Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner ($18.00 for 0.25 fl. oz.) is a glitter eyeliner with colored glitter suspended in a clear base.  Uncapped and you’ll find a thin eyeliner brush attached (much like the typical liquid liner).  There are currently eleven shades available–from fuchsia to blue to iridescent.

Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

  • Catfight is a deep fuchsia-pink.
  • Groupie is a pale, muted pink–very muted.
  • Baked is a deep golden-toned brown.
  • Midnight Cowboy is a silvery taupe brown.
  • Spandex is a multi-colored array of blue and gold and brown glitter.  (Looks absolutely nothing like it does in the tube–the rest do.)
  • Air Guitar is a slightly lightened medium blue.
  • Stagedive is a blue-based teal.
  • Mullet is a slightly olive-toned green.
  • Metalhead is a medium dark violet purple.
  • Glam Rock is a medium silvery-gray.
  • Distortion is a whitish, iridescent mix of multi-colored and pink glitter.

What I like using these glitter eyeliners for is to layer over Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners (or any liner, really–they just coordinate well with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners).  Alone, they’re just so-so, because the clear base makes them apply kind of sketchy. They can also be used over eyeshadow, too, for the same kind of effect.

In the swatches, you’ll see how it’s not a very clear, even or defined line of glitter.  When you use it over a liner, it works much better, because you get the sparkle of the glitter, but the colored liner fills in any gaps so the glitter actually pops.

I think I’d love these more if they had colored bases as well, just because it’d be more of a two-in-one and require a little less effort on my part.  They just may make excellent, super glittery bases if they were in a colored base, too… Hm!  Nevertheless, they were designed to have a clear base, so I won’t knock the product because my preference is different.  It’s much like Urban Decay describes, and I love the range of shades they have.

Oh!  One more idea, Urban Decay, how about a holiday set of miniature sized versions of these?  Would be awesome methinks!

See more photos and swatches

Urban Decay Glitter Eye Liners: Catfight, Groupie, Baked, Midnight Cowboy, Spandex, Air Guitar, Stagedive, Mullet, Metalhead, Glam Rock, Distortion

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57 thoughts on “Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Anitacska

    I really like all of these, but Spandex seems so much fun and I really want Distortion since I’ve seen Pursebuzz review it.

  2. VexInTheCity

    I think these are overpriced and nothing to write home about. I bought one at Xmas – never again. Waste of money.

  3. MoonlightBliss

    Looks pretty good!

  4. Hinahon

    I already have StageDive, Metal Head, Glam Rock and Air guitar and i love them !

    I need to get more of those.
    Are they permanent? I think so but not sure…

  5. amy

    I like the Metalhead and Catfight colour. I think all the blues and greens are lovely too because I can see they coordinate really well with some of the 24/7 liners like Graffiti. It would be excellent if these come in mini sizes and in a holiday set, especially since I don’t think I will be whipping these open and using them everyday.

  6. Miss_M

    Midnight Cowboy and Glam Rock look really nice. I’ll check them out tomorrow when I take a trip to Sephora.

  7. mela

    i actually wore catfight as a shadow with midnight cowboy as my underye liner to lady gaga’s d.c. concert last night. i tried to apply catfight with an art store brush (i managed to pour some out of the tube) and really pat it on to acheive a more opaque look but over time, while it did create a solid pink glitter eye, it clumped. do you think it would be better to brush thin layers and let each dry as opposed to applying a lot of product at once?

  8. DJ

    I love these and the Too Faced version. I wear Glam Rock all the time, but I use lots of it over itself to make it look like foil/silver leaf.

  9. Those look wonderful but are they sheer? The swatches look rather thinned out? No? I love the colors. They are up to my alley!

    Thank you so much again for the swatches. I admire your hard work and love your blog for always. :)

    • They’re sheer. I just ran the brush across my skin in one line, and this is kind of how they look :(

      They’re really pretty over the 24/7 liners, IMO!

      Thank you!

  10. Rose

    I never use glitter liners as actual liners. I like to apply a bright pigment to my lid using mixing medium. Once that is perfect, I lightly apply the glitter on top of the shadow for one sexy disco ball of a lid! Just make sure to let the glitter dry completely before blinking or your lids will be sticky. Sort of the same principle Christine uses with eyeliner.

  11. liz

    dude, these things stay on all day. i forgot i was wearing it and rubbed my eye b/c my contacts were bothering me but not a piece of glitter on my hands.

    and i also like that it does take layering, if it was straight up glitter people would complain it was too chunky.

    i love these.

  12. Rae

    Gorgeous! I definitely 2nd your plea for a holiday set… that would be wonderful!

  13. Paige

    These look… meh? I would expect more glitter. I have two of the NYX candy glitter liners and they tend to give much more gitter than these.

  14. Karen

    Believe it or not, these glitter eyeliners actually work better when they are old. I have 5-6 of them, and they were very “meh” when I first bought them. After 6 months or so when the products have dry up inside the tube a little, the glitter is a lot more intense. Weird I know.

  15. Kelly

    Um….it looks quite different than I expected though.
    But still urban decay is gorgeous cosmetic brand :)

  16. I think I want Metalhead. I could layer that with my new purple Gosh liner. =)

    I used Air Guitar once and it looked fab on the upper lash line. It can be layered for a denser line of glitter. Although, wait for it to dry up before applying more. I like the MAC glitter eyeliners more, but they aren’t permanent. The MAC glitter eyeliners from the Hello Kitty collection had finer glitter and have a base color.

    • Bet that would be pretty together, Christy!

      Yes, I’d definitely think waiting for it to dry between layers would help, otherwise it all kind of migrates everywhere, LOL.

      • I remember seeing this girl out clubbing one night, she was wearing glitter all around her eye. It seemed like she had applied it to her lid, but it fell on to her cheeks, making this hot mess. I felt like taking a MAC wipe and cleaning her. She would’ve benefited to some of this eyeliner and layering it over her lid.

  17. natalie

    I have Spandex and it is the best! It has glitters in rainbow shades – truly eye catching. On my lid, it looks defined, because I go over a couple of times in a thin, tight line. I would love to grab a few more shades, that I don’t already have in MAC glitter liners.

  18. Lorna

    not my thing. it reminds me of when i was a kid and made those pictures with glue and glitter. NOT what i want on my face.

  19. katrina

    I like the too faced glitter better…on top of the 24/7 liners.
    The too faced just come out on the brush more and more of a liner then shear…

  20. I have Stagedive and I don´t find it very sheer.
    You should try the glittereyeliners from Make Up Store instead!

  21. rowan

    i use these all the time, i love them! they make eyes sparkle. best glitter liner on the market imo.

  22. rowan

    the glitter is always very vivid and even on me, but products work differently for everyone

  23. kc

    Laura Mercier has these as well, not sure how many colors but I do own the gold and silver/multicolor and they are really nice

  24. Jessica

    Hey Christine:
    I’m just curious as to what your favorite color is? I’ve been wanting to get catfight, but every time I go into Sephora I keep thinking I’d wish they were more opaque…

  25. Dorit

    So pretty! I love the huge color selection! I’ve never tried these but I’m obsessed with glitter liquid and glitter pencil eyeliners. I wear them almost everyday! I usually stick to just silver, subtle but still sparkley enough that people always notice. When going out I like to wear gold or black glitter liners. But, I have to agree with everyone, I want Spandex, it looks awesome!

    Victoria’s Secret also has glitter liquid liners in a few color choices, definitely not as many as Urban Decay, however, if you’re not looking for unique colors and just want the basic silver, gold and a few others, I would highly recommend them, I believe they’re only $7! :)

  26. Lo

    i L O V E the purple!
    hmm… over some black

  27. Katie

    I just ordered Spandex. I can’t wait to try it, it looks so fun.

  28. taylor

    ugh. i just want them all. they’re amazing.
    (is it possible to have sexual frustration towards eyeliner? if so, i have it toward these.)