Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Wet 'n' Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color
Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color

Wet ‘n’ Wild Mega Last Lip Color: 909D

Wet ‘n’ Wild #909D Mega Last Lip Color ($2.99 for 0.11 oz.) is a long-wearing formula designed to last four hours while providing full color coverage in one stroke in semi-matte, cream finishes. #909D is a rich coral-orange that leans far more orange than it does coral, but it’s not quite a true orange. It did deliver true, opaque color in a single pass.  I do wish they would include the actual names, rather than just the number, on the label.

my thoughts on the formula: It has a smooth, glide-on texture that’s not really creamy but doesn’t drag. The finish itself is semi-matte with a very soft sheen but no shimmer. Based on this shade, I didn’t detect any scent or taste, which is actually quite welcome–all too often less expensive brands have very synthetic or waxy scents. This shade wears four hours before fading. It is not moisturizing and only a touch drying; those with drier lips may want to prep with balm first.

The Glossover



I like that Wet 'n' Wild specified four hours of wear, because brands will claim long-wearing but rarely state a specific claim, so it can be difficult to judge just how long is long. This shade should flatter those with warmer undertones, especially medium to dark complexions.











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Wet 'n' Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color
Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color

Wet 'n' Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color
Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color

Wet 'n' Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color
Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color

Wet 'n' Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color
Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color

Wet 'n' Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color
Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color

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80 thoughts on “Wet ‘n’ Wild 909D Mega Last Lip Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Fitrah

    So pretty. Coral is all time favorite color for any kind of makeup. I, too, find it annoying that WnW has names for their lipsticks but only put the number on the bottom. This one is called “Cora-line.”

  2. Steph

    This is so nice! I’ll have to check them out next time I go to Walmart. Wet n Wild at the Walmarts in my area (Ottawa, Canada) are never this cheap, but still much cheaper than drugstore makeup.

    • Steph

      To follow up, I picked up the shade “red velvet” at Wal Mart today and am blown away. It is a beautiful red, so pigmented and feels very nice on my lips. I am going to pick a tonne of these up!

  3. Katie

    Your application looks so smooth! I have 902C (Bare It All), and the texture is chalky! Good thing they’re cheap.

    All of the names were online the last time I looked, but now some shades aren’t even on there.

  4. Hmm. It’s interesting that they specified four hours, because four hours is a bit less than average for me.

  5. Karlie Tipton

    How do you tell if you have a warm or cool skin tone? I’ve been told if you look better in gold, you’re warm but if you look better in silver, you’re cool but I can’t really tell a difference.

  6. Wendy M.

    I have this color and I love it! :)
    I think the name of this shade is Coraline… but I’m not too sure.

  7. Melissa

    I am really glad your give the WNW line a very positive rating. Too often, the more inexpensive cosmetic lines get overshadowed by the department store brands. I really like the Mega Last line. I find it to be very comparable to the MAC long last lipsticks (I have forgotten the name of the MAC line) in terms of colour selection and the duration of wear. I do believe the name of the colour you are showing is Coraline. I have this colour in my collection. It’s gorgeous. Thanks a lot, Christine. I really appreciate this and all the other reviews you do. Before I purchase any cosmetic, I refer to your site :) Keep up the fantastic work!

  8. lala

    i like but not on my fair skin:)

  9. CeeBee

    Thta’s gorgeous! And man, I wish Wet N’ Wild was available here!

  10. Nice one I love the shade.
    Can I ask you why you removed the comments section from the mobile site?

  11. mkdallas

    This line of lipsticks is surprisingly good for their dirt-cheap price and drugstore pedigree. I hope you’ll review some of the other Mega Last colors!

  12. Simply gorgeous! I do know the name of this lipstick, it is Coral-ine. It is weird that the name is not on the packaging!

  13. Ashley Sarah

    It’s nice seeing a company like Wet n Wild up their game. I remember them when I was a kid and their stuff was horrid.

  14. Victoria

    I love these lipsticks but the packaging is terrible! The cylindrical shape doesn’t allow for a precise line (how did you get it to look so nice? lol!) and the lipstick isn’t very secure in the base and can fall out :(

  15. Andreita

    The color is very pretty on you,thanks for the swatches : )

  16. Kate

    This looks great, is it avaliable in stores now?

  17. emm

    This looks very similar to MAC Toxic Tale, maybe a little darker, have you compared it?

  18. very nice! i’m glad that you’ve started reviewing these Christine, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried one that was comparable to Ruby Woo from MAC =)

  19. I’m definitely checking these out :) WnW is on a roll these days on Temptalia 😉

  20. Mangoo

    How is this not a 10/10 value wise? The price is so low!!

  21. vanessa

    after trying one of these lipsticks, i went out and bought every single one of them! i love the formula that much! and the price is just as loveable! Try the peachy color in 903d!

  22. Cassandra

    The actual name is called Cora-line (: I love the way it looks on you! I might give it a go!

  23. Babs

    What a great color! I’ve been looking for a good coral-orange to try, and did not want to spend a bundle (just broke bank on a slew of Nars stuff). This is a must try buy!

  24. It’s weird how the tip is flat. Don’t think I’d be able to pull off that colour – it’s really bright. Those who can, rock it! :)

  25. Sarah

    What a great color on you! I have this lipstick in nude (Bare it all) and in a brightish pink mauve (Mauve Outta Here) and their pigmentation and lasting power is surprisingly top-notch for such a cheap product. I heart these, and plan on getting more. Thanks for the detailed, accurate review! <3

  26. christine

    this is gooorgeous!
    how does this compare to mac’s toxic tale?

  27. Sabrina

    How funny! I just picked this one up tonight and then came home to see your review. I have almost all of the these lipsticks since I like the formula so much and you can’t beat it for the price.
    I’m NW15/20 and this color looks great even on me. So pretty for summer. :)

  28. Jen

    Really striking shade! I love!

  29. Jai

    Really pretty… I might be buying this one once I go to my local drugstore.

  30. This looks gorgeous on you! Thanks for posting Wet N Wild Lippies, I’d love to see them all! I’m much more interested in drugstore products than high-end at this point. 😉

  31. My big problem with these lipsticks is the shape. Especially when the color is bright or dark- that shape just is not easy to apply for me!

  32. Oh I love the colour & finish. I wish Wet ‘n’ Wild was available in Australia!

  33. Grace Chin

    OMG I NEED THIS!!! coral compliments my warm medium/yellow skin all the time!!

  34. 53

    it looks dry? is it?

  35. Yvette

    love this color…but feel like i may already have in mac line… I know this is a silly question but is there a mac dupe? and Do you know if the whole line of mega last lip color is absent with the “waxy” smell? thx you

  36. Kayla

    I’m so impressed with what Wet ‘n’ Wild has been doing lately. It’s nice to have a cheaper option when it comes to getting quality makeup.

  37. Sexy Sadie

    Truly love this on you.

  38. Ica

    would u say this is close to MAC Viva Glam Cyndi?

  39. Kayleigh

    Love this formula! I just bought shade 903C (whose name, Just Peachy, I’ve committed to memory since it’s not on the tube -_-*) and I’m LOVING it!! Looks gorgeous topped with Lancome’s Juicy Tubes in Simmer.

  40. This color is beautiful 😀

  41. Dorna

    wow, thanks! I kinda fell for orange lipstick after you posted the Givenchy tangerine a few days ago… this might be my first venture in!

  42. Ashley D.

    I’m loving Wet N’ Wild products more and more!

  43. Morena123

    WOW, this looks nice!! SOmetiems i waonder what the difference is betwene cheaper brands and expensive brands as far as the ingredients. That one looks like it could pass for a $20 lipstick (or maybe $14 like MAC) do u have any idea christine?

    • It’s hard to know exactly, just because there are a lot of behind-the-scenes things that I don’t know about. Most lines do have high markups, but costs can vary based on manufacturing/production (e.g. a lot of higher end products are listed as made in U.S., Canada, France, etc., while cheaper products are often made in China) – you could be paying for higher grade ingredients, more stringent testing, better labor/working conditions, etc. I’m not a chemist and don’t work in the industry, so I don’t have any insight to provide.

  44. Angela

    I went looking for this color and I has no luck finding it :( so sad!!!

  45. Andrea

    Love this color Christine! I am very partial to all corals, and currently own MAC Toxic Tale. Would you say its a dupe?

  46. Ica

    How close is this to MAC Toxic Tale l/s? Thanks!

  47. I picked up Revlon’s Siren today- a hot orange.. I should have grabbed this one too! So gorgeous. It’s next on the list, for sure. xo

    • lacey

      i almost picked up siren yesterday!!! but im not sure how much i would wear it… i just ordered the “oranges” lip palette from NYX to try some bolder shades in a more sheer form… who knows, maybe ill rock it and go for it!

  48. Angela

    I foresee a Wet n’ Wild haul in my near future, thanks to your reviews. Could I pull off coral? I have extremely pale skin and wear MAC’s NC15 so I think I’m slightly yellowish/pinkish?

  49. Jennifer

    Christine, is this anything like Mac High 90’s?

  50. Boopie

    Is it true this is a dupe for NARS Heatwave lipstick? How does the staying power compare?

  51. lacey

    hahaha, who knew, i actually have this color! i also have the super nude one. i thought i had a much redder one and when i just swatched it on my hand, it looks pretty red to me more than orange or coral. either way, its a super awesome color, but i do recommend putting on some balm and letting it soak in a bit before applying the color, cuz i do find it drying. the nude takes a bit of fanagaling to get it to work just right.

  52. Neha

    I got this lipstick reading your review, and it looks mind blowing on much, that my husband has asked me to get half a dozen of them. Its looks a bit more towards red on me and I think it would look great on warmer skin tones(I am an NC42). Superb pick..thanks Christine!!

  53. I love these lipsticks- i have tried all brands of lipsticks from high end to dept store and i rate these very high. they are on sale right now at CVS for buy one, get one free. I like the names but they come off if you peel off the plastic wrap- i keep the plastic wrap on by taking a exacto knife and slicing along the plastic where the top and bottom part of tube meets. that way, i keep name as well as ingredient list.

  54. Gen

    Does anyone know of a website or store other than walmart that carries Coraline? its the most difficult one to find! And I love that color!


  55. Would you say this is similar to MAC Fine ‘n Dandy?