Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale for April 2010!

From April 6th through the 19th, with code 1SFNF, you can save 30% off at urbandecay.com. Happy hauling!

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49 thoughts on “Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale for April 2010!

  1. Christine shen

    OMG.. I love you!! hahaha

  2. YAY!!! I might just buy the new setting sprays!

  3. Michelle

    I wish they had the Alive in Wonderland BOS in stock! :-(

  4. lauraaaaaaaa

    just put in an order for 3 lovely e/s

  5. Kesha

    Yay!! I finally get to try their liquid liners. Actualy, I don’t have any UD products except UDPP. Any suggestions?

    • I like their 24/7 liners the most. They have nice deluxe shadows, too – if you like shimmers! :) Oh, and their lipstick line has some nice choices, but you may not care for the burnt caramel sugar scent (“creme brulee”).

      • Kesha

        Oh I did get one of the 24/7 liner sets. They’re on sale (a set of 4) for $20. And thanks for the heads up about the scent. It’s weird how beauty companies make their cosmetics smell like baked goods/desserts.

        Also, there was a note on the site about shipping delays. I was thinking about paying the $8 for UPS Ground but, if it’s delayed 5 days to begin with, there’s no point.

        • Very true… haven’t been to their site (nothing I’m needing at the moment) for the sale yet, so I didn’t see the note about shipping delays!

  6. Haylie

    30% is an amazing deal! Too bad I’m not that into UD products. Have you heard any word of a MAC sale any time soon?

  7. Meesh

    Hmmmmm good chance to try new things. I think I’ll pick up a setting spary. Anything about UD breaking people out? I know the MAC fix+ breaks me out like crazy and I forgot to return it and now can’t. *sigh*

  8. Pinkgirl

    Can people in the U.K use this code too? xx.

  9. daphne

    These sales are always tempting…but I hate paying for shipping and I just don’t see myself picking up $50 worth. Maybe two 24/7 liners, but the discount isn’t that much after shipping, so I might as well just get them at Sephora during their sale.

    • Brittney

      they have both set of their 24/4 liners for $20 were sephora only has the one… and its 30% compared with 15%…sorry i was super excited about this 😉

      • daphne

        I have most of the liners in both those sets, so it wouldn’t be worthwhile to me to get all those dupes! Sigh.

  10. It makes me sad that I can’s take advantage of this because I’m in Canada.


    • Courtney

      I live in Canada too, and I just shipped mine to the US border which is near by..if you go through pay pal it lets you do that…but i suppose if you dont live near the border my suggestion is useless!

  11. Olivia

    thank you christine! yum.. urban decay!:D
    i’m wondering if you have any word on a mac F&F or sumo type sale like they had last year. i realllllllllllllly hope they do. even if you’re not positive, do you think they’ll have another?
    have a great day!<3

  12. Dianna

    Too bad they don’t ship to Canada :(
    Have you ever tried UD Lip Envy stains?

  13. Amalee

    I’m thinking about getting 2/3 of the setting sprays and De-Slick. Christine, have you tried them out yet? What are your thoughts?

    • I’ve tried Dew Me, but I’m not really a mist/setting spray kind of girl. They always just feel like I’m spraying water on my face.

  14. Gao


  15. GretalovesMAC

    the setting sprays look interesting and I think I will pick up a couple of their liquid liners……….

  16. Ashley

    Oh, I don’t want to see this!! I’m not supposed to be buying more make-up after my little spree with Art Supplies and Viva Glam, as well as the nail polish I just bought with my Ulta coupon. But I do really want to try out their lipstick and maybe a bright blue-ish teal eyeshadow.

  17. Nicole

    Does anyone know when their Setting Sprays are available at Sephora?

  18. AnGeLwInGz

    Last night I was getting a head start on my Sephora Friends and Family shopping cart and today I was able to delete all the UD items. 30% off is better than 15!

  19. Amanda

    Yay! I just ordered Flash eyeshadow, Ecstasy liquid liner, and the Stagedive/Covet duo.

  20. Dandoona

    I called them today and asked them about the shipping to Canada. They said they are aggressively working on it. Im so pissed, the nearest Sephora is almost an hr away. And I wont get the discount ;(

  21. Christina

    Awesome, thanks for posting this Christine!

  22. Carrie

    I received an e-mail about this discount and I was surprised that they were offering 30% off. I ordered the Bourbon and Binge 24/7 eyeliner set w/ the sharpener and a couple of lipsticks. They were all things that I’d been wanting anyway, so it was great to get the discount.

  23. Diana B

    Thanks for letting us know

  24. LNU

    My haul was UD anyway, so forget sephora I’m just gonna order online! =D

  25. today I really hate Urban Decay for not having international shipping! 😛

  26. Hamka

    I’m so excited about this even though I have no money right now!
    Thanks for the post!!! 😀

  27. ahhh backups of naked lipstick heeeerreee I ccomeeee!!!!
    I have so many other things I want but I just buy them off swappers on MUA for half the price.

    Why do these sales come right when I don’t have money?! It makes me sad :(

  28. Oh man, we never get such great discounts on Urban Decay. :( (Or anything much, come to think of it.) My only consolation is that I’ve bought everything I’ve wanted from Urban Decay, including all the Stardust shadows in the clearance sale the other day, so wouldn’t know what to get anyway. :)

  29. Melissa

    Nice, I finally got that limited fancy lipstick cap I’ve been craving!

  30. Tanisha

    Great way to make my first UD purchase

  31. Tammy

    I’m furious that this is America only ):