Thursday, November 7th, 2013

I will have more details to share with you soon! :)  For now, Urban Decay is teasing us with the video above, but they are confirming it!

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83 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette Coming Soon!

  1. V

    Photos are already on-line because Sephora France released it too early 😉

    • Yeah, unfortunately Sephora France made them available for sale well before it was supposed to be, which I’m sure has left Urban Decay scrambling quite a bit and had to completely speed-up their release strategy, so I was waiting for them to confirm and give the OK for me to go ahead confirm :) As soon as I have more info, I will be sure to post! Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

      • That’s amazing, a whole bunch of makeup junkies here in México were wondering about it because there’s already a fake one around so we knew France made the mistake and thats how they got the intel to do the fake one but were dying to know if it was official or not xD
        Thank god because I want that Naked xD

  2. I’ve seen the pictures and they’re really not so different. Part of me is curious to try it for myself in person and the other part of me just doesn’t care anymore, is so over the NAKED. I know it’s what sells, but ugh. I just want a bright colour palette that is matte from them. WE KNOW YOU CAN DO MATTES, WE’RE NOT OBLIVIOUS!
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  3. I *really* do not need another palette of neutrals, but based on the swatches floating around the internet, these look like they’d be better suited to my fair warm skin tone than Naked 1. I will await your swatches!

  4. Luiza

    Finally a trusted source of information about this! It was all so foggy and weird, people debating whether the palettes that are out there were fakes or not… Thanks Christine!

    • Yeah, unfortunately Sephora France made them available for sale well before it was supposed to be, which I’m sure has left Urban Decay scrambling quite a bit and had to completely speed-up their release strategy, so I was waiting for them to confirm and give the OK for me to go ahead confirm :) As soon as I have more info, I will be sure to post!

      • Luiza

        It really must have been stressful for them at Urban Decay what happened in France… But at least we beauty addicts got a first glimpse at the palette.. Can’t wait for your swatches and review!

  5. Sheila

    I am excited, own Naked 1 and 2, use them everyday!

  6. Breanna

    It was released in France accidentally a few days ago.

    I saw a few swatches online and this palette is overall “meh” in my opinion, especially compared to the other two Nakeds.

    Even the packaging is “meh.”

  7. Sam

    I’ve seen some leaks of this, and I’m not sure if the leaks are what the actual palette will look like. But if it, then it’s too cool tone and doesn’t seem interesting. I hope they change it, but if it not. I wish they would’ve done better/

    • Breanna

      The leaks are real. It was released in France on accident.

    • Jacee

      The other two were so warm toned, though! Even Naked 2, which is supposed to be the more cool-toned of the two has a lot of gold and warmth in it. I’m looking forward to what look like rose golds and pinky-purply undertones. I think it’ll be so much easier to pull off on my light, very pink skin.

    • It better be cool toned! The first two are way too warm for my skin tone!

    • Carrie

      It’s about time they released something cool toned. Even the second palette leaned too warm for us truly cool gals. I’m not surprised – most palettes do run warmer – but it’s still nice to see UD remembering that the otherside of the spectrum exists.

    • Veronica

      The first two palettes run warm, so I think it’s fair for UD to release a palette that suits cooler skin tones better. I actually wound up giving my Naked 1 palette away to a friend because I found myself using only 2-3 shades regularly enough to justify it in my collection – when I bought the Too Faced Neutral eye palette (the ONLY completely cool-toned neutral palette I’ve found on the market), I realized just how much better the shades flattered me and put the kibosh on buying any more neutrals that weren’t cool-tone friendly. I love UD shadows, so I consider this a positive move in my book. (I’d also love to see more matte palettes with more variation than Basics – too much overlap for my money!)

  8. jolene

    I know one of the girls who painted this…. so excited!!

  9. Kellie

    No need to tease, the palette is all over the web :p oops.

  10. Annie

    Bleh. They look the same as Naked 1. I guess just because it’s a neutral palette means that everyone will want it, aparrently. :/

  11. Wilcoa

    I love the Naked palettes, but I already have the first two, so I can’t really justify having the third since I really don’t reach for #2 as often as I should :\

  12. This new palette looks so pink and rosy and wonderful!! 😀 I’m definitely going to have trouble resisting…

  13. Chaia

    I’m still looking forward to your posts about this. Despite the supposed leaks and swatches, I feel like everything is in poor lighting and I can’t really tell anything about the colors. I totally count on you for accurate, clear descriptions and pictures. So I, for one, am excited to see you post this and am withholding judgment about Naked 3 until your review!

  14. Indigo

    3? I think 1 and 2 were similar enough I don’t know if a 3rd is necessary. But if it sells it comes out I suppose. I think they could’ve done a pink based neutral or a different color based to make it somewhat different than the first two.

  15. Jessica

    oh no!! my husband will be burying my wallet and locking up the checkbook.

  16. Ana Olson

    Christine, please (please, pretty please) make comparative swatches of the three palettes – under the same light setting you are using now!!!!

    I know I could just play with the swatch gallery, but having the three palettes compared side by side would be awesome!

  17. zainab

    I admit I’m curious, and I like Naked2 and Naked Basics which I own, but seriously, how many more neutrals can they have before they all run together?

  18. xamyx

    I have 1,2, & Basics, as well as both Vice palettes, and the 15 Anniversary palette (and a few others), but I really want this one, too! So far, I’ve read November 16 & December 16, as well as some time in January. As soon as it’s released, it will be mine!

  19. Seems like the 3rd is pretty different from the others, kind of a rose gold theme, with a lot of pink and a gorgeous rose gold shade called Trick. It’s pretty, but I don’t wear so much pink.
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    • I don’t wear much pink either, but I think its about to change! 😀 I am really digging the colors on this new palette, plus I am happy to change my trends and go for something out of my comfort zone.

  20. nazih

    Thanks for posting! Just checked around and people already have swatches up lol. I think this will be a skip for me.

  21. Sabrina W

    I don’t have 1 or 2 and 3 actually excites me because of the pretty rosy tones. There is slways something for everyone!

  22. I’ve seen some of the “leaked” images and I have to say that I love what I’ve seen. I’d heard months ago that it was going to be a more purple toned palette and wasn’t sure it would be to my liking but I’ve been proved wrong. I can’t wait for this one! (after telling myself just this morning that I really do not need more eye shadows and can’t possibly even assimilate more choice into my brain).

  23. I’m pretty excited! The shadows in the Naked 3 appear more suited to fair skinned people like me 😀 Can’t wait to see your swatches!

  24. raggamuffin

    i wanna see more mattes this round.

  25. raggamuffin

    booooo just saw the swatches, 3 mattes, the shades all look interchangeable as well. same ol same ol.

  26. dayna

    I’m so excited for this! I WISH we could see a all MATTE eyeshadow palette come out from urban though! That would be amazing.

  27. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

  28. beck

    Cool wish it was out now for the vib sale! I hope
    there are no sparkles, I can handle some shimmer
    shades but sparkle/glitter particles=no thanks

  29. liz

    this will be the Naked palette for me! the other two are too gold-toned for my pink skin.

    • Me too! I was about to finally buy the Naked2 when I saw this was coming out. It will suit us girls with pink undertones so much better than the other two.

  30. Miss J

    I don’t want to want it, but I do. Lol. Can’t wait to see swatches. If anyone could link me to swatches, I would appreciate it tons!

  31. Rachel

    From the pictures I saw it looked very pink-y, own Naked 1 and Naked Basics but this one doesn’t look like my cup of tea, would rather buy the Naked 2 or Smashbox Full Exposure Palette.

  32. Ellie

    I just saw the swatches. I reminds me a lot of the Lorac Unzipped palette in terms of colors. I have that one and all the other Naked palettes. I may have to skip on this one. It feels a bit too redundant.

  33. Oooh, I really love this palette. I love the pinks and the different colors of it all :) Will totally purchase. I love Urban Decay!

  34. After a point, its more a question of “want” than “need”…I want it…:-)
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    • swanky

      I couldn’t agree more! It does not seem so unique (at least the lighter pink shades don’t), but I definitely want it under my Christmas tree :-)

  35. Paula

    I saw the pics of this online and I’m sorta meh about this palette, like I was about the first 2 naked palettes. Am I the only one in the makeup world who doesn’t own either the original naked palette or naked 2?

  36. Looking at the photos, OMG I love it! So rosy and pretty – perfect for a pasty Brit girl!

  37. J

    I already own Naked2 and Naked Basics (along w a ton of other neutral palettes in my stash) so I can’t justify getting this one. Also I’ve seen the leaked pics on instagram and I honestly can’t stand the packaging! The wrinkles just bother me so much, haha. I do think the colors are pretty, however not unique enough for me. I pass.

  38. Astrild

    Oh, another Naked Palette. I don’t think it can be so different to the others.

  39. Unlike most, I never use the Naked palette I have. I really don’t care for it.

    • ms

      i have both naked palette but i don’t remember the last time i used them, easily over a yr. why…i don’t know. they just sit in my makeupcase packed. up.

  40. Cecilia

    Wh-ha-ha-att? So exciting! I love Naked 1; couldn’t get on board with Naked 2. Hope Naked 3 comes out with a bang!

  41. Finally someone I trust. I saw all those pics floating around, and couldn’t decide if it’s real or not, the packaging was a bit weird. Can’t wait for your swatches :)

  42. NO. STOP IT!

    I told myself the Tarte blush palette and the Laura Mercier palette were the only ones I was going to be getting in the near future. I don’t have the willpower for this!

  43. Ooh, can’t wait for 3!
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  44. beck

    I heard this is a pink based palette?Nooo please say
    it isn’t so I can’t do pink based shadows.

    • xamyx

      Many of us can’t do the golds in the first Naked, and/or are too fair for Naked 2, so should we be left out? If you can’t do pink-toned shades, just look at it as money saved yhat can be applied to something you *can* wear, or like. I don’t mean to come off snarky or rude, but I’mgetting a bit annoyed by all the complaints about what UD puts out, especially when there are dozens of other brands that are comparable in quality, price, & accessibility.

    • I also hope it is not pink based…they just did a pink based palette or two Shattered Face Case….ewh

      • Veronica

        One of the holiday palettes was cooler, yes, but that’s not an entirely neutral palette and has less shade selection. The previous two Naked palettes flattered warm-to-neutral complexions, and in general, cooler-toned neutral palettes are difficult to find. If the Naked line is a basic shade selection, it makes sense to have palettes for both sides of the spectrum.

  45. Ann

    Already purchased in my mind. Love the Naked palettes. Not a fan of the build your own palettes as I find them bulky but I love the UD Naked line. Hoping the swatches will be more warm toned.

  46. Super excited…I am an Urban Decay palette addict!

  47. coco

    glad i saw this post before buying the Lorac Unzipped palette – the new Naked 3 looks to have similar pink tones….ill wait to see the new naked 3 palette before buying Unzipped!

  48. Christel

    I don’t think the palette looks like what people have been showing. I don’t believe the whole ‘French Sephora released it early’, because a URBAN DECAY THEMSELVES said on their OFFICIAL Instagram not to be “fooled by the crummy pictures on Instagram that had people crying fake”. I doubt they would make the Naked3 packaging pretty much identical to the naked2.

    • Miss J

      People from France have posted their actual receipts showing that the product did indeed come from Sephora.

  49. Kelly

    Im so excited about this news!
    Eventhough i never own any naked palette but this one looks beautiful like their previous version
    Seems like this is a pinkish and a bit of gold to bronze
    But i think the highlight colors are all the same when they’re on eyelids
    If anyone already owned the naked, naked2
    I think this palette is a waste of money but it would get along well with the naked basics


  51. Emmaline

    I appreciate how you don’t report on leaks and rumors. You wait for official information, and I always look to you for accurate information, clear pictures, and detailed yet concise reviews without personal feelings or “bought” reviews. Keeping it classy Christine!

  52. ms

    this one somehow seems more frosty than others. i hope i am wrong. i have over time (since the last time i bought the naked palette, which was when the naked2 released) started gravitating towards matte eyeshadows. i have practically no patience for frost eyeshadows now.

  53. Hello,
    I am a French beauty blogger and I can tell you a bit more precisely about “the case naked 3″. Indeed the range has been on sale in some French Sephora for a few days (3 days), but last week, they have a total ban on the sale.
    As I am a blogger and a saleswoman at Urban Decay recognized me, I had the chance to see this palette and swatch the eyeshadows.
    The eyeshadows are in pink and purple tones, they should be suitable for people with light eyes.
    It complements two other Nakeds but still very different.
    I already naked and naked 2 pallet but I think buying at its (global official date of its confirmed by Urban decay exit) December 16

  54. ashley

    can someone please either email or call me when Urban decay Naked 3 Pallete comes in or available to purchase.
    Thank you!

  55. Alia

    My UD Naked 3 Palette arrived today. I am really not sure this is for me as most of the shadows are VERY pink/rosy toned and not at all comparable to say the Unzipped palette by Lorac that I find a bit on the pink side….Out of all the shadows i like Trick, Factory, Mugshot, and Darkside. So four out of 12???? Not sure that was a good investment LOL I do have to say i LOVE Trick!