Saturday, December 4th, 2010

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils: Part 1

For spring, Urban Decay’s launching a brand new product: 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils ($20.00 for 0.10 oz.), which come in twelve different shades. There are six included in this post: Sin (champagne shimmer), Lit (sunny bronze shimmer), Midnight Cowboy (beige with fine gold sparkle), Rehab (taupey brown sheen), Wasteland (dark brown sheen), and Mercury (gunmetal grey sheen).

  • Sin is a light-medium pink-beige champagne with a frosted sheen. It swatched very comparably to Sin Primer Potion–it seemed less frosty.
  • Lit is a softened orange-gold with a frosted sheen. It’s actually similar to Guerlain’s Gold Eyeliner, but it has no similarity to either Eldorado (which is a yellow gold) or Baked (much darker, bronzy).
  • Midnight Cowboy is a medium beige with flecks of gold glitter. The glitter seems finer than what is in the eyeshadow. I was crossing my fingers that this would resemble Midnight Cowboy 24/7 Liner (which is exclusive to the 24/7 Liner Anniversary Set), but it’s not. The liner is definitely lighter, a little warmer.
  • Rehab is a dark red-toned chocolate brown with a smidgen of taupe. It is similar to Underground 24/7 Liner–a hair darker, cooler, perhaps, but it could be a potential skip in lieu of other shades that are less similar.
  • Wasteland is a cool-toned olive brown with fine gold shimmer. It didn’t match up with any of the 24/7 Liners. It’s more like a mix of Stash and Bourbon but compares to neither alone.
  • Mercury is a silvered gray with frosted sheen. It seemed warmer when swatched next to Gunmetal 24/7 Liner, which also looks bluer.

These really do feel like jumbo-sized 24/7 Liners–they are smooth, creamy, and glide across the lid with ease. I will say that these seem more pigmented than the 24/7 Liners. You really get true color with one stroke, and even lighter shades go on opaque. I wore Clinic (to-be-reviewed) on one eye and Midnight Cowboy on the other eye for twelve hours yesterday, and I didn’t experience any creasing. I wore them both all over the lid and above the crease, applied with the pencil itself, and straight on the lid (no primer).

I later wore just Rehab all over the lid and above the crease, blended out with fingertips, with Rehab over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on one lid and by itself on the other. This test was more about blendability and how it would work over a base. It dries down quickly; it’s smudgeable and blendable for 15-20 seconds, but you’ll want to work pretty fast if you’re blending two or more of the Shadow Pencils together. Lighter shades like Sin, Lit, and Midnight Cowboy are beautiful all-over lid shades–for those mornings where all you have are two minutes to spare.

I thought it was interesting that there was very little overlap in the names. It seems like Urban Decay often uses the same names (and the corresponding shade) across product types (e.g. Ransom 24/7 Liner, Ransom Eyeshadow), but most of these are new names. Meaningless in terms of the product itself, but it made me curious as to what else we might see from Urban Decay in 2011. It also made me curious given that there are some shades that are rather close to existing 24/7 Liners.

They are shorter than 24/7 Liners (just over 5.5″), but they are definitely fatter–they also contain over twice the product (.10 oz. vs. 0.04 oz.) and only cost $3 more ($20 vs. $17).  In terms of high-end products, they compare to NARS Shadow Pencils in look (doesn’t migrate), but they perform well, like MAC Shade Sticks (creamier, though). I’m pleasantly surprised at how the price/quantity worked out here. All in all, I’m liking these so far, and they make excellent colored eyeshadow bases that can also double as eyeliner. So far, I’ve found they adhere well to the lid without creasing or fading.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners, I think you’ll like these. Whether you use these as eyeliner or as an eyeshadow, they work as well, if not better, than the 24/7 Liners–since they’re more pigmented but wear just as well.

AVAILABILITY: January 2011 @; early February 2011 @, Macy’s, Sephora, & ULTA

See more photos & swatches!

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy, Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Sin, Lit, Midnight Cowboy

24/7 Shadow Pencils: Rehab, Wasteland, Mercury

Lit (24/7 Shadow), Midnight Cowboy (24/7 Liner), Midnight Cowboy (24/7 Shadow), Midnight Cowboy (24/7 Liner), Sin (24/7 Shadow), Sin (Primer Potion)

Underground (24/7 Liner), Rehab (24/7 Shadow), Bourbon (24/7 Liner), Wasteland (24/7 Shadow), Corrupt (24/7 Liner)

Mercury (24/7 Shadow), Gunmetal (24/7 Liner)

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase 24/7 Shadow Pencils? How much are they?

They will be on Urban Decay in January, and then they will be available at other retailers (, Sephora, Ulta) in February, both online and in-store.

Is it limited edition?

The information I have does not indicate they are limited edition.

Any dupes?

See individual shades.

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57 thoughts on “Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

  1. Moeko

    Sin is so beautiful 😀

  2. Lulee

    Well UD thanks for bleeding me dry with all these new products. UD is def showing mac how it’s done with these great innovative products

  3. Hannah

    I am loving these! So interesting and very pretty. Will defiantly check these out.

  4. Jezi

    At first, I was super excited about these. I do love the colors and the increased wear and lack of creasing, but I won’t go nuts over these like I do NYX jumbo pencils which work fine with a base under IMO.

  5. Urban Decay is slowly but surely becoming one of my FAV Brands…I have some of their items that have that HG status…Cool Products!!

    • BethM

      Same here. UD is slowly but surely becoming the dominant brand in my stash.

      • Nathalie

        Here too. UD has quickly become my go-to makeup brand for nice shimmery colors. I use my Naked palette on a daily basis.

        This collection has my name all over it. Sin, Rehab and Wasteland are gorgeous! I wonder how these would blend though? I’ve never tried blending pencils before.

  6. Sarah

    Christine, any chance that when you post the next “batch” of these you could include a picture of them next to a regular 24/7 eyeliner just for size comparison? I have an idea in my head, but I’d like to maybe compare it to something we’re more familiar with to see just how “chubby” they are, lol! Thanks for all your hard work, and great swatches, as usual!

  7. I really want Sin because I use that shadow everyday from the Naked palette. It’d make for a really nice base!

  8. Dawn

    These look like what the Nars soft-touch eye pencils should have been, had they not been horrible.

  9. These look amazing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sin (obsession with pinky champagnes)but NYX Jumbo pencils are .18 oz as opposed to .10 oz for these :( I hope these come out in a set in the future 😀

  10. leesie

    Hmmm, I might get one of the neutrals for mornings I work at 7 and can’t be bothered to do full eyeshadow. I think the colors are just too bright to wear to work on their own, gorgeous though they are.

  11. Andreita

    I love Rehab and Wasteland : D

  12. HautePJ

    I’m also in the pinky champagne obsession club and Sin looks so pretty. That is probably one of my most used UD shadows (along with Smog). This batch of 24/7 shadow liners look like there could be somewhat close dupes from the NYX Jumbo Pencils (Sin=Yogurt, Slate=Mercury, etc.) but it’s hard to tell without seeing in person. Looks like the 24/7 shadow liners in greens/blues are harder to dupe from NYX too. Good to know that you think these work better than NYX Christine and thanks so much for the review!

  13. Svetlana

    Nice. I don’t know what’s wrong with UD though, they are only available in 4-5 countries outside the US and they don’t ship internationaly. Brands like Too Faced , Sugarpill etc are available everywhere on other hand . Not to mention MAC, they are available even in the small cities across Europe .Benefit ships to all over the world for cheap. Only UD doesn’t care about international customers. Sorry Christine I know this is off topic but I had to share my frustration with Temptalia beauties 😉

  14. Rachel

    Lit & Rehab are calling my name! I’m so excited for these!

  15. t_zwiggy

    Super pretty, but the colors don’t look that unique too me. Might be getting Rehab though.

  16. Amber

    Have you tried them for use on the waterline? Would you recommend to use then on the waterline?

  17. Emi

    Thanks for the comparison between the liners and these shadow versions! Good to know.

  18. I’m positive that I need all of these! WOW!

  19. Carrie Ann

    Thanks a lot for the comparisons. The Sin pencil looks just like the Primer Potion, so that saves me some money, and I like the Midnight Cowboy Eye Liner a lot more than the Shadow Liner.

    • Julia

      I agree! The midnight cowboy 24/7 liner is a lot prettier than the shadow pencil. I want the midnight cowboy 24/7 liner so bad – I hate that UD is not releasing it by itself! When I saw the midnight cowboy shadow pencil, I thought I could get that instead of the the 15th anniversary set of the 24/7 eyeliners, but now I might have spring for it after all…

  20. Jeanne

    These all look amazing! Your blog really is the best :)

    This might be a stupid question, but will these fit into the fatter side of the Grindhouse sharpener? They look really thick.

  21. DarkGlamour17

    I really like Wasteland! Mercury is pretty hot too :)

  22. Kat

    I will definitely be picking up Wasteland, and maybe Rehab and Midnight Cowboy.
    These all look nice though :)
    Thanks, Christine.

  23. Samantha

    ugghh im allergic to the 24/7 liners so im probably gonna have a reaction to these but they are so gorgeous 😛

  24. Tish

    Wow! They look more pigmented than the 24/7 liners! I’m definitely going to snag some of these when they come out! Thanks for the swatches, Christine.

  25. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness! I want ALL of these! So pretty and the wear sounds great for them!

  26. Christina

    WOW, these colors are amazing and finally, a Sin eyeliner (My holygrail eyeshadow color) Are these going to be released in a box set, since they look like the 24/7 liner collection that is out right now? Or is that the actual size of these pencils?

  27. jen

    How do you work with these? Do you apply them and then smooth/blend them with a brush? Or do you avoid brushes all together?

  28. NICE! I love using cream pencils as a base for complex & dramatic eye looks. I am thinking these will be superior in staying power and crease resistance. Fingers crossed that they will also release them in gift sets. That way we can sample many colors & get more bang for our buck! Rock on Urban Decay!

  29. Hannah

    How does Midnight Cowboy compare with MAC all that gltters?

  30. They seem to hold up well, but since my lids aren’t super oily, it’s hard to say for sure!

  31. Crystal C.

    Hi Christine, will this product ever be out in their counters?

  32. prayers answered...

    Just wondering to anyone out there who has any of the shadow pencils how much they’ve found themselves using them, any favs that are really impressive & any fav looks? Trying to decide what shade/s to start. Thinking Morphine or Lit as all over shades but curious how people are doing with contour shades/blending etc. Still as good as they seemed initially– really worth having or grab one or two? Any shades that have problems?

    To go with Morphine and/or maybe Lit– Delinquent, Clinic or Mercury?

    If it matters I have a lot of actual liners so I’m more interested in lid/contour.

    (dear christine– these would make a kickass look) O:-)

  33. Mari

    Are these limited edition?

  34. Itohan

    What is the difference between Sin and Midnight Cowboy? They completely look the same!

  35. Breane

    How similar is Mercury to benefits skinny jeans?

  36. Emily

    Question: Has anyone waterproof tested these or the 24/7 liners? For the pool, would you recommend these or MUFE’s waterproof products?

  37. Chrissy

    how does Rehab compare to the cream eyeshadow in Rehab?