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Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Rollergirl Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette ($32.00) contains four eyeshadows, minature lipgloss, and miniature eyeliner. These include: Woodstock (bright pink with sligh shimmer), Verve (pearly oyster), Suspect (oyster with dimensional shift), Darkhorse (bronze patina), Crush (bright hot pink), and Whiskey (dark brown). Each eyeshadow contains 0.04 oz., while the lipgloss contains 0.12 fl. oz and the eyeliner is 0.03 oz. The palette contains $54.40 worth of eyeshadow, $6.70 worth of lipgloss, and $12.75 worth of eyeliner. The total value of the palette is $73.85.

  • Woodstock is a dark fuchsia pink with a soft frost finish. Very pigmented, super smooth. This is permanently available.
  • Verve is a pale, muted taupe brown–like a lighter Mushroom. This is an exclusive shade to this palette.
  • Suspect is a muted champagne bronze with a frost finish. This shade was in the Book of Shadows, Vol. III.
  • Darkhorse is a dark, sultry bronze shimmered brown. This shade was in the Naked and Feminine palettes.
  • Crush is a semi-sheer magenta pink. It’s almost like magenta met bubblegum pink, and then they had a lovechild. This is permanently available. For a full review of the formula, please see my original review.
  • Whiskey is a medium-dark, warm-toned brown. This shade was originally available with the Naked palette and is currently available as part of an eyeliner duo (with Flipside).

It is similar to last summer’s palette release called Summer of Love, which was in the same format, but instead of a lip gloss, had a miniature-sized primer. It retailed for $29, so I expect pricing to be around there. As soon as I have pricing/availability information, I’ll be sure to update this post!

The Glossover


Urban Decay Rollergirl Summer 2011 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay always puts out really pretty palettes, from the color selection to the way they do the packaging. The palette has repeats as many of Urban Decay’s palettes often do, which is definitely a drawback for long-time fans. For those new to the brand, it’s a nice neutral palette with a hot pink kick. If you’re just into neutrals though, you may want to consider the Naked palette if you have $48 to spend.











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See more photos & swatches!

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Urban Decay Summer 2011 Palette

Woodstock, Verve, Suspect, Darkhorse

Woodstock, Verve

Suspect, Darkhorse



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142 thoughts on “Urban Decay Rollergirl Summer 2011 Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I do love the colors… but it’s getting a bit difficult to keep up with all these UD palettes!

    • I totally agree! I also find it a turn-off to use the same colors again and again. If I didn’t have NAKED or Feminine palette (which I do), I might be into this but I already have Darkhorse as well as Suspect from BOS III.

  2. Kayla Rachelle

    Can’t wait! Such gorgeous colors, and I only have Suspect in my collection from these shadows; So exciting!

  3. That palette looks pretty! I already own Darkhorse from my Naked Palettea and Suspect from my BOS III.

  4. Loooove the colors! That hot pink is stunning! I don’t like the packaging though. :/

  5. Thu

    So it looks like… no glitter finishes? Could it really be true?? That makes me happy.

    This looks like a gorgeous palette, and I love the new color. So they haven’t officially named it anything?

    • I don’t have any information on it – I’m sure they have it named, but I only received products – no press releases or anything. I emailed UD on Friday afternoon so hopefully I’ll get them on Monday.

  6. Very lovely. Like the packaging… and the mini Lip Junkie is a big plus. I do love that lip gloss.

  7. braveviet

    love the new shadow color Verve, it is so pretty

  8. I really love how Verve looks… it’s beautiful! But I have Suspect in the BOS3 and I’m going to get the Naked palette soon…. and I’ll probably never each for Woodstock >.> I hope they re-release Verve!

  9. ellebelle

    love this! I’m trying to come up with a look that uses all these (especially woodstock) but I’m drawing a blank!

  10. Vvn

    Hey Christine, would love to see a look using this palette from you :) the Pink is kinda random, would’ve made sense if it was Aqua or something, seems intense! Thanks x

  11. Dana

    Nice neutrals but that hot pink shadow is hard to pull off

  12. Gina

    The packaging is SO cute! But unfortunately I’ll be passing on this. I plan on getting the Fun palette, which will mean I’ll have 2 out of 4 shadows, and the liner (I have Naked also). Still a great palette, though. Their Summer palettes are always fantastic.

  13. I already have the Summer of Love palette and am considering buying this – would it be redundant with it, do you think?


  14. It’s cute…but not really impressive. I was expecting more – like a new Naked Palette. It would be awesome if they came up with one called ‘Smokey’ and did a palette of smokey lid colors. I can dream. :)

  15. Elena Torres

    Hi Christine:

    Is there any fall out from verve?

  16. Ani_BEE

    Despite having Darkhorse (and find it to dark to use on my fair skin) I still want this palette. ^_^ I wish they made Mushroom permanent since it’s on my favorite shadow from UD so seeing Verve makes me happy.

  17. Hannah

    Any dupes for Verve and Suspect? I already own half the palette and dont want to buy it for just those two :(

  18. Rachael

    I bought the Naked Palette so this would not be worth it. But I do love Woodstock (which I can buy), and Verve (which I cant). Do you know of any good dupes for Verve?

  19. Davina

    What a bummer! I was expecting an exciting new palette for their 15th birthday :-(

    • Brandon

      I bet they will bring out the big guns for the holidays! =]

      That palette looks awesome, I don’t own any of those colors right now and the packaging is really fun IMO. I Can’t wait until it is released.

  20. Yay! Four shadows I don’t own, my favorite eyeliner ever, and a way to test a new shade of the best lipgloss ever.

  21. Jennifer

    This looks pretty awesome! I love the colors and only have Darkhorse and the eyeliner. I can’t justify purchasing this though because I have the Naked palette… and I do have a bright pink eyeshadow from Sugarpill, I don’t need more of those! I do like this though. Thanks for the awesome review Christine!

  22. Girl

    You know what….I like it!

    I would not wear that lip gloss with it though…unless its very sheer.

  23. daphne

    I’m really loving this combination of hot pink and dark brown (seeing swatches of the gloss and the liner one after another made me think that). I don’t have Whiskey liner, which is one of the few I need to complete my collection (with a couple exceptions I don’t like), and I don’t have any of those shadows. So I might actually buy this. I almost never buy UD palettes but it seems like it would work for me.

  24. Kristina

    Could you please a do a tutorial with this palette? Pink is such a hard color to wear correctly.

  25. Aleksandra

    OMG I WANT THIS!!! for this im only getting one thing from the mac surf baby collection

  26. Laci

    I have 3 of the colors and the gloss. Pass!

    I will say, at least the colors are newer shades.

  27. Claudia

    You could use Verve on inner half of the lid, Suspect on the other half with Darkhorse on the crease and use Woodstock on the lower lash line for a pop of color. If I were to buy this that’s how I would incorporate Woodstock in the look.

    I also like the fact they incorporated a similar lip hue to the Woodstock punch of color.

    I do not care much for the black and white packaging, would have preferred the bright floral design on the outside as well.

  28. Marie

    Could you tell me if one of those shade is as glittery as Maui Wowie and Chopper from last year Summer of love palette? I don’t have Urban decay at my Sephora so I ordered that palette and I was so disappointed by all the fall out from the glitters of those shades :(

  29. I wish Darkhorse were sold as an individual e/s. I own all the perm shades from the Naked palette, so buying that just to get DH would not be worth it for me. :(

  30. Jai

    I’m actually liking the palette, but I already have woodstock, suspect and darkhorse so I dunno if I should still get this one. Maybe I will just keep my money for future make-up purchases. :)

  31. Mary

    I wish they would use other colors. I already have two of these. :(

  32. Cat

    I really like it, but I’ll pass. I’m gonna save my spending for their Anniversary sets, I already got the 24/7 liner set, and I love it :). Just wish I knew what the next one is and when it’s coming out, they said there’d be 4…

  33. Amber

    Hello early birthday present (hopefully)! Got the Naked palette not too long ago but I wouldn’t mind having another Darkhorse. And Woodstock just brings it all together :)

  34. kara

    does anyone know if this will be available at sephora? i reallly hope so its gorgeous ! i live in canada so sephoras the only place i can purchase urban decay !

  35. Lizzi

    I’m kinda annoyed (although my wallet is relieved) of all the repeats UD does. I’ve got Darkhorse, Whisky, and Suspect from the palettes they came with. I owned Woodstock for a few days until I returned it because it was a dead on dupe for a Lancome shadow I already had. So this is a pass for me. It allows me to set aside funds for upcoming collections, like the 3 Chanel summer nail polishes that are coming up. 😛

  36. Kylie

    I need to decide between this one and the other three that you just posted about! Gosh Urban Decay, trying to steal all of my money!

  37. DarkGlamour17

    I’ve already bought it!….in my head :) DEF will buy! The only thing I own here is Darkhorse which I could never get enough of.

  38. Suspect is one my all time fave UD e/s so i’m sure to get this one. :)

  39. Wow, I love the hot pink with the neutrals. I think it will look really pretty together. I can’t wait for it to come out! Around $30 for the palette isn’t bad either. I like how it comes with a lip gloss instead of the primer!

  40. Lindsey D

    I actually really love those color combos, but I’m not sure if I can pull off fuchsia. Alas.

  41. ouch that pink is HOT! i LOVE it!

  42. Anna

    I’m on a makeup ban D:!!! Noooo :(( it’s so pretty. I love whiskey. Does anyone know if they are making it permanent? I hope so

  43. Jacqueline

    would woodstock be able to be used as a blush?

  44. Jenelle

    I am getting this. I love the hot pink and it would be a great way to try their lip gloss. Hopefully Sephora has it or my local Beauty Boutique.

  45. Ahhhh, another beautiful palette from Urban Decay!

  46. Diane

    I know you have two swatches of Woodstock… which one is more accurate? Because the post with the UD Sephora Exclusives, it looks sheer and soft. This one is more vibrant, hot, and pigmented. Is this one heavy swatched? Would you say they are different formulas?

    • This is more accurate I would say… but no, not different formulas! It can also be a result of what it’s swatched next to – e.g. the original post has a lot of other bright colors vs. this one is neutral (so a bright color will pop more).

  47. Jessi

    I might just have to get this…if not for anything else, the Whiskey eyeliner!! Mine is almost dead from my Naked palette T-T

  48. Marissa

    In love! Said I wasn’t going to buy any eyeshadows or palettes but I don’t know if i can pass this one up!

  49. Ingrid

    pretty!!! do you think you’ll do a look with this palette? would love to see how the pink works :)

  50. Amanda Dubs

    Whiskey is my absolute favorite eye pencil. I didn’t really want this palette until I saw that!

  51. heidi

    Woodstock is part of their permanant collection, how could I not have noticed it? Its sooooo pretty!

  52. Amy

    I don’t know when I’d ever use that bright pink shadow but this looks like a really pretty palette

  53. Trista

    It’s cute, I thought I would get it, then I saw the lamest packaging I think they’ve EVER come out with (random stock photo chick of girl on rollerskates?!) Maybe I’m just being a design snob but PASS!

  54. Ariel

    I love that the colors don’t have glitter, but I don’t know if I can get past the packaging. I don’t mind bright and interesting packaging but I would get tired of looking at this palette…roller skates are so random. I’d prefer flowers, or something more abstract.

  55. I’ll pass. Doubt UD will do any better than the naked palette which I already own 6 sets with pencils…Gotta venture to other brands like TheBalm and Jill Stuart to get variety.

  56. Becca

    beautiful colours!!!! so pigmented and pretty!!!!1 I do wish that there was more than 1 “real” colour (like maybe they could’ve replaced Darkhorse with a blue or something) as I’m trying to get more into those, and it IS supposed to be a summer palette, but they’re still nice.
    I LOVE the inside packaging, so flowery and feminine, but the outside is a bit of a turn off for me, I might get this :)

  57. Carrie Ann

    It’s so cute and the colors are gorgeous! I love that they’ve included a small lip gloss this time. I’m such a sucker for these UD palettes.

  58. It´s a very beautiful palette. I will consider it if it becomes available in any of the UK webshops.

  59. Natalie

    I’m not usually into UD palettes but this is really luscious. I love that they paired some great neutrals with a hot pink. I want!

  60. I love the eyeshadow combo in this palette but I don’t like the outside packaging. I just don’t want a collage of a woman plastered on my makeup. I wish it would have been the same as the inside… flowers.

  61. Too bad they add colours they’ve released in other palletes, I already have darkhorse in the naked palette so won’t buy this one

  62. I was going to buy Woodstock separately when I go to Florida next month, but I think I will buy this palette instead as Verve is gorgeous and the lipgloss looks nice too.

  63. Marieke

    OMG I want this.

  64. Hiromi

    can we see lip swatches of crush?

  65. Steph

    Pretty, but I have no use for a hot pink eyeshadow.

  66. Joanne

    I have to say that I love the packaging! The colors are great and its nice to see UD throw in a lipgloss instead of a mini primer potion. I have sooo many of those things. It also gives everyone an opportunity to try out their lip products.

  67. Nikki

    I am a huge UD fan but like most have several palettes that have dupes for this palette…however I am going to buy this palette just because they have a women of color on the packaging!!! This is huge for me as I am a woman of color and don’t often see packaging with people that look like me on them…way to go UD!!!!

  68. Ashley Sarah

    I don’t have very many UD products and this is something that would be perfect for me! It’s got neutrals with a kick of hot pink! I have one of their lip glosses too and I love it!

  69. bobbie cole

    I really only want woodstock because I have the naked palette…I might just buy it alone.

  70. Duckses

    Hmm. How close is Suspect to TheBalm’s Insane Jane?

  71. Lucie

    I have been lusting over Woodstock since it came out last summer! Need that eyeshadow!

  72. ericka

    Nice colors (yay Woodstock!) & really LOVING the packaging! An afro donned chick in rollerskates? TOO COOL!

  73. Vita

    OOoh! Verve looks right up my ally! My collection always has room for another taupe but I own the rest of the colors in this collection! I love UD but I do not need to keep buying palettes with the same colors. Ill have to swatch Verve to see if this is worth it or I might just have to pass it up most likely.

  74. Kenneth Alan

    These colours look really great, but I never buy Urban Decay because I just hate the packaging so much.
    I try to look past it, but I just can’t.

  75. RosaVee

    Ooh I think I really want this palette! I’m not a hot pink eyeshadow type of gal so i think I might use Woodstock as a blush!

  76. slick

    I actually like this palette! The brown color combo is right up my alley :) I wonder how Woodstock would look lightly applied as a blush? That’s what I’d use that shade for!

  77. Denise F.

    Woodstock is going to be great on the lid, w/ dark horse in the crease, and outer corner. Woodstock is really going to make the lids pop!!! There was an aqua color, 2 years ago. It was flipside, w/ Bourbon pencil, and the 3 baked colors. This is going to be lovely. I can see Woodstock transforming Dark Horse. If anyone has the hot pink color from Too Faced, you could use that and dupe this look, if you wanted to. The Too Faced hot pink has come out in a few of their palettes. You could easily dupe the lighter 2 colors, from the Naked Palette, if you wanted to. Crush is a pretty lip color. For blush, you could use the new Benefit color, that look water melon like or 1 of the new cream blushes from Urban Decay or Sting, in their delux eye shadows, w/ if you use the Woodstock color. This is hot!!!

  78. I really want to get this. I was just at sephora yesterday staring at woodstock, but in a palette it’s much easier to just buy it!!

  79. Ronnie

    For those who wouldn’t know what to do with Woodstock, I’m sure it would look nice as a blush color!

  80. Denise F.

    For the Suspect color, you could mix Mushroom with Nylon from Book of Shadows 2, and 3; if you have both books.

  81. Katie Coleman

    Love it!!! I hope they carry it at Sephora :0) We’re FINALLY getting one near my home!

  82. Stephanie

    OMG I love this! Even though I have two of the shadows in other palettes, I can’t wait for it! I love the way those shades look together and that hot pink looks awesome:) Whiskey is the BEST brown liner ever and I wish they sold it in a single full size pencil.

  83. AnGeLwInGz

    Gonna have to pass on this one. I already have a full size Woodstock and the Whiskey eyeliner doesn’t interest me. I would use the other 3 shadows and the gloss though. I’m not sold on the packaging either, I don’t like scantily clad women on my makeup.

  84. Luna

    i love the packaging but I already have 2 of the shadows and the eyeliner. trying to talk myself out of buying it.

  85. Kat

    This palette is very similar to Too Faced French & Fabulous palette from a couple years back in my opinion. I think I’ll skip on this one since I have the TF palette.

  86. Ashley D.

    I love these colours!

  87. Alison

    Verve looks very tempting but I’m not into the packaging and I have literally all the other colors including the eye liner and Lip Junkie. meh

  88. Poppy

    I love it! Though, Suspect looks strikingly like Benefit’s Birthday Suit Creaseless Cream…doesn’t mean that I’m not buying this palette the second it’s available on :)

  89. Darkhorse is the shade I wanted – if I purchase this I won’t feel the need to pick up the Naked Palette.

    Who am I kidding though?

  90. OMG. I’m going to get those palette, love the colours.

  91. Sydney

    This is a gorgeous palette! I love Verve and the lip gloss. I may get it :)

  92. Pink

    That’s gorgeous! I’m so getting this palette. Nice shades and I love the packaging.

  93. Mimi

    I love Woodstock!!! It’s such a unique colour for an eyeshadow! I wouldn’t know how to wear it though~

  94. Violet

    Wow, these are beautiful, but I’ve no idea to do with that crazy pink shade!

  95. Amanda

    I really cannot wait to get this! I dont have either the naked or vol, lll and these are the colors I was eyeing! Yay!

  96. Emma

    I wish this was a purple or blue or something, i hate pink on my eyes!! I have like allllll of ud’s eyeshadows that they use alot, they have some others id love to see in palettes /: i could like build a house out of all the midnight cowboys and uzis i have. hahaha.

  97. Michelle

    oo I actually like this palette, I only own summer of love…I hope they do the same promotion they did last year

  98. I love the idea of a lipgloss instead of a mini UDPP. I have five or six of those by now and the thought of tossing another one into my drawer turned me off from purchasing the a few of their recent palettes. That’s what I love about UD though. They’re always evolving.

  99. Coco

    im loveing it! Poooooo do many UD products!