Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Fun Palette: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

Urban Decay Spring 2011: Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Eyeshadow Palette ($34.00 for 0.34 oz.) includes six eyeshadows: Woodstock (bright pink with slight shimmer), Baked (rich bronze), Uzi (metallic silver with big iridescent sparkles), Sin (champagne), Flipside (electric teal with blue sheen), and Psychedelic Sister (bright purple). Also included is Oil Slick 24/7 Liner (black with silver sparkle) and the original primer potion (nude).

  • Woodstock is a medium-dark fuchsia pink with a soft shimmer finish. This shade is available individually as part of the permanent range.
  • Baked is a rich copper with a metallic-frost finish. This shade is available individually as part of the permanent range, and it has been in the Baked, Book of Shadows, Vol. 1, and Alice in Wonderland palettes.
  • Uzi is a bright silvered white with silver glitter. Yes, there is fall out. This shade is available individually as part of the permanent range, and it has been in the Book of Shadows, Vol.3 and Sustainable palettes.
  • Sin is a pinky champagne with a frost finish. This shade is available individually as part of the permanent range, and it has been in the Alice in Wonderland and Naked palettes.
  • Flipside is a teal-tinged green with a metallic-frost finish. This shade is available individually as part of the permanent range, and it has been in Baked, Book of Shadows, Vol. 2, and Sustainable palettes.
  • Psychedelic Sister is a red-toned medium-dark purple with a shimmer finish. This shade is available individually as part of the permanent range, and it was in the Book of Shadows, Vol. III palette.

my thoughts on the formula: Urban Decay’s eyeshadows are rich in pigment, apply evenly, and feel like butter. Generally speaking, their formula is excellent. I will warn and caution you against their shades with “glitter” or “sparkle” in the finish–some of these can be prone to fall out (for example, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again).

In terms of value, the palette includes 0.18 oz. of eyeshadow ($61.20 value), 0.03 oz. of eyeliner ($12.75 value), and 0.13 fl. oz. of primer potion ($6.88 value). The total value of the palette is $80.83, while the retail price is $34.

I think sometimes we lose sight of what the beauty industry and market are like as a whole — not every person purchases every palette or even much at all. Not everyone enters at the same time, so even though you may find yourself owning many of the shades, it doesn’t make it a terrible product – Urban Decay does some really excellent shades that you can get year round, but these sure make those shades more accessible and affordable to people who don’t have a lot of Urban Decay or have always wanted to try it. It would be great to see new shades, of course, but I recognize what value they may hold to others.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: Fun has the most shades that are permanent/available individually, as they are all available whenever your heart desires. Whether it’s a good value/purchase depends on just how many Urban Decay products you have in your arsenal. The palette itself is an excellent value, and if you like more than two shadows, it works out to be the same if you had bought then individually ($17 each). Uzi has a slightly fussy finish/texture, but the other five eyeshadows are really nice, especially Woodstock and Baked.

where to buy: Urban Decay

See more photos & swatches!

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Fun Palette: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Fun Palette: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Fun Palette: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Fun Palette: Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Urban Decay Primer Potion (right)

Urban Decay Fun Palette
Yeyo, Zero, Oil Slick, Gunmetal, Dime (only Oil Slick is included in the palette)

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45 thoughts on “Urban Decay Fun Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Avatar of Jill AnGeLwInGz

    All of these colors are awesome except Uzi, which is very pretty but has dangerously large glitter particles and major fallout. I’d pick this up if I didn’t already ave every color.

    • Carrie Ann

      I really don’t like Uzi. It is pretty, but so glittery that I think you can only wear it if you’re a teenager or for some special occasion. It really does have major fallout.

  2. Hilary♥

    Love each single color!

  3. Carrie Ann

    I love UD palettes because they’re so cute and convenient. They save you from spending more by purchasing the shades individually, but I had to start keeping a list of all the shades I already own so I wouldn’t make the mistake of buying a palette that has nothing new in it. Woodstock is the only shade I don’t already have, so I can definitely skip this palette.

  4. Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie S.

    While these three palettes won’t reach the hype that Naked did, or probably even the Books of Shadows, they’ll be great year-in, year-out palettes like the Urban Ammo palette. To me, Ammo is the #1 makeup must-have for any woman, but now you can mix and match, say Feminine and Fun if you’re girly, or Fun and Dangerous if you like a lot of colors. I’m glad that you pointed out that not everyone buys every single UD palette. A lot of makeup junkies forget that “regular” women don’t buy things in the volume that we do.

    • Amanda

      Stephanie, I agree fully with you and Christine! I was glad she made that point after so many people complained about repeat shades. Even some beauty junkies, like myself, have concentrated their collections around other brands and may just be getting into Urban Decay. I have never purchased an Urban Decay palette before, so I’m pretty excited!

      • I think it would have been great if Urban Decay did one palette with all new shades, and then the other two palettes with shades from the permanent line. Then they could make both sides happy :)

        • Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie S.

          I might be a cynic, but I think that they’ll probably never do that because they know we’ll still buy things that don’t have many/any new or exclusive shades because the palettes are a good value and/or have such a big cult following. I still think these palettes are very cool overall, and they’ll work out for a lot of people. And somehow these remind me of the old face cases a bit, I guess it’s the different personalities of the palettes.

      • Avatar of Stephanie Stephanie S.

        Hopefully you love these! I tried to stop drinking the Urban Decay Kool-Aid, but it didn’t work. Their products really are awesome.

  5. I use a sponge tip applicator to apply Uzi, since it can be fussy. :)

  6. Tawny

    Man, I really want Woodstock, but I own every other shade in this palette. It’s sooo cute too! =(

  7. Avatar of Gina Gina

    I’ve been wanting the Sephora exclusive shades for so long, and I’m SO glad I waited! Definitely grabbing this palette, since it has two. Despite my love of UD, the only shadow I have in this palette is Sin (which I adore, so I guess I can’t have too many of it).

  8. Avatar of Sass Sass

    UD should come out with LE palettes with ALL new colors if you ask me. It only makes sense. I’m being penalized for owning all BOS except for Vol. 1and the Naked palette. Sad I couldn’t share in the fun with any of these new palettes. Bleh.

  9. Karen

    I like this one the best, but I think I’ll just get Woodstock since I have the Alice in Wonderland palette.

  10. Avatar of Gina Gina

    Also, I have a question. How would you recommend pairing Flipside and Baked in a look?

  11. anonymous

    Not for me. I have everything in it I like except PS.

  12. Avia

    Between MAC’s Forgery and Urban Decay’s Uzi, which would you pick?

  13. I’ve the Sleek Good girl palette and essentially have 12 different shades of pink – enough to last me a lifetime! So I think will have to give any palettes containing a pink a miss. Besides, I’m not too keen on the smaller UD palettes – they seem dinky and space-consuming somehow.

    However, beautiful pigmentation from UD as always and pretty funky packaging. Not up to par with Too Faced’s Romantic eye palette of course, since I’m digging that design for Valentine’s.

  14. Lyss

    The swatches make me want to buy this despite the fact that I wouldn’t use Uzi and I already own two of Sin. (Sin is also in the Ammo palette, which isn’t noted)

  15. Katie M

    I think this is my favorite one, and I actually don’t have most of these colors yet so I might just pick it up.

  16. That’s some bright packaging! I love it!

  17. Jazz

    I need baked , flipside , and psychedelic sister. I dont want the palette though.

  18. Morena123

    I love the palette. but i have 2 of these shades already (bakes, uzi).
    and i have every eyeshadow shade in the spectrum, so i could subsitute colors using other brands that i have. if i had money to throw arround like that, i’d still buy it but otherwise, I PASS!

  19. Avatar of Nadia A Nadia

    I know that Urban Decay is known for their colorful eyeshadow palettes. Therefore, it was surprising to see that Urban Decay came out with the Naked Palette, which of course we all know was a big hit. It will be interesting to see if Urban Decay comes out with another palette similar to the Naked Palette. I bought the Naked Palette and wold buy another palette that was similar. But I have not purchased the other Urban Decay palettes because I really not that skilled at using bright, colorful eyeshadows, which is why I have realized over the years that I always tend to stick to neutral shades.

    • anonymous

      I begged and begged and begged on UD FB page for a palette of neutrals and mattes for office etc and people were nasty about it saying go to another brand, that’s anti-UD etc.. Finally they do it and can’t keep it in stock.

      Now I’m begging for a followup “dead” palette with all gray/silver shades & maybe a matte black, iridescent highlight & bit of purple or something as an accent.

      • elisabeth

        hey, i remember seeing your request for the dead palette on their fb page! i thought it was a great idea, i ‘liked’ it, ha!!! i really agree with you about the frenzy for the Naked palette, i also think it did so well because it looks so luxe and chic, it has a more ‘expensive’ and sophisticated look than some of their other stuff. i would LOVE a dead palette, i really think you’re onto something

        • anonymous

          Hee! I’d love a dead palette. I couldn’t believe they did just what I wanted in the one shade of shadow I never wear (brown)

          I wanna be a deadhead (at least palettewise) :-)

  20. MissMariMac

    I love these! Im currently enrolled at The Academy of glam for make up & im always looking for new palettes to add to my kit!

  21. I wish UD comes up with a palette with all the NEW colors they have been releasing in the BOS, NAKED PALETTE etc…

  22. These three palettes look lovely but I have a hard time imagining nice shade combos with the Fun and the Dangerous ones.
    Are you going to make looks with them?

  23. Avatar of Christine Laila

    Will these palettes be available at Sephora?

  24. DarkGlamour17

    I really like this one and the Feminine palette (which I’ll definitely be getting) but I’m on the fence about this one…I own Sin, Uzi (which is a shade I’d like to kill!), and Flipside. ugh decisions decisions… ha!

  25. ChristineD

    I am SOOOOOOO getting all three of these I am juts falling in lust with UD as I have been experimenting more with colour and its more cost efficient for me to buy pallettes then single MAC shadows all the time…

  26. Phoebe

    Hello Christine and all readers,
    I have had chronic illness for the past few years,prior to the illness I had so much love for make up and always went out wearing such pretty colours.When I joined this site I was only just beginning to look at my untouched make up.That is just a little about me.I had lost all interest in the girlie things.I found this to be a lovely friendly site and although sometimes I am unable to comment I always read all your thoughts and look at Christine with such vibrant is just pleasant to see.I own 2 urban decay palettes and these are fab palettes as I do not own any of the eye shadows illustrated.I have a book where I have noted every cosmetic I own,it is a great tool to have and then you can weigh up things.Thank you for reading and I wish you all a pleasant day.

  27. DarkGlamour17

    This palette kinda looks like it’s on crack haha :P

  28. Sydney

    Skip. I have some of the colors, plus the eyeliner and primer potion, and I greatly dislike Uzi. Maybe I’ll get one of the other two.

  29. delilahsmama27

    I got this in the mail yesterday and overall I really like it! Def worth the $34 even tho I don’t really like uzi or flipside. Uzi really does have a gorgeous base color but, like everyone else said, the big glitter is rediculos and ruins it :/. Flipside looks so pretty in the pan and even in there picture swatches but once I swatched it myself I found it to be wayyyyy too frosty for my skintone. All the rest I love. Especialy baked! Omg new fave eyeshadow! I’m new to UD so I didn’t already have it :) I’m not totally feeling the oilslick liner but idk… maybe I can make it work and I’m so excited that it had a mini primer bc I hadn’t tried it yet. And the box is adorable so yeah :) I’m happy! Thanks for the review honestly, I wouldn’t have even known about it if it wasn’t for you lol