Monday, May 30th, 2011

Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover

For Your Eyes Only: Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover

Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover ($24.00 for 2.5 fl. oz.) is a creamy, opaque white gel-based remover that works best applied onto a cotton round or toner sheet, then held against the skin for a few seconds and finally, wiped away. Initially, I thought this product was for the whole face, because it says makeup remover, not eye makeup remover. Even the online descriptions of this product don’t suspend that belief–they say it’s a makeup remover designed for removal of even the “longest-lasting products” that’s “good for your skin.”  (I tend to associate skin care benefits more to the whole face than just the eyes!)

Though I recognize I’m a bit skeptical of much of the miracles promised by various skincare products, I’m even more skeptical of cleansers and removers that make promises, too. Products like cleansers and removers are not on skin very long, so it’s hard to believe they would be able to provide any long-term benefits. Urban Decay’s remover includes several ingredients, and one is noted to “revitalize collagen production” while others (various oils) will moisturize and replenish. When it comes to directions, I’m glad I waited for this product to go online, because the back of the tube left me clueless–did I use water, did I use it everywhere, how much, when, what!

Again, the best way to use this, based on my testing, has been on a cotton round or toner sheet, pressed against the eye for 10-15 seconds, and then wipe away the makeup. It does a good job of removing the bulk of my makeup, but I do feel like it leaves my eyes a little cloudy. There is no greasy residue or feel afterwards, but the cloudiness necessitates rinsing with water, so then there is definitely no product leftover to sink into my skin and revitalize or moisturize anything. I needed about a pea-sized dollop for each eye. It will remove face makeup, too, but you’ll end up going through this little tube rather quickly if you do so!

If it’s for eyes, it’ll last you a lot longer, and therefore the $24 price tag stretches out over a much longer time period. It does remove long-wearing products without much fuss, feels nice against the skin, and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue–but it did make my eyes a bit cloudy and may require a second cotton round to remove a few streaks of makeup left behind (which just feels wasteful, so I rinsed off). Good, not great.

The bottom of the tube says “demaquillant yeux,” but as a U.S. brand – should I really have to know French to decipher what the product is supposed to do?  Oddly enough, I did Google translate it last night, and I didn’t include the accented E – so it translated to just “makeup remover,” but when you include the accented E, it translates to “eye makeup remover.”

See another photo!

Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover

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57 thoughts on “Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover Review & Photos

  1. Mariella

    I’ve got several eye makeup removers and whole face makeup removers that I’m happy with so I’ll pass on this one based on your review. But, Christine – what is a “toner sheet”? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a thing before.

  2. Mel

    Hi Christine,

    just wanted to say I noticed on the tube it says Demaquuillant Yeux…but God knows why only in French! So it’s for eyes…but why on earth write it just there??

    • No idea. It’s not in the descriptions online, and it’s surely not on the tube!

      • Ruthless

        Urban Decay is available at Sephora in Canada, perhaps it fufils some kind of packaging law for Canadians? I think they have to have both french and english on there somewhere

    • Ms. Jimmi

      Even though it is a US Product, France is the Cosmetic Capital of the World as Milan is to the Fashion Industry.

  3. jen

    Christine, What’s a toner sheet?
    Thanks for taking this one off of my shopping wish list. :)

  4. Annie

    The french at the bottom of the tube says “eye makeup remover” so I’m guessing it’s just for the eyes! Weird that it doesn’t specify that in English though…

  5. Gyudy

    It says “demaquillant yeux”, so it’s for the eyes!

  6. Kelsey

    Well, I guess I’ll skip this eye makeup remover. 😀 Thanks Christine for saving me some cash!
    Oh, and on an slightly-unrelated note… what are toner sheets?

  7. Minoya M

    I believe it IS an eye makeup remover because the “démaquillant yeux” near the bottom of the tube is French for eye makeup remover.

    • Minoya M

      well the term yeux would suggest that it’s for the eyes

    • Usually it would say pour to indicate it’s for eyes – I did a google translation last night, and when you just translate those two words together, it comes out as “makeup remover.” But really, I should be fluent in French to find that out? This is a U.S. company and nothing in the description says this is for eyes only? I googled it with the accent on the E, and it did translate to eye makeup remover, which just makes me wonder why they couldn’t be bothered to write that in English anywhere, given their customer base.

      • Alexandre

        Yeux means eyes in french. Demaquillant means makeup remover. You don’t necessarily need the pour- regardless of what google translate might tell you. Please don’t assume google translate is the authority on the French language.

        • I certainly don’t – but I wanted to do my best to provide a translation and give a source for it. I wrote this post at 2AM, so I wasn’t going to pay $20 to hire a translator for those two words. I’m definitely not so ignorant that I would assume Google Translate is an authority on ANY language. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that and only explained what I used to translate.

          • Emma

            “Usually it would say pour to indicate it’s for eyes” – that’s weird Christine… I agree with Alexandre, you don’t need “pour”.

      • Kathy

        I’m with Christine on this one. No one should have to Google nor translate ANY U.S. product that goes onto the skin and especially not the eyes. The packaging should state what the product is and how to use it – – – in English.

  8. PoetrysTruth

    I’ll stick to my purity by philosophy works like a charm

  9. Myles

    Thanks Christine for that review! I ALMOST was going to try it…always looking for something to buy..haha…I’ll stick with Clinique eye makeup remover! Its less expensive and I have a FABULOUS cosmetic rep that takes GREAT CARE OF ME at Nordstroms…like I say…I’m willing to pay more if I get great customer service and Nordies has the BEST customer service! Soo…I’ll stick to Clinique until the “next best thing”…Thanks again Christine and have a great and safe holiday..well what’s left of it!

  10. Emily O.

    All this makes me think of is the beautiful Mermaid UD eye makeup remover I picked up at the Disneyland Sephora. When I used it, I wept great tears of pain for the burning in my eyes. So this product is an unmitigated PASS for me, plus unclear instructions is such a face palm.

  11. Katie

    What is your holy grail eye makeup remover?

  12. I managed to get my hands on this and a few of the other new products and reviewed them too. I found the smell to be quite medicinal, but it works tons better than the last “Clean & Sober” makeup remover by UD don’t you think??

  13. Most of Urban Decay’s products are amazing, but I’m surprised by this. My absolute favorite makeup remover is Clinique’s Take the Day Off.

  14. Amy

    Demaquillant means make-up remover anyway, with or without the é. It’s the “yeux” that makes it an eye make-up remover because yeux means eyes.

    • I’m just going by what I put into Google translate to get it translated :) Google apparently feels differently (though I know it shouldn’t modify the meaning).

      • Roxanne

        Google translate is pretty terrible. It tends not to take into account grammar or slang, and just all around isn’t great 😛

        • Best I could do at 2AM in the morning :) Couldn’t exactly hire a translator! I took French in high school, but it’s completely useless to learn (I very much regret not choosing Spanish) where I live, so I don’t remember much from it – and I didn’t want to rely on the little I learned (and the even less I remember).

      • Hi, I’m French so I can definitely confirm that “démaquillant yeux” means EYE make up remover without or without “é” and “pour”. Weird Google… and weird Urban Decay ^^

  15. Démaquillant yeux absolutely means “eye makeup remover” and not just “makeup remover” and there is no reason that it shouldn’t say that in both languages. (Ironically, since that was evidently done for Canada, you can get in a lot of trouble up here if text like that differs from French to English.)

    And you’re absolutely right to be suspicious of anti-aging claims for products like this. In order to stimulate collagen production a cream has to penetrate the upper layers of the skin and it has has to stay there, neither of which would be the case with a makeup remover. The idea of a makeup remover that is quickly and easily absorbed deep into skin is kind of gross when you think about it.

  16. thanks for the review. i wonder why they don’t use english word instead. it’s easier to understand that way. :/

  17. Since we have Urban Decay in Quebec (we couldn’t because it was not translate in french), it’s seems that they write in french on everything! I find it very lol!
    But, I don’t think it’s only for the eyes. Yes, it’s written that but we have a lot of bad translation here so we often refer to the english description.

  18. Steph

    Being from Ottawa, Canada I can read French so I can see it is eye makeup remover. Very strange that UD wouldn’t put it in English. I don’t think that they usually use French on their packaging? Perhaps they are trying to be “fancy” like YSL & Lancome, but it isn’t working.

    • I believe they have a little on all their packaging, though I remember reading complaints about the accuracy of it (or maybe it was poorly phrased)!

  19. Sarah

    Unbeknownst to a lot of people, in order to sell certain products in Canada there has to be bilingual packaging on the product.

    • I figured that was why the French was on there (I have no problem with French being on the packaging – I just have a problem with the lack of information in English!).

    • Saffy

      I don’t have a problem reading French, given here in Ontario it is taught in school. But I wouldn’t expect Urban Decay’s primary American buyers (young American girls) to know that les yeux means eyes. It’s surprising that Urban Decay chose not to be very clear with their product description.

  20. I’m thinking about trying this, but I’m still on the fence. Thanks, as always, for your review!

  21. Alison

    You don’t need Google Translate to work out what demaquillant yeux means.. whether you’ve studied French or not, It’s easy enough.

    • Or you know, you just might want to be thorough and complete – and try to give the most accurate information that you’re able to. :)

  22. Emily O.

    Really? I’m not one to be particularly agreeable but come on- there’s no argument to make- Christine is right. The Etats-Unis ( sorry no accents) official language is English, hence this is a no brainer. I read French passably, but that’s not the point. We are consumers and should expect to have clear, concise instructions for the product that is going on our face and , conceivably, eyes as well.

    • This! I was really annoyed at the lack of clear, concise labeling and instructions, which is why it went to the point of having to read every single word, whether English or not, on the tube. Thank you, Emily!

  23. V

    I absolutely love this remover. I have very specific sensitivities so finding an eye makeup remover that doesn’t irritate my eyes or give me a film that lasts for 15-20 mins has been impossible, but this one is perfect. It takes off all of my long-wearing and waterproof eye makeup products and leaves the skin around my eyes soft.

  24. meme

    Yuck! Sounds horrible. I have to be really careful what I put on my eyes for removal. Oils in this would be a huge NO for me. Sounds like a mess UD has with their tech writing on this product!

  25. Alison

    I love this product, I’ve had very good experiences with it, but then again I’ve never even considered using a makeup remover all over my face.. isn’t that what cleansers are for? Anyway I like it as a make up remover; it works better than Clean & Sober 😉

  26. "Karma"

    I was not impressed by this product. I just tested it out in Ulta trying to remove the Urban Decay Shadow sticks I swatched, and it took me four applications of this product to remove the swatches. Has anyone purchased this and compared it to the MUFE Sens/Eyes? Now that product I LOVE…..