Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild 520E Lipstpick
Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick

Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink (520E) Silky Finish Lipstick ($0.99 for 0.13 oz.) is a bright, summery pink with a tiny bit of red-coral pull. It has a creamy, slightly shiny, finish with nearly opaque color. The color pay off is fantastic, and it applies fairly easily and doesn’t drag or pull. This wore for three hours on me before it was significantly faded (my average is four hours), but it managed to pull through a couple sips of water at least.

There is a faint sweetened berry scent that’s a touch synthetic but rather subtle so I wouldn’t say it’s bothersome. I have noticed that some shades have a stronger scent while others seem scent-free, which leads me to believe the scent doesn’t last long (possibly a good thing for some). The cap popped off too easily for my liking; I ended up with lipstick smeared in a makeup bag, which wasn’t so fun to clean-up.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: At just under a buck, it’s hard to go wrong with these. Those who are often bothered by the synthetic sweet scents of other drugstore brands may want to avoid these, because as faint as the scent is, it is still there. The color itself was beautiful, the lipstick easy to apply, and it lasted decently, if a bit below average.

WHERE TO BUY: Local drugstores

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Wet 'n' Wild 520E Lipstpick
Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick

Wet 'n' Wild 520E Lipstpick
Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick

Wet 'n' Wild 520E Lipstpick
Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick

Wet 'n' Wild 520E Lipstpick
Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Lipstick (Benefit Bella Bamba on cheeks)

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62 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink Silky Finish Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. june

    it mighn’t have any staying power, but that’s a beautiful shade on you

  2. Daniel

    I love these budget reviews, they can be so suprising

  3. roberta

    Wow looks stunning. It seems quite similar To mac impassioned, Would you say thé sâme or It’s just my impression?

  4. livnzoe

    soooooooooo beautiful!!

  5. These lipsticks aren’t bad at all! This week Walgreens has Wet N Wild for half off, so they are only .49 each. I think they’re great for trying a color you don’t usually use, and then if you like that sort of shade you can explore similar ones in different brands. And if you don’t like it, you’re only out a dollar or so. :)

  6. Emmaline

    Pretty on you Christine, but a little bright for my taste. Nice payoff for a buck though. Will defiantly check out other colors. Thanks!

  7. Marcela

    pretty color! but i wouldn’t bother with 99cent lipstick, they scream ‘bad quality’ to me and i know that terrible synthetic waxy smell. i don’t see dupes in the description… any MAC dupes you recommend, christine?

  8. Megan

    I love this! Wet N Wild has really been impressing me lately; with this and their eyeshadows, I think I’ll be buying them for a long time. The price is great!

  9. Veronica

    From the lip swatches, I would never guess that that is 99 cent lipstick! I can’t even get my CHANEL lipstick to look that good.

  10. Pamela

    the color is so pretty i wish we could get wet and wild here in chile :(

  11. Yo

    wow super nice! cheapie delight!=)

  12. Jessica

    Wow, amazing that you do get any make-up for under $1.
    Here in Germany the cheapest lipsticks cost around 2.50 EUR.

    I actually think the color is very nice.

  13. Hiromi

    what blush are you wearing?

  14. jenniet2002

    thanks for doing a wnw post. you make every color look amazing, regardless of the price! =)

  15. Steph

    That looks gorgeous. I’ll be checking out the Wet & Wild section next time I’m shopping!

  16. Rae

    I’m sorry, $1?! That’s crazy! I love the shade & finish : )

  17. Sarah

    I love WnW these days! And cant go wrong with the price. The gel liner is great and I recently picked up the Vanity palette (6 Eyeshadows) which I use ALL the time. The colors are def MAC dupable and the color payoff is amazing….

    Christine you should def do some reviews of the eyeshadow palettes and some dupe swatches… And they are 50% off this week at walgreens…. I also happen to love the megalast lipstick in 905D and the bronzer… All fantastic for the price!

    • I wish I could buy from drugstores, but I’ve had too many poor experiences with products people have opened and used or tested. I’ve found stray hairs inside what appeared to be sealed lipsticks… skin flakes… ew. I have a couple more samples to try and will perhaps look into buying some online.

      • Maya C

        I have the same issues, but I’ve found that certain drug stores actually sell sealed items, so you can tell if it’s been opened. I’m pretty sure it’s CVS that I found the most sealed products.

        • Some seals are surprisingly easy to slip on/off on some products :/ Since I need to photograph my lips/eyes on such a regular basis, not willing to chance it!

      • JayJay

        Oh My God! I thought I was the only one with these issues! I can’t stand at the drugstore, they have the bargain bin, and it’s all stuff that’s been opened.. Sick..

        The germaphobe in me loves online shopping, and online swatches (especially here on Temptalia, as well as KarlaSugar). I can’t buy stuff at Lush in person, because I see people pawing over everything, and it just sicks me out that so many products sit there in the open. I won’t swatch at Sephora, because their testers are just, ewww. At least they remove open products from the shelves though. I love that MAC keeps their products in drawers, because I know it’s pretty clean, and they don’t give you issues, if you ask them to sanitize a product before you swatch it.

        *Runs to sanitize hands, again*

        • JayJay

          And P.S. This lipstick looks great!

        • LOL! I’m the same way – I do more and more online shopping for all the same reasons. I like stores like Nordstrom, MAC, etc. because they really seem to be VERY good about keeping customers out of drawers, and I think most customers know they can’t go into drawers willy nilly, too.

      • Quinctia

        To be honest, that might just depend on traffic in the locale and who goes in there. I live in a smaller town and, while the selection can leave a lot to be desired even in the drugstore lines at my drugstores, most everything sits there all pristine. And the younger kids seem to duck into the actual dollar stores looking for cheapie makeup rather than into CVS, so they’re not messing with the stuff, either.

        If I head up north a ways, to the Ulta or Sephora counters, more things seem to be messed with because there are more people in those stores. Despite the testers. :/

        People are inconsiderate jerks everywhere.

        • I also think some just don’t realize the consequences of what they’re doing, because I can remember being an early teen and plodding through the drugstore aisles completely unaware, you know? But now, I’m just so grossed out, lol, and I can’t risk contracting some cold sore or what-have-you with the blog (not that it would be pleasant if I didn’t have a blog!).

      • ak

        Yeah when I was living in the US I remembered that. I knew that the teenage girls or whoever were probably just standing there and opening the plastic seals on all of the lipsticks and eyeshadows in the shops when the guard wasn’t around, and touching them all up. That was annoying.

        That’s one thing now that I live in London, all of the drugstores/pharmacies in the UK provide testers of all the makeup just like they do for the department store makeup. It makes sense to me and I’m surprised that they never employed this back in the US at all. Probably for financial reasons, but isn’t it costly to lose on tampered items?

        It’s also cool that the better drugstores like the larger sized Boots one sell department store makeup brands usually Lancome, Chanel, Clinique, Clarins, YSL, Dior and sometimes Fashion Fair as well as drugstore makeup brands.

  18. Wow, you can’t go wrong with all that for a dollar. That color is great on you, by the way. It opens up your whole face and really brightens your complexion. (not like you need it though!)

  19. Svetlana

    Honestly I would never put a Wet and Wild products on my face, my skin is so sensitive so I don’t dare to try these cheap stuff!:'( The cheapest I go for is probably MAC, sometimes I use Max Factor mascaras though but thats it

  20. Loving that you’re reviewing some Wet n Wild stuff. I LOVE their eyeshadow palettes but don’t really buy anything else. I’m so picky about lipstick/face product packaging that I’ve been hesitant to purchase their lipsticks and blushes. We’ll see though. This lipstick looks sooooo summer!

  21. Totally kewlll….!!!

  22. Oh my goodness! That’s a gorgeous color! Perfect for spring.

  23. Yasmin Garcia

    so cheap and still beautiful XD

  24. Oh that color is beautiful !! I’ve been looking for a color like this one for quite some time.
    Wet’n’Wild is kind of hard to find over here, can you think of any dupes for his color? Thanks :)

  25. Aisha


  26. Caitlin

    All Wet & Wild is HALF OFF at Walgreens this week, til Saturday!
    That mneans it’d be $.50 for a lipstick!
    Count me in :)

  27. Kara

    How does this compare to Vegas Volt?

  28. I love it, looks so sweet!! ~ ^.^
    It’s cheap as fudge too! :3

  29. Christina

    this colour looks SO beautiful on you! *runs to drugstore*


  30. Jessi

    You should try the megalast ones. They don’t have s scent at all as far as I can tell and they really do last forever on me. I have 911D and it was nice to find a matte red lipstick for that cheap of a price.

  31. Ooh, gorgeous color!! For $1, I wouldn’t mind putting it in a lip palette to avoid the whole cap-coming-off-in-handbag scenario

  32. Brianna

    Very pretty! I might have to check these out.

  33. Laura

    I bought one earlier today after seeing your post, I got mine for 49 cents at Walgreens! I like how it looks on you better lol (you make anything look awesome) but regardless I love it…great texture and color, I put this side by side my MAC Impassioned lipstick and its very similar but slightly redder.

  34. Helen

    Nice. I have this one. Wet ‘n Wild has come a long way! I remember them back in the 80s – they were my go-to brand for blue & black lippies & nail polishes :) I still use alot of their stuff, especially when cash is tight. The darker 99 cent lippies smear a bit too easily, but the $2.99 long wearing ones are great.

  35. emily

    Wow, what a gorgeous color! I haven’t purchased Wet ‘n’ Wild for many years, but I totally want this :).

  36. Diana B

    I will be putting this on my list of things to buy

  37. Love the shade!
    And I am such a sucker for a cheaper piece of slap. Especially if in a colour that I know I will not wear often. Always good to try out without feeling guilty about $ spent.
    Yep. Lovely colour.

  38. Lindsey

    That color looks beautiful on you!!

  39. mel

    Hi CHristine, does this make your lips dry?
    I’m always worried about the cheapest lipstick because of instant dryness, especially in winter, it’s the worse! But the color is super pretty though

  40. Josie

    Great swatch! I think i may pick this one up at Walmart tonight! Is there any MAC dupes for this? Maybe Impassioned?

  41. DM

    Pretty lipcolor on you! As a side note, I got Bella Bamba and am returning it for the glittery factor. It even shows in your photo as a glitter, not a shimmer, which emphasizes the pores. Your photos don’t usually have an issue with makeup settling in pores but Bella Bamba kinda does that:(
    Such a pretty color too…

  42. Graciela

    Wow, what a beautiful color and I never would have thought to buy a wet n’ wild lippie. Thanks for the review:)

  43. Jazey

    Is there a Chanel or more high-end lipstick which has a similar colour to this? I don’t really trust drugstore products, haha! Had bad experiences with them :/ thanks!