Monday, April 5th, 2010

Upcoming MAC Collections: Summer 2010

Don’t let MAC overwhelm you! Here’s what you can expect over the next few months from MAC.  It seems like a lot, but I swear it feels much lighter than last year.

In April, MAC will launch Prep for Colour and Pret-a-Papier as well as repromote Mineralize Eye ShadowsPrep for Colour is a collection centered around prepping and priming products with three new eyeshadows and lipglass in terms of colour.   Pret-a-Papier is a full color collection featuring a few repromotes in the launch, but there is one new paint pot (Coral Crepe), as well as a theme of neutrals, corals, and peaches within the collection.  This is the bigger launch for April.

In May, we’ll see the release of Superglass, Chromagraphic Pencils, Nudes, Opulash, and To the Beach.  However, keep in mind that Chromagraphic Pencils and Nudes are only releasing at PRO stores, which means you cannot find these products at counters or freestanding stores.  From my understanding, these PRO only products are permanent, though!  Superglass is a medium coverage, ultra glittery gloss–think Dazzleglass but on steroids.  Opulash is short and sweet featuring a new mascara only available in one shade (black), and if you’re near a Nordstrom, you can grab it on April 22nd.  To the Beach is the biggest launch of May, and I’d go as far as to say it’s the biggest launch of summer, with aqua-green packaging.  It’s a full color collection, and I know a few of you have been saving up for this already!

In June, MAC leaves us feeling pretty empty or else they’re being kind and giving you some time to recover.  Right now, June only shows a roll out of pigments to counters and additional shades to freestanding stores.  Counters do not normally carry pigments, but they will in June.  There are also some previously PRO-only shades that will be available at both counters/freestanding locations.  Keep in mind that some of them may not be eye-safe, so ask before you purchase…

In July, there’s really only three collections to fret over:  In the Groove, Alice + Olivia, and Digi-Pops/Look in a Box aka Nordstrom’s Anniversary Collection.  In the Groove is a full color collection, so there is plenty to choose from here so budget accordingly!  Alice + Olivia is a short and sweet collection with only nine products (but no repromotes!)–three new dazzleglass cremes, three new pigments (!), and three new nail lacquers.  Digi-Pops has three parts, but they’re all part of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Collection, along with Look in a Box.  Those with freestanding stores will find iPalette pretty dull, as it is merely a selection of permanent pan eyeshadows for customers to build their own palettes.

I know it seems heavy, but these are really the main collections: Pret-a-Papier (April 22nd), To the Beach (May 27th), In the Groove (July 8th), and Alice + Olivia (July 8th).  Digi-Pops will roll out new Dazzle lipsticks (supposedly to be released later on to freestanding stores, but I have no confirmation yet), while the rest of Digi-Pops is standard anniversary fare or primarily repromotes/permanent shades, so it’s not as big as you think.  (Oh, and skip the brush sets… buy one or two full-size MAC brushes instead of a set.)

What collection(s) are you looking forward to the most?

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47 thoughts on “Upcoming MAC Collections: Summer 2010

  1. Erin

    Honestly, I’m thankful for the reprieve MAC’s giving us in June! I plan on feasting on Pret-A-Papier (nudes & corals?! that’s my groove!) and grabbing a few things from To the Beach, and it’ll be nice for my bank account to recover before In the Groove drops (MSF & cremesheen heaven!)

  2. angela

    I love how you tell us which ones we ought to be looking at for! So helpful, Christine :) I know To the Beach has special packaging, but are there any other collections?

    • Not as far as I know, but it’s too early to tell — since we don’t have pictures of most of them yet!

      I know Superglass looks like it has hexagonal packaging (they’re on eBay right now, haha).

  3. Meesh

    To the Beach is something I’m going to spend on. Maybe Pret-a-papier but I’ll have to see swatches on those first. I am interested in dazzle lipsticks, that sounds really interesting! The rest I think I’ll pass on. My bank account is crying with relief.

  4. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    I’m waiting for “To the Beach”, to me that seems the best. Although, Nordstroms is having there Cosmetics Trend Show this Saturday. I am sure I will pick up something.HA!HA!

  5. huh? thats strange, prep for colour has already launched in switzerland! i have never seen something launched in switzerland before the US. how cool is that?

    by the way: Grab the lipgloss from prep for colour, its a lovely, well pigmented shade of fuchsia.

    • Same in the UK! I’ve already got Just add colour lipglass! :)

    • deepblue

      Also here in Austria/Vienna!!! It’s a rare moment 😉
      I love “Just add colour” – a very intensive colour – really pretty! And I have bought the Brightening Serum – like it, lets see when the spot under my eye will be not so visible with this product …

    • Ally_D

      It’s out in the UK now so must be a European thing – makes a change that we get something before the US! :-)

  6. Anna

    Do you know if they will be releasing any tendertones this summer?

  7. Ellie

    I think I’ll only be shopping the To The Beach collection, and if those dazzle finish lipsticks are just something I can’t pass up I might get two. Whew!

  8. I know a lot of people can’t stand how often MAC puts out collections, but I love it! Gives you something to look forward to and I actually spend less money because I know they’ll have something else out the next week.

  9. Tiffany

    I appreciate you organizing all the collections for us :)

  10. I’m waiting to see product photos. Its so hard to tell what I’ll want from descriptions, and I haven’t really been able to figure out what most of these collections would have of interest. I can’t wait till we start seeing promotional images, product photos, etc.

  11. Dada

    why to skip the brush sets ?

  12. Emily

    Pret-a-Papier and In the Groove…can’t wait for the pigments to be everywhere too! =)

  13. GretalovesMAC

    Thanks for the awesome post, Christine!!! I was about to pull out my makeup notebook and start writing down each collection and the things I was wanting but you’ve done it for me!! I am most excited for the coral paint pot and back to the beach. The rest is just icing on the cake for me:)

  14. Diana B

    Thank you for keeping us updated Christine. I can’t wait to splurge!

  15. The Mac counters in the UK already carry pigments, maybe not all the listed ones, but there are at least 10 of them!

  16. Emma

    Thank you so much for this post Christine 😉
    I’m most excited for the Superglass Collection, In The Groove and To The Beach :)

  17. starr

    thanks for organizing it! my head was spinning trying to put all my wants in order lol. I cant wait for to the beach and in the groove~!!!

  18. SiaM

    Collections I am looking forward to:
    ♥To the Beach
    ♥In the Groove
    ♥Alice + Olivia

    I am really liking Digi-pops Lip Server, but we don’t have Nordstrom here =(, but it seems to be a lovely collection.

    Thanks for doing this list it really helped me to get a bit more organized and check which are the collections that impress me.

  19. Monet

    Do you think Mac will be having a sale in june?

    • Personally, no, I don’t think so, but I have no idea.

    • cmferrets

      yeah isnt mac supposed to be having a Friends &Family sale sometme? i remember they had one last year, and thats when i got a whole lot of stuff online from their old collections.

      • There’s no guarantee about a MAC sale — keep in mind they only started doing them in 2008 and did more in 2008 than they did in 2009.

  20. cmferrets

    im def looking forward to pret a papier, to the beach and in the groove. thank god mac is giving us a break in june . weird though for them . im curios about the new dazzle lipsticks and glosses and the new mascara.

  21. Vale

    I will, of course, love whatever collection that have pigments ^^

  22. Luisafer

    I have to see it to love it or hate it…

  23. Marissa

    what about faboulous felines?

  24. I’m so glad that my MAC Collection alarm clock won’t wake me up until Pret-a-Papier comes out. Its seems like last year every week a cool collection would come out.

  25. HC

    Do you think MAC isn’t launching much in June because they’re going to do a friends & family sale? I noticed the trend last year too. There wasn’t very many collections launched when friends and family was going on. Just my input. What do you think, Christine?

  26. Vanessa

    I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of In the Groove!!

  27. Andrea

    These types of posts are so helpful Christine! Thanks so much!
    Hehe I feel less panicky now :)

  28. Kathie

    I’m only interested in the one’s that you suggested Christina. The other stuff, I’m not too thrilled about. They need to bring back that blue Dazzleglass (not sure of the name) that they had out what two years ago or a year ago. I wonder if they are at the CCO’s?? I’ll have to check the one in Napa this weekend.

  29. I can’t just single out one collex, because I want certain items from certain collex, like Alice & Olivia: pigments/dazzleglass cremes. To The Beach: cream bronzer/lip pencils/lustre drops/l/sl/g. In The Groove Stereo Rose/creemsheens. PretaPapier: I got paint pot/instant chic/chroma pencil/brown bag polish. That is my run down.

    I have an idea!!! They should do something creative and interactive with their consumer base and re-promote items on a voting scale on their website where the customers determine one item for re-promote alternating from different categories, such as one season or collex it will be the highest rated l/s re-promote then blush and so on and so on. Or maybe have the voting thing on someone’s blog who can report to them the results :). I think this will be my next blog post, I will call it “Unrealistic Ideas from a Mac Addict!” or something of that nature lol, Haha I wish lololol!!! <333

  30. PJohnson

    To The Beach will probably be my biggest purchase. I will grab most of the Alice & Olivia, but I read that MAC will be teaming up with Rodarte this fall and if that is true…I can’t wait!

  31. rose

    thank god no new collections in june, this will give me time to do some shopping for my vacation and do some shopping for new clothes and shoes and some time off the makeup buying

  32. Emma

    Ahh! My bank account hates you right now!!
    To the Beach
    In the Groove
    Alice + Olivia

    Oh god!
    Im extremly excited about the BY CANDLELIGHT repromote!!!! I missed out on it from the warm and cozy collection! (Cuz I was new-ish to mac LOL) xoxo

  33. i’m so excited about the In The Groove collection :)

  34. sydney

    you don’t have them mixed up!