Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

Are there any types of beauty products you don’t use that seem to be popular with others? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerFace primers and bronzers are definitely things I don’t use very often for personal use.

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124 thoughts on “Are there any types of beauty products you don’t use that seem to be popular with others?

  1. Eyebrow tweezers and razors because my eyebrow area is very sensitive and I would rather deal with brows with stray hairs than cause myself pain. Makeup and stuff is supposed to be fun, and pain is not fun.
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  2. Tinted moisturizers, and BB creams. I use skin care products and foundation, so I don’t ever use or need those two specific things.

  3. Michelle

    Primers, brow wax and lipstick!

  4. breyerchic04

    Brow products. Gloss. Bronzer sort of but I do put on a bronzy look a few times a year.

  5. Chana

    Face powder. Can’t get into it.

  6. It’s highly unusual if I use liquid foundation, eyeliner, lipliner, lip gloss, bronzer/contour powder, highlighter, or brow gel (don’t even own any!).

  7. tinted moisturizer/bb/cc creams, brow pencils, liquid eyeliner, lipliner :)

  8. A lot, actually. I don’t use BB/CC Creams, bronzers, cheek and lip stains, cream eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, loose pigments, mascaras, and tanning lotions.

  9. For me, these definitely include bronzers (although it can be argued that contours powders are interchangeable product types) and highlighters for every day use. I can understand using these for certain types of photo shoots, but with every day lighting and face-to-face interaction, they just seem too obvious, especially highlighters. And I’m including the Hourglass Ambient and NARS Crystal Powders in this category.

    Maybe I just haven’t encountered anyone who wear them convincingly…

    • xamyx

      The same could be said for bright, pigmented blush, especially in shades like orange & coral.Blush is a “complexion” product, and should look therefore look as natural/seamless as foundation, but people still seem to like the “fun” shades. Who naturally “blushes” orange (or purple)…?

      • LMM

        If your skin’s yellow-toned, you do blush a little orangey; likewise, if your skin’s very blue-toned, you blush a little purple.

    • Make up can be an art form to express one’s self. Some enjoy making blush and highlighters look obvious, and are not trying to be convincingly natural.

      Sometimes it just fun to have fun with make up on a daily basis for freedom of self expression. :)

      • xamyx

        The response was simply to point out that while the OP doesn’t think contours/highlights look “natural”, neither do many blush shades that are ever so popular, and that *I*, for *myself*, prefer all “complexion” products to look seamless & a part of the face. I wouldn’t personally wear a foundation that left a line of demarcation, but if others want to, that’s their prerogative…

  10. I would say cream eyeshadow, pencil eyeliners and bronzer, I own too many of each.

  11. I really hate using foundation and concealer. I have yet to find any that look good, so I just stick with BB creams and tinted moisturizer. I don’t need/like a lot of coverage anyway, so it works for me.
    I also rarely use eyeliner, lip gloss, and bronzer (aside from contouring)

  12. Meiya

    Undereye concealer

  13. Emy

    Lip gloss and bronzer I never use. Ditto blush, because I have a lot of residual red acne scarring on my cheeks — and blush only seem to highlight them.

    Also mascara. I’d love to be able to wear them, but for some reasons they always weigh my lashes down and smear on my glasses.

  14. Sparkle0901

    Foundation, primers, contours, bronzers, any kind of eyebrow product, I don’t even tweeze mine because I know I would screw them up.

  15. TR

    False eyelashes. Never worn them, don’t ever plan to. And red lipstick. 10 years of buying makeup and I have not found a single red lipstick that works on me.

    It’s also rare that I wear eyeliner, even though I actually love eyeliner. But I’m fully blind in one eye thanks to a skateboarding incident in HS and it takes me a good 20 minutes to apply it evenly. Eyeliner has henceforth been strictly reserved for VERY special occasions! Lol

  16. Tara

    Cream shadows and bronzers. Too oily of lids, can only use powder shadows. Too pale for bronzers, but will use darker blushes for contouring.

  17. Nadia

    Primers, expensive foundation should not have to be primed : (
    Highlighters, get can’t the hang of them

  18. 18thCenturyFox

    That would be bronzer, over and over

  19. Xero

    Foundation…lol. And face primer. And bronzer/contour. And eyebrow powder/pencil.

  20. Lots, actually. Liquid foundation, cream eye shadows, any mascara, loose pigment/powder anything, liquid eye liner, bronzer, eye or face primer.

  21. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams (my skin needs more coverage). I’m sure I’ll try all of those once I feel “ready” for them…if that makes sense. I need to be comfortable in my own skin before I wear something so sheer.
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  22. Blush! And BB/CC creams!

  23. zainab

    Bronzer, lipgloss, liquid or cream blush and illuminator, powder foundation, glitter, nail polish, lip primer, lip scrubs… there’s actually a lot now that I think about it. Bronzer and nail polish are probably the ones people seem most surprised I never use.

  24. yellowlantern

    Oh, plenty of things: eyeshadow primer (I think that’s the big one that most people use that I don’t), face primer, bronzer, cream products (i.e. cream blush, eyeshadow, foundation etc. they just tend not to work well with my normal to oily skin), and pencil eyeliners.

  25. I don’t use bronzer much. I use it in maybe 1 out of 10 looks. Those looks are either too smoky for full on blush but I need something or very natural looks where I’m already flushing. I never use primer. 90% of the ones I tried have clogged me after one use. Since I don’t need my make up to last more then 6 or 8 hours usually, I just don’t use it. I also don’t really use brow products. I tweeze stray dark hairs. I don’t have any major patchiness though I’m sure I’d look better filling in the outer 1/3 I just can’t be bothered.
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  26. CatherineM

    For me it’s eyeliner pencils. I only own a few in staple colors like black, brown, grey and bronze by UD and Bobbi Brown, but I rarely reach for them. I find that lining my waterline doesn’t suit me very much, and whenever I line my lower lashline I tend to smudge the pencil out anyway, because I don’t like very sharp lines. An eyeshadow does the job just as well, and it’s one less product I have to reach for.

  27. Glitters! Though I love how pretty they are and tend to collect, I hardly ever get around using those!
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  28. Highlighter. I do like them but most of the time I don’t bother with it.

    I also don’t use facial scrubs.
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  29. Vi

    Brow products! I’ve yet to find one that successfully tames my brows so I just don’t bother. That might change if I ever find my HG brow wax or something.
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  30. Aneta

    Eye make-up removers.
    I have tried plenty, but gentle face wash gels seem to work much better for me, even for eye make-up (= remove anything fast, donΒ΄t irritate eyes at all).

    I love wash gels by Yves Rocher for my combination hypersensitive skin: hydrating gel wash for summer and their nutritive one for winter. Both remove waterproof make-up too!

  31. Barbie

    Face Primers and Brow Products

  32. CeeBee

    Eh, I like to try everything.

    However, bronzer is not a requirement (although it can look amazing, I have more than a few and Guerlain’s Terra Inca is FABULOUS) and while I have recently experimented with contouring, it’s too much like hard work for me.

    I never bother with more than one application of mascara though, lip liner is a bust for me and I rarely ever bother with brow wax, even if it’s in the same compact as the powder.

    Also, I find cheek stains to be more trouble than they’re worth…

  33. Bronzers, brow fillers, and nude lip color. Bronzers and brow fillers are kind of pointless on me, while nude lip color isn’t something I favor on me. Bring in the reds instead! πŸ˜€

  34. Powder foundations. Setting/finishing powder, sure, but for actual foundation and concealer, I prefer liquids and creams. Also, colored brow gel–my brow hairs don’t need any color, the skin below them does!

  35. Bronzers – they just don’t seem to work on my skin tone at all. Foundations (I don’t seem to need/like a lot of coverage) so I tend to go more for a primer/bb cream/powder combo – if someone is reading this and thinking “that is insane, a foundation could do all that for you!” then please feel free to recommend some light, non-cloggy foundations!

  36. Primers and lip liners. Just don’t see the point in using them myself.

  37. Bee

    Bronzers! But where I live very few people use it.
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  38. I don’t use BB/CC creams, face primers, color tattoos / eyeshadow bases, contour powders, bronzers, liquid foundation and brow gels. I have also never used a Beauty Blender sponge.

  39. Ivanna

    Pencil eyeliners, face primer, lipstick, eye cream, perfume, hair dryer, salon manicures/pedicures.

  40. Bronzer, lliquid or gel eye liner and brow stuff (but I’m getting a bit better about using brow stuff since getting Benefit Gimme Brow)

  41. Quinctia

    I wear blush less than once a week. I usually don’t do anything to my brows, makeup wise. I’m so iffy on gloss, 9/10 times I’ve got all my hair stuck to my lips, and I’m wondering why I put on gloss again.

    Product types: Cream nail polish. Liquid foundation. Marker eyeliners. Opaque nude lipsticks.

  42. Powder highlighter, especially Nars Albatross which everyone loves. It looks terrible on my skin which is combination/oily.

  43. KaseyCannuck

    Bronzer and false eyelashes. I might use lipgloss a few times a year.

  44. Lipliners. I just… never saw a need to get any lipliners. I’d rather buy more lipstick colors than lipliners. I also don’t use false lashes because I don’t have the practiced hand for them and it takes too much time to apply them properly. I like my natural lashes ok! They are quite long, but not all that thick. I just volumize them with a good mascara. :)

    BB/CC creams are another I don’t use, but I am totally interested in trying them out sometime to see what all the fuss is about!

  45. Daniela

    I keep my makeup very simple so there’s a lot of stuff I don’t use haha
    I never use: bronzer, face primer, eye primer, eyeliner and when I apply nail polish I never use a base and a top coat.

  46. Setting powders. I use banana powder occasionally but I usually pass on them altogether. I’m more on the dry side so I don’t really feel like I need them
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  47. smei

    Highlighters, cream blushes and eye shadows, loose pigments

  48. Amy BS

    Bronzer and contouring products… and nail polish! I hardly ever do my nails until it’s a special occasion. Oh and lipstick – it always wears off immediately, I’m more of a chapstick girl!

  49. Wwendalynne

    BB/CC creams, lipgloss, lipliner, liquid eyeliner, self-tanners

  50. I don’t normally use face primers and I don’t use eye creams. I sometimes skip on finishing powder, but I always use a spray!

  51. Ivana

    Lipgloss, brow products, tanning products, loose pigments

  52. becca

    I don’t use self tanner, lip liner, lip scrubs, cream blush, tinted moisturizers, bb creams, colorful eyeliners, or false lashes.

  53. ElKay

    Lipgloss, I just hate the way it feels heavy and sticky. I do love and wear lipstick everyday.

  54. JillianPS

    Face primers, BB/CC creams, liquid eyeliners, loose pigments, foundation in general, lip stains

  55. Christina D.

    I do not wear foundation and/or face primer. I find that a tinted moisturizer is more than enough coverage, thankfully. I agree with you and don’t like bronzers either.

  56. Carrie

    Bronzer, BB/CC creams, face primers and eyelash curlers.

  57. I rarely use primers…:-)

  58. No brow products. I have thick, very full and jet black Asian haired eyebrows so I don’t feel that I need to use brow products to fill them in. I’ve tried filling them in with eyeshadow but I feel that they did nothing for me. Instead, I spend my money on a good eyebrow wax job every month that defines eyes and works with the shape of my face.

  59. LU

    Bronzers, but that’s because I don’t feel comfortable contouring, I’m aiming to learn at some point! The others would be cream cheek products, lip and cheek stains, bb/cc creams, and lipgloss.

  60. Definitely BB cream. I like to call it the clear mascara of the ’10s. My skin is not good enough to get away with so little coverage.

  61. Lily

    BB creams, bronzers, primers, highlighters.

  62. Primers, loose powders/pigments, and blush. Primers just add to the “weight” of makeup and make my face even greasier than usual, loose powders are a MAJOR hassle for me, and blush would be overkill for my naturally flushed complexion (however bronzers as blush work great for me)

  63. Rachael

    Lipgloss. Can’t stand it.

  64. CatG

    For me it would be tinted moisturizers and I’ve never even tried a BB or CC cream. I also don’t own or intend to buy any cream face products. Not my thing.

  65. kurohana

    face powders/ eye liner (pencil, gel, liquid) / lip stick and lip gloss

  66. Veronica

    In terms of makeup, there’s a few. Bronzer is one. I really only use occasionally it in the summer, and only then to darken my chest if my face picks up a significant “tan.” The fact that I’m fair and cool-toned means that it’s also very difficult to find bronzers that work with my face, and I don’t really wear it often enough to justify going after some of the pricier ones out there. Likewise, I don’t own any dedicated contouring products (though I have a few eyeshadow shades I use for it). I dislike the look of strong contouring on my face, and subtle contouring isn’t enough of a difference to inspire me to do it often. I also haven’t touched any of the BB/CC cream products – they all run too yellow for me and most are just glorified TMs here in the States. Lastly, brow gel. Hate the feel, hate the look, don’t use it. My brows tend to more or less behave as it is.

    As far as tools go, the biggest one is probably eyelash curlers. I don’t even own a pair. My lashes are long and tend to curl on their own with mascara, but more importantly, they tend to smear against my brow area if they’re curled too much. I let those babies fly free. My lower lashes also smear, so I won’t wear mascara down there or only a clear coat. I also don’t own a dedicated crease brush – I have hooded eyes, so why bother? I just use the MAC 217 to blend into that area if necessary. I also tweeze my brows probably far less often than most women; I’ll remove the occasional stray hair, but otherwise I like my natural brow shape (again, my eyes are hooded, so the arch would only emphasize that). My brow area is also sensitive, so plucking can be quite painful and therefore becomes a procrastinated activity.

  67. keG

    loose pigment-too much trouble
    highlighters for face-always seem to make my skin look worse
    false eyelashes-haven’t quite gotten the hang of it
    foundation, and face powder tend to emphasize my wrinkles
    lip balm- I would rather have some color on my lips

  68. ceebee_eebee

    Bronzers and contour powders. I would love to get into them just because I find all cosmetics pretty fun to use, but I can’t work out HOW.

  69. Chris

    BB/CC Creams, bronzers, lashes for everyday, lash curlers, liquid eye liners, loose pigments (too messy), tinted face lotions/creams.

  70. Chelsea

    Toner. I don’t know why it’s so unpopular. My skin doesn’t feel right without it!

  71. Dreamer19

    Brow products, false lashes. I only use bronzer sometimes for my neck as it tends to be lighter than my face. Highlighter for face – only once in a blue moon.
    And eye pencil – only rarely on my waterline. I can nver get it close enough to my lashes, I prefer to use gel liner with a brush or I want to try felt tip liner.

  72. Ann

    Brow gels, waxes, and powders (I do use brow pencil though); bronzers; face primers; self-tanners; and above all else….eyelash curlers, those freak me out so much I won’t even try them :-\

  73. I like to try new things all the time, but I rarely wear bronzer, brow products, lip gloss, or use self-tanners.

  74. xamyx

    Bright/neon lipstick; it just tends to look cheap & juvenile on me, no matter how “luxe” the brand.

    Unnatural blush shades; “complexion” products should look like ones complexion.

    Eyelash curlers; they just aren’t necessary for me, and are more capable of damage than the end result is worth.

    “Colored” eyeliners; I just prefer black, and rarely use anything else. I look like I’m trying too hard to recapture my youth if I wear lighter/brighter shades, and darker ones just tend to blend in with shadow, so why bother?

    “Asian” BB Creams; often the ingredients aren’t written in English, and since there are a few ingredients I prefer not to wear on my face every day, I like to know exactly what’s in those products. Besides, I don’t need a lot of coverage most days, and there are several US brands that suit my needs,

    Concealer; I just don’t have a need… I am looking for something that brightens & moisturizes under the eyes, but until I find that product at a reasonable price, it’s not something I find necessary to use on a regular basis.

  75. Definitely the same as you, Christine! All bronzers make me look muddy, and I’ve yet to find anything reliable for a face primer.

  76. patsyann

    primers and mascara

  77. Lizzi

    Lip liners. I own a few, but they never get touched.

  78. Cream blushes! Especially the ones that are supposed to be able to multitask as something else (highligher, lip stain, etc). I don’t understand them, I don’t like them, but they are absolutely EVERYWHERE right now!

  79. Vee

    Lipliner — I can’t be bothered with this extra step. Lipgloss — I usually prefer lipstick. False Lashes — never tried them and don’t really want to, even though I have short lashes.

  80. Melissa

    I don’t use contouring/highlighting products, false lashes, bronzer, lip gloss, brow kits, bb/cc/dd creames, tinted moisturizer, loose pigments, or finishing powder.

  81. Deb

    Cream blushes, cream eyeshadows, cream eyeliners. Basically, I can’t make cream products work! MAC paint pots are just uncharted territory for me.

    Also brow fillers. I know it would help but I just don’t bother.

  82. Vanessa


    They’re fun to look at and play with, but too uncomfortable to wear or not the look I’m going for.

  83. I thought I was the only one who was going to say bronzer, but it seems to be a common response! I do wear it occasionally, but more in the summertime.

  84. Lana

    Bronzer – I have Celtic skin so everything looks like orange dirt, I warm up my skin using blush!

  85. Amanda

    Brow products, highlighters, and false lashes.

    When it comes to eyebrows, I’ve always preferred a natural brow, never got into the “bold brow” trend. As for highlighters, I have oily skin, so I feel like they just accentuate the oil. I would love to try false lashes, just haven’t found the time yet.

  86. BB creams, CC creams, tinted moisturisers, highlighters and especially lipgloss

  87. julieta

    -Primers because i have super sensitive skin and they break me out
    – Eyebrow productos (besides clear gel) because i’m lucky enough to have full eyebrows
    – Highliter because it’s always really sunny and hot where i live and i hate looking shimmery,
    – Gloss because it sticks to my hair and i can’t kiss my bf if i’m wearing it!
    -Bronzer because i’m very pale and it looks too obvious on me

    Wow, seems like i don’t wear a lot of stuff haha, but i make up for it with other products that i do love and seem to have a lot of πŸ˜‰

  88. Brow pencil and bronzer! It just seems like another step to my make up routine I can do without!

  89. genduk26

    False eyelashes & Glitters.

  90. Powder (pressed, setting, etc) – I don’t have a need to use powder to set my foundation or anything. That’s just putting too much products on my face.

    Concealer – I hate using concealers actually. I especially hate that highlighting under eye effect using concealer thats 5 shades lighter than your skin. (Ok, only some people do this but it annoys me). I find it unnecessary and foundation is all I need.

  91. Primer, bronzer/contour and highlighter.

    I’m too lazy for primer, too pale and cool toned for bronzer/contour to be accessible, and I already kind of glow when hit by direct sunlight because I’m so pale, so highlighter seems redundant! πŸ˜€
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  92. kellly

    I am using more products lately than I used to but still avoid bronzers, anything to do with countouring (i HAVE cheekbones, thank you) or mess with my brows. My lips have a natural darker line around them so lip liner is a definite no for me, too. I don’t currently use eye liner outside of my waterline but have in the past when I wanted to create that look. Other than those few things, everything is go for me! I NEED my concealer and I can never have mascara that makes my lashes too thick. πŸ˜€

  93. Cream eyeshadows, cream blush, liquid eyeliner, cream eyeliner found in a pot, lip liner, tinted moisturizer, eyebrow powder ( I use mufe aqua brow)… That’s all I can think of right now

  94. MizLottie

    False eyelashes, I’m all thumbs with them yet I have about a dozen pair. I had friends from back in the day who were experts with them, could slap them on in a couple of minutes and they never pulled off and were never crooked.

  95. I never use foundation. I don’t even own any! Instead I use BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I also don’t use lip liner (or very rarely), false eyelashes, or pencil eyeliner (I like gel and a brush or eyeshadow as liner), although i have about twenty pencil eyeliners!
    Karen Recently Posted: A summer glow in the doldrums of winter

  96. L

    Lipgloss, I just don’t like sticky, overly glossy lips.

  97. Eyeliners on the waterline… I just don’t like how it looks on me! It makes my eyes look so small… I also don’t really get into nail treatments, like strengtheners, cuticle oils, etc.

  98. kristie

    I never use highlighter!

  99. BB and CC creams as well brands like Laura Mercier that I just can’t use. I still haven’t gotten the hang of foundation for my skin type and my skin care seems to be flopping after all invested.. So I’m failing in most things. I’m not a false eyelash wearer or big into contour either. Also not too much about lipstick but I love to have it. Sorry if that’s weird. My face is reacting to something lately and I’m not sure what to do!!! :O

  100. Leslie

    Lipstick. I prefer glosses and balms. But…the Revlon Icy Violet is tempting me.