Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Urban Decay Super Sale

Looks like Urban Decay is hoping to clear out some products–Matte Eyeshadows for $3, Loose Pigments for $1 (A DOLLAR!)… and lots more at the sale. Hopefully we’ll see some of these products reincarnated in better forms (I’d love to see the Loose Pigments back–but in more efficient and functional packaging).

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63 thoughts on “Urban Decay Super Sale

  1. Liz

    Just bought 3 matte eyeshadows and 2 liquid liners… Thanks for posting this!

  2. Tamika

    I soooooooooo wish I could participate in this sale but they don’t accept international credit cards :'(

    • Vanilla

      Yup~ I’m crying from Canada right now. T_T

      • Roxanne

        I third this sentiment :(

        • PIXIE

          I’m so mad. Urban Decay is my favorite and I’m RAGING in Canada right now. It’s so not fair! Not fair at all!

          • sonjiya

            ahh! i bought things earlier today (i got the email at 5 pm? EST) but i didn’t know about your news feed since i was at work! i keep hearing ppl got the roller girl nail kit for $8 and am PISSED it’s not available anymore! lol i guess i’ve been too greedy..

  3. Rach

    I was simply happily ever after with this sale! :)

  4. Liz

    ;__; so sad that they won’t accept international orders.

  5. Rebecca

    I hate the pigment packaging! I always get it all over me.
    I ended up just pressing them.

  6. Gabby T.

    I just snapped up the roller girl nail kit for $8! Thanks for this!

  7. E

    I just bought like 20 items. I love UD!

  8. Grace

    I just bought the tinted moisturizer, 2 afterglow blushes (sad that I missed out on Score!), 2 pigments and 4 matte eyeshadows for $34! What a screamin’ deal!

  9. Sarah

    I just checked this morning before this sale started and was thinking about how much I wanted the Ammo Palette and the nail polish kits but did not want to spend the money since I just got the 15th anniversary palette. Thank you so much for posting this :) I got everything I wanted and it made my day

  10. dana

    thanks for posting! I just bought some great items

  11. Kellie

    Thanks for the information!!!! Purchased $41.00 (included shipping)worth of products!!! I purchased both sets of nail polish, 5 loose pigments, 2 make up remover, and 2 “rocks” eye jewelry. Like I needed anymore cosmetics……

  12. Saffy

    It’s so frustrating that they only ship within the USA. Hey Urban Decay, show some love for your international customers?

  13. julia

    Thanks for posting this! I just got 10 products for $36 including shipping, yeah! X was an old favorite of mine that I could no longer find in pan form so I’m very glad to get it as a pigment.

  14. Anna

    Thank you so much! I just ordered 10 loose pigments and a blush <3

  15. Brittney

    Do you know how long the sale is going to last until?!

  16. I am trying SO HARD to resist snapping up the Vegan palette, I got it for my best friend last Christmas and have been wanting it ever since! Tons of other amazing deals as well!

  17. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! If you never posted this, I never would have this stuff. And I’ve been looking at most of the stuff I ordered for awhile. I just can’t believe how cheap everything was! Again, thank you! I’m glad I visit your site everyday (more like 5 times a day)

  18. delmarie

    thanks for the heads up!! this is an awesome sale. i missed a few items but my sister is going to be kind enough to order them for me 😉

  19. Alexis

    Just got 8 loose pigments, the clean and sober makeup remover and chronic matte eyeshadow! I’m hoping to use the pigments to franken nail polish with so the packaging shouldn’t be too much of an issue and at $1 I couldn’t resist.
    Also thanks Christine! I was always scared of green eyeshadow even though its my favorite color but since Jealousy Wakes I’ve been a green eyeshadow fiend! I had to get chronic to expand my green options lol

  20. Kimmie T

    OMG! I just bought all the cream eyeshadows!!! My wallet is so pissed!

  21. Ericka

    I just got the Urban Bride kit for $24.

  22. Andrea

    Seriously shed a tear for being Swedish :(

  23. Suselew

    I about had a stroke when I saw your Daily Feed email come in. During the order process one of my products went out of stock but I did manage to get 13 things, including the Vegan Palette. Beware that they are having problems with their interface with PayPal if you don’t log into your UD account first before you try to pay with PP. There is something going on that put me in an endless loop. I had to call to order.

  24. M

    So irritating that I’m spending over $50 and I’m still getting charged for shipping.

    • Catherine

      That’s weird… $50 before tax? I spent $50 before tax and got the free shipping…

    • daphne

      Did you get nail polish? They can’t do free shipping for nail polish. I once tried to order the Roller Girl set and was told that. However at $8 I didn’t mind paying for shipping.

  25. Rikki

    Thanks for posting this!! I bought 23 things and I spent 65$ after shipping! I am super excited!!

  26. Trish

    Just loaded up on ALL of the loose shadow pigments. I have plenty of extra jars so I don’t care about the crap brush on this. I also grabbed a few of the cream shadows for $3. Total haul around $25 incl shipping and some of my Christmas shopping is DONE!

  27. Amanda Dubs

    I bought 6 cream eye shadows and one blush, all of those were three dollars each!!!

  28. sarsface

    got the vegan palette, couldn’t resist! my little UD collection is growing :3

  29. Helena

    Is this sale available in stores as well?

  30. Bethy

    A 24/7 liner, 3 matte shadows & 10 pigments for $36 after shipping? YES PLZ. What a haul and thank you for posting this or I never would have gotten any of it!

  31. DarkGlamour17

    I really shouldn’t have spent what I did…but I really don’t care right now! 😀 There liquid liners are my faaaavorite and they were $7 bucks! Holy Toledo that’s amazing!!! Thanks for mentioning! 😀

  32. Catherine

    I may or may not have just spent $50 on this sale. Just sayin’.

  33. Z

    Just placed my order!!! =) $22 for 8 pigments and 2 eyeshadows – ha! I’ve never tried anything UD besides the primer potion, great way to catch new customers

  34. meme

    I saw this a couple weeks ago when Sephora no longer had my fav Matte UD shadows – I went to the UD site and about died! I adore the UD matte shadows and hope they won’t be doing away with them – they are my go tos. All I can think is they are reformulating to meet up with the likes of Tarte and other ‘green’ brands taking out talcs and parabens, etc that the market is kind of demanding and flocking to from at least and advertising point. But I think with this much pulled off the shelfs of UD we can expect BIG happenins with this company soon – a roll out of a whole new concept almost product wide – or a large wing of the eye products at least.

  35. Sumalee

    I don’t know why I can’t get the free shipping for ordering over $50?

    • Christine, because of you, I bought oodles of product! Damn you! 😉 Cream eyeshadows, matte shadows, liquid liners, but the best part was the eye shadow duo which had Green Goddess! My favorite UD shadow, since discontinued. I lost it in a taxi two years ago. Very excited!

    • Monica

      Do you have nail polishes in your order? Or Santa Tanita? Orders with those have to ship ground so no Free shipping :(

      Okay, so who snatched all the Roller girl polishes?! :p I cried bc they were sold out by the time I checked out the sale. Darn. Had I not spent all morning at the beach, I could have gotten the polish. 😉

  36. Stephanie

    This post just cost me $77! But it is always fun to get things at an incredible discount!

  37. Perri

    Just ordered two pigments (will repackage), a lipgloss, makeup remover (hey, only 3 bucks!), and the vegan palette.
    What a crazy deal!! Thanks for posting this. :-)

  38. Sarah

    Wont post to Aus :(

  39. I have 6 items in my cart waiting to be checkout at the moment =)) So excited!! I actually have to send it to my mother in laws house in San Diego since im from Hawaii, it would cost me $21 just to ship if I sent it to my own house! Ridiculous!

  40. Kayla

    Oh jeez I hope there’s still decent stock left tonight and tomorrow! I currently have $13 in my bank account and can’t pick up my check until this afternoon! I’ve really been wanting to try Urban Decay but I haven’t fallen in lust with any of their products enough to spend the money on them.

  41. Thanks for posting this!! I would’ve missed the sale if weren’t for you.. I went ahead as soon as u posted this on facebook and bought tons of products yesterday and I checked back today the goodies that I have bought are out of stock already! Thank you thank you soo much! :)

  42. This sale was awesome! i picked up 27 items my total was $61.00 +tsx which made it $64.05. GREAT!!! when i got to work today i did the math on how much i saved… you guys wouldnt believe how much i saved… $418!!!! i was so shocked!!! yay urban decay!!!!

  43. Esther

    is this only an online sale?

  44. Oooooh… Why, oh why can’t Urban Decay ship to Sweden? :(

  45. Andrea

    I am very upset and irritated that they wont ship to Canada! Like come on…they’re a large company..really? So upset!!!!!

  46. wouldnt buy from this supersale….likely items were pulled from all the UD counters for this sale….nothing fresh

  47. Eleonor

    Aww this makes me smile. One of my dearest friends, Emileigh, is from Texas and last time she sent me a package full of goodies (most of them were chocolate based goodies LOL) she popped in some make-up related treats too. Including the vegan palette by UD, which I absolutely adore. Twice baked and Smog are two of my most favourite e/s ever!

  48. Jules3975

    Hi, I don’t know if I can still comment on this post, but when was this sale on all of the eye shadows and pigments? I know they have things on sale right now, but am curious when this huge sale was? Also, I’m curious why they’re aren’t dates on your page as to when you posted the sale or dates on everyone’s comments? Thanks!