Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Urban Decay Black Palette

Now available @ Sephora! It is an eyeshadow palette with six black-based eyeshadows (0.04 oz. each) and one travel-sized Zero 24/7 Liner (0.03 oz.). It also includes a miniature-sized Eden Primer Potion. The palette retails for $36.

This glittery black compact with mirror features a daring palette of five black-based, glimmering, jewel-toned eyeshadows, and Urban Decay’s darkest matte black eyeshadow, Black Dog, for adding dimension like never before. The set comes complete with a travel-size 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero and a mini genie bottle of Eyeshadow Primer Potion, so your color stays deep, dark and alluring all day and night.

  • Black Dog Richest matte black
  • Barracuda Black with silver sparkly shift
  • Jet Black with purple sparkly shift
  • Sabbath Black with blue sparkly shift
  • Cobra Black with golden sparkly shift
  • Libertine Black with emerald sparkly shift

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59 thoughts on “Urban Decay Black Palette

  1. Anna

    Frankly, the NYX trio “Lake Moss” is almost an exact dupe for the olive/khaki, purple and blue shades – and who doesn’t own a matte black? Doesn’t seem like the best value to me for a palette of liner shades.

    • You could also take a black base + any shimmery shadow layered on top!

    • Natasha S.

      I was just about to say that Anna! wow! LOL

      I have that NYX trio and when I saw this palette, I thought of that!

    • Mara

      I love the Lake Moss trio from NYX! It’s a great alternative to black if you want a smoky eye look. And you’re right, for the price, this UD palette doesn’t seem to be worth it. I’d rather save my bucks for BOS3.

    • I’m so glad to hear good things about the lake moss trio, I’ve had my eye on it for so long! Honestly the UD palette isn’t worth it. I’ve seen some swatches of these (not in person though) that reveals that out of the pan all the colors pretty much just turn into black. Like slight variations of black.

  2. Ty

    Thanks Christine. Is it permanent?

  3. Sarina

    can you do some swatches and review please? :)

  4. Helu

    Oh I must have this, it’s so.. me 😀 and the shadow name “Black Dog” really appeals to me ’cause it’s one of my favourite Led Zeppelin -songs, and I’m sure that it’s where the shadow got it’s name from :)

  5. I already got this as it came out in the UK and I love it! and as for who own a matte black…I didn’t!

    The colours are beautiful, but you need to use a good base, something like Pixie Epoxy from Fryianne works well, the gold is my favourite shade at the moment

  6. Kathy

    I love the color names (especially Black Dog and Barracuda), but I think I’ll pass on this one. None of the colors make me think, “OMG I must have this!”

  7. AnGeLwInGz

    I usually don’t wear colors this dark but UD shadows are my fave and this palette doesn’t contain any repeat colors WOO-HOO!

  8. Alyssa

    I don’t like their shadows that have glitter in them. Gets all over my face no matter how careful I am. Love the colors though!

  9. tehteh

    too much black anyone? a goth’s dream!

    I bet Taylor Momsen will buy the whole stock XD

  10. Jay

    I would love this but I feel like most of the shadows in urban decay palettes are always too glittery like school play makeup/ have lots of fallout not sure of the single ones though

  11. Melissa (divinem)

    UD will not get another dollar of mine. I’m so tired of their smarmy marketing practices (e.g. BOS III and previous releases). I don’t care if it’s THE coolest makeup release ever, I have officially boycotted them.

  12. I saw this in my email this morning. This totally reminds me of some NYX trios I used to have. For some reason though, it doesn’t wow me! I think after the awesome NAKED palette, I can’t see them topping that for awhile!

    • puffnstuff

      UD is so meh lately! i dont think Naked was that great because it has so many perm/re-release shades. whack.

  13. Jezi

    None of these colors are unique to me. Pass.

  14. Bevi

    I got mine last week and I love it. The palette is small so really easy to tote around, and it’s much more ‘me’ than the Naked palette, so I passed on that one. I didn’t own a matte black either – all my shadows are UD so quite sparkly/glittery. Super excited by this. :)

  15. Caitlin

    i think i’ll pass… just not very excited about this. I would rather spend $20 and get the BOS3. :)

  16. Ashley Tatton

    No swatches? I’m assuming you don’t have this one yet or you haven’t had time.

  17. I wish this was more like the Naked palette but with darker colors, then I might have been all over this.

  18. Lena

    It doesn’t seem like a necessary item, although I’m very tempted. I can personally never have enough dark shadows, but I can always achieve a similar effect with a black base and a shimmery or duo-toned shadow on top.

  19. Ashley D.

    Oooh tempting!

  20. They are just taking advantage of my love of rock and roll, and they know just how to do it!

  21. Laura

    Just ordered this from Debenhams (UK) – can’t wait!

  22. muffingrl

    im too in love with my UD naked palette to pay this any mind 😉

  23. I’d pass. You can create any of these shades with the Book of Shadows palettes I and II. :-/

  24. Michelle B.

    You think this would be a good value for someone who has zero dark eyeshadows, no black eyeliner or primer potion, and only one UD eyeshadow?

  25. I love this palette! Dark colors are my fav but I can’t buy this til Friday…… Hope Sephora still has some left unlike the launch of the BOS III which sold out in 10 minutes!

  26. Rach has a review of this product if you’re curious. Frankly, the colors and the price just aren’t worth it for me. I agree with some of the other comments; just layer some sparkly black on a nice bright color and you’re set.

    • Rebecca

      Thanks for letting us know about the review on I just checked it out and was super disappointed by how these shadows look! So pretty in the package, not so much on the skin except with that exact primer.

  27. Dawn

    Not very wearable colors, especially for fair skinned women like me

  28. Erin


    Can you suggest a super pigmented black eyeshadow? I personally haven’t had any luck finding a pure black eyeshadow. I’m intrigued that this UD palette says it will have the richest black eyeshadow, black dog. Do you think it will ever be sold individually?
    Thank you!

  29. Dini

    I really like the darker colours. I just might give this palette a chance.

  30. Michelle Thao

    I am very tempted but I want the MAC’s VVC MES. Besides, I am still working with the Style Black MES so will skip on this.

  31. Tiffany

    Can you post a look from this palette?

  32. Nicole

    i’d rather get the vegan palette. thanks though (:

  33. sarah

    anyone know a decent dupe for libertine? it’s the only color on this palette i feel like i want/need.

  34. Deb

    I don’t think I could pull this palette off. It’s probably my lack of skill, but black based shadows tend to make me look like I got punched in the face, no matter how carefully I apply!

  35. I’ve seen a swatch of Cobra and it’s really stunning.
    I can’t wait to get this palette to wear for winter, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
    Anna said “who doesn’t own a matte black?”, the answer is me.

  36. mandy

    I will definitely not be getting this. I feel like the price is too high when I can just get the book of shadows instead and the value is so much better for the price.

  37. Blair

    I’m glad I don’t like this one. UD has been coming out with too many amazing palettes!

  38. Elle

    I bought this today along with the BOSIII and the naked palette (3 for 2 on urban decay at boots uk :D)
    When I first saw this I really didnt think of getting it but the colours are beautiful and they arent chunky

  39. Lakitha Goss

    I’ll pass on this collection. The colors remind me of MAC’s 2009 Style Black Collection. MAC’s colors seemed much better.