Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Urban Decay Holiday 2009 Collection/Offerings

As per usual, Urban Decay doesn’t disappoint with an early release of some very delectable holiday offerings!

24/7 Super Stash ($36.00)

  • Five Existing Shades: Zero, Graffiti, Ransom, Rockstar, Stash
  • Four New Shades: Corrupt (chocolate-brown with sparkle), Binge (navy), Eldorado (golden), and Oil Slick (black with glitter)

Book of Shadows Vol. 2 ($48.00)

  • Seven New Shades: AC/DC (dark purple), Nylon (brown sparkle), Mushroom (gunmetal with taupe shift), Sphynx (pink w/glitter), Jinx (bright blue), Homegrown (bright green), Misdemeanor (dark teal)
  • Nine Existing Shades: Perversion, Sellout, Gunmetal, Ecstasy, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside, YDK
  • Also included are must-have travel size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in best-sellers Zero and Bourbon, AND a travel size Eyeshadow Primer Potion in a new curvy bottle!

Apocalyptic Nail Kit ($26.00)

  • White Widow (white sparkle)
  • Gunmetal (gunmetal sparkle)
  • Apocalypse (black-purple)
  • Grunge (metallic peacock)
  • Meltdown (royal purple)
  • Big Bang (sparkling hot pink)
  • Fbomb (true red)

Show Pony Shadow Box ($30.00)

  • Snatch (peachy-pink with glitter) (NEW)
  • Mildew (deep green)
  • Flash (electric purple)
  • Painkiller (turquoise shimmer) (NEW)
  • Smog (deep bronze)
  • Toasted (copper)
  • 24/7 Eye Pencil Zero (black)
  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Smoke Out Kit ($34.00)

  • Sweet Lucy Blacks/greys
    Ju-Ju Browns/neutrals
    Yerba Deep greens

Urban Decay Rocks ($18.00)

More sophisticated than “body bling”, these resplendent crystals come in a variety of 24 silver, gold, and iridescent stones. Use just one in the inner or outer corner of your eyes, try a smattering of different stones on one cheek, or ghetto-fabu-lize your nails. Get creative!

Availability: Secret Stash, Book of Shadows Vol. 2, Show Pony Shadow Box can be purchased at Sephora, ULTA and select Macy’s West locations. Or, online at sephora.com, ulta.com, macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com. Apocalyptic Nail Kit can be purchased at Sephora and select Macy’s. Or, online at sephora.com, macys.com and urbandecay.com. Urban Decay Rocks! Available for $18 at select Macy’s West locations. Or, online at macys.com, beauty.com and urbandecay.com.

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47 thoughts on “Urban Decay Holiday 2009 Collection/Offerings

  1. KaylaK

    Oooooh I love it all! I forsee me getting quite a bit of this!

  2. Nicole Straka

    Will be buying the 24/7 Super Stash!

  3. Anitacska

    I got the Book of Shadows, and the Show Pony box, although it has a different kind of packaging and a different name in the UK, but otherwise it’s the same. Really really want the 24/7 set!!! :)

  4. rowan

    need the nail polishe and eyeliner sets. i love urban decay…aah!

  5. amy

    I bought my first UD 24/7 liner in Bourbon a few weeks ago and I love it. I definitely can see myself owning a few more colours for the liners, but at $22 CAD, they can add up. If they have the mini liner set available at Sephora I will definitely pick one up because it has most of the colours I like and want in it. The book of shadows II and nailpolish set looks very tempting too!

  6. Andrea

    Oh man I’ve soooo been waiting for a Navy 24/7 eyeliner!!! Can`t wait!!

  7. Wow. I want the nail polish. Gorgeous.

  8. Alexis

    I may have to purge my MAC shadows to make room for this UD overhaul, sadly I’m starting to love their shadows more that MAC!

  9. Megan

    I love the boxes! I think I will purchase eyeliner set. I don’t own many colors like those…except the black eyeliner of course!

  10. Annett

    does anyone know when these items will be released?
    thanks! :)

  11. Annett

    Thank you, just checked. unfortunatly they do not deliver to Canada. does anyone know when they will be released to sephora?

    thank you though Kaylabella! : )

  12. Nicole

    I’m so getting the liners and the smoke out set loves those two and thats all I really want from the xmass sets .. was checking them out this morning on there site haha now I just need some extra cash

  13. When will they be available at a Sephora store?

  14. i want the nail polish set please! lol

  15. lisa

    I want 24/7 super stash and vol. 2!

  16. Oh my gosh this looks so good on my blackberry, I think when I actually see it on my laptop will get me even more excited! I want them all esp the liners @drools@

  17. I bought the 24/7 9 set and another one of the smaller 4 sets. And the BOS Vol II. I can’t wait to get them!! 😀

  18. Christina

    anyone know when Sephora online will have these items?

  19. Jules

    Oooh, I want the super stash and book of shadows so bad! Does anyone know how to get these in Oz?

  20. Jen

    I emailed Sephora and they said the Book Of Shadows 2 would be available before the end up Sept. I’m also dying to get my hands on it. Since I’m in Canada we can’t order from UD’s website:(

    • Ms Trendy

      Hey Jen, lets look out for one another. If an when this hits the shelves at Sephora stores in Canada or online let’s give each other a heads up. I missed out on the first book of shadows because Sephora sold out and as you know we cant order it online with shipping to Canada. Its always funny to see US retailers restrict shipping to Canadians – guess they like us driving down and spending our funny coloured (coloured with a U!) money in person! LOL

  21. Lia

    wowwww it all looks amazing!! christmas is gonna be good this year!

  22. KaylaK

    Apparently Sephora already has the BOS II on their site, under the palettes/sets section I didn’t see if you can buy it now or if it’s one of those things where they’ll email you when they are officially in.

  23. freewing

    wooowww….sooo pretty~~n the book of shadow II is amazing!!!

  24. Melody

    The book of shadow and the nail polish set are mine!! :)

  25. Helena

    UD’s marketing and packaging are SO annoying. All their good shades are limited-edition ones packed in with boring shadows that are in EVERY palette. Also, the shadow boxes and Ink for Eyes…so WASTEFUL, not to mention impractical.

  26. Christy

    Lovely! I think I’ll have to get some of these.

  27. shivani

    definitely the eyeliners. I lost my favorite ZERO liner somewhere can’t find it… :(
    So definitely gonna get that :)

  28. Nicole15

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the 24/7 Super Stash. I got the Book of Shadows Vol. 2 when they released it limited edition a couple weeks ago. I had gotten the original one last year so was compelled to get vol. 2 to add to the collection. I am sooo happy with it. I feel the value this year is better. Primer potion & 2 eyeliner pencils along w/ the 16 shadows is a really sweet deal. The colors are amazing. So pigmented & not overly chunky w/ the glitter. I am a huge fan & have been creating different looks with it everyday.

  29. Vern

    I want the Book of Shadows Vol II … 24/7 Set… and the Smoke-Out Kit. I love the holiday sets from everyone this year. Thanks for the information.

  30. Vness_12

    Oh NO!! I want ALL of these LoL. the peacock on the Book of Shadows Vol. 2 is screaming my name. I’m a sucker for cute packaging especially when it contains great products. But they all look great.

  31. Davina

    By the way,

    I drove to Canada this past weekend, and went to the duty-free shop by Queeston Bridge. They had all Urban Decay eye shadows for $3!! Great way to stock up if you can.

  32. glitter princess

    in the uk the show pony also has a blue peacock editon box packaging but the same shadows ive not seen bos 2 anywhere yet thought !!!

  33. OMG that superstash looks amazing!!!

  34. k.c.

    i think your counting is incorrect. there are nine shadows listed as “existing shades” yet you say there are only eight. nine would make sense since it looks as though there are 16 in the collection.

  35. Nadine

    I love the look of the book of shadows. It looks like there is a really big variety of colours. Its a bit pricey (i’m in Canada) but hopefully my Sephora will have it!

    I also don’t understand the packaging. I’ve never had boxed UD eyeshadows. What of the top? How come there is a pull out drawer?

  36. Tami

    Everything looks awesome but I want the pencils!!:iD

  37. Ms Trendy

    I really wish there was an easier way for us Canadian UD shoppers to get their products – we always have to wait and rely on Sephora!

  38. Will you be doing swatches and review on the Book of Shadows? I think the colors are really great!