve seen this at my local pharmacy, and I just might pick it up next time I’m there. Thanks for the review and swatches, Christine!!

  39. Jeanne

    Mine unfortunately did not survive when I dropped it! 2 of the three shadows crumbled :(

  40. Jazz

    at 2.99 Im getting a few , and Im getting some for the younger cousins who are just getting into makeup

  41. OH! These colors are gorgeous! Unfortunately, I found that I must be allergic to something in them, because my eyes itched like crazy when I wore one of WnW eyeshadows. I’ve only had a reaction like that once before and it was with a mascara from Smashbox. I’m kinda sad I’m missing out on this one, the colors look so beautiful on you, Christine!

  42. beautyaddict

    $3 to produce quality eye shadow, $67 to research ways to sucker people into paying $70 for it 😛

    surprising- W&W used to be very poor quality & only sell due to how cheap it was.

    I’d rather have grays or purples but these are nice

  43. Ms. Jimmi

    Looks lovely on you.

  44. awesome, i’ve heard great things about these trios! i would love to hear your thoughts on the wet n wild 8 pan palettes. i have the blue one and it is VERY pigmented–i’m so impressed with their eyeshadows!

  45. I love these eyeshadow trios from Wet N Wild. Great value for the price!

  46. Christine P.

    This palette reminds me of the MAC Trip 4 Neutral Eye & Cheek palette (minus the cheek color). Love the MAC palette because it really is a great neutral palette. If I didn’t already have the MAC I’d definitely give it a try.

  47. I do have a question about your swatching style. When you swatch on your hand do you use a base underneath the shadows or just straight on? Thanks so much!


    I love Color Icon they have amazing colors and range!

  49. I almost bought this same trio over the weekend – looks like I’ll have to go back to pick it up!

  50. Wendy

    Picked up all 6 pallets this weekend at RiteAid, they are in P.O.P. displays on the endcap. I am not dissappointed in any of them. Well pigmented with a true color payoff. Even the glitter/metallic charcol in “Spolied Brat” kept it’s glittery goodness all day! Under $20 for 6 pallets, no complaints.

  51. CJ

    I always thought the dark color was black or something, maybe I’ll get this now :) thanks!

  52. KayDi-Kat

    I searched high and low for this pallette and it did not dissappoint. The first time I wore this, someone complimented how pretty my *eyes* looked – not specifically the makeup :) I <3 Silent Treatment so much! I only wish WnW would actually name each shade individually.

  53. Helen

    Is there a mac dupe for the lid (taupe) color? Or at least something very similar? Thanks.

  54. Sarah

    I wish I could make this look as natural as yours look!
    Do you wet you brush?

  55. Devi

    I immediately went searching for more Wet N’ Wild trios after reading your sweet on candy trio review that you put up today. After looking at the different trios on the WnW website, I decided I wanted to see how this trio looked, so I google imaged some swatches…. which led me back here, right to the place that I started. Funny, huh? 😀

    I also just realized that your eye color is very pretty. :)

  56. Nancy

    The “eyelid” shade in this palette is a nearly exact dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe. I just compared them and they are basically almost identical to the eye and are nearly identical on the eyelid aswell. The “eyelid” shade in the Walking on eggshells palette is a dupe for MAC’s All That Glitters aswell.

  57. Jen

    I just bought this trio today and I love it. I noticed, however, that the lid shade is almost identical to the lighter shade in the Hourglass Exhibitionist duo. The finish is slightly different but the color is the same. Too bad I have yet to find a dupe for the darker color. I use that duo quite a bit and it’s just a liiiiittle pricey.

  58. Jen

    Oops… Exhibition. Not Exhibitionist. Haha

  59. Julie

    I’ve had this trio for a while, but barely opened it today. Just wanted to say I LOVE the eyelid color, and am really excited it’s a dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe. It’s perfect as an everyday crease color for me =)

  60. Pami

    I know I’m way late to the party…due to all the great reviews, I decided to try it.
    I LOVE this palette! The quality of the eyelid shade is AMAZING! The color is beautiful and complex. It applies like a dream. I usually use it in the crease with the highlight color on the lid. Sadly, it doesn’t show up well no matter how much I pack on.
    The crease shade takes a lot of work to blend, but it looks beautiful, and browns usually do nothing for me.
    I think because it runs neutral-cool.

    For reference I’m cool toned fair-light, and the shades in this trio are flattering, and natural looking. It’s become my go-to palette along with Too Faced Naked palette.

    Christine, do you know of a dupe for the highlight color?

  61. Dawn T

    I cannot find this, have tried walmart, winn dixie, and cvs, next im going to try walgreens, any other ideas for where to find this? After I saw the gorgeous look you did I knew I wanted this!

  62. AbsolutelySweetMarie

    Nice drugstore choice.  Works on blue or brown eyes.   All of my favorite youtube or other makeup guru types are brown-eyed gals.  Being that I’m ‘blue’ I need to always consider color choices for my own eyes.  

  63. Pami

    Thanks so much for your reply Christine :)
    Do you mean the MAC Hush Cream Color Base, or the MAC Hush pressed powder eyeshadow from last year’s Surf Baby?