Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette @ Sephora!

It’s now available! :)  Happy shopping!


Thanks to readers Lindsay & Emi for the heads up!

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64 thoughts on “Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette @ Sephora!

  1. emi s.

    and I just bought it :)

  2. Yes! Just ordered two!

  3. Angie

    Just bought it!
    I have been looking everyday to see if it was at sephora yet, when i saw this my heart stopped, i swear!

    Ugggh i cannot waitt!

  4. Monique

    Got it!


    I bought mine at the Sephora store (Mall) over the weekend. They didn’t even have the display out yet!!! I just so happen to ask about it and the lady puled the LAST ONE out from the makeup drawers down below. And i bought it right away because i think its limited edition too, right? The lady helping me said many girls came to the store asking about the palette despite the fact that they dont have the display and they sold fast. I got the last one and am loving the colors.

    Lol, sometimes i wonder if the palette had not been advertised on temptalia, would it have still sold as fast??

  6. Nancy

    I just got this for my daughter, we were waiting for sephora so she could get the points. Now she has to wait until the December holidays to get it. how will I hold out? She loves Urban Decay! Not sure I can wait.

  7. Jam

    Do they sell in at the store too or just online??

  8. Natalie

    just ordered it (:

  9. Dia

    I was so surprised to see this at Ulta yesterday. I hope some of the colors make it into singles because they’re beautiful. Even some of the Tarte True Blood palette eye shadows looked pretty.

    The launch I was REALLY surprised to see today on Nails Inc.! Just made my order for a bunch of polish and I didn’t even think to add any makeup. Oh well, there’s always next time? 😛

  10. Eva Sofia

    Yay!!! I just bought it :D….I do feel guilty, lol…I shouldn’t have!! I was supposed to be on a “makeup shopping diet” hahaha…oh well, too good to pass.

    • Girl, I know what you mean!!! But hey, look at it like this! We cheat on our diets ALL the time, lol, so just consider this a little slip up, lol, I did! 😀

  11. Jessica P

    Call you local sephora store some have it! I got mine in store on Friday! Boston and west of Boston didn’t have it but south of Boston did…so I made the trip! Some stores have it in stock UD just hasn’t told them how to update the display!

  12. Samantha

    YAY !! i ripped the credit card out my bf hands so fast there was steam on it and ordered it !!!

  13. Jass

    would love to order it but they dun do international… :(

    • Ana G.

      Stay tuned for, maybe they’ll have it!! I just ordered my Naked Palette….I don’t know where you live but, to Portugal, they only charge 4 euros for delivery :-)

  14. helene

    Do you know if it is still on I can’t find it but I’d love to use their 20% coupon on it!

    • Not at this time – they had it up twice, but I haven’t seen it since.

    • Atanza

      You usually can’t use those 20% coupons on “prestige” cosmetics, which includes Urban Decay.

      • MORENA

        I thought the coupon expired already???
        Whats the code again? Need to get come pricey hair products from ulta they had a great deal

        • AS

          Just google “Ulta coupon code” or “Ulta promo code” They are using several codes for these sales – each one can only be used for one order. often has all of the promos available for any given online retailer, not just beauty, but everything! I always check this site before I order anything online as it usually saves me money.

  15. Andie

    I just purchased this online! I called my local Sephora store first, because I would rather have instant gratification than wait for it in the mail. It had not arrived at the Sephora of Green Hills in Nashville. Ordering online though, I am getting a deluxe sample of makeup forever aqua eyes mat black which I have been wanting to try forever. Now, only a week to wait. Happy moving to Nashville present to me.

  16. You are my hero. I was so afraid I was going to miss out on this awesome set. I’m glad I read your blog daily!

  17. GelatoRAIN

    YAY! I just bought it!!!! I’ve been looking and calling everywhere for this baby! I’m so excited ^__^

  18. Thanks for posting this! I have been stalking the site forever! Just placed my order :)

  19. AS

    The 500 point bonus right now is also pretty good – a full size Benefit Dandelion with mini tubes of Benefit primer and mascara.

  20. Amanda

    Perfect- I saw your post on facebook and ordered it for my Mom right away. Today is her birthday and she’s been trying to get it for awhile!

  21. Christine, thank you so much for tweeting about this!! I have been checking both Sephora and UD’s website for the past week now and was so hoping to get my hands on one and thanks to you, I did!! You are awesome 😀

  22. Edith

    Aww so close to payday. I’ll just have to wait for it to come to the store.

  23. Mabeline

    Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! I just placed my order online. Actually, I was surprised that it wasn’t sold out already because I didn’t see your post until almost noon PST. I even hesitated a bit before putting in the purchase. I figure I’ll pay the extra $3 to get faster shipping and guarantee that I have it rather than trying my luck with all of the physical stores.

    I am still having a hard time finding ALL of the Real Techniques brushes at Ulta stores. I really like them! I have been to 3 different locations and can never find all of them. Heck, I’m lucky to find anything because the shelves are usually bare when I get there.

  24. Eviola

    Snagged one. Thanks so much for the update :)

  25. Kelly

    How limited is limited edition? Will it still be sold in December?

    Honestly there is no way I can get this unless it’s a gift :/

    • Jennifer

      They are releasing four limited edition product for their 15th anniversary and if it just came out now it WONT be available in Dec. I am sorry to break it to you, but if you want it I would get it now b/c they sell out quick and I HIGHLY doubt it will be available in Dec. unless you buy it on Ebay

  26. SunnyFunnyGirl

    Thank you so much for the tip, Christine!!! I was on the “notify me” list with UD, and just checked again today and it was out of stock…so i was more than thrilled (did you hear me squeel in delight over there?) when I saw your announcement, and I was able to grab one! Thank you!!!!!!!

  27. Sara

    Yes! I just got a 10% off coupon earlier this month for renewing my VIB status (*cringe* that came fast) and used it to knock $5.50 off! Sweet!

    • meme

      I never paid for my VIB status…I got it from the total $ purchased in one year. Are they charging now for it? The only thing I EVER have gotten from it are some different email offers on product – never thing great. Also it adds to my Beauty Points somehow and I get a better free sample gift being a VIB over a Beauty Insider. Maybe it depends when you got into the VIB – but I KNOW I never have to pay anything to be a VIB.

      • Monika

        I think she meant that she just renewed her VIB status by spending $350 in time to be eligible for VIB status for the next year. I occasionally get updates from Sephora indicating that I’ve spent enough to be a VIB for next year, so my status has been renewed.

  28. Mariella

    I keep phoning to see if it’s come in yet…so far, nothing (I know it’s on their site but I want to get it in-store). Maybe Friday!

  29. katelyn

    Got this today and Jealousy Wakes yesterday awww yeah :)

  30. Nichole

    Got It! Thanks Christine! You are a beauty saver!

  31. Atanza

    Got it, FINALLY! Thank you for posting this :)

  32. Amalee

    I got mine today! So excited. Anyone know if Sephora allows customers to return items and buy them back with store credit?

  33. Jessica

    Uggggggh, should not have bought this, but, well, I did. I hope it’s really going to add something new to my eyeshadow collection. AS IF I NEED MORE EYESHADOW.

  34. Ayla

    I hope it’s still there after 5pm! I have to wait till after work to buy it =\

  35. Adrienne

    Got mine!!

  36. Beth

    I got it too, thanks!

  37. christina

    For instant gratification please call your sephora store. My store didnt have their display and just receivedshipment yesterday!! For any girls interested San Antonio La Cantera sephora– Diana found it for me in the back! HAPPY HUNTING :)

    • Monique

      Update from my earlier post. Didn’t purchase from I decided to call the Sephora stores in my area. The Sephoras in JCpenny have the palette in store. The “stand alone store” didn’t have it. I went to JCpennys and purchased the palette!! So Happy ;)(south Florida)

  38. meme

    This is divine! I love the UD pallets! Sephora was out when I looked last – are they back in stock now? I need to look on line and call the one 2 hrs from me. if they have it, they could mail it to me maybe. I know is out of stock right now.

  39. meme

    Yeah! I got mine on order now. I wish I had the $$ to get a 2nd one. Cannot wait until next week when it comes. Upping my postage to $3 would not have helped I don’t think this last in the day on Wen…I still would not get it until Monday. Now it will be Monday or tues probably before it arrives..but I got one!

  40. Antonia

    Yay bought mine an hour ago and it’s already Order Status: Sent to Warehouse!!! Can’t wait to get it!! Love UD!!!

  41. Vicky

    Thanks for the info!!! Finally made the purchase~~~

  42. yep. ordered today at sephora online. then went to the store and it had it. swatch dem colors. some were duplicable like the blackout looks like black dog and deepera look like smog while some colors were chalky. midnight rodeo is beautiful.

  43. Liang

    Thank you…I just purchased it right now from and got a few free samples…can’t wait to get it!!

  44. V

    Hey christine, UD just notified me and the 15 anniversary palette is available on their site right now =)

  45. Amanda Dubs

    I found it at my sephora store in dallas 😀 I got the last one!

  46. Macys in SF and Concord has them. They called me today…even after I ordered at Sephora yesterday.

  47. ruru

    hey christine! do you know how long LE palettes will be available? thanks!

  48. Christina

    2 out of 3 Sephora stores that I visited in Manhattan had it on display :]