Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura

The tokyo lash bar opened in2 005 world-wide, it is a testament to shu uemura’s heritage as an eyelash artist. It quickly became an international phenomenon. The 2006 collection transformed the eyelash into a fashiona ccessory. 2007 introduced invidual customization, and a lash atelier service that became a favorite of top celebrities. Each year the tokyo lash bar continues to elevate the lash to new dimensions. In 2008 the master of false eyelashes shu uemura collaborates with fashions most talked about brand, avant-garde masters Viktor & Rolf. Together they have created the ultimate luxury “fashion beauty” accessories that give a new haute couture concept to lashes. Couture eyelashes for a maximum transformation of everyday make-up into a spectacular beauty event.

I really want the Rhombus ones! I can’t really tell you why, but I’m so drawn to them. Will I pick up a pair? Very, very doubtful! At $95 a pop, these are a bit steep for me. But what about you?

Wing A messenger of hope

“These lashes were created with the concept of the eye becoming a dove, the delicate minature wings give the eyes an expression of bewilderment, enchantment. The mind wanders and airborne, a messenger of hope.” — Viktor & Rolf

See the two other specially designed lashes…

Swirl A blink of a smile

“The Swirl lash is an instant smile, the blink of an eye, a moment of attraction between the wearer and the person who was lucky enoguh to steal a glance. If ever a statement was true: a moment can last forever.” — Viktor & Rolf

Rhombus A glance of treasure

“A glance with a certain measure, directed to a certain someone is like a precious diamond, something to be treasured.” — Viktor & Rolf

Availability: September 2008, each retailing at $95.

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45 thoughts on “Viktor & Rolf for Shu Uemura for Fall 2008

  1. Sanayhs

    Much as I hate false lashes, the Rhombus ones are gorgeous.

  2. Ariana

    WOW, I <3 Viktor & Rolf! Mainly because of Flowerbomb. These lashes definitely fall into my “when-I’m-super-rich-and-can-buy-every-kind-of-makeup-product-imaginable” category =)

  3. HeavenLeiBlu

    Beautiful, but i’m good with some Red Cherry lashes, LOL

  4. Carrie

    The Wing ones remind me of paper clips!

  5. Macaddict

    MakeUp Forever makes same kind of funky and very gorgeous false lashes for only $20 at Sephora!

  6. My fave is Swirl. I have seen these lashes in person, and they are truly works of art and collector’s items, even if they are too dramatic to wear. And they are super limited ed too. And they come in a jewel box, with the lashes resting on the mask thingy. Truly divine!!

  7. $95 SERRRRRIOUSLY?! Any girl could make her own lashes for far far cheaper, if you want them to wear and not as a Viktor & Rolf collectible.
    The Rhombus ones look like delicate little bits of gold material glued to regular lashes. You could do the same with a tiny pair of manicure scissors, some fancy thin gold paper/ faux gold leaf from an arts/ crafts store, some eyelash glue, and a pair of plain fake lashes!

    Think of how much MAC you could buy for $95. 😀

  8. AHAHAHA! The first ones look like paperclips!! XD

    But I like the lipstick on the model!

  9. Tekoa


  10. Ess

    What a gorgeous visual, cant believe its not MAC.

  11. Brenda

    I like the mask it’s on, but 95 dollars for eyelashes that:

    a.look like paperclips
    b.look similar to alot of ones out there
    c.Don’t really catch my eye.

    Is really ridiculous to me, I mean for 14 dollars I can get a really dramatic pair of eyelashes that can be really similar to these from Make up forever.

    • I think ultimately these are a collector’s item, moreso than for practical wear! I mean, you’d see this in the museum of false lash history if there was one!

  12. SRN.

    Two months ago, I got a pair “flip”, you see another color when you flip. If you like the lashes you shouldn’t miss it.

  13. viv

    i know i won’t purchase them but i favour the swirl ones :)

  14. emm;

    aah, i saw these in the window of harvey nichols.
    i think i must be the only person to like the wing ones, haha

  15. JackA.

    I think they’re all very interesting, and I love those last two, but not for $95. I understand they’re couture, but I feel I could probably get some dupes made or even make some lashes of my own for that much.

    Hm, my own lashes…

  16. gracieo

    Nope…not for me.

  17. Briodmun

    Wing and Swirl are so lush.. not too keen on Rhombus really.. bit chunky, not enough lashes for me. Still awesome though.. buuuut i can buy the same sort of thing from stargazer so never mind.

  18. Wow… those are gorgeous, but I think I’ll stick to eBay!

  19. I saw these on another beauty blog and I think they look marv, but don’t think I’d ever spend that much on fake lashes.

  20. I love the swirl….

  21. kchye

    I love the 1st one the most!!!It’s Brilliant!!!!
    The price r even more amazing!!

    I guess I will have to DIY…Hmm,..paper clips…paper clips..

    OUCHHHHHH!!!!!!!WTF, my eyes!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Brianne

    I’m with the others who dislike false eyelashes (it looks gaudy to me, I just prefer the natural lash look) – but I especially dislike those first ones here. They look like paperclips :/