Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer

Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer

For summer, it looks like Urban Decay listened to consumer feedback and repackaged their Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer! They initially launched it last year (and I reviewed it in full here), and I hated the packaging. It came with a pump dispenser, which inevitably dispensed far too much product, and the packaging itself seemed a bit cheap–the label appeared faded. This is such an upgrade!

From last year’s review:

  • Halo is the lightest and I think is neutral enough to work on both cool and warm toned skin, but it may not be light enough for our ultra pale friends. I think if you fit into MAC’s NC/NW15-20 range, this would be the best fit for you.
  • Bodyguard is the next lightest, described by Urban Decay as “medium light,” and it’s the shade I use. I’m NC25 in MAC, and I find Body Guard to be a decent match, if a little light. Ideally, I’d probably mix a bit of Bodyguard and Bulletproof together, but since the pump is such an issue, it’s not really possible.
  • Bulletproof is a medium shade, but it’s actually a big step from Bodyguard. It didn’t work for me as NC25, so I’d imagine it’s more around those at the NC/NW30-40 level.
  • Forcefield is described as medium dark, and it’s not too much darker than Bulletproof. It’s noticeably darker, but it doesn’t seem as big of a leap as from Bodyguard to Bulletproof. I would say this would suit shades around the NC/NW40-45 level.

For a full review for the formula and see how it wears, head on over here. I’m still waiting for official details from Urban Decay regarding availability, launch dates, and pricing, but I imagine it should be around $32 (which is what it is now).  From what I could tell, the formula felt the same, but again, I’m waiting to hear more :)

See more photos & swatches!

Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer

Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer

Bodyguard, Halo

Bulletproof, Forcefield

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40 thoughts on “Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer Revamp

  1. megan

    Gosh I’d love to try UD tinted moisturizers….but even the darkest shade is too light for me! What’s with m/u companies? They never have tinted moisturziers that are dark enough!

  2. Hannah

    What grade would it be now given the new packaging ? :)

  3. Amanda Enn

    I don’t know… the shades seem a bit dark, but I’d imagine I’d be the shade bodyguard. I have oily skin though, and I want a formula that would help keep shine away, and I’m not sure if this will help that or not. I definitely want to try this though, but for $30-ish I’m not sure.

  4. i love this very adult look that UD is switching too

    • M

      Me too, it’s very sleek and mature, but at the same time still edgy and playful. They’re balancing it out.

  5. Melissa

    So excited to see all of this. Bodyguard will probably be perfect for me, and the fact that it wears well and doesn’t stick around and be greasy makes it sound perfect! Yay for new useful packaging!

  6. Rachel

    I really commend Urban Decay for listening to their customers and changing the packaging of this and the primer potions! Now if only they would stop putting Midnight Cowboy (Rides Again), Uzi, and Maui Wowie in their palettes I would love them forever!

    • Leslie Vossmer

      omg I actually would be really sad about maui wowie its a total staple for me, but I do agree about Uzi

  7. Somhrita

    Should NC 42 get the bulletproof or forcefield? Forcefield looks a little dark for NC42 dont you think?

  8. Brenda

    I really want to try this because I’ve heard good things, and I’m sick of wearing a heavy foundation….but I HATED their Surreal Skin foundation, so I’m afraid to try this out. Has anyone used both? Do they feel the same?

  9. Kendra

    This look great!
    And on a totally random note, has anyone else noticed that the gloop of Forcefield kinda looks like an owl????

  10. sophie

    I don’t like tinted moisturizers….really, i don’t see the point in these… they NEVER fit (color)

  11. Ana Krum

    So sad most brands don’t make shades light enough for me :(

  12. Laura

    any thoughts on which would work for nw25? I was thinking halo mixed with bodyguard?

  13. I love that your were brave enough to go full-on no foundation for the picture in your initial review. That takes some serious bravery!

  14. zombiilove

    I’d love to try it, but the lightest shade is too dark! And I bet the formula contains silicones too! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a tinted moisturizer (or foundation) without silicones? I haven’t yet!

    • In-Ka

      Hi Zombiilove,

      The formula obviously contains Dimethicone as per the ingredients published on the packaging. This is not a “bad” silicone. The whole buzz out there is about Cyclomethicone which is to be avoided in cosmetic products. You can find a lot of info online :)

  15. DarkGlamour17

    I might just try Halo :)

  16. This may be my next tinted moisturizer. Bulletproof may just be my color.

  17. Ingrid

    I use the MAC tinted moisturizer and luckily it isn’t as dewy as the pictures in your initial UD review, so I don’t usually need setting powder or anything after :)
    But I do like the idea of a glowier look. I really like YSL’s Teint Parfait for that, I think. It’s not a moisturizer, but it looks great mixed with one! Sadly it’s sorta pricy, so I might give Halo a go!

  18. Laia

    I’m NW30 and looks like Bodyguard would be nice for me atm, but I would need Bulletproof during summer. Yay at getting ridiculously tanned :p

  19. Bailey

    Would you recommend this to other tinted moisturizers, or do you favor another brand? I’m so overwhelmed by all the different brands that I can’t decide which to try!

  20. Does the packaging on the box still say OIL FREE, because last year the box said oil free and what do you know the the 4th ingredient was CASTOR oil.

    • I don’t have the box – I only received what is shown here!

    • In-Ka

      Dear Kae-Toya, the fourth ingredient is: PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil which is quite different from just Castor Oil …
      And by the way the whole idea with the oil free is cosmetics – isn’t it just another marketing trick? See this from paula Begoun:

      “Oil-Free is a Bad Joke”
      By Paula Begoun

      But the joke is on us, because while “oil-free” is a meaningless claim it may mislead consumers into buying products that can actually clog pores. There are plenty of ingredients that don’t sound like oils but that can absolutely aggravate breakouts. On the other hand, not all oils clog pores.

  21. Melissa

    I just wanted to pop in a comment here to thank you for posting about this–I’ve been on a quest to find a good tinted moisturizer with decent SPF, and originally had dismissed UD’s based on your original review of the packaging. But now that it’s in the classy little tube, I grabbed some, and it’s PERFECT. Seriously, new holy grail product–no powder, nothing else on my face, just wash, toner, this stuff, and my face is flawless. Thanks for helping me find it!