Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Vincent Longo Galaxy Dream Collection for Spring/Summer 2011

Earth now looks out beyond her boundaries to define her place in the cosmos. In her gaze glimmers a universe of exciting, endless possibility—galactic juxtapositions of matte colour clouds and gleaming blendable pearls of light. With a conceptually post-modern nod to fearless Barbarella and an eye on outer space, Vincent Longo’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection invites you to explore wonderful new horizons in ultramodern colours and textures. “Galaxy Dream” maps the ethereal beauty of distant nebulae and places it at your fingertips, reflecting starlight in your style, with your touch, to create personalized looks of stunning galactic magic.

Pearl X Eyeshadow ($25.00)

The Pearl X eyeshadows feature rich colour coverage in a matte base showered with tiny pearlescent meteors of colour and pressed together in out-of-this-world combinations. Quantum leaps in beauty technology permits evolutionary Pearl X eyeshadows to pair matte powders and pearlized textures, and maintain the integrity of each texture perfectly consistent throughout the press and for the life of the product. Upon application, these pigment pearls combine and glide through the matte base, creating incredible looks unique to your touch, and bringing new glimmer and grace to your personal style. With each application, for every occasion, a star is born, a new world awakens. You choose your destination; “Galaxy Dream” leads the way. Simply direct the finger toward the area you desire; Vincent’s touch-sensitive pigments will blend themselves with the specific gravity of your touch for a unique eye of heavenly beauty.

  • Code 6 Pink explores galactic centers with a playful shower of magenta and gold pressed throughout a cloud nebula of matte turquoise, antique rose and charcoal
  • Destiny Rose shifts the springtime into outer space, combining a matte green, pink and lavender carpet with sparkling seeds of garnet, blue, silver and lavender for an ultramodern yet fresh look
  • Etherea evokes the mineral and metallic richesse of gold, bronze and copper, with highlights in warm bursts of rich topaz on a palette of matte brown, for blends both earthy and otherworldly
  • Luna Beach plays peacock with brown, grey and purple matte bases pressed with hot pink, electric blue and copper pearls that blend in texture and depth as they mix with flecks of gold and green
  • Novalei looks forward with sophisticated silver sheen, combining deep purple, blue and silver accents of saturated glimmer across a matte palette of sophisticated grey-greens to lighter lavender-blues

Perfect Shine V Gloss ($22.00)

Vincent’s Perfect Shine V Gloss with plumper anchors the ethereal qualities of the eye makeup, enhances the lip’s natural pout, and greets the onlooker with four luscious compliments. The unique plumper developed from natural Tripeptide in Perfect Shine V Gloss volumizes fine lines and gives the lip contour an eye-catching star quality sheen every time. Vitamin C ester adds dual power anti-oxidant protection.

  • Alpha 7 Sensuous, kissable fuchsia at lips’ brightest
  • Carina Playful peach tone that imparts a warm sheen
  • Ella Erth-rich natural mauve brown with cool undertones
  • Sexty Natural light brown sheen infused with antique rose

Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer ($28.00)

A beautiful complexion is the basis for every great makeup look. Vincent introduces four heavenly shades of Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer that offer superior texture and coverage in four shades. The concealers’ felt-tipped automatic applicator pens make even, streak-free canvases effortless and efficient for any colour skin. In addition, two peptides—one to help reduce puffiness, the other to help erase dark circles—plus Arnica extract to increase blood circulation and minimize discolouration to the under eye area, put the Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer light years ahead in both performance and benefit for your skin. Available in AMber, Fair, Medium, and Tan.

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27 thoughts on “Vincent Longo Galaxy Dream Collection for Spring/Summer 2011

  1. Sarah S.

    Wow… those eyeshadows are SO pretty in their pots! I forgot this brand existed, though. Welcome back, Vincent Longo!

  2. Jill

    These look pretty fun! I really like the look of the pink and green combo!

  3. frida

    those eyeshadows is a pieces of art !

  4. Lucie

    Beautiful. Will you be reviewing these?

  5. Ru

    I like the eyeshadows, but 4 shades of concealer is very limited.

  6. Mariella

    I love the third eye shadow pictured – how pretty they all are! But it looks like Vincent doesn’t ship to Canada and since I’m about 5 provinces away from B.C., my only option would be to ship this to my sis in law in the US and that’s not a lot of fun!

  7. Fey

    This is a really neat concept for a collection. Although, I have to admit, those eye shadows in their pans are highly reminiscent of petri dishes.

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    I prefer palettes or singles because I can never get even wear out of “swirly” shadows.

  9. This looks fascinating! I love interesting looking products!

  10. Livy

    Can you get this in the UK?

  11. Soooo pretty. Swirly eyeshadows like that never look as good when I swatch them, though. :(

    • Steph

      That is what I was thinking. They look great in the pan and then are usually a bummer when you actually use them.

  12. Lauren

    The 1st and 2nd eyeshadows look SO pretty!!! I’ll have to check these out!

  13. Cora

    I want this entire collection! *_*

  14. YES!!!!!!! these look great! and i love space-themed makeup!

  15. I love my two Vincent Longo Select Gel-x lipsticks — a terrific formulation, like MAC lustre lipsticks but even smoother and more pigmented. Those eyeshadows are beautiful!

    Glad to hear Vincent Longo is back.

  16. OMG!! I haven’t seen eyeshadows like these! The designs are so pretty! Would love to have them all if I could…..

  17. rowan

    these kind of eyeshadows look so pretty, but i don’t really understand them? wouldn’t all those different shades just come out muddy?

  18. Rachel

    This is really pretty; however, how do you apply them? Do you swirl them or pick it up in streaks?

  19. Steph

    I can’t even imagine the writers who create these press releases. When I read:

    “With each application, for every occasion, a star is born, a new world awakens. You choose your destination; “Galaxy Dream” leads the way. Simply direct the finger toward the area you desire; Vincent’s touch-sensitive pigments will blend themselves with the specific gravity of your touch for a unique eye of heavenly beauty”

    I started lol-ing, haha.

  20. Thanks for posting this! It’s not a brand I’m familiar with, but those shadows look like they’d be worth investigating!

  21. Weren’t you just saying you’d love a space-themed collection? Omigawd these are such eye candy!

  22. Soo

    Code 6 Pink(?) looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan.

  23. Ivet

    OMG! I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I saw this Vincent Longo post. I bought a lipstain from Vincent Longo (Americana) like 4-5 years ago and it is my all time favorite lipstick. Sephora stop carrying this brand and I forgot all about it till I read this. I am so happy to get it again from their website. So excited this made my day.

  24. Ahwwww too bad it isn’t sold in Europe! I love the eyeshadows!