Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow ($17.00 for 0.05 oz.) is described as a “bright gold with gold sparkles.” It’s a yellow gold with a lightness that seems to tone down some of the brightness. It has gold micro-glitter strewn through the golden base color, which does have a tendency to cause fall out when used without a really tacky base. I had trouble getting an opaque, even layer of product, though–the pigmentation is lacking, and the texture is too dry, which seems to be the cause of uneven application. ¬†On the lid, you really have to pack it on just to get decent color payoff.

It’s a disappointment, because El Dorado 24/7 Liner is a gorgeous true yellow gold, but this is a very faded variation of that. Inglot #403 is a much more intense version of what this looks like in the pan, while Make Up For Ever #10 is a little darker. I find that MAC Goldmine is significantly darker and almost looks orange.

The Glossover


Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

This is a real miss -- it's not very pigmented, has glittery fallout, and applies unevenly.











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Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase Eldorado? How much is it?

Sephora, $17.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Inglot #403 is a much more intense version of what this looks like in the pan, while Make Up For Ever #10 is a little darker. I find that MAC Goldmine is significantly darker and almost looks orange.

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29 thoughts on “Urban Decay Eldorado Eyeshadow

  1. Ooh that’s a miss indeed!

  2. xmissxandristx

    I actually used this just yesterday! I used it over the original UDPP and i got pretty good pigmentation, but i also have like… ghostly pale skin. so, that might’ve helped haha.

  3. Jamie

    Wow,you can barely see that! Im suprised by that,ive never seen a UD shadow so sheer. I love the eyeliner too so im dissappointed in the shadow.

  4. Josiane

    Sooo disappointing!

  5. KittenMittons

    This was my favourite until I realized there was waaaaay better out there. Man I wish they still made the El Dorado eyeliner.

  6. AnGeLwInGz

    I use this one as a highlighter. It looks especially nice when worn with Graffiti and Vert.

  7. Beth

    I’m not a fan of glittery eyeshadows, but I think the base color of the shadow is prettier on the skin than it is in the pan! I’d be interested in a shadow that produced that light wash of golden shimmer if I weren’t so cool-toned.

  8. Oh, that swatch is almost horrifying. This is why I’m always apprehensive of Urban Decay’s glittery eyeshadows (which leaches over into not wanting to try any of their eyeshadows).

    • They do have some fantastic eyeshadows, I’d just pass on anything with “glitter” or “sparkle” in the description generally speaking!

  9. Sylvia

    I bought this eyeshadow a while ago, I wanted to love it so much but I couldn’t make it work, and I had to end up returning it. Really disappointed. :(

  10. Oh, I’m glad I passed on this one! I love Urban Decay shadows for the most part and have considered this one many times.

  11. heidi

    This looks a lot like honey in the pan but honey is crazy pigmented and blends like butter

  12. Melissa

    Yup, I just picked up Goddess and have been experiencing the same thing.

  13. WHAT?! Where is the pigment?! What a mess.

  14. lala

    i have this eyeshadow and love it! you’re review isn’t very good. more swatches would have been better. if it was MAC or Chanel, you would have gaven it a better grade.

    • I can only review based on my experience. I’ve given Urban Decay many, many high grades – maybe you should read through some of my past Urban Decay reviews, because if you do, you’ll notice they often get higher grades than MAC, particularly for their eyeshadows.

    • Nikki

      UD has a lot of great shades and Christine has reviewed some here.. Just like this is a bad one for them.. There are bad ones for MAC as well..

      I dislike when people think MAC can do no wrong…

    • Ashley

      One person’s experience isn’t the same for everyone. Which means that it’s normal for one reviewer to give it a great review and one to give it a poor review. So just because your experience with it is positive and her’s is negative, it doesn’t mean that the review is negative because it’s not a specific brand :/ It doesn’t work for her ideals and standards, so perhaps you both simply have different ideals or different uses for it which would garner different opinions.

    • Heidi

      More than likely there are more products that suit her in MAC and Chanel’s lines because there are significantly more reviews for them here. That doesn’t mean this received a negative review for the sole reason it was not one of those 2 products. Personally, I absolutely LOVE UD (they are my go to and every day wear brand) and although I don’t care for the color of this shadow and do not own it, I’d have to agree on the payoff as it doesn’t appear to be there. There are good reviews for UD here, if you pull up a search by brand it’s much easier to go through them. I agree with you Nikki as I am not a MAC fan, if I am going to dabble in Estee Lauder product I prefer Smashbox and I dislike the “do no wrong” opinions too.

      • I wouldn’t say that is the case at all – there is a clear reason why MAC has more reviews, which is that they put out 10x the collections each year (40-50 per year, whereas most brands put out 4-6). UD puts out fewer products per season than most brands, less than Chanel. I review what readers want, not what I want. Neither MAC nor Chanel are my favorite brands – it’s frustrating when everyone else tells you what your favorites are when they’re not :( You should look at my Editor’s Choice Awards – because those are my favorites.

  15. Mae

    Ooh damn, that’s bad. I really like the packaging so that’s a double bummer right there.

  16. I like this as a browbone highlighter. If you watch the 2003 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (Youtube), the girls are wearing gold glitter on their browbones. This is like a toned down version of that.

  17. cori

    oh gawd, they better not put this in their next palette. :/

  18. Sharon

    I have a similar issue with Vert actually. The only way I can get good pigmentation out of that one is when applied wet. I don’t know why a lot of people don’t have the problem. I’m thinking that some of the shadows being sold are a tad off their shelf life or there is some sort of production defect. I have been sticking with the shadow boxes ever since I picked up Vert and I have had no issues.

  19. LoveBugPugs

    This MAY be a bad UD eyeshadow but did you try to scratch through a good bit of the top layer first? I know we shouldn’t have to, but I have had to that with UD’s eyeshadows before. It seems some of them are all glitter and very little pigment on top. I have never tried this color before, but that may be the problem.

  20. Jen

    Wow, how disappointing! It looks so good in the pan.. and then… bleh.

  21. Brittany

    For my birthday dinner, I wore this shade all over the lid, and UD’s Goddess into the crease and it was pigmented and extremely gorgeous.. The solution to using UD’s “glittery” shades properly is to use a sticky base (the perfect sticky base in my opinion is NYX’s eyeshadow base in WHITE) and a 239 brush to PACK (not sweep) the color onto your lids. Application technique is key when it comes to using shades like this. I’ve never ever had fall out with UD’s glittery shades primarily because I used a sticky base,a 239 brush, and great application techniques. And IF I saw a speck of glitter, it wouldn’t have mattered to me because I always use concealer under my eyes to cover dark circles and to highlight. It saddens me to see that you dislike the glittery shades because it gives your large reader base a misconception that there is nothing they can do to prevent fallout from happening. Again, application technique, tools, and bases are everything. I’m self taught, but worked at the counter for a couple years and these are lessons I’ve picked up from our senior artist who trained us and general experiences.

    • I’ve said many, many times that using a stickier base will help with fall out (including in this post) and stated that to get decent color payoff one needs to pack it on. I rate products on their own merit, not whether I can find a way to make them work somehow, someway. I don’t make excuses for products. It’s fine if you want to buy additional products to make something work, are willing to spend extra time to get it just right – but it doesn’t mean the product itself is stellar. It just means that the extra effort and trial and error are worth it to you.

      I don’t dislike glittery shades – I dislike them when they are poorly done. I review products based on my experience and on their claims, and I’m glad you like yours, but I didn’t have the same experience so I can only write from the experience I did have :)

  22. Carly

    This was nothing like I was really awkward to use..BUT after many trials I found that using Make Up For Ever’s Yellow Flash Color as a base works AWESOME. It really brings out the shadow a lot better..pretty :)
    Hope this helps!