Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag

Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag

Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag ($26.00) is a limited edition makeup bag to celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary. The inside of the bag is decorated in their 15th anniversary print, while the outside is a bright and glittery–it’s a darker purple with lighter purple glitter. Though the outside shimmers in the light, it is covered in PVC, so you won’t see glittery bits falling off of the bag, and it’s easy to wipe off. There is also a smaller, clear pocket with a zipper within the larger compartment.

It’s a nice-sized bag, and I actually used it on my trip to Toronto last month and found it had enough room to spare for much longer trips. The bag itself is 8.5x3x6″ and fits Urban Decay’s larger Book of Shadow palettes (though I’d say pack that separate, leave the bag space for looser items!). The zipper is sturdy and slides along easily, while the material feels thick enough to keep any products that might pop open during a trip from leaking into the rest of your stuff, too. Overall, I liked the bag, and I think the pricing is just right, too. If you love glitter and shimmer and purple, this bag has your name on it!

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Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag

Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag

Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag

Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag vs. Venti Starbucks cup

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43 thoughts on “Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag Review & Photos

  1. No glossover for pigmentation? lol xP

    Would you say the bag is floppy for versatility or firm? I feel like floppy bags can be stretched more whereas firm bags have no give and whatever sits in the bag is all that can fit. But I suppose with a bag as ginormous as this, space isn’t quite an issue!

    • It holds it shape with nothing in it, but it’s by no means stiff. There’s definitely enough give and stretch that it’ll contour to what you stuff it with – it’s not spandex or anything though :)

  2. Cindy v

    Wow that bag is pretty big, And just for curiosity’s sake, what’s your Starbucks drink of choice

    • Right now, it’s a sugar-free hazelnut + sugar-free vanilla, soy, extra hot caramel macchiato! LOL, I think all ten of the baristas that work at my local Starbucks have my drink memorized.

  3. Dawn

    I bought one today. Purple with sparkles, what more could a girl want?

  4. Manderlay

    Cuuuuuuute! *__*

  5. leesie

    It’s a nice bag, but I must say I’d been hoping their four limited-edition releases this year would all involve actual makeup. However, it is nice they’re offering something less expensive after the liner set, which, while a great deal, is not something everyone could justify price-wise.
    I could use a bag for trips (instead of just throwing everything in a Ziploc bag), so I might maybe pick this up. Maaaybe.

    • What’s really nice is it’s large enough to hold your makeup AND a ziplock liquids bag (if you’re flying and carrying on) – that’s what I did myself (since it was only a quick trip).

  6. Joanna

    Thanks for the review! I was wondering about the size of this bag.

  7. Fey

    That’s a lot more pretty than I was expecting it to be based on UD’s photos. I’m sorely tempted now. I’ve got a thing for glitzy vinyl/PVC.

  8. Natalie

    Wow Christine thanks for reviewing this! I’ve been flip-flopping on it, although it does call my name every time I walk past. I may just have to pick one up! None of my regular, daily use bags are big enough for even a weekend beach trip & I hate having to pack 10 smaller bags! I love that hand/bag and coffee/bag comparison, it makes it so much easier to visualize!

    • This should definitely be large enough for a weekend beach trip! :) LOL, I was looking for something to show the scale, and the nearest thing to me was my cofee, and thus… haha.

  9. Been wanting to pick this bag up for a while now. I had no idea it was that big! Now I want it even more.

    Who won the battle in Urban Decay Quinceanera Bag vs. Venti Starbucks cup?

  10. Giselle

    So cute, but unnecessary…ahh I still want lol.

  11. Well, it certainly seems nice… but not $26 nice. 😛 I’ll wait until it goes on sale, which it certainly will. Broke college student FTW :( How nice it is that you’re not a student anymore? Super jealous :)

  12. Sass

    A few Youtube gurus were saying how poor quality this bag is for the price. Now I’m torn again. I thin this bag is really cute as if I don’t have enough bags like this. I’ll just go check it out for myself.

  13. xMissxAndristx

    i ordered mine the first day they were available on the site. when i got it, it was smashed terribly, and torn on the bottom! but i haven’t heard of anyone else receiving there’s like that. i sent it back to exchange it, but i haven’t gotten my new one yet. i procrastinate like crazy and i didn’t send it back till a few days ago. luckily, you have 45 days and it had only been like 43. haha. hopefully my new one is in better shape.

    • I’m terrible at returns myself… I don’t know if it’s procrastination or laziness that makes me terrible at them, haha.

    • Amanda R

      I’m feeling the same way! I loved it when I first saw it, but then I started having second thoughts after reading through some some Sephora reviews. I’ve seen it reviewed elsewhere with decent ratings, but I’m kind of loyal to Temptalia.

      On that note – I have to say how much I love the reviews on your site. I know how incredibly honest you are. Though I definitely won’t be buying any $120 Cle de Peau foundation, I know that if it sucks – you’ll say so!

  14. maria

    it’s a cute purple color, thumbs up

  15. Stephanie

    Pretty but I have enough makeup bags and when I travel I can’t even get all of my makeup in my huge Sephora train case LOL

  16. Kasia

    Hey Christine!
    This question is OT, but I can’t think of another place to ask.
    Have you gotten a chance to try Aloha nail polish by Dior?
    I have a hard time buying such a polish without your opinion first! :)

  17. Oh, so this is the 2nd of the 4 15th anniversary gifts they’re releasing?

    Disappointed! :(

    I like my bags to have lots of pockets/pouches and it just seems too plain for me.

  18. jilian

    i luv that you did a review on this bag, i luv the purple and the glitter but call me crazy, i wish there were more to it, like pockets and some funky design, it doesn’t scream urban decay to me, but thanks for the review, very helpful

  19. Traci

    I have been looking for a big sized makeup bag like this, and I love purple and glitter. But….there’s not even a design on the outside?? Definitely can’t really tell it’s an Urban Decay bag from the outside…

  20. Pamela M

    Ha! I can’t believe you reviewed this Christine…I wanted it so bad when I saw it on Sephora but 26 dollars plus tax is steep. I found a bag that looks just like the Urban Decay from Forever 21 at it was only five bucks!

  21. Dori

    Christine!!! you came to Toronto??? when!!!! :( Please tell me you’re coming back to a meet and greet?

  22. megan

    does it fit the urbdan decay naked palatte????

  23. mnm

    So cute! I am sucker for bags so I would otherwise normally get this, but 26.00 is a little steep for a makeup bag of this size (seems small to me).
    Thanks for the review Christine!

  24. Hahahahah I love the Starbucks cup comparison. Obviously the most relatable size :)

  25. BabsBrooklyn

    Cute bag, but I am overloaded with so many good quality “GWP” cosmetic bags that I can’ justify buying one. I had so many, that I just gave away a bunch to my housekeeper!

  26. barclee

    what were you doing in toronto? don’t you just love canada?

  27. Deb

    Oooo, I am loving this and this couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m desparately in need of another makeup bag for my lip stuff. I’m all over the purple and glitter, but I’m hesitating on the $26 price tag…especially considering I live in Canada and it’ll probably be more :\

  28. Tammy

    You should not get this bag. This bag is lined with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, which is an incredibly toxic substance from its creation to its disposal. It is terrible for the environment at all stages and slowly emits toxins that have been found in breast milk and then transferred to infants, causing reproductive issues. Please keep in mind you keep your makeup in a bag like this – items that you put on your face, lips, and eyes.

  29. K

    What did you think of my home city Toronto?!

  30. Nicole

    Mine looks like a light purple and yours looks bright purple.

  31. Ash

    Hi Christine, can you tell me if the bag is wide enough to fit a 15 pan MAC palette inside? It looks like it can- but that would be the deciding factor for me!

  32. Carla

    Do you think this is $26 and is it dangerous cause alot of people say it is because of the PVC lined in the bag that it could be dangerous towards your makeup